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this last instance so exactly, as well for success as practice, as might be sufficient, if not to persuade the irreligious politician, yet to leave him without excuse for not being persuaded, that there is an immortal King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, from whose jurisdiction no corner of the earth can be exempted ; an everlasting, wise, and righteous Judge, which oversees the inventions of man's heart with a stedfast eye, and measures their actions with a constant hand; one that visiteth the same irregularities by the same rule or canon; and fitteth like sins with like punishments, after thousands of years distance in time, in places distant some thousands of miles.”—vol. ii. p. 249.

The Millenarians.-p. 36.

" Assuredly,” says the Biographer of Joseph Mede, “ the happiness of the Millennial State shall take place in the world without that disorder and confusion which some men have extravagantly imagined; men of unhallowed minds and consciences, who, judging of things according to the lust of ambition and love of the world reigning in them, have depraved and stained this primitive tenet, the ancient, sober, and innocent notion of the kingdom of Christ, as likewise every other mystery, with not a few carnal conceits and intolerable fancies of their own. And thus unto them that are defiled is nothing pure. Nor shall those tempora refrigerii ... those times of cool refreshing, ever be brought in by hot fanatic zealots, men set on fire, (in the Psalmist's phrase,) and ready also to set on fire the course of nature, (as St. James speaks,) such as are skilful only to destroy and overturn: Destruction and wasting are in their ways, (they are good at making the world a miserable, uncomfortable, and uninhabitable place, but the way of peace they have not known ; and therefore the temper and frame of their spirit being perfectly contrary to the temper and quality of those better times, they are thereby rendered incapable either of furthering and hasting the felicities of the New Heaven and Earth, or of enjoying them, when the New Jerusalem shall be come down from God out of Heaven, and the Tabernacle of God shall be with men. For the primary character of that future state being universal righteousness and good will, piety and peace, it naturally follows that they who are men of embittered passions and of a destroying spirit, altogether devoid of civility, gentleness, and moderation, kindness and benignity towards men, and altogether unacquainted with what is lovely, decorous, venerable, praiseworthy, equitable and just, can have no part nor lot in this matter ; so gross and coarse a constitution of spirit as theirs is, speaks them unqualified for the happiness of this better state. Nor can they ever be made meet for the world to come, and the kingdom of Christ, till they have got the victory over their selflove and love of the world, over their pride and envy, their wrath and bitterness, their enormous affections, and the lusts that war in their members, howsoever they may vainly conceit and fancy themselves to be upon easier and cheaper terms Kings and Priests to God, fit and worthy to reign with Christ, though they never suffered with him, nor was their old man crucified with him, that the body of Sin might be destroyed."-pp. 21, 22.

....the 'Devil is below.-P. 37.

“ Now I would this Angel would bow the heavens and come down, and bring his chain with him, and bind the Devil now,.. for never was there more need; never was it more time; for, if ever he were loose, he is loose in these times; and, if ever he raged, he rageth in this nation. Alas! for the inhabitants of England, for the Devil is come down among them, having great wrath,.. and yet we know not how long his time is. How lamentable and doleful is it, that that prophecy should ever be so true of us (which is uttered against Babel) as it is proved to be at this day, that Zijim, and Ijim, and Ohim, satyrs, and fiends, and devils, should dance and domineer, and rage and rayine, as they do in this nation; and when and how they shall be restrained we cannot tell! Only there is some comfort in the text,.. and this indeed is all the comfort we have, that the Angel in the text can master the Devil if he will but do it; and he hath a chain in his hand that will bind him if he will but tie him in it.”—Lightfoot, vol. vi. p. 166.

Disputing for the sake of Disputation.-p. 47.

“... Even in matters either by nature so abstract, or otherwise so general, that our apprehension of them, or assent unto them, cannot be directly hindered by any contrary natural inclinations, we may often find great incumbrances from indirect or accidental opposition. Thus, desire of glory, or hope of victory, in scholastic encounters, moves men often to disclaim the truth which others have found out, or well illustrated, whereunto, notwithstanding they would quickly yield their firm assent, might the glory of the invention be reputed theirs, or were it no prejudice to their high esteem of their own wits to learn of others. For this reason, I have known of good scholars, some out of jealousies lest their discoveries should be published in another's name, some out of charity, refrain discourse amongst such as too much delight or glory in that faculty; for the most part so willing to contradict others' observations, that a man can hardly put forth a truth before them without danger of thrusting them into the opposite error."-Jackson, vol. i. p. 632.

Medical Police.--p. 56. In the Evidence given before the Committee on Emigration, 1826, (pp. 110, 237.) it appears that no case of measles, smallpox, or hooping-cough, has ever yet been known in New South Wales. Of how much importance then is it, that if either of these diseases should be imported, immediate and effectual means should be taken for preventing its extension !

It is affirmed in the same Report, that no instance of typhus fever has ever appeared in that country, (p. 110.) and that no imflammatory or febrile disease have hitherto been observed there. (p. 237.) This is said to be a well-ascertained fact; but is it credible ? Whatever may have been the origin of small-pox and measles, it is certain that those diseases are never in-bred ; a country therefore is safe from them as long as the contagion is kept out. But inflammatory diseases are naturally incident to the human frame, which is as liable to them as it is to any derangement of the animal functions.

That strangely simple, but excellently good man, Louis Buonaparte, has given an account in his Documens Historiques sur la Hollande, of his projected improvements in medical police. The scheme is characteristic and curious.

Le roi projetait des améliorations quant à la santé et à la salubrité du pays. Atteinte par une maladie lente, et extraordinaire depuis l'âge de 22 ans, il eut l'occasion de réfléchir sur cet objet important, et de se convaincre de quelques vérités certains à cet égard. La médecine existe, les plantes en grand nombre ont des verlus réelles, il existe des remèdes pour une foule de maladies chroniques : tandis que celles de ce genre que l'on ne peut guérir, ou sont supportables, comme la goutte, le rhumatisme, 8c., ou sont en très-petit nombre, et se réduisent à des vices organiques; mais l'observation est difficile. Quand un médecin est assez instruit pour pouvoir étre utile, il meurt.

Les maladies et les effets des remèdes different sur chaque individu. Combien il faut de soins et de peine pour ne pas se tromper aux symptômes et pour les bien distinguer! Le raisonnement est souvent en défaut et démenti par l'expérience, parce qu'il y a dans notre admirable organisation des secrets et des subtilités qui échappent et échapperont toujours au raisonnement et à ses recherches. Malgré cela, les médecins agissent comme si leur science etoit certaine. Rousseau avoit raison de dire, que la médecine vienne sans les médecins," mot plein de sens, qui explique parfaitement la difficulté de cet art. Le meilleur

moyen de l'exercer, à l'exception de quelques maladies aiguës qui ont des règles certaines, et que l'on gouverne pour ainsi dire, ce n'est point de partir des principes de l'art comme dans les sciences exactes, mais d'étudier l'effet des remèdes et leur différence dans le même cas sur les diverses constitutions. Il aurait voulu établir un collége chargé de recueillir de toutes les parties du monde connu tous les remèdes possibles, et de les faire connaitre et publier dans le royaume. Il pensait que l'on aurait faire pour les maladies, en temps ordinaire, ce que l'on pratique dans les temps de contagion, et établir des maisons de convalescence, il fut impossible de s'écarter du régime et de la diéte necessaires au rétablissement du malade, et cela méme


les premières classes. Il vouloit aussi établir une critique sévère des médecins, juger leur conduite, et la publier dans un journal exprès, toutes les fois qu'un homme mourrait; et au contraire, récompenser tous ceux qui auraient guéri des maladies remarquables ; diminuer le nombre des médecins, défendre toutes les drogues qui ne seraient pas de la première qualité ; les faire donner gratis par l'état aux pauvres et aux villages : il avoit commencé à établir à Amsterdam une pharmacie royale, fc.

On ne peut s'empêcher de remarquer quelques contradictions ou inconséquences sociales : par example, y a-t-il rien de plus essentiel dans la société que d'avoir de bons médecins ? Cependant ceux qui exercent l'art de guérir sont si nombreux ; com

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