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those truths “ signified and sealed” by presses only more deeply upon us the baptism, which ought to guide and en-all-important truth, that God's love to courage them to train up their children us cannot, any more than His existence, in the way they should go.

be affected by our knowledge or belief. 1. In baptism, God reveals himself as Behold that mother!- how she bends the covenant God of your child.

over her child, and elasps it to her At the very time when you cannot but bosom, to draw its nourishment from feel how awful a gift this immortal being next her heart, what knows her child is; when, perhaps, you are well nigh over of the reality of her love? or how much whelmed by a sense of the responsibility it will epdure and will sacrifice for its attached to the gift ; when all that your good and happiness! Yet the love is child may be rises before your soul, and there, though the cbild knows it not; questionings regarding its future destiny and though, alas! it may never be appreforce themselves upon you with trenb- ciated or returned. ling anxiety, and in rapid interchanges But why, it has been again asked, perof hope and fear,-then does God reveal form this ceremony upon an immortal himself in baptism, as claiming this child and responsible being without its conas His own, teacbing and assuring you sent ?-I reply, Because God is its God that it is not related to you alone, but and Father, tohether it consents or not! much more to Him;that not to the 2. But notice, further, that baptism bosom of its earthly parents only is all teacbes the end of the child's existence, or love to it, and interest in it, confined; what it ought to be to God from what but that He who is thy God and Father, God is to it. By the Name of God is is also the God and Father of thy meant His revealed character. When child.

God proclaimed His Name to Moses, He This is, indeed, the blessed truth to did so by describing His cbaracter. To which baptism witnesses, and which it be baptized in, or into the name of God, confirms. To the individual child God indicates, that it is God's wish that this thus says: “ I am thy God ;-God thy child should, as the very end of its being, Father, God thy Saviour, God thy share His character, or be made like Sanctifier. This is my NANE, and in it himself; in other words, He thus deart thou baptized; as I am thy core- clares it to be His revealed purpose that nant God, so bave I called thee by my the cbild should be a spiritual child to name.” Here, then, is a declaration by God the Father, through faith in God a solemn ordinance of a fact, not only of the Son, as mediator, and in the possesGod's name as He is, Father, Son, and sion of God the Holy Ghost, as sanctiHoly Ghost, but also of the relationship fier; and thus glorify His name! This in which this God stands to this individ. is practically the same beautiful answer ual child; and if so, then a clear answer as is given to the question in the Shorter is given by baptism to such questions as Catecbism,“ Wbat is the cbief end of these : “ What is the living God to my man?”_" Man's chief end is to glorify child? Is He indeed its Father, and, as God, and to enjoy Him for ever." sucb, does He love it? Is He indeed its! Therefore, parents, learn from baptism Saviour, and, as such, is He willing to what God would bare your ebildren save it? Is He indeed its Sanctifier, be educated for,for no end less glori. and, as such, is He willing to make it ons than this-HIMSELF! holy?” Eren so! as sure as this child A clear apprehension of this will neis baptized into His name!

cessarily affect your whole system of Such a teaching as this on God's part, education; for just as you keep it beor such a revelation of himself, is the fore you, will you employ those means more instructive from the very uncon- by which it can alone be attained. Low sciousness of the babe;-for what knows and unworthy aims produce low and this child of God's existence, or of His unworthy labours. If you see in your lore? Nothing! but this very fact im- children those whose only, glory is to

consist in riches, in rank, or in some in, have a marked practical bearing upon form of mere worldliness, you will train the aims and efforts of the Christian them, up accordingly, as thus destined parent. For instance, the fact of such for time, and to enjoy and glorify self ; í blessings being offered, and therefore but not as born for immortality, and to needed by the child, implies that its glorify and enjoy God. Let baptism nature is not that holy and innocent remind you that they ought to be trained thing which poets describe it as being. up in the way along which they should If it were so, then the great object of go for ever; and so as to hallow that education should be to keep the child as name which is written on their fore- it is. But if its nature is corrupt in this heads, and to walk worthy of God, who sense even, that it possesses such a tenhas thus called them to His kingdom dency to do evil, that evil it will assuredly and glory!

naturally do, the moment it comes to 3. Baptism, moreover, offers to the act as a responsible being; then must ehild the two great blessings essentially the parent ever desire for it, and seek necessary for its attaining the end of to nourish in it, such a new and living being made like God, and possessing principle of good, as God in Christ can His name. These blessings are, the alone bestow by the Spirit. When the pardon of sin through the blood of child is born again, whether before bapChrist, and the renewal and sanctifica- tism, at baptism, or in after years, detion of nature by the washing of re-pends on that Holy Spirit who dispenses generation, and the gift of the Holy His gifts “ as He will." But certain it Ghost.

is, that “unless a man is born of the The water used in baptism is a picture Spirit, He cannot see the kingdom of of those blessings. It “ shews forth”God;" consequently, all efforts at Christthe “ blood of sprinkling," shed for the ian education, without practically recogremission of the sins of many; and also nizing the absolute necessity of the Al"the washing of regeneration.” It speaks mighty aid, obtained through that Name of the disease and the remedy. It testi-l into which the child is baptized, must be fies of sin as being the moral defilement vain, because it either overlooks the end of the soul, which can be removed in or the means. its guilt only through the atonement of 3. Finally, the Christian parent may Christ for us; and in its power, only by be taught by the fact of his presenting the work of the Spirit of God in us his child for baptism, that he, of all on -even as the filth of the body is re-earth, is the person chiefly through whom mored by water. It teaches, moreover, God intends that child to obtain those that these remedies must be applied to blessings thus offered. each individual soul before the blessings I will not be led, in such practical which they confer can be enjoyed, even hints as I wish these to be, into discusas water must be applied to the soiled sions regarding the times and ways in body before it can become the means of which God may save a child, whether cleansing it; and, lastly, this sprinkling with or without baptism; at baptism; or with water testifies to the certainty and before it; with or without the parents' freeness with which God offers those piety or instruction. What I wish Christspecific blessings to the individual child, ian parents to see is, not what God may even as he reveals himself to be its God. do without their instrumentality, but The language of baptism is : “ As sure what, as a rule, He will do by it. as I baptize this child with water, so I ask, therefore, By what means shall sure do I, its Father, offer to take away this child ever ascertain that any proits guilt through the blood of my Son, mises or offers bave been made to it in and to purify its nature through the baptism? How shall it ever hear of that power of my Spirit, and so to make it Name in which it has been baptized ? like Myself!"

| How shall it be taught concerning God - Now, these truths must, when believed i its Father, Saviour, and Sanctifier? For though it is true, “ that whosoever shall God as its portion before His Name can call upon the name of the Lord shall be be glorified and enjoyed, it is the duty, saved,” and though this “ promise is to the glorious privilege of the parent to us and our children," and has been sealed convey that knowledge to his child, and to each of them in baptism, yet “how to make it the very end and aim of all shall they call on Him in whom they his labours, that God's gracious wishes have not believed ? and how shall they shall be complied with. believe in Him of whom they have not! What a cheering and strengthening heard?" And how, then, I may further thought is this to a parent, that in thus ask, is the child to hear so as to believe educating his child he is but “a fellow and call on the Name of the Lord, and labourer with God”-he is not alone in thus respond to the calling of itself by his love or labours, for the Father is God? I reply, that it is God's design with him! Christian parents, in all that this should come through the Christ- their teaching and training to bring ian parent. The parent is selected as their children to God, to induce them to God's teacher, missionary, witness, and choose Him as their portion, may thus representative in the family, and to his truly say with Paul: “ We are ambaschildren, as I have already, in the last sadors for Christ, as though God did bechapter, explained to you. Hence one seech you by us: we pray you in Christ's reason why the ordinance of baptism is stead, be ye reconciled to God”-“ as dispensed only in connexion with a be- workers together with Him, we beseech lieving Christian parent, because he (or, you not to receive the grace of God in in the case of orphans, sponsers) will, vain !”-and, oh! that children, just as through a Christian education, both im. they awaken and respond in riper years part to the child a knowledge of that to that deep and true love in father or Name-Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, in mother, which rested on them before which the child has been baptized, and they knew it would also open their the import of those special blessings hearts to that deeper and truer love of offered to it by its covenant God; and their God, which has never ceased to also train it up, so that it shall believe in i shine upon them since they were born, God as He is thus revealed, receive the and was solemnly testified to in their blessings thus offered, and himself choose baptism! Nor need they, when the God as His Father, Saviour, and Sancti. divine life is quickened in them, be fier. It was thus that God made certain baptized again! For what truth or precious promises to Abraham and his blessing can God signify or seal to them seed, because He knew that Abraham which He has not already done ; or would so train up his children as that what can God be to them which He has those promises would be realized. “Shall not already declared himself to be ?" He I hide from Abraham that thing which is their Father-only let them love and I do; seeing that Abraham shall surely | live as His children! become a great and mighty nation, and when this beautiful and solemn rite all the nations of the earth shall be of baptism is thus understood, what are blessed in him? For I know, that he we to think of those parents who ask will command his children and his house- and obtain it for their children, yet hold after him, and they shall keep the themselves either believe not in the name way of the Lord, to do justice and judg- of God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, or, ment; that the Lord may bring upon by their practical impiety, shew that Abrabam that which He hath spoken of they have disowned that name in which him."

they were themselves baptized? Can You thus perceive, that as personal such mockery bring a blessing to themfaith on the part of the child, if it lives selves or children! What are we to to become responsible, is required before think of those parents who, while they God's offers of mercy made at baptism are professed believers, and “ seem to can be of any avail; and as it must choose be religious," and bave " a form of God.


liness," yet are ashamed even to confess THE YOUNG VOYAGER. God before their children, or to impart

Has any one ever stood on a pier, withto them from their own lips any teach

them from their own ups any beach in which some vessel floated which no ing regarding that great Name by which storm wave had yet tossed? But now it they are called? What would that parent sails forth, its canvass spread, its crew deserve who concealed from a starving alert, its freight secured, its destination son the offer made to him in infancy,

registered. You marked its progress from

the harbour to the open sea. It feels the and to be communicated in riper years helm, it ploughs the wave, it begins its by the parent, of a property which should course. The skies are chequered, the be his on terms easily complied with ? clouds gather, the winds are strong. You But what would such neglect be when I felt an interest in the voyage which that compared to the guilt incurred by the vessel was to make; you thought of the

hazards of the sea, of the perils of her parent who conceals from his own child

la course; you thought of storm and strugthe knowledge of the glorious inherit-gle, of possible loss and shipwreck, or of ance offered to him by his God! Yet is a sunny and joyous entrance into the it not the case, that in many a family, distant haven beyond the present flood, this Name of God, and all the blessings

where the mariners were to find an exotfered by Him, are never breathed by God would be their guide, their guardian,

pected home; you breathed a prayer that the parent to his children, as if they and their friend. And what is each little were some awful secrets which he was child, though now inexperienced of life's pledged to conceal! Would not many changes ? what but such a vessel bound on baptized children be able, at judgment,

a long voyage, sailing across a wild sea, to testify against their parents, and say

exposed to howling winds and rains, pass

ing by many a reef, and in peril of rocks with truth, " They never told us of God

and breakers ? How fearful the shipour Father, of Jesus our Saviour, or of wreck of such a vessel ! how blessed its the Spirit our Sanctifier! We never calm arrival on the everlasting shore ! heard from their lips a word to warn us

Who would not pray, that of each such of our danger as sinners, or to inform

vessel, of each such child, God may be

the guardian and the guide-His own eye us of the mercies offered to us, and to be upon its course—His own pilotage at be obtained by us as well as by others, its helm - Rev. Gerard Noel. through a Saviour! Never, never did they tell us either that we had been

THE BABY'S SLEEP. baptised, or what God had revealed to

The Baby wept. us in the ordinance !"

The mother took it from the nurse's arms,

And hushed its grief, and still'd its vain alarms, Parents! this must not, dare not be!

And Baby slept. While thus acting towards your children,

Again it weeps,

1 And God doth take it from the mother's arms, the very ordinance of baptism which you From present pain, ana ruture unkowa liar ask for them, as a matter of form or senseless superstition, condemns yourselves. It witnesses of a name written "One day we met Father Taylor-the on your own foreheads, which you have founder of the Sailor's Home in Bostondenied; of a God lopg revealed, but yet on the street. He told us in a melanunknown to you from wilful ignorance;

choly manner that he had been burying

a child, and alluded with emotion to the and of mercies long offered to yourselves,

great number of infants he had lately but never yet received from stubborn buried. Then, after a pause, striking unbelief! If such is your state, repent! his stick on the ground, and looking up“ Return to the Lord thy God, for thou wards, he added : “ There must be somehast fallen by thine iniquity.” Receive,

thing wrong somewhere! There's a storm

| brewing, when the doves are all flying though late, the remission of sins, and

aloft!'' the gift of the Spirit signified and sealed in baptism to yourselves; and then only

“ The colour of our whole lives is when you are right with your own

generally such as the three or four first Father, will you do right towards your

years in which we are our own masters Owo children!

make it."-Cowper.




HERBERT was twenty-nine years younger this school, others are turned into prethan Shakespeare, and fifteen years older mature dotage; but it is pleasing in the than Milton. Born in 1593, he died in extreme to see more genial consequences, 1633. His life and labours in the inter- to watch the intellect brightening, the val were such that he has been styled faith ever increasing, and the amiability "Holy George Herbert." No other poet of the spirit becoming greater than beof our country is thus honoured; and yet fore, beneath the influence of affliction. he died at the age of forty.

Health is a great advantage to a truly He had that peculiar blessing-a pious healthy soul; but the frailty of its abode mother. Her days of widowhood began is often the agency for sending the spirit when the poet was only four years of age. out in eager quest of another and a more To her piety and care he owed much of enduring one. It is infinitely more to be the integrity and freedom from common desired, that the living soul should have a vices that marked his youth apd' early weakly, sickly frame, than that the vigormanhood. He entered Trinity College, ous body should always have to drag Cambridge, in 1608; and after an honour- hither and thither a corpse-like soul. able course of study as a student, and But listen for a little to sume of the exfellow of that College, he was elected perience Herbert had of affliction: orator for the University. In this posi.

" At first thou gav'st me milk and sweetnesses ; tion he had to flatter King James in I had my wish and way; Latin; and afterwards, when he became My days were strew'd with flowers and happiness;

There was no month but May. a courtier, the art of speaking and writ-Buty

But with my years sorrow did twist and grow, ing the flattering language with and And made a party unawares for woe. beyond propriety, would be easily ac My flesh began unto my soul in pain ; quired by one who was naturally eloquent, 'Sicknesses cleare my bones, and of a most generous disposition. But

Consuming agues dwell in every vein, #

And tune my breath to groans.' the eye of moral criticism must not look

Sorrow was all my soul ; I scarce believed, too sternly on the sayings and flatteries

Till grief did tell me roundly-that I lived. of a young man of twenty-six. It will

When I got health thou took'st away my life often help us to a fair estimate of a man's

And more ; for my friends die ; conduct, as well as of his writings, if we My mirth and edge was lost-a blunted knife find out his age at the time in question.

Was of more use than 1.

Thus thin and lean, without a fence or friend, Edmund Burke's Essay on the Sublime

I was blown through with every storm and wind. and Beautiful is of no philosophical value,

Whereas my birth and spirit rather took eloquent and interesting as it is; for he

The way that takes the town; was little more than a youth when he Thou did’st betray me to a lingering book, wrote it; and Mr. Macaulay's article on

And wrap me in a gown.

I was entangled in a world of strife, Milton was an early production, regard

Before I had the power to change my life. ing which he himself says, that hardly a

Yet, for I threatened oft the siege to raise ; sentence of it is what his mature judg.

Not simpering all mine age, ment would approve.

Thou often did'st with academic praise Let us silently wonder whether many

Melt and dissolve my rage,

| I took thy sweetened pill, till I came near; have walked through the snares of life,

I could not go away nor persevere, at college and at court, without being

Yet lest perchance I should too happy be more entangled in them than Herbert

In my unhappiness, was. He had one source of trial and Turning my purge to food, thou throwest me purification-he was a diligent scholar in

Into more sicknesses.

Thus doth thy power cross-bias me, not making Tae SC0001 Or amation. While some grow Thino own gift good, yet me from my way discontented and snarling creatures in taking.

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