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The following Work was originally undertaken for the purpose of illustrating the important fact adverted to in a Charge of my own Ecclesiastical Superior, * as a singular and significant circumstance in the history of Tractarianism,--that "in no one instance has the System which it is the great object of the Movement to advocate and restore, received the formal and avowed sanction and approval of any Member of the Episcopal

... but that “the Authors and Defenders of the Oxford Tracts are left destitute of that high contemporaneous and authoritative support of which, if deserved, po incidental considerations of propriety or expediency would have deprived them.”

As an Argumentum ad hominem, the value of the Publication has been materially diminished by the more recent development of the principles and practices of the Tractarian School ;t but as a faithful Record of the ex cathedrâ Judgments of the Prelates of the English Church, “at the commencement of one of the most eventful epochs in her history, "I it will, I trust, be found to possess no inconsiderable interest

and importance.

With this view I have anxiously endeavoured to render it as complete as possible ; and venture to assert, that neither in the Charges themselves, nor in the Notes and Appendices attached to them by their Authors, has a single syllable been omitted which can be said to bear directly or indirectly upon the controversy in question.

The Clarges are arranged alphabetically, according to the years in which they were delivered_under the heads which form the subject of the several Chapters ; while to avoid the imputation of having done violence to the context, a Synthetical Inder has been added, by reference to which the paragraphs of every Charge may be read consecutively, as they stand in the documents from which they are taken. The italics are, in every instance, copied from the original, unless the contrary is intimated

* Vide Charge of the Dean or SALISBURY, infra, p. 127, par. 6-8. Witness the following estimates of the amount of deference due to Episcopal Charges, at different periods of the Movement:1838.

181. " The Bishop of Oxford bas just published his " According t the very proper understandCharge, which will be read with much interest. ing at which we all seem, for various reasons,

It is remarkable as giving judgment to have arrived, we should not have thought it upon the Tracts for the Times. This is a me. right to say much of this or any other Episcopal morable precedent, and shews what lies before Charge. The time seems to have come for

The Church is resuming her Judicial complaining of this mode of harassing the Power. (Sic.) We only wish that other parties

Church by pullishing these little addresses. sic) may defer to her as frankly

as would, we feel " Mr. Newman, with much reverence, once risured, the writers of the above-mentioned said tható a Bishop's lightest word was heavy;" Tracts , were there a call made on them." some of the Bishops seem to be anxious to shew

that their words are not always to be looked at under this air of authority."-English Church

man. Additional illustrations of Tractarian Reverence for Episcopacy will be found in Appendix G, I Vide Charge of the Bishop of Oxford, 1812, infra, p. 11. Several subjects have been included which have only an indirect connection with the Tractelian Movement; such as the Validity of Lay Baptism, the Restoration of Convocation, &c.: the learned dissertations of the Bishops of Australia and Exeter on the former of these topics, beenpy a considerable space in the present volume.

British Critic.

infre, p. 695.

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in a note. The Paragraphs enclosed in brackets are only partially quoted, and will be found, at length, under some other head.

The Notes which have been introduced, and which are kept wholly distinct from the body of the Work, are principally intended to illustrate the history and tendency of the Movement by the statement of facts connected with its progress, as well as by quotations from the leading writers on either side of the controversy. In some few instances indeed they have assumed a different character, in justification of which I appeal to the paramount importance of the subjects to which they refer. Of this description are the remarks which I have presumed to make upon the misrepresentations* of some parts of the BISHOP OF CHESTER's Charge,—and, as I conceive, of the teaching of our Church, by the Bishop of Exeter ;t and also, upon the assertion of the Bishop of St. David's, that the controversy between the Tractarians and their opponents, on the fundamental Doctrine of Justification, is “ a dispule of words involving no real difference of opinion."

For the insertion of some few of the extracts contained in the APPENDIX, I have felt it necessary to offer an apology:s with regard to others—most frivolous indeed, but not equally disgusting—the reader is requested to bear in mind that if there be “gold and precious stones ” in the composition of the structure which the Tractarians are so diligently rearing, there is a far greater proportion of “wood, hay, stubble," and that these must not be overlooked if we would form a correct estimate of the value and character of their work.

W. S. B.

. I use the term in its literal, but not in an offensive sense. + Vide EXETER, BISHOP OF. Index III, p. 741, infra.

See the motto prefixed to Appendix F, page 688.

V'ide infra, note 5, pp. 368—370.


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1. Lincoln. Right Rev. John Kaye, D.D.

2. CALCUTTA. Right Rev. Daniel Wilson, D.D.
3. CHESTER. Right Rev. John Bird Sumner, D.D.
4. Oxford. Hon. and Right Rev. Richard Bagot, D.D.

5. Exeter. Right Rev. Henry Phillpotts, D.D.
6. Madras." Right Rev. George Trevor Spencer, D.D.
7. Salisbury. Right Rev. Edward Denison, D.D.
8. Sarum. Very Rev. Hugh Nicholas Pearson,+ D.D.

9. CANTERBURY. Right Hon. and Most Rev. William Howley, D.D.
10. Lincoln. Right Rev. John Kaye, D.D.

11. ARMAGH. I Right Hon. and Most Rev. Lord J. G. Beresford, D.D.
12. Australia. Right Rev. William Grant Broughton, D.D.
13. Bombay, Right Rev. Thomas Carr, D.D.
14. Chester.§ Right Rev. John Bird Sumner, D.D.
15. Dublin. || Most Rev. Richard Whately, D.D.
16. Durham. Right Rev. Edward Maltby, D.D.
17. GLOUCESTER AND Bristol. Right Rev. James Henry Monk, D.D.
18. Lichfield, I Right Rev. James Bowstead, D.D.
19. Ripon. Right Rev. Charles Thomas Longley, D.D.
20. TORONTO. ** Right Rev. John Strachan, D.D.
21. WINChester.tt Right Rev. Charles Richard Sumner, D.D.

22. Anmagu.fi Right Hon. and Most Rev. Lord J. G. Beresford, D.D.
23. Down and CONNOR, AND DROMORE. Right Rev. Richard Mant, D.D.

* Quoted from Mr. Perceval's Collection of Papers connected with the Tractarian movement.

"The jurisdiction and authority vested in the DEANS OP SARUM, by the original constitution of the Bishoprick," is " with regard to every thing except that which belongs

exclusively to the highest order of the Christian ministry, not delegated or archidiaconal, but of episcopal nature and character."-Charge 1812, p. 5. The only passages in this Charge which have appeared in print are those quoted by his Grace in his reply to an Address from the inhabitants of Dungannon and parish oj Drumglass.

Vide infra, pp. 474.532.

Second edition.

Not published ; quoted by his Grace in bis Essays on the Kingdom of Christ. In consequence of the long continued indisposition and lamented death of the Bishop of Lichfield, his Lordship's Charge was never published; the extracts have therefore been

necessarily taken from the reports which appeared, at the time of its delivery, in the public papers, ** Quoted from Mr. Perceval's Collection of Papers connected with the Tractarian movement. * From an authorized report in the Irish Ecclesiastical Journal.

# Second edition.



24. DURHAM.* Right Rev. Edward Maltby, D.D. 25. EXETER.T Right Rev. Henry Phillpotts, D.D. 26. HEREFORD. Right Rev. Thomas Musgrave, D.D. 27. LIMERICK, ARDFERT AND AGHADOE. Hon, and Right Rev. Edmund Knox, D.D. 28. LLANDAFF. Right Rev. Edward Copleston, D.D, 29. LONDON. Right Hon. and Right Rey, Charles James Blomfield, D.D. 30. MONTREAL. Right Rev. George J. Mountain, D.D. 31. Ossory, Ferns, and Leighlin.S Right Rev. James Thomas O'Brien, D.D. 32. OXFORD. Hon. and Right Rev. Richard Bagot, D.D. 33. SALISBURY. Right Rev. Edward Denison, D.D. 34. SALISBURY. I Right Rev. Edward Denison, D.D. 35. SARUM. Very Rev. Hugh Nicholas Pearson, D.D. 36. SODOR AND MAN.* Right Rev. Thomas Vowler Short, D.D. 37. Sr. David's. Right Rev. Connop Thirlwall, D.D. 38. Worcester, Right Rev. Henry Pepys, D.D.




Cashel. Most Rev. Richard Lawrence, D.D. Visitation of the Saxon Church, CHICHESTER. Right Rev. Philip Nicholas Shuttleworth, D.D. Not Tradition but


* Charge to the Clergy of Hexhamshire. † Second edition.

Eighth edition, $ Third edition. | Third edition.

An Ordination Charge, Lent, 1812. Published for the information of the Clergy of the Diocese.

** See note 3, p. 168, infra.

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