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The Chain or Combination Table Extended.--(Continued.)

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The Chain or Combination Table Extended.(Continued.)

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These Tables are generally used as Rostrum Lessons ; but the most effectual and striking plan is to have out several children round the room, each one giving out, in turn, and the School, generally, repeating after them. Another method is to have out one or more Monitors, to question the School, viz.-M. Twice two. C. Four. M. Three times 2. C. Six. Again,-M. Two and 2. C. Four. M. Two from 4. C. Two. M. Twice 2. C. Four. M. Twos in 4. C. Two. M. Two is what part of 4 ? C. The half, &c.

Till the children are tolerably perfect, however, this must be done by the Teacher himself; and, indeed, when the children are quite perfect, occasionally.

These plans not only apply to the foregoing Tables, but also to those that follow.


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4 farthings are 1d. 5 farthings are 11d.

6 farthings are 14d. 7 farthings are 12d. 8 farthings are 2d. &c. to 48 farthings are 12d. or 1s.


Twenty pence are one and eight pence,

That I can't afford to lose;
Thirty pence are two and six pence,

That will buy a pair of shoes.
Forty pence are three and four pence,

That sum's paid for certain fees ;
Fifty pence are four and two pence,

That will buy five pounds of cheese,
Sixty pence will make five shillings;

This we're told is just a crown;
Seventy pence are five and ten pence,

That is known throughout the town.
Eighty pence are six and eight pence,

This sum once my father spent;
Ninety pence are sev’n and six pence,

Which for a quarter's schooling went.

One hundred pence are eight and four pence,

This we're taught in th' Infant School;
Eight pence more make just nine shillings,

Thus we end this useful rule.

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Four farthings are one penny.
Four pence make one groat.
Twelve pence make one shilling.
Two shillings and sixpence make half-a-crown.
Five shillings make a crown.
Ten shillings make half a sovereign.
Ten shillings and sixpence make half-a-guinea.
Twenty shillings make a sovereign.
Twenty-one shillings make a guinea.
Twenty-seven shillings make a moidore.
Forty-eight farthings make a shilling.
Nine hundred and sixty farthings make a pound.
One thousand and eight farthings make a guinea.

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24 Grains make 1 Pennyweight-Dwt.
20 Dwt. .. 1 Ounce-Oz.
12 Ounces .. 1 Pound-lb.

In verse.
Fine gold is dug out of the ground,
But in some rivers it is found;
The mine is deep and dark below;
The men are miners call’d, we know.
Gold's a yellow heavy metal,
But 'tis neither hard nor brittle,
For, when 'tis hammer'd, it will spread
Out, something like a piece of lead.
The gold-beater will take, we're told,
An ounce of pure and solid gold;
This he would hammer out as wide
As our school room and yard beside.

The wire-drawer, too, we're told,
& Will take a little piece of gold,
Which he will draw out to a thread,
Fine as the hair upon your head.
The coiner, too, with gold doth make
Sov'reigns, which we give and take;
The jeweller, also, we are told,
Makes rings, and chains, and seals, of gold.
When scales are true, and beams are straight,
Twenty-four grains make one pennyweight;
Twenty pennyweights one ounce we see,
Twelve ounces just one pound will be.


16 Drams make 1 Ounce. 16 Ounces .. 1 Pound. 28 Pounds.. 1 Quarter of a Cwt.

4 Quarters.. 1 Cwt. 20 Cwt. .. 1 Ton.

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