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policy to entrust men with power in the State whose bounden religious duty it is to subvert, if they can, the Church. These opinions I have uniformly held since the question was brought forward in the first year of the present century; and in these (with leave of Sir James Graham) I expect to continue for the short remainder of my life;.. unless that honourable and courteous Baronet, who represents the county of Cumberland, and mis-represents me, should lay before the world such arguments, deduced from his own researches and experience, that I must be enforced in reason and in conscience to submit to them and acknowledge my conviction accordingly... Of the wrongs and sufferings of the Irish people, (which is altogether a different question,) of the condition to which their landlords, their middlemen and their priests have reduced them, and the state of barbarism in which the British

Government, by the grossest neglect of its paramount duty, has suffered them to remain, I have at all times felt, and spoken, as a man who abhors oppression, and earnestly wishes for every possible improvement in the spiritual and temporal condition of his fellow creatures.

Having thus given the most direct contradiction to Mr. Shannon's assertions, I leave him to reconcile his conduct on this occasion with the principles by which our intercourse in society is usually supposed to be regulated, and his insinuations with the charity which as a minister of the Gospel he ought better to have understood and to have practised.

KESWICK, 9th March, 1829.

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Portrait of Sir Thomas More....

Frontispiece. Druidical Stones near Keswick

to face page 41 Derwentwater, Bassanthwaite-water, and Skiddaw, from Walla Crag.. 122 Derwentwater from Strandshagg


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