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What brought death into the world !---Sin.

Were Adam and Eve happy after they had sinned !--- No, · unhappy:

How did they feel when they had sinned !--- Ashamed.

What did they do that proved they were ignorant ?--Tried to hide from God.

Why cannot we hide from God ?---Because the eyes of the Lord are in every place.

Did God leave Adam and Eve in their sins ?---No, he promised a Saviour.

What was that promise which God gave ?---That the seed of the woman should bruise the serpent's head.

Who was meant by the seed of the woman !---Jesus Christ.
Who was meant by the serpent ?---Satan, the wicked one.

When did Jesus Christ bruise the serpent's head !---When he died on the cross.

Did Jesus Christ ever commit sin ?---No, he was without spot or wrinkle.

Then, why did he die ?---He died the just for the unjust, to bring us to God.

Then, what must we do to be saved !--- Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Has Jesus Christ power to save sinners !--- Yes, he has

in heaven and in earth. Did he ever do any thing to show that he had all power ?--Yes, he raised the dead, healed the sick, cleansed the lepers, cast out devils, made the deaf to hear, the duinb to speak, the blind to see, walked on the sea, calmed the tempest, fed thousands of people, and turned water into wine.

all power

The following SCRIPTURE STORIES may be treated in like manner by the judicious Teacher, viz. Creation

..Gen. i. | Abraham praying for Adam and Eve..Gen. iii. 1. Sodom ...Gen. xviii. Cain and Abel ..Gen. iv. 2. Two cities burnt. Gen.xix.24. The Flood ....Gen. vii. 1. Hagar and child. Gen.xxi.14. Noah and the Ark .. viii. 1. Isaac offered .. Gen. xxii. 2. Rainbow ...... Gen. ix. 11. Rebekah's kindness. Babel .....Gen. xi. 1.

Gen. xxiv. 17, 18. Hagar fleeing ..Gen. xvi. 6. Jacob's deceit. Gen. xxvii. 2. Abram and Lot ..Gen. xiv. I Jacob's ladder .. xxviii. 11. Jacob's prayer (Esan). xxxii. Widow's oil .. 2 Kings iv. 1. Joseph and sick Jacob. xlviii. Child's death. 2 Kings iv. 18. Joseph & brethren. xxxvii. 3. Naaman and Gehazi...v. 1. Moses

Exod. ii. Athaliah ... 2 Kings xi. 1. Burning bush .... Exod. iii. Esther, in parts. Ten plagues sent upon

Jonah and fish. Pharaoh. Exod. vii.to xii. Jonah and tree. Red Sea........Exod. xiv. Hezekiah's sickness... Isaiah Bitter waters. Exod. xv. 23.

Xxxviii. Manna sent. Exod. xvi. 15. Fiery furnace......

Dan. iii. Ten Commandments. Ex.xx. Belshazzar .. ..Dan. v. Miriam's leprosy. Num. xii. Lion's den

.Dan. vi. Korah's rebellion. Num. xvi. Jesus's birth

Luke i. Fiery serpents .. Num. xxi. Jesus tempted ....Matt. iv. Balaam's ass....Num. xxii. Jesus in the storm ..xiv. 23. His death....Num. xxxi. 8. Feeds four thousand. xv. 32. Fall of Jericho ....Josh. vi. His sufferings. Matt. xxvi. 7. Achan's gold .... Josh. vii. His resurrection .... xxviii. Gideon & angel. Judges vi.21. Nobleman's daughter. Mark Gideon's wool. Judges vi. 36.

v. 22. Manoah's angel. Judges xiii. Widow's mite. Mark xii. 41. Samson's lion .. Judges xiv. Peter's denial...... xiv. 30. His blindness and death. xvi. Ditto

xiv. 66. Ruth's kindness ....Ruth i. Shepherds Luke ii. 8. Her gleaning ...... Ruth ii. Weeping penitent .. vii. 36. Her marriage

Ruth iv. Good Samaritan X. 30. Eli and Samuel.. 1 Sam. iii. Prodigal son Hophoi and Phinehas. iv. 17. Rich man .. .. Luke xvi. 19. David and Goliath :...xvii. Nobleman's son. John iv. 46. Jonathan and David. xx. 17. Porch of Bethesda Abigail's kindness. xxv. 23. Lazarus raised .... John xi. Saul's death. 1 Sam. xxxi. 3. Christ's ascension. Acts i. 9. Absalom's death ....2 Sam. Lame man healed iii. 2.

xviii. 9. Ananias and Sapphira. v. 1. Queen of Sheba. 1 Kings.x. 1. Stephen stoned. Acts vii. 54. A bijah's death. 1 Kings xiv.1. Dorcas raised .. Acts ix. 36. Elijah and Ravens . . xvii. 6. Peter delivered. Acts xii. 6. Widow and cruse ..

xvii. 9. Herod slain.... Acts xii. 20. Widow and child .. xvii. 17. Paul at Damascus ....ix. 1. Elijah's sacrifice .. xviii. 23. Philip & the eunuch. viii. 26. Cake and earthquake .. six. The storm...... Acts xxvii. Elijah.

...2 Kings i. Eutychus sleeping....XX. 7. His going to Heaven . . i. 1. Paul and viper....xxviii. 1. Naughty children ..... 23. Jesus .. Rev. i, 13.

Luke xv.

v. 1.

Leper healed.... Lnke v. 12. Man with the palsy. Mark Widow of Nain .... vii. 11.

ii. 3. Pharisee and Publican. Withered hand.. Mark iii. 1.

Luke xviii. 10. Man with legion v. 2. Blind man

xviii. 35. House on the rock and sand. Wise and foolish virgins.

Matt. vii. 24. Matt. xxv. 1. Sower.... .. Luke viii. 5. John beheaded. Mark vi. 24. Vine & branches. John xv. 1. Jesus walks on the sea. xiv. 22. Jesus praying for his Jesus shining .. Mark ix. 2. murderers. Luke xxiii. 34. Blind Bartimeus .... X. 46. Jesus teaching us to love Money changers cast out. our enemies.. Matt. v. 44.

Mark xi. 15. Job's patience and prosFig tree withered....xi. 12. perity

Job. Alabaster box xiv. 3. Net cast into the sea. Jesus blessing children.

Matt. xiii. 47. Mark X. 13. Zaccheus,... Luke xix. Water turned to wine. Naboth's vineyard. 1 Kings John ii. 1.

xxi. Disobedient prophet.... xii.


This is the Book which God has kindly giv'n,
To guide me in the path that leads to Heav'n.
The Bible, or the Scripture, is its name;
Which shews me all my folly, sin, and shame :
It bids me, though a child, to go to God,
And ask for pardon through a Saviour's blood :
It tells me, nothing good or holy I can do,
Unless the Spirit doth my soul renew :
It teaches where to look when in distress,
That God alone can all

my sorrows bless;
And help me so to live, and so to die,
That I the name of Christ may glorify.
This precious treasure may I always love,
Till Jesus call me to the realms above;
And there, with Holy Angels, I shall sing
Hallelujah, to Jesus Christ my King.

THE ORDER OF CREATION. First Day Creation of the heaven and the earth, light, the distinction of day and night.-Gen. i. 1-5.

Second Day. Creation of the firmament, and division of the upper and lower waters.-Gen. i. 6.

Third Day, The earth is drained ; seas, lakes, &c. formed; trees, plants, and vegetables are produced.Gen. i. 1. 13.

Fourth Day. The sun, moon, planets, and stars, produced.--Gen. i. 14-19.

Fifth Day. Fowls and fishes created.-Gen. i. 20— 23.

Sixth Day. Wild and tame beasts, insects, reptiles, and man.-Gen. i. 24–31.

Seventh Day. A day of rest, hallowed, and set apart as such for ever.-Gen. ii. 2, 3.

The above Lesson is used as follows. Three Monitors are placed out; one Monitor says, First Day. Second Monitor answers, Creation of the heaven and the earth, light, and the distinction of day and night. The third Monitor repeats the text thereon, naming in what book, chapter, and verse, the same may be found, and thus they continue till the end of the seventh day.

The Teacher then taking up the Lesson, puts some such questions as follow :

T. When did God create the heaven ?-C. On the first day.

T. What did God create more on the first day?-C. The earth.

T. When did God create the trees ?-C. On the third day.

T. What did God do on the fourth day ?-C. Made the sun, moon, planets, and stars.

T. What do trees grow on ?-C. The earth.

T. What did God make out of the earth on the sixth day?-C. Man.

T. What was the work of the second day?-C. The creation of the firmament, and dividing the waters.

T. What swim and live in the water ?-C. The fish.
T. When were fish made ?–C. On the fifth day.
T. What was the first thing created with life?-C. Trees.

T. What life have trees!--C. Vegetable life.

T. What was the second thing created with life ?C. Fowls and fish.

T. What life have fowls and fish ?- Animal life.

T. On which day was the mineral kingdom created ?C. The first.

T. When was the vegetable kingdom created 1-C. On the third day.

T. When was the animal kingdom created ?-C. On the fifth and sixth day.

T. How many kingdoms are there in nature?-C. Three.
T. Name them.-C. Animal, vegetable, and mineral.
T. Who made all things ?-C. God.
T. Who gave life to all things ?-C. God.

T. Give me Scripture texts to prove this.-C. John i. 3. Acts xpii. 28.

Thus the intelligent Teacher may lead his little ones to a knowledge of the works of nature, and, through them, to a knowledge of nature's God.

[Tune.-Smyrna. God first created heav'n and earth,

With light to cheer the way;
To day and night he then gave birth,

Which ended the first day.
The firmament God next creates,

Now deck'd in grand array;
The waters, too, he separates,

Then clos'd the second day.
He drain’d the earth, form'd rich display

Of herbs, and plants, and trees,
And clos'd his work on this third day,

By forming lakes and seas.
The fourth day saw the glorious sun

Commence his bright career ;
The moon, stars, planets, then begun

The midnight gloom to cheer.
The little birds, with lively song,

This fifth day quickly sweep
The air, in journies short or long;
Fish swim the mighty deep.

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