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The mode of using these Prophecies in our Infants' Schools is,-first, by the Children themselves; secondly, by the Teacher.

It is to be understood, that the Children have partially acquired a knowledge of them by oral instruction.

i. A child, placed in the rostrum, calls aloud the name of some one of his schoolfellows, who rises; he is then desired to repeat some particular prophecy, which having done, he sits down; when the name of another child is called, &c. Sometimes, for a change, the children, in turn, may put the questions to the one in the rostrum.

2. The Teacher's method is to make one or more of them a gallery lesson, or otherwise. We select the following for

Example. T. Repeat David's prophecy of Christ's resurrection ?C.. “ Thou shalt not leave my soul in hell, nor suffer thy Holy One to see corruption."... Psalm xvi. 11.

T. What am I to understand by—“ Thou shalt not leave my soul in hell ?”—C. That Christ should not be left in the grave.

T. What is meant by “ seeing corruption ?"--C. For the body to rot in the grave, and turn to dust.

T. How did not Christ's body see corruption ?-C. Because it was raised from the dead.

T. How long did his body remain in the grave ?--C. Three days and three nights.

T. Will our bodies always remain in the grave !--C. No; Christ will raise them up at the last day,

T. Did any one see Jesus after his resurrection ?C. Yes; several

T. Who were they?

C. 1. Mary Magdalene, who thought he was the gardener ................ John xx. 15.

2. The women, when he said, “ All hail.” Mark xxviii. 9.

3. Two disciples, as they were going to the village Emmaus .............. Luke xxiv. 31. 4. Simon Peter

...... Luke xxiv. 34. 5. The disciples, when Thomas was absent. Luke xxiv. 36. 6. The disciples,when Thomas was present John xx. 26. 7. The disciples, when they were fishing. John xxi. 4.

8. The disciples, on a mountain in Galilee

....................... Matt. xxviii. 16.

9. James, one of the disciples ..........1 Cor. xv. 7.

10. The disciples, when he ascended up to heaven ............................Like xxiv. 51.

T. When did these several appearances take place ?C. The first five were on Sunday, the day of his resurrection; the sixth was on Sunday, the eighth day after his reresurrection; and the tenth was on the fortieth day after his resurrection.

T. How long was Jesus upon earth after his resurrection ? -C. Forty days.

T. Did he speak to any one whilst he was on the earth ?---C. Yes; to his disciples, with whom he ate and drank.

Acts x. 41.
Sing, Mary's Tears.
At dawning of day, came Mary away,

To see the sepulchre, and mourn ;
But what was her fear an angel to hear,

Say, Mary,- the Master is gone.
Surpriz'd at the sound, in silence profound,

Whilst trembling she stood at the stone;
But none could she find, to comfort her mind;

Poor Mary!- the Master is gone.
Love flow'd from her eyes, love heav'd in her sighs;

How pensive she utter'd her moan;
The stone is remov'd, lost is all that she lov’d;

Ah, Mary!- the Master is gone.
" In vain was my care, these perfumes to prepare,

" Or attempt to embalm him alone; “ Taken hence from my view, what, alas, shall I do!

“ Ah, Mary!--the Master is gone." " Hallelujahs arise-assist me, ye skies, –

" I no longer for happiness roam ; " Hence sorrow-hence care, for I now can declare

“ Rabboni—the Master is come.”

This, it is presumed, will be found sufficient, so as to enable an inexperienced Teacher to take up any other prophecy, which he will find both delightful and profitable to his own soul.


[Tune-Portugal New. A is for Angel, that praises the Lord. B is for Bible, God's most holy word. C is for Church, where the righteous resort. D is for Devil, who wishes our hurt. E is for Eve, who was mother of all. F is for Felix, who trembled at Paul. G's for Goliah, whom David brought low. H is for Heav'n, where the faithful will go. I is for Isaac, the darling it seems. J is for Joseph, who told Pharaoh's dreams. K is for Korah, the rebel struck dead. L is for Lot, who from Sodom was led. M is for Moses, a great man of God.

is for Noah, preserv'd from the flood. O is for Og, a great Giant destroyed.

is for Peter, who Jesus denied. Q is for Quails, a sad curse in disguise.

is for Rahab, who hid the two spies.

is for Saviour, and Jesus is such.
T is for Thomas, who doubted too much.
U is for Uzzah, who died for his sin.
V is for Vashti, the hard-fated Queen.
W's for Whale, to Jonal a dread.
X is a cross, upon which Jesus bled..
Y is for yoke, 'tis the badge of a slave.
z is for Zaccheus, whom Jesus did save.

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[Tune-Portugal New. stands for Adam, of mankind the first. . stands for Balak, who would Israel curse. stands for Canaan, the Jews promis'd rést, stands for David, whom God often bless'd. stands for Esau, his birth-right he sold.. i stands for Famine, once mighty we're told... stands for Gallio, who car'd not for God. stands for Herod, who shed infant's blood. stands for Israel, good Jacob's new name.. . stands for Joseph, his son of great fame. ....


K stands for Korah, of Moses' line.
L stands for Laban, whom Jacob did find.

stands for Moses, he Israel did guide.
N stands for Nebo, the mount where he died.

stands for Olives, where Christ was oft found.
stands for Pharaoh, who in th' Red Sea was drown'd.

stands for Quails, on which Israel were fed.
R stands for Rachel, who mourn’d for her dead.
S stands for Samuel, a prophet from youth.
T stands for Thomas, who doubted the truth.
U's for Uriah, who in battle did fall.
V stands for Viper, that fasten'd on Paul.
W's for Wisdom, bestowed on a King.
X stands for Christ, whose praises we'll sing.
Y stands for Youngest, the prodigal son.
Z stands for Zimri, and now we have done.

A is for Athens, a place where Paul went.
B is for Bethlehem, where the Wise Men were sent.
C is for Carmel, a mountain we're told.
D is for Dothan, where Joseph was sold.
E is for Eden where Adam did sin.
F's for Fair Haven, where ships can go in.
G is for Goshen, a rich and good land.
H is for Horeb, where Moses did stand.
I is for Italy, where Rome stood so fair.
J is for Joppa, and Peter lodg'd there.
K is for Kadesh, where Miriam died.
L is for Lebanon, can't be denied.
M is for Moab, where Balaam was led.
N is for Nod, where wicked Cain fed.

is for Olives, where Christ oft did go.
P is for Patmos, where John was, I know.
Q is for Quicksands, where ships oft are drawn.

is for Ramah, where Samuel was born.
S is for Sychar, and there was a well.
T is for Tarsus, where Saul once did dwell.
U is for Ur, from whence Abram came.
V is for valley, and such I could name.
W's for wilderness, where many did sin.
X not a place named in Scripture begins
Y is for Yesterday, our God still the same.
Z is for Zion, a mount of great fame.

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The manner of using these Alphabets is, for a child to stand in the rostrum, having 26 squares of wood, on which are painted the letters of the alphabet, great and small. The child then holding up the square, on which the letters A. a. are drawn, calls aloud-"A stands for Angel, that praises the Lord;" which the children, looking at the letters, repeat after him. He then holds up. B. b., and so on throughout the whole 26 squares. Thus the children become familiarized with the letters, and at the same time their little minds are stored with Scripture truths; which, under the teaching of the Holy Spirit, may lead them “ to a knowledge of Him, whom to know is life eternal."


A.- Almighty Friend. And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to usward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power ...... Eph. i. 19.

· B.-Bountiful Friend. But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus .... ......................... Phil. iy. 19.

C.-Careful Friend. Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you........................ 1 Peter v. 7.

D.-Divine Friend.
I and my Father are one ............ John x. 30.

E.- Encouraging. Friend. But he said unto them, It is I; be not afraid ..............................' John vi. 20.

F.-Faithful Friend. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; for He is faithful that promised ................. ....... Heb. x. 23.

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