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stancy, two centuries ago, of those conditions which produce the regular weekly storms of the present day.

Pending nominations Nos. 358, 389, 390, were read, and the candidates balloted for.

The Board of Secretaries, to which was referred the subject of printing the list of members, reported progress; and on motion of Dr. Bache, was continued in committee, with directions to report at the next meeting.

M. Matile's communication was, on motion of Mr. Fraley, referred to the Librarian to take order.

Dr. Hays and Mr. Carey offered their resignations as members of the Publication Committee, which were accepted; and Mr. T. P. James and Dr. Edw. Hartshorne were chosen to fill the vacancies: Dr. Bridges remaining chairman of the commitee.

The ballot box was now, on motion of Dr. Hays, declared closed, and Judge WALTER H. LOWRIE, of Pittsburg, Mr. Wm. S. Vaux, of Philadelphia, and Capt. Wm. R. PALMER, of the U. S. Coast Survey, were declared duly elected menbers, and the Society was adjourned.

Stated Meeting, May 6, 1859.

Present, seventeen members.

Dr. Wood, President, in the Chair.

Letters were read, acknowledging receipt of notice of their election, from Judge W. H. Lowrie, dated Pittsburg, April 20, 1859; Wm. S. Vaux, Esq. dated Philada. April 30, 1859; and Capt. Wm. R. Palmer, dated Washington, April 19, 1859.

A letter was read from the Librarian of the Royal Library, dated at the Hague, Dec. 14, 1858, acknowledging the receipt of Part 1, Vol. XI. of the Transactions.

The following donations for the Library were announced:-

Trans. Mass. Agri. Soc. N. Ser. I. Boston, 1858.--From the Soc. Proc. Mass. Hist. Soc. 1855–1858. Boston.-From the Society.


Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Vol. VII. 1, 2.– From the Society. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philada. 1859, 7, 8.-- From the Academy. Cat. officers and students Mich. Univers. 1859.–From the Univers. Synopsis of the Ingham Univ. Leroy, N. Y. 1858.From the Univ. Phila. Fem. Med. Col. 8th An. Announcement. From the College. Valedictory Address, by Anne Preston, M.D. 1859.--From the Col. Introductory Lecture by E. H. Cleveland, M.D.-From the College. Almanaque náutico para 1860, San Fernando.— From the Obsern. Researches into the Phen. of Respiration, by E. Smith. Lond. 1859. Astronom. Journal No. 122. Cambridge.—From Dr. B. A. Gould. Address to Brit. Assoc. by R. Owen, M.D. 25th An. Assembly. Traité l'Amaurose, par Ch. Deval. Paris, 1851 (450 pages). And Abhandlung über die Amaurose, übertragen von Dr. Jacob Herzfel

der. Leipsig, 1853. (220 pp.) 8vo.-From Dr. Roehrig. Geology of Pennsylvania. Vol. 11.— From the Sec. of Commonw. Preliminary chart of New York bay and harbour, signed W. R. Pal.

mer, 1859.From Coast Survey.

On motion of Dr. Dunglison, the Secretary was directed to give notice to members appointed to prepare obituary notices prior to the present year, that it is desirable that the duty shouid be attended to.

New nomination, No. 391, was read.

The Secretaries made a report in relation to the printing of the list of members of the Society, which was adopted:-that the most useful form for printing the list would be as it exists in the MSS. list belonging to the Society, with the addition of an alphabetical index, and of the size and form of the Proceedings.

The special committee appointed to consider and report upon the condition of the Society, and the means of increasing its usefulness, presented their report, and recommended certain resolutions to be passed, which, together with the proposed amendments of the laws of the Society, were postponed for consideration and discussion at the next stated meeting, and ordered to be printed for the use of the members.

The following named members were appointed a committee to co-operate with Dr. I. I. Hays, in further Arctic exploration-Mr. W. P. Foulke, Dr. R. E. Rogers, Mr. Isaac Lea,

Dr. J. L. Le Conte, Prof. E. O. Kendall, Mr. J. P. Lesley, Rev. Albert Barnes, Judge Ed. King, Prof. J. C. Cresson.

The Committee on the sale of the Hall received, on motion of Mr. Fraley, four additional members-Prof. Fairman Rogers, Dr. Isaac Hays, Prof. J. C. Cresson, and Mr. W. P. Foulke.

A communication from the Actuary of the Franklin Institute, to be supplied with certain of the Society's publications, was referred to the Librarian, with power to act; and the Society was adjourned.

Stated Meeting, May 20, 1859.

Present, sixteen members.

Prof. CRESSON, Vice-President, in the Chair.

Letters were read, acknowledging the receipt of the Society's publications, from the R. Prussian Acad. at Berlin, dated Aug. 12, 1858; the Agric. Soc. at Berlin, dated Nov. 18, 1858; the R. Acad. at Amsterdam, dated Dec. 20, 1858; the Im. Inst. of France, dated Dec. 9, 1858; the R. Acad. at Munich, dated Dec. 28, 1858; and the R. Acad. at Stockholm, dated Nov. 15, 1858. Letters were read, giving notice of donations for the Library, from the Cambridge Phil. Soc. dated Nov. 1858; the Agr. Soc. Berlin, Nov. 18; the R. Acad. Berlin, Aug. 18; the R. Acad. Stockholm, Nov. 15; the R. Acad. Munich, Dec. 28, 1858; and the Hon. W. H. Lowrie, dated Pittsburg, May 6, 1859.

The following donations for the Library were announced:

Am. Jour. Sci. No. 8). New Haven, May, 1859.From Editor. Med. News and Lib. No. 197. Phila. May, 1859.– From the Publ. Annals N. Y. Lyceum, Nos. 10–13, Sep. 1858.–From the Lyceum. Monthly Not. R. A. S. London, XIX. April, 1859.From the Soc. Compte Rendu de l'Ac. Im. St. Petersburg, 1957.- From the Acad. Zeitschrift für die gesamm. Nat. XI. Berlin, 1858. 8vo.-From

N. H. S. at Halle.

Verhand. Ver. Gartenbaues. IV. 3; V. 1, 2. Berlin, 1857, 1858.

- From the Society. Jahrbuch K. K. Geol. Reich. VIII. 4. Vienna, 1857.-From the Inst. Monatsbericht K. Prus. A. Sep. 1857 - June, 1858. Berlin.-From

the Academy. Abhandlungen K. Prus. Akad. for 1857. 40.- From the same. K. Svenska V. A. Handlingar. Första b. andra h. 1856.- From the

Academy. Ofversigt K. S. V. A. Förhandlingar, 1857. Stock.From the same. Berättelse . . Fysik.. 1852... af E. Edling. Stock.From the sume. Voyage autour du monde sur l'Eugenie, Physique I.- From the same. Same in Sweedish, Fysik I. Bot. I. Zool. I. II. Stockholm. 410.

From the same. Trans. Cambridge Phil. Soc. X. 1, 1858. 410.— From the Society. Memoirs Lit. Pbil. S. Manchester, XV. 1, 1858.From the Soc. Proceedings Lit. Phil. S. Man. No. 1-14, 1857.- From the sume. Proceedings R. Geog. S. London. Vol. II. No. 6.-From the Soc. Journal R. Dublin Soc. XI. October, 1858.From the Society. Notices of Proc. R. Inst. of Great Britain, VIII. Nov. 1857-July,

1858.From the Institute. List of Members of the same for 1857, &c.From the same. Jour. Soc. Arts, Man. and Com. London.--- From the Society. Franklin Inst. Jour. No. 401, May. Philada.-- From the Institute. African Repository for May, 1859.- From the Amer. Col. Society. Proceedings Acad. N. S. Philada. 9, 10.–From the Academy. Astronom. Journal, No. 123. Cambridge.- From Dr. B. A. Gould. Report of Sup't. of Coast Survey, for 1857. 4to.—From the Sup't.

The death of Baron Von Humboldt was announced, with appropriate remarks, by Dr. Franklin Bache. Baron Von Humboldi was elected a member of this Society, July 20, 1804, and died at Berlin, May 7, 1859, aged 89.

The death of Alexis de Tocqueville, elected a member of the Society, January 21, 1842, was announced by Dr. F. Bache.

The minutes of the last meeting of the Board of Officers and Council were read.

Pending nomination, No. 391, was read.

Dr. Franklin Bache presented a report, in part, in behalf of the Committee on the Franklin Manuscripts, appointed Dec. 7, 1849, which was accepted, and the resolutions contained therein adopted.


On motion of Mr. Fraley, and owing to the absence, through sickness, of the chairman of the committee on the condition of the Society, the discussion of the alterations in the Laws and Regulations, proposed by the committee, was again postponed to the next meeting

The resolutions of Council, relating to the Magellanic premium, implying an alteration of the by-laws, they were laid upon the table for consideration at the next meeting; and, on motion of Mr. Fraley, were ordered to be printed for the use of the members.

Stated Meeting, June 17, 1859.

Present, thirteen members.

Judge SHARSWOOD, Vice-President, in the Chair.

Letters were received, acknowledging the receipt of Nos. 57, 58 of the Proceedings, from the Society of Antiquaries, dated London, May 20, 1859; and announcing a donation for the Library, from the Royal Observatory, dated Greenwich, May 12, 1859.

The following donations for the Library were announced:

Astronomical Jour. No. 124, 125. Cambridge.From Dr. Gould. Journ. Soc. Arts, Man. and Com. No. 324–331. London.-From

the Society. Contrib. to Palæontol. New York, by J. Hall. (16 pp.) 1855-58.

From the Author, Report, Geol. Survey, Iowa. I. II. Hall & Whitney.-From J. Hall. Reports of Explorations ... Pacific Ocean. X. Senate Document.

From U. S. Government. Med. News and Library. No. 198. Philada. June, 1859.From

Blanchard f. Lea. Quar. Jour. Chem. Soc. London. XLV.-From the Society. Franklin Institute Journal. No. 6. 1859.-- From the Inst. Annals des Mines, liv. 1-5. 1858. Paris.-From I. School of M. African Repository. No. 6. June, 1859.–From Am. Col. Soc. Proceedings Amer. Antiq. Soc. April, 1859. Boston.-From the Soc.

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