Зображення сторінки


MORN hath dawned on Afric's night,
Wakened China yearns for light,
From his temple's tottering walls
Lo! for truth the Brahmin calls.

Through a thousand opened doors Loud the


for succour pours: Lord ! increase a thousand-fold Labourers patient, wise, and bold.

In the shadow of thy hand
Hide each faithful mission band ;
In their dangers be Thou near ;
When they faint, support and cheer.

Gird thy sword upon thy thigh,
Great Redeemer, God most high :
Prosperous in thy glory ride;
Win the throne that shall abide.

With thy truth the nations bless; Sow the earth with righteousness; Be the warrior's banner furled ; Love and meekness fill the world !


(Written for use at the Annual Prayer-meetings of the Society for

Irish Church Missions to Roman Catholics.)

O FATHER, who hast showed us light,

Our Ebenezer here we raise,
And with one heart and voice unite

In one glad hymn of fervent praise.

Thou art our God, the Lord of lords ;

Accept our grateful sacrifice,
And bind us each by sacred cords

To that one Altar in the skies !

Great things for us thy hand hath done,

And yet for greater, Lord, we pray:
Extend the triumphs of thy Son,

And wider spread the Gospel day.

Thy richest grace on Erin shower,

So make her glorious, great, and free:
Save her at length from error's power,

And let her worship only Thee.

Grant us to wage the hallowed strife,

Refreshed with unction from above :
Still holding forth the Word of Life,

And speaking still the truth in love.

O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Now, from thy footstool and thy throne, From men, and from the angel-host,

Be thine the glory—thine alone!




For thy mercy and thy grace,
Faithful through another year,
Hear our song of thankfulness,
Father, and Redeemer, hear !

Lo! our sins on Thee we cast,
Thee, our perfect sacrifice;
And, forgetting all the past,
Press towards our glorious prize.

Dark the future : let thy light
Guide us, Bright and Morning Star :
Fierce our foes, and hard the fight;
Arm us, Saviour, for the war.

In our weakness and distress,
Rock of strength, be Thou our stay ;
In the pathless wilderness
Be our true and living way.

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