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THE TEN PLAGUES OF EGYPT. 1 Water turned into Blood ...... Exod. vii. 20. 2 Plague of Frogs .............. Exod. viii. 6. 3 Plague of Lice

Exod. viii, 17. 4 Swarms of Flies .............. Exod. viii. 24. 5 Grievous Murrain ............. Exod. ix. 3. 6 Boils and Blains ............ Exod. ix. 10.

Grievous Hail .............. Exod. ix. 20. 8 Plague of Locusts ............ Exod. x. 12. 9 Thick Darkness .............. Exod. x. 22. 10 Slaying the First Born ....... Exod. xii. 29.

The Israelites a long time had
Been by th’ Egyptians treated bad;
But God had promis'd they should be,
In time a nation large and free.
Moses had been to Pharaoh sent,
By God, to ask of him consent
That Israel should thence depart;
But Pharaoh harden'd much his heart;
And, therefore, God such judgments sent,
As made him, for a time, repent.
When 'gainst him first God's anger burn'd,
The Waters into Blood were turn’d.
The second, Frogs, which were about,
Leap'd upon all, within, and out.
The third, a grievous swarm of flies,
Annoy'd them, both by sting and noise:
The fourth, a sad distemper, sprung,
The Egyptian herds and flocks among: .
The fifth was vermin of that kind,
Still in abhorrence held, we find ;
The sixth was dreadful boils or blains,
Which caus’d th’ Egyptians angry pains :
The seventh, a dreadful storm of hail,
God caused man and beast to assail :
The eighth was Locusts-dreadful doom !
They grass, and herbs, and corn consume :
The ninth, felt darkness, Scripture says,
Which lasted three entire days;
The tenth, sad Death his task perform’d,
And Pharaoh really was alarm’d.

(Of all these plagues Goshen was clear,
For favor'd Israel lived there.)
The King arose—for Moses sent-
To Israel's journey gave consent,
And soon, six hundred thousand men,
Went, with their wives and children.
Moses and Aaron led the way,
Having in Goshen been that day,
Two hundred and fifteen years,
Thus plain, God's providence appears.
And if, like Israel, God we serve,
He us in dangers will preserve.

THE TWELVE TRIBES OF ISRAEL. 1 Reuben ; 2 Simeon ; 3 Levi; 4 Judah ; 5 Issachar ; 6 Zebulon ; 7 Gad; 8 Asher ; 9 Joseph; 10 Benjamin ; 11 Dan; 12 Naphtali.

THE TWELVE APOSTLES, Luke vi. 13. 1 Simon; 2 Andrew; 3 James ; 4 John; 5 Philip; 6 Bartholomew ; 7 Matthew ; 8 Thomas; 9 James ; 10 Simon Zelotes; 11 Judas ; 12 Judas Iscariot.

COUPLETS. Every sinful thought, Shall be to judgment brought. Every wicked word, Aloud in heaven is heard. Every lie we tell,

Exposes us to Hell. Every act we do,

We must account for too. Every hour we spend, Comes nearer to our end. Every moment gain'd, Is so much good obtain'd. Every passing breath, Brings us the nearer death. Every holy prayer, For Heay'n doth more prepare.

Let two Monitors repeat this Lesson, and the children respond. Then enter into conversation on some part, and elicit the children's ideas on each subject; and where you

find them deficient in comprehension, assist them by some striking anecdote or Scriptural story, bearing on the point. Ask also for texts in confirmation, and aid them in this part ; and may the Holy Spirit assist your endeavours, to impress it on their hearts, that it may take root, and bring forth fruit unto a holy life.

Say, who made all things at the first,
The twinkling Stars, with all their host?
Who plac'd the Sun and Moon on high,
And form’d the Earth, the Sea, and Sky?
Who made the Clouds sail in the air ?
Who bids it rain, and makes it fair ?
Who makes the snow and hail to fall,
And sends the frost, which chills us all ?
Who gave the winds, at first, their birth,
And wets with chilling dews the earth ?
Who made the Oak, and all the trees,
And blows upon them with a breeze?
Who keeps the flocks, so prone to stray,
And feeds the beasts and birds of prey ?
Who gave me form, and life, and breath,
And keeps me from the hand of death ?
Who made my heart and pulse to beat ?
Who made my head, and hands, and feet ?
Who made my tongue, and gave me speech,
And set the work and place of each ?
Who made all these ? Pray tell to me!
For Him I long, and wish to see.

'Twas our Great God who made the sky,
And all the twinkling stars on high :
God bade them shine and gave them light,
The Sun by day—the Moon by night.
How great is God! He made the earth,
To every living thing gave birth ;
He form'd the land, and made the seas,
The blooming flowers, and leafy trees;
He made the beasts, that roam the wood,
And the fish, that swim the flood;

He made the birds, that soar on high,
All singing praises as they fly.
Made every valley, rock, and plain,
The snow and vapour, wind, and rain,
The clouds that rise, and storms that fall ;
How great is God! He made them all.
While every creature moves and lives,
But by that power its Author gives :
Thus he who rules and reigns above,
Is unto you a God of love.
Then, children, lift your voices high,
And praise the God of earth and sky:
O praise Him with your earliest voice,
Loud shout His praises and rejoice.

When men began to multiply,

And wickedness increase;
God said that they should surely die,

And time with them should cease.
But Noah was righteous in his sight,

And did an Ark prepare ;
He obey'd the Lord, 'twas his delight,

He was a man of prayer.
The Ark, three hundred cubits long,

And made of Gopher wood;
Three stories in it very strong;

For man, and beast, and food. Just thirty cubits was its height,

Its breadth was fifty more;
There was a window, to give light,

And in the side, a door.
By two's and sev’ns of ev'ry kind,

The creatures enter'd in ;
Noah's sons and daughters there we find,

And every creeping thing.
When all within the Ark were found,

God came, and shut them ip;
But all the world beside were drown’d,

And that because of sin.

Then if we all with righteous Noah,

Seek God, and serve him too,
He'll save us through his only Son,

Who died for me and you.


We read, that God made man at first, As likewise all the beasts of dust; But God, in man, to crown the whole, Breath’d-and he then possess'd a Sonl; Which never can destroyed be'Twas so decreed by Deity. This Soul must be our life alone For when that life so call'd is gone, 'Tis but the soul remoy'd away From the weak body made of clay. Than animals we are no more, If not thus made superior ; . For they five senses have like we,They hear and taste, smell, feel, and see ; And instinct is, in some so great As to astonishment create. The soul of man is more; we find It includes mem'ry, reason, mind :The body, then, appears to me But the soul's agent; for we see 'Tis mov'd to act by that within, To practise good-or practise sin. But tell me, when you wrong have done, And wish the action to disown, When you your lips in silence seal, Does not a blush your guilt reveal, And very oft against your will ? I hope you'll then attentive be, When it reproves so faithfully ; For wicked is that child indeed, Whom it refuses thus to aid ; And little children know full well, That Souls, all go to Heaven or Hell.

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