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Dr. Wood, the newly elected President, then took the chair, and expressed his acknowledgments to the Society for the honour conferred upon him.

Letters were read from Capt. W. F. Lynch, U. S. N. dated Philada. Dec. 28, 1858, acknowledging the receipt of notice of his election as a member of the Society;—from Col. J. D. Graham, dated Chicago, Illinois, Dec. 25, 1858, enclosing a donation of fifty dollars to aid in the Society's publications. For this donation the thanks of the Society were directed to be communicated to Col. Graham:- and from John F. Frazer, dated Dec. 30, 1858, resigning his membership in the Society; which letter was laid on the table.

The following donations for the Library were announced:

Astronomical Journal, No. 119.- From Dr. B. A. Gould.
Monthly Notices, Roy. Astron. Soc. XIX. 1.–From the Society.
Revue de l'Art Crétienne; Recueil mensuel d'Archéologie religieuse

dirigé par M. l'Abbe J. Corblet. Deuxiime année, No. 9. Paris,

1858. Evo. Lite and Services of John Lyon; The Marbles of Vermont; Two

Addresses before the Vermont Hist. Soc. by P. II. White and
Al. D. Hagar. (Pamphlet 42 pp.) Burlington, 1858. 8v0.-

From the Society.
Report in the N. Y. Times, of the Address of Dr. Hays before the

N. Y. Geographical Society, Dec. 18, 1858.– From the Author. Report of the Improvement of the Kanawha and Ohio rivers by arti

ficial lakes, by C. Ellet, Jun. C. E. Phil. 1858. 8vo. Die quinare und vigesimale Zählmethode bei völkern aller welttheile;

nebst ausführlicheren bemerkungen über die Zahlwörter Indogermanischen stammcs; und einem anhange über Fingernamen. Von Dr. A. F. Pott. (300 pp.) Halle, 1847. 8vo.-From F. L.

0. Röhrig. Die grundzüge der Finnischen sprache, mit rücksicht auf den Ural.

altaischen sprachstamm. Von H. Kellgren. (100 pp.) Berlin,

1847. 8v0.—From F. L. 0. Röhrig. La Hongrie ancienne et moderne; bistoire, arts, litterature, monu

ments; par une société de litterateurs, sous la direction de M. J. Boldenyi. (400 pp.) Paris, 1851. 8vo. with illustrations.

From F. L. 0. Röhrig.
Journal Acad. N. S. Phila. VI. 1.--From the Society.

Amer. Jour. Med. Sciences. Jan. 1859.- From Blanchard f. Lea. Medical News and Library. Jan. 1859.- From Blanchard f. Lea. Maryland Institute: Book of the XI. Exhibition, 1858.–From the

Institute. American Iron Association, Bulletin and Statistics. Philadelphia,

1858. 4to. Proceedings Amer. Antiq. Soc. Oct. 21, 1858. Boston. From the

Society. Amer. Jour. Sci. and Art. New llaven No. 79.— From the Editors.

On motion of Prof. Cresson, the Society proceeded to the nomination of a Librarian, in compliance with Sec. 1, Chap. VIII. of the amended laws of the Society, and Mr. J. P. Losley was nominated for election to that office: after which, on motion, the nomination was closed.

Pending nominations for membership, Nos. 355, 386 and 387, were read, and the Society was adjourned.

Stated Meeting, January 21, 1859.

Dr. GEORGE B. Wood, President, in the Chair.

Present, sixteen members.

The following donations for the Library were announced:Quarterly Jour. Lond. Chem. Soc. XLII. From the Society. Official Army Register for 1859.-From the War Department. African Repository, No. 1. From the Am. Colonization Society. Journal, Franklin Inst. Jan. 1859.–From the Institute. A Key to the Trustees' statement; letters to the majority of the Trus

tees of the Dudley Observatory; by G. H. Thacher. (126 pp.)

Albany, 1858. 8vo.From the Author. Obs. on the Genus Unio. VI. 2, 1858. 4to.-From Isaac Lea. Eleventh Annual Report of the Regents of the University on the con

dition of the State Cabinet, &c. Albany, 1859. 8vo.-From

the Board of Regents. Seventy-first An. Rep. of the Board of Regents. (384 pp.)—From

the same. An. Rep. of the Trustees of the N. Y. State Library. (80 pp.) 1858.

Catalogue of Books on Bibliog. Typog. and Engraving in the N. Y.

State Library. .. Colonial Doc. Holland Doc. II. (770 pp.) Albany, 1858. 4to. Account of the remains of a fossil extinct reptile recently discovered

at Haddonfield, N. J. (16 pp. from Proc. A. N. S.) Philadi.

1859. 800.-From Isaac Lea. Twelve Memoirs of M. Jules Bienaymé presented at various times to

the French Academy.From Mrs. E. Smith.

Professor Trego laid upon the table a mineral deposite from the hot springs of Munnikurrun, in the immediate vicinity of the eternal snows of the Himalayas, about 300 miles north of Simla, in Upper India. The specimen exhibited was obtained from beneath the boiling water of the springs, in November, 1857, by J. Thomas, M.D., and presented by him to Prof. Trego. The temperature of these hot springs is 196° F. which is above the boiling point of water at that place, it being near 7000 feet above the level of the sea. The rock formation in the vicinity is gneiss and granite, accompanied with occasional layers of chloritic or talcose slate. The specimen laid before the meeting much resembles, in shape and general appearance, a petrified fungus of vegetable growth. The surface of the lower portion and stem is covered with warty excrescences of a black colour, while the flat surface of the top has a smooth coating of a brownish yellow tinge. The interior is composed of delicate, shining yellow fibres, closely aggregated, and generally radiating from the central portion or stem. Dr. R. E. Rogers, upon examination of this mineral deposite, finds the dark coloured coating to be a mixture of the oxides of iron and manganese; the fibrous portion is carbonate of lime coloured by oxide of iron; and the smooth top coating is carbonate of lime with a smaller proportion of oxide of iron.

Dr. R. E. Rogers called the attention of the Society to some facts in electricity, and exhibited an instrument calculated for the development of induced electricity, being a modification of Rumkorff's coil, devised by Ritchie. He described the operation of this instrument in producing primary and secondary currents, and in arresting or absorbing the backward current, so as to allow a free discharge of the forward current; and explained the effects and inferences to be deduced from the facts mentioned by him.

The list of surviving members of the Society was read. The number on the first of January, 1859, was 383; of whom are resident in the United States 284, and in foreign countries 99.

Mr. J. P. Lesley was elected Librarian for the ensuing year.

The Standing Committees of the Society were appointed, as follows:

Finance; Messrs. Fraley, Justice, J. F. James.
Publication; Dr. Hays,* H. C. Carey,* Dr. Bridges.
Hall; Mr. Peale, Judge King, Prof. Coppée.
Library; Mr. Ord, Dr. Bell, Rev. Dr. Stevens.

The Society proceeded to ballot sor candidates for membership.

On motion of Mr. Foulke, it was agreed that a committee of ten members be appointed to consider and report upon the condition of the Society, and whether any and what measures should be adopted to increase its future usefulness. The President was requested to appoint the committee, and announce it at a future meeting.

All other business having been concluded, the ballot box was opened, and the following named gentlemen were declared by the presiding officer to be duly elected members of the Society:

Oswald THOMPSON, of Philadelphia.
Edmund C. Evans, M.D. of Chester County, Pennsylvania.
CASPAR WISTER, M.D. of Philadelphia.
And the Society was adjourned.

* Resigned April 15.

T. P. James, Dr. Ed. Hartshorne appointed.

Stated Meeting, February 4, 1859.

Dr. Wood, President, in the Chair.

Present, eighteen members.

Letters were read from the Regents of the University of the State of New York, dated Albany, Jan. 17, 1859, announcing a donation for the Library;—from Col. Graham, dated Chicago, Jan. 31, 1859, enclosing a donation of $33.62, in aid of the Society's publication ;-and from Oswald Thompson, dlated Jan. 25, 1859; Ed. C. Evans, M.D. dated Highfield, Feb. 1, 1859; and Caspar Wister, dated Jan. 29, 1859, severally acknowledging the receipt of notice of election to membership.

The following donations for the Library were announced:

Monthly Notices R. Astr. Soc. XIX. 2. London.-From the Soc. Geol. Report, S. W. Branch Pacific R. R. in Missouri by G. C. Swal

low. St. Louis, 1859. (100 pp. with a map.) 8vo.-From

G. C. Swallow. Philada. Water Works, An. Rep. of Chief Engineer. Philada. Jan.

1859. (50 pp. 2 copies.)— From City Councils.

Mr. Fraley announced the decease, at Boston, of the American historian, Wm. H. Prescott, a member of this Society, aged 63 years; and suggested that Mr. Bancroft might perhaps be present at some future meeting, and be induced to deliver a eulogy on the deceased.

Mr. James announced the decease, at Cambridge, Mass. of the American astronomer, Wm. C. Bond, a member of the Society.

The Committee directed at the last meeting to be appointed to consider and report upon the condition of the Society, was named by the President to consist of Mr. Foulke, Dr. F. Bache, Dr. Dunglison, Prof. Cresson, Mr. Lea, Mr. Fraley, Judge King, Dr. R. E. Rogers, Dr. Leidy, Dr. Le Conte, and (on motion of Mr. Foulke) Dr. Bell and Dr. Laroche.

The Librarian presented estimates of the cost of additional shelves to accommodate the books, which, on motion of Dr.

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