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Medical Heroism, an Address by J. Bell, M.D. Phila. 1859.-From

the Author. Report of Committee on the Internal Hygiene of Cities, appointed by

the Quarantine Convention at Baltimore, April, 1858.–From Dr. Bell.

The death of Charles Robert Leslie, the artist, elected a member of this Society, April 21, 1836, was announced by Dr. Le Conte. He died at London, May 5, 1859, aged 65 years.

Mr. Justice described a superior microscope stand made by Mr. Zentmeyer, of Philadelphia, for and under the direction of Dr. Hunt, of Philadelphia, and embracing all the important late improvements. Dr. Le Conte added his testimony to the admirable skill of the mechanician, and supported it by refering to the stand lately made by him for Dr. Goddard, and'to the stand now making for the Academy of Natural Science, which promises to be one of the best extant.

Pending nomination, No. 391, was read.

Deferred business being taken up, and the reading of the resolutions appended to the report of the committee on the condition of the Society being called for, the chair decided that the present meeting not being competent to act upon the reso. lutions, for want of the number required to be present by the Charter, was, therefore, not competent to discuss them by entertaining motions.

On motion of Prof. Cresson, certain amendments to the bylaws, offered by Mr. Fraley as a substitute for, was ordered to be printed with the amendments offered by the Officers and Council, and by the committee on the condition of the Society.

On motion of Mr. Foulke, the consideration of the amendments was postponed until the first stated meeting in October.

On motion of Prof. Cresson, the last motion was ordered to be attached to the printed amendments.

Dr. Coates was permitted, nunc pro tunc, to read a retrospective notice of John Reynell, one of the original members of the Society, with a request that it be not printed, at present, in the proceedings. On motion of Dr. F. Bache, it was, therefore, ordered to be placed among the notices of deceased members; and the Society was adjourned.

Stated Meeting, July 15, 1859.

Present, sis members.

Dr. FRANKLIN Bache, in the Chair.

Letters were read, acknowledging the receipt of Nos. 57, 58 of the Proceedings, from the Natural Hist. Society, Northumberland, dated Newcastle, May 5, 1859; the Batavian Society, dated Rotterdam, March 7, 1859; the R. Saxon Society, dated Leipsig, Feb. 14, 1859;—and a letter acknowledging the receipt of Transactions, Vol. II. III. IX. 3, from the Franklin Institute, dated Philadelphia, June 16, 1859.

Letters were read, announcing the transmission of donations for the Library, from the Upper Hessia Society, dated Giessen, March 30, 1859; the Central Phys. Observatory, dated St. Petersburg, Dec. 29, 1859; the Russian Corps of Engineers, dated St. Petersburg, March 1–13, 1859; Elia Lombardini, dated Milan, April 13, 1858, and C. F. Loosey, Austrian Consul at New York, dated July 2, 1859.

A letter was read from Isaac Hazlehurst, Esq., dated Phila. June 22, 1859, resigning his menibership in this Society.

The following donations for the Library were announced:Proc. Boston N. H. S. VII. 3, 4. Index, &c.— From the Society. Radcliff Obs. XVIII. 1857. Oxford, 1859.From the R. Trustees. Proc. Amer. Acad. IV. p. 89-248. Boston.-From the Acad. Memoirs Amer. Acad. VI. 2. Boston.-From the same. Am. Journ. Sci. and Arts, July, 1859. N. Haven.From the Eds. Franklin Institute Journal, July, 1859. Philada.- From the Inst. Amer. J. Med. Sciences, July, 1859. Phila. From Blanchard f. L. Medical News and Lib. July, 1859. Phila.– From Blanchard f. L. Proc. Elliott Soc. N. H. I. 1853–58. Charleston. From the Soc. African Repository for July, 1859. Wash. From A. Col. Society. Concord Asylum sor Insane. Report, June, 1859.-From the Trus. Proc. R. Geog. Soc. London. Vol. III. No. 2.- From the Soc. Monthly Not. R. Ast. Soc. London. XIX. No. 7.- From the Soc. Trans. Amer. Inst. New York, 1853–57. Albany. 800.- From

the Inst. Astrm. Jour. No. 121. Albany. Index to V.-From Dr. Gould. Greenwich A. M. & M. Obs. 1857. London, 1859.–From the

Bourd of Admiralty. Upperhessia S. N. H. and M. 7th Account. Giessen, 1859.— From

the Society. En Vandring gjennern Jægerspriis's have og Lund; published by the

R. N. Antiq. Soc. Copenhagen, 1858. (40 pp.)— From the Soc. Gelehrte Anzeigen. 46, 47. Münich.— From the Academy. Festival Oration over J. Müller, and his relation to the present Stand

point of Physiology, by Th. L. W. Bischoff. Münich, 1858.

From the same. Oration on the Historical Stages preceding the New Philosophy of

Law, by Carl Prantl. München, 1858.–From the same. Contributions I. R. Geog. Soc. 1858. Parts 2, 3. Vienna.—From

the Society. Jahrbuch I. R. Geol. Institute, 1858. Parts 1, 2, 3.–From the Inst. Memoirs I. R. Inst. Lombardy. VII. 4, 5, 6. Milan. From the Inst. Atti I. R. Inst. Lombardy. 1. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.– From the Inst. Compte-rendu Cent. Phys. Obs. 1856. St. Petersburg, 1857.

From the Ad. Mines. Annals of the Observatory. 1855, 1, 2.- From the same. On the French Inundations : a Memoir by E. Lombardini, (in Italian,

110 pp.) Milan, 1858. 4to.-From the Author. On the Changes of the Po, in the district of Ferrara : a Memoir by

E. Lombardini. (50 pp.) Milan, 1852. 8vo.– From the Author. On the Importance of Studying the Statistics of Rivers: a Memoir by

E. Lombardini. (35 pp.) Milan. 800.-From the Author. Other Observations on the Po, by E. L. Milan, 1843.—From the

Author. Intorno all sistema idraulico del Po, &c., by E. L. 1840. Astronomical Notices, No. 7. June 13, 1859. Albany.-From

F. Brünnow.

Letters from Col. Graham, of Chicago, dated June 20, 1859, were read, accompanying the following communication intended for the Proceedings, and entitled:

CONTRIBUTIONS TO GEOGRAPHY, No. 3. On the Latitude and Longitude of eighteen additional positions in

the North and North-west of the United Slates. Also a review of two positions (II. and VI.) previously reported. From astronomical observations, by Lieut. Colonel J. D. Graham, U. S. Corps of Topographicul Engineers.

Chicago, Illinois, June, 1859. To the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia.

*I wish now to offer a third contribution to the geography of the United States, for publication in the Proceedings of the Society, if deemed acceptable.

I will indicate the positions by a continuation from the numbers used in the preceding contribution, (No. 2,) published at pp. 352 to 388, of Vol. VI. of the Proceedings. They are as follows, viz:





XXIV. COLUMBUS, OHIO. I wish, also, to offer a review, for the purpose of verification, of the following positions previously reported, viz:


VI. MADISON, THE CAPITAL OF WISCONSIN. The instruments used in making the observations were the same as previously used, and described in page 353 of Vol. VI. of the Society's Proceedings. The system of observation was also the same as was described in the previous papers published in that volume.


The apparent Right Ascensions and Declinations of the stars observed on, were taken from the British Nautical Almanac, except a few whose apparent places are not given in that Ephemeris. The exceptions are as follows, in relation to which the apparent places were taken from the Connaissance des Temps, namely:

B Andromeda
& Herculis
B Cygni

g Cygni For the determination of the longitudes, now reported, two meridians of comparison were used, namely :-). Chicago. IX. Toledo, Ohio, after its longitude was derived from chronometric comparisons, by means of the electric telegraph, with the meridian of Chicago

The time-observations at Chicago, and the observations both for the time and the latitude at those stations whose longitudes are based upon direct connections with the meridian of Chicago, will first be given. Then the same will be done in regard to the time-observations at Toledo, and the observations at those stations whose longitudes are derived from direct connections with the meridian of Toledo.

Finally, the observations will be given that were made for verifying 'the positions of Michigan City, Indiana, and Madison, the Capital of Wisconsin.

The position of the observing station at Chicago, will be shown by reserence to the table at page 351 of Vol. VI. of the Society's Proceedings.

Observations for the Time at Chicago. 1st. 1853, July 26th. At Chicago Observing Station No. 3, in

latitude 41° 53' 46'.3 N.: longitude 5h. 50m. 315.2 W. of

Greenwich. Siderial chronometer No. 2557, fast: By 17 observations on a Coronæ Borealis, west (at h. m. S.

19h. 22m. sidereal) . . . . 1 02 50.25 By 23 observations on a Andromedæ, east (at 20h. 08m. sidereal)

1 02 50.63

Result-Chronometer No. 2557, fast of sidereal time

for this station (at 19h. 45m. sidereal) ·+1 02 50.44 By comparison-Chronometer No. 141, was slow of

mean solar time for this station (at 11h. 26m. mean time)

- - 4 38.17

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