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In Verse. [Tune Nae luck, fc.
When mother sends for any thing,

I must not play, nor stop;
So now I'll tell how things are sold

At every grocer's shop.
Chorus --Then tis Twist Twist altogether,

Twist Twist away;
This is the way we exercise,
When Teacher says we may.
Now, sixteen drams will make an ounce

Of cocoa, or coffee ;
And sixteen ounces make a pound
Of sugar, or of tea.

Then 'tis Shoot, &c.
Twenty-eight pounds one quarter make

Of soap, to wash with ease ;
And quarters four, one hundred weight
Of butter, or of cheese.

Then 'tis Ring, &c.
And twenty hundred make a ton,

According to this rule,
Of any thing with waste, or dross ;
And this we're taught at school.

Then 'tis Clap, &c.

20 Grains make 1 Scruple.
3 Scruples .. 1 Drachm.
8 Drachms .. 1 Ounce.
12 Ounces .. 1 Pound.

In Verse.
Twenty grains make a scruple, some scruple to take,
Tho' at times it is needful for our health's sake ;
Three scruples one drachm, eight drachms are one ounce,
Twelve ounces one pound, for the pestle to pounce.
By this rule is all medicine compounded and sold,
By Avoirdupois Weight 'tis bought, we are told ;
But the best of all physic that I could advise,
Is temperate living, and good exercise.

hoy Pounds make 1 Clove.
14 Pounds .. 1 Stone
28 Pounds .. 1 Todd.
61 Todd .. 1 Wey.
2 Weys .. 1 Sack
12 Sacks . 1 Last.

In Verse.
Sheep's wool is always sold by weight,
Of which I'll now the terms relate;-
Seven pounds net one clove will take,
And fourteen pounds one stone will make.
Twenty-eight pounds one todd, we say ;
Six todds and a half will make a wey;
Two weys one sack, which fills it full,
Twelve sacks one last of English wool.

24 Inches make 1 Nail.
4 Nails ... 1 Qr. of a yard.
3 Quarters ... 1 Flemish Ell.
4 Quarters ... 1 Yard.
5 Quarters ... 1 English Ell.
6 Quarters ... 1 French Ell.

In Verse.
Sheep's wool is wash'd, and comb’d, with hand,
And after spun with wheel and band;
And then with shuttle, loom and care,
Wove into cloth for men to wear.

The cloth is taken to be dy'd,
Where it is wash'd, and soak’d, and dry’d;
And then 'tis press'd—and I am told,
'Tis by this rule all cloth is sold.
Two inches and a quarter take,
Which just an English nail will make;
Four nails one quarter make, we know,
Which girls can cut, turn down, and sew.

Four quarters will, if new or old,
Make just one yard, for so 'tis sold;
Three quarters make one Flemish ell,
For thus those people buy and sell.
But, five quarters do make an ell,
In England, which is known full well;
But when the French do buy or sell,
They give six quarters to an ell.

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3 Barleycorns make 1 Inch.
12 Inches

1 Foot.
3 Feet

1 Yard. 6 Feet

1 Fathom. 5. Yards

1 Pole. 40 Poles

1 Furlong. 8 Furlongs

1 Mile. 3 Miles

1 League. 60 Miles

1 Degree.

In Verse.
Three barleycorns one inch will make,

Twelve inches just a foot;
Three feet one yard, which shopmen take,

The cloth to measure out.
Six feet one fathom, used most

By sailors when at sea,
To sound the depth, when near the coast,

Or getting under weigh.
Five yards and half are call’d a pole,

Sometimes a perch, or rood,
To measure land by standard rule,

Or find the length of road.
A furlong measures forty poles ;

Eight furlongs make one mile
Of turnpike road, paid for by tolls,

Throughout the British Isle.

Three miles a league, our Teachers say,

And we should strive to learn,
When in the school, or when at play,

For time rolls swiftly on.

WINE MEASURE. 2 Pints .......... make .......... 1 Quart. 4 Quarts col

1 Gallon. 10 Gallons ...

ororo..... 1 Anker. 18 Gallons

.......... 1 Runlet 63 Gallons ......

.. 1 Hogshead. 2 Hogsheads ....

1 Pipe. 2 Pipes o..........

........ 1 Tun.

In Verse.
Two pints will make a quart

Of brandy, wine, or gin;
Four quarts will make a gallon full;

To drink too much 's a sin.
Ten gallons will an anker fill,

A runlet takes eight more;
A hogshead sixty-three requires,

From Portugal brought o’er.
Two hogsheads then will fill a pipe;

A little does us good;
But those who practice drinking much,

Are often pinch'd for food.

ALE AND BEER MEASURE. 2 Pints ........ make .......... 1 Quart. 4 Quarts woonde

• 1 Gallon. 9 Gallons ...................

...... 1 Firkin. 4 Firkins ........

..... 1 Barrel. 11 Barrel ........................ 1 Hogshead. 3 Barrels ........................ 1 Butt.

In Verse.
Two pints will make one quart of beer,
And that for four pence now is sold ;

Four quarts one gallon, which does cost
Just one and four pence, we are told.
Nine gallons, too, a firkin make;
The price will just twelve shillings be ;
Two firkins make one kilderkin,
And cost us one pound four, we see.
Two kilderkins one barrel make,
Which costs the sum of two pounds eight;
And barrels three will make a butt,
And cost just seven pounds four of late.



.e... make


2 Pints

1 Quart. 2 Quarts

... i Pottle. 2 Pottles

1 Gallon. 2 Gallons

1 Peck. 4 Pecks

1 Bushel. 8 Bushels

1 Quarter. 5 Quarters ................................. 1 W ey. 2 Weys ................................. 1 Last.

In Verse.
Two pints, we are told, make one quart of seed,
By cornchandlers sold, our birds for to feed;
Two quarts of nice peas, make one pottle, we cry,
Our pigs will eat these as they stand in the sty.
Two pottles do make one gallon, we see,
Of nieal for a cake quite hot for our tea;
Two gallons of corn make one peck, my young friends,
To give, night and morn, to our cocks and our hens.
Four pecks they will make one bushel, we know,
Of beans, that we place in the ground for to grow;
Eight bushels one quarter of four from wheat,
With salt, yeast, and water, make nice bread to eat.
Five quarters one wey, of good oats, nice and sweet,
With grass and fresh hay, which our horses will eat;
Two weys make a last of all corn that is dry;
The price you must ask, when you 're wishing to buy.

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