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Who caus'd the earth to bring forth food,
Gives corn, and wine, and ev'ry good ?
E’en He, who in the wilderness
With manna did his people bless.

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Who sent his Son, for man, to die,

To groan with pain, to sweat and sigh?
Why, God the Father 'twas, who gave
His only Son, our souls to save.

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Can we do aught, our love to prove
To Him, whose ev'ry act is love ?
O yes ! for we may learn his will,
And pray for grace to serve Him still.


What first with human blood earth dy'd ?
What first fed death with jaws spread wide,
And human food to worms supplied ?

Cain's envious Temper.

What was it made sad Hagar flee
From Sarah, as an enemy,
And, weeping, sit beneath a tree?

Mutual bad Temper.

What caus'd poor Joseph to be cast
Into a pit, and then, at last,
Sold to some Ishmaelites, who pass'd ?

An envious Temper.

How was the life of Pharaoh lost,
His horses, and his num'rous host?
What, with dead bodies strew'd the coast ?

His furious Temper.

What was it forc'd from friends and home
Poor David, who, compellid to roam,
Sought refuge in the mountain's gloom?

Saul's envious Temper.

How was it Haman came to die
Upon a gibbet wond'rous high,
The just reward of infamy?

An arrogant Temper.
What was it in the lion's den
Caus’d Daniel to be put by men,
Though God preserv'd his servant then ?

. A malicious Temper.

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THE GOOD CHILD'S INHERITANCE. God is my Father, with his love. Matt. xviii. 14. My Brother, Jesus, lives above.

John xx. 17. My Comforter, the Holy Ghost.

John siv. 26. My Guards are the angelic host.

Psalm sci. 11. My wants supplied, by God they're known. Phil. iv. 19. And when I die, Heav'n is my home. . Matt. xxv. 34. Before closing this part of their little Work, the compilers desirous of expressing their estimation of, and thankfulness with which they receive the suggestions of their numerous patrons and supporters; comply with the request of several, by showing the use they make of a Scripture Picture; they therefore select that of the


Luke x. 17–35. The children being seated in due order in the gallery ; they exhibit the picture, either from the excitor, or a stand made for that purpose, and, after a few simple observations, as to the various colours, &c. they proceed somewhat after the following manner :--

1. What does this picture represent ?- The good Samaritan.

2. What do you understand by a Samaritan ?-A man or woman born in Samaria.

3. Who conversed with a woman of Samaria ?- Jesus Christ. John iv.

4. Who made Samaria their chief city ? Ten of the tribes of Israel.

5. Who preached throughout Samaria ? — Philip. Acts viii. 5. .. 6. Who deceived the people of Samaria ?--Simon Magus. Acts viii. 9.

7. Who were told not to enter into any city of the Samaritans ?- The Apostles. Matt. x. 5.

8. What is the matter with the man lying down ?- He has been wounded by robbers.

9. Did they take any thing from him ? - Yes. What ? His money and clothes.

10. Where did he come from ?- Jerusalem. Where was he going to ?--Jericho.

11. Who is the person leaning over him !--- The good Samaritan.

12. What is he doing ?--Pouring oil and wine into his wounds.

13. What feeling has he toward the poor man?- Pity.

14. What ought the feeling of the poor man to be towards him ?--- Gratitude.

15. How ought little children to feel toward those who try to do them good ?-Grateful.

16. Who had a little oil in a cruse ?The poor widow of Zarephath. 1 Kings xvii. 12.

17. Who sold some oil to save her children from being taken away?- The widow of one of the sons of the Prophets. 2 Kings iv. 7.

18. What is compared to oil in the Scriptures !The grace of God.

19. What is the use of oil ?---To burn, eat, &c.

20. Who took no oil in their lamps !--- The foolish virgins. Matt. xxv. 3.

21. Who turned water into wine ?-Jesus Christ. John ii.

22. Who said, “ put away thy wine from thee ?Eli. 1 Sam. i. 14.

23. What animal is standing behind the good Samaritan? -An Ass.

24. Give me a general name for all four-footed animals ? - Quadrupeds.

25. For animals with two legs? - Bipeds.

26. Who rode upon an Ass into Jerusalem ?--Jesus Christ.

27. Who rode upon an Ass which spoke ? --- Balaam. 28. Who rode upon an Ass to meet David ?- Abigail.

29. Who fled into Egypt upon an Ass ?-Jesus and his Mother. John xxi. 1-12.

30. Tell me the name of a lame man who rode upon an Ass?- Mephibosheth. 2 Sam. xix. 26.

31. Who is the person represented as having gone by : -A Priest.

32. What feeling prevented him from helping the poor man ?-Pride.

33, Who was punished for his pride ?---Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel iv. 32, 33.

34. Who is he represented as reading ? --- A Levite.

35. What is a Levite !--- One of the tribe of Levi, from which tribe the priests were taken.

36. Where did the Samaritan take the poor man ?--To an Inn.

37. What is an Inn ?--- A house of refreshment for travellers.

38. What is a man who keeps an Inn called !--- A host or landlord.

39. What other feeling did this good man show ?-Generosity. How ?--- By paying the host two-pence.

40. What ought little children to learn from this lesson? --- To be kind and merciful to all.

41. What does Jesus Christ say of those who are merciful!---- Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.

Observe. To attempt to carry this lesson out to its full extent would be needless; enough, it is thought, has been shewn to impart the information required.


1 and 1 are 2. 2 and 1 are 3, &c. &c. to 12.
2 and 2 are 4. 4 and 2 are 6, &c. &c. to 24.
3 and 3 are 6. 6 and 3 are 9, &c. &c. to 36.

Continued to 144.


1 from 12 leaves 11. 1 from 11 leaves 10, &c.
2 from 24 leaves 22. 2 from 22 leaves 20, &c.
3 from 36 leaves 33. 3 from 33 leaves 30, &c.

Continued throughout.


Twice 2 are 4. Three times 2 are 6, &c. to 24.
Twice 3 are 6. Three times 3 are 9, &c. to 36.
Twice 4 are 8. Three times 4 are 12, &c. to 48,

Continued throughout.

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