Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

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Сторінка 55 - That, in proportion as suitable arrangements can be made for their reception, all objects of art and of foreign and curious research, and all objects of natural history, plants, and geological and mineralogical specimens, belonging or hereafter to belong, to the United States...
Сторінка xii - Institution, to be composed of the VicePresident, the Chief- Justice of the United States [and the Governor of the District of Columbia], three members of the Senate, and three members of the House of Representatives...
Сторінка 95 - Director, but otherwise in ordinary octavos. Three thousand copies of each shall be published for scientific exchanges and for sale at the price of publication; and all literary and cartographic materials received in exchange shall be the property of the United States...
Сторінка 95 - The publications of the United States Geological Survey are issued in accordance with the statute approved March 3, 1879, which declares that — 1 ' Thepublications of the Geological Survey shall consist of the annual report of operations, geological and economic maps illustrating the resources and classification of the lands, and reports upon general and economic geology and paleontology.
Сторінка 661 - A Final Report on the Crustacea of Minnesota Included in the Orders Cladocera and Copepoda. Together with a Synopsis of the described Species in North America and Keys to the known Species of the more Important Genera.
Сторінка 124 - Report of the Commissioner of the General Land Office to the Secretary of the Interior for the year 1 875. 8. Washington. 1876. Statement of the Public Debt of the United States, September 1, 1876.
Сторінка 664 - Reports of Observations and Experiments in the practical Work of the Division, made under the Direction of the Entomologist.
Сторінка 545 - SIMON (W.). MANUAL OF CHEMISTRY. A Guide to Lectures and Laboratory Work for Beginners in Chemistry. A Text-book specially adapted for Students of Pharmacy and Medicine.
Сторінка 95 - Reports there have been already published : I. First Annual Report to the Hon. Carl Schurz, by Clarence King. 1880. 8°.
Сторінка 241 - That this universal day is to be a mean solar day ; is to begin for all the world at the moment of mean midnight of the initial meridian, coinciding with the beginning of the civil day and date of that meridian ; and is to be counted from zero up to twenty-four hours.

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