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inhabitants qualified by law to vote when law.

Editorial Department

Department. Fully noembled at a special meeting, shall have THE


power to transact the same business, as at the

first and each annual meeting, except to choose HE following is the law in relation to Dis- district officers and to vote a tax.

trict Meetings, and should be carefully Sec. 13. Whenever the time for holding an road by every voter in the State:

annual meeting in any district for the election

of district officers shall pass without such elecMEETINGS.

tion being held, the clerk, or in case of his abSEC. 9. The annual meeting of each school sence, either the director or treasurer last elecdistrict shall be held on the last Monday of teil, within twenty days after the time of hold. September, in cach year; the hour of such ing such meeting shall have passed, may notiineeting shall be six o'clock in the afternoon, fy a special meeting for such election in the unless otherwise provided by a vote of the manner prescribed in the twelfth and twentydistrict, duly recorded, at the last previous an- ninth sections of this chapter ; but if such nual meeting.

meeting shall not be notified within twenty SEC. 10. No annual meeting shall be deem- days as aforesaid, the town superintendent inay ed illegal for want of due notice, unless it shall order any taxable inhabitant of such district appear that the omission to give such notice to notify such meeting in the manner provided was willful and fraudulent.

in this chapter for tho formation of a new disSec. 11. The inhabitants qualified by law trict; and the officers chosen at such special to voto at a school district meeting, when as- meeting shall hold their offices untill the time sembled at the first and each annual meeting for holding the next annual meeting. in their district, shall have power

Sec. 14. No tax to be voted by a district 1st. To appoint a chairman for the time be- meeting for building, hiring or purchasing a ing.

school house, shall exceed the sum of three 2nd. To adjourn from time to time, as occa- hundred dollars, unless the town superintension may require.

dent of the town in which the school house is 3rd. To choose a director, treasurer and to be situated, shall certify in writing his opinclerk.

ion that a larger sum ought to be raised, and 4th. To designate a site for a district school shall specify the sum, in which case a sum not house.

exceeding the sum so specified may be raised; 5th. To vote such tax on the taxable prop- and in districts composed of parts of several erty of the district, as the meeting shall deem towns, the certificate of a major part of the sufficient to rchase or lease a suitable site superintendents of said towns shall be neces. for a school house, and to build, hire, or pur-sary for such purpose. chase such school house, and to keep in repair Sec. 15. The qualified voters, at each annual and furnish the same with the necessary fuel meeting, may determine the length of time a and appendages.

school shall be taught in their district the then 6th. To vote a tax on the taxable property ensuing year, which shall not be less than three of the district, of such sum as the meeting months, and whether such school shall be shall deem proper, for the pay of teachers' taught by a male or female teacher, or both, wages in the district.

and whether the school moneys, to which the 7th. To authorize and direct the sale of any district is entitled from the common school school house, site or property belonging to the fund and from the town, shall be applied to district, when the same shall no longer be need the support of the summer or winter term of ful for the use of the district.

the school, or a certain portion to each; but if Sth. To impose such tax as may be necessa- such matters shall not be determined at the ry to discharge any debts or liabilities of the annual meeting, the district board shall have district lawfully incurred.

power, aud it shall be their duty, to determine 9th. To vote a tax not exceeding twenty dol- the same. lars in any one year, for tho purchaso of globes, We hope every person who reads the above black-boards, outline mups, or any apparatus will seriously reflect upon the influence he may for illustrating the principles of agriculture, chemistry, or the mechanic arts.

exert in favor of education, at the District 101h. To give such direction and make such meeting. If you are rich, go and advocate provision as may be deemed necessary in rela- such a tax as will ensure a good school in your tion to the prosecution or defenco of any suit or proceeding in which the district may be a District during the year. It will enhance the party or interested.

value of property far around it; the healthful 11th. To alter, repeal and modify their pro- streams of influence flowing from it, will make ceedings, as occasion may require.

Sec. 12. Special district meetings may be the neighborhood a desirable place of settlecalled by the clerk, or in his absence by the di- ment. Indeed, a good school paye. If you rector or treasurer, on the written request of aro poor, don't vote against a school tax. As any five legal voters of the district, and the

well object to having the sunlight and the air,


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because they “aro freo." Education is the ishing, and is realizing the hopes of its foundbirthright of all-see that all have it.

The Board of Trustees comprises the folLet all remember, that a poor school is allowing names, well known as those of latrays a dear school. It will not do to compare borers and eminent pioneers in the advancethe present with the past. Do not expect to ment of education in Ohio: employ a teacher "for ten dollars a month, and Cyrus M'Neely, Hopelale; Asa D. Lord, board around.” That day has passed. The Columbus: John Ilancoek, Cincinnati ; Hlon. mechanic who formerly received but one dol- Gambier ; lion. Ephraim Clark, Carliz; treo.

John A. Bingham, Cadiz; Lorin Andrews, lar per day, now receives two. Salaries have K. Jenkins, lit. Pleasant; M. F. Cowdery, increased also. You must pay for a good Sandusky City : Ezra Cattell, Harrisville ; school, and you can't obtain it for less than the

James Taggart, Hopedale; T. W. Harvey,

Massillon, market price. Most cheap things are spuri- Officers of the Board.-John Ogden, Presious articles.

dent; Asa D. Lord, Secretary; Geo. K. JenDo not go to the school meeting to find fault king, Treasurer. with the old officers. If a change is desirable, Imal School, and lecturer in theory and prac

Instructors,—John Ogden, Principal of Normake it; but if they have done well, by all tice of teaching; Edwin Regal, Principal of means retain them. They receive nothing for Academic Department, and Teacher of Music; their services; and if they are good oficers, Betsey M. Cowles, Principal of Model School,

and teacher in the Normal School ; Edwin S. and are willing to serve during another year, DeLany, teacher in the sccundary department; re-elect then. Such a mark of confidence from Beattie B. DeLany, teacher in the primary dleyou will encourage then. Do not attend the partinent. ·

The Catalogue contains the names of so Distriet meeting to - lay ripe" to secure the contemri, and 31 lake; rakinn 15 reappointment of some relative or friend as a gate of 114 students in the Normal de parterout. teacher. It is always unfortunate for a tench- We take much pleasure in copying the foler to live relatives ir elaswiniences in the liowing further items of airmain regius

this promisingi- tion: I wojnt emplying lin. If io is crewiely 11138470---The try the Irish will! e. itite about enging to tell shoolBrera hlutir tomorroi tko of whiru a relative is a sicer. Besides, the

friends of calcation in the State.

The randorther cont of such Echai is a sacrel ting--me l the band an intaining loogise Latirties 1.0 ili Tu!! top it t9.00 bree.

ankaralım!! lii'ir ji I.. dit--attend die D: rida metir, bg al.01.0, with a plation in Malega cottu izlaseguracikta un in ene site in the PMP !!

chinifold, witcitarimuie inti1. to do the 2.1.2. Nutr. 20 rit of dii. 167 hersitie it and inte 93 pari:!!. wer to ener: pour oil upon thi!"

11.zies free and transmisinin

utan op. p.)!1:. trouble-l wrters; forget ail of the parti, esten!

Get af himnity, and to rent three the coul; voto a liberal tax; see that the pireeriving want, sprang into existence tie schooi roure is in good order. If the forse De Verrel School 0. Ulit. an out-t is necil repairing, instruct the

It is lit the reliit of the formalire! Bond to have it done in

lorierri.e catro iriivivuol pinse in it fiaitly. See this

I'1001., mi the libera y aire 7egint thon": tho Lelis ventilated and inalthy, Taiks 1,10 Trachers' acci, 2," un ir the conditions of a goulsekoul. If you let napon behuil Citijol, and wwiisit a thought you wish to rent, 41 buy it in afiscutii its fraico, vl. resuan, ::) !.!tel. o. the nectit t'i, bis co-ed !, Tiitetit mi beachain i, inil it d'y regui 21 si Asle Oil pult it is('startthe Bard.

Tina's IP cu cinevathy, goud joo!" it's much vi, 81" alia it in meno (!!) ty, 23 se ud ol'. Lit t'i

Tite seonli tuun. of 12 vec porroneel winning in Los sitivus, tiesuvei und bricaciul. Aprilsilt

, wieu neusiy the saine sumber, thougha

of a more advanceil grade of pupils, nearly all NORMAL SCHOOL OF OUI10.

being teachers, and closed June 27th. Thus

far the institution seems to have met with renWe notice that this School, under the cón-eral favor ; and, under the ble-sing of Divine

Providence, it bids fair to meet the expectatrol of the Ohio Teachers' Association, is flour-tions of its friends,

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Orijuniztioi.- The institution at present wecke. The first term of ten weeks, will open emlos two general livisions. viz., the “Sor-I with a grund Normal Institute of two weeks, mol Serol," and the - Vatel school.” The on the oth oi dugust next, and will close on fir iis disileil into the Normal or Projessional, the old of Ocimber. w the academie deprtinent: the second, in- The second tern will commence November to the secondary ani primary departments. 11th, and continue eighteen wecks, with an in

Vorur! 1).jpertinent.-- Tuis is designed er-terval of one week during the holidays; and poreaning for teachers. The exercises consist, will close March 12th, 1557. first, of thorough, practical, avıl rearching re- The third term, of tweise weeks, will coraviews of the branches usually taught in commenco April 6th, and will close June 25th, wo schools, high schools and aculemics; se- 1857. coni, of daily lectures on the • Theory and Literary Society.The Lorin Andrew SociePrarico" of tenebing, in which the laws of ty, founded at the commencement of the end nontol grovth and developiaent, and the best newwion of the school, is a cre lit to the instituie 1002! Acent and school government, will tive, and affortls a good opportunity to yours be made special topics of investigation and men and women to improve then-elves in consiuly: antihiri, un experiments and practice position. declaration and debating. in the lel 'shoh," in which each pupil of Building and Location. The Normal School the givanee class in the Normal department building is a larre two-storied fruime building,

will be exactiesperdtrom three-fourths to erecteel in the form of an Eryptian cres, lei olin our properdany, for the purpose of te ting the cated in one of the most beautiful, picturesque,

varias taules, and of acquiring that actuall and healthy rural districts in Oliv. It will expricure and kill, without which tie best accommodate :one 500 pupils. The village on Ikonios my be usilo.4. Texi-books on "The Hopelile, in which it is lceated, is ? tv 1 of try 2nd Practice" will also be rindied by this some 150 or 200 inhabitants, of the most quiet class

and orderiy character. It is situated 23 miles Arlewir. Dapartment. This department in- from the Stensenville and Indiana Railroad, cludes these who are not whiciently advanced 18 iniles from Steubenville, 21 from Wb eling, to enter upon the profesioaal course, and those –with which it is connected by a plank roule who may wish to pursue an academic course |---148 from Cadiz; hence vas y of access frvin only. The course in this department will in most parts of the State. chude the studies usually pursued in our high Pomphrey Pall.--Ancat aud commodious wchools and academies; but special reference boarding bali has been ereeted, within a short will be had to proficiency and thoroughness in distance of the Normal School building. at an the common branches.

expense of some $5000, with a design, on the The Model School. This is the Village part of its generous proprietor, Mrs. Eliza School, placed, hy a vote of the district

, unler 145 of Caliz, to furnish board to young lathe control of the Normal School. It includes dies at the very lowest possible rates. It will two departments, the primary and secondary, accommodate some 30 or -10 pupils. corresponding very nearly to these grades in Union Schoolz."

TEACHERS' INSTITUTES. Thu instruction in these departments is of an experimental character, and thorough ; the more so from the firct of its being experimon- All acquainted with the history of educatal. It is conducted in part by the Normal tional progress for the last twenty years, know pupils, under the cyo of one of the Principals, how much is due to Teachers’ Institutes. We for the express purpose of illustrating and texting the various modes of teaching.

would urge friends of education to exert themGraduation.-Diplomas will be awarded to selves to have them held in all parts of the those who complete the course, or its equiva. State. The teachers onght to assemble, study lent, and who are known to have acquired skill in teaching. Certificates of proficiency will be the best methods of teaching, discuss educagranted to those who attend an entire term ortional topics and feel that interest, that enthumore, and who give good evidence of ability siasm, so essential to a proper performance of to govern and teach.

Litrary and Apparatus.--The institution duty. School Boards will do well to encourage has a libriery of 1600 volumes. chiefly miscel-teachers to attend the Institute by every praclaneous and professional works, and large ad-ticable means. We subjoin & programme of a ditions are being mide from time to time. A very good chemical and philosophical ar

Teachers' Institute, which may be altered as paratue belongs to the institution, and it is ex- circumstances may require. pccted that this will be increased, as our ne- We would remark however, that it will be cessities may require. Terms and Päcations. The school year con

well to appoint a Chairman, a Secretary and a sists of 40 weeks, divided into three sessions, Finance Committeo, provious to adopting a one of ten, one of eighteen, and one of twelve programine. We could also suggest that the

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arrangement of the programme be left to the The Convention was a good Oculist. ('onductor, who should be an experienced skimmed a scale off the eye with surprising teacher. The following programino conten-facility. It snapped out a beam or a wote : plates a session of five days.

if it were boys' play. Certain cres, affecte Monday, P. 11.-1t? o'clock, Devotional with a squinting towards conceitedness, los Exercises; from 2: 12 9 3, Familiar Address much of their obliquity. Certain cyes too this from the Conductor; from :: 10 to 4, Arithmetic: from 4: 10 to 5, Elocutionary Drill.

couldn't, without (liscoloring goggles, scels Tuesday, 1. M.-.At 9 o'clock, Roll. Devo- any body else's lights, renewed their strensth. tional Exercises : from 9: 12 to 10, Elocution- The Convention did good grind-stone work ary Drill; from 10: 10 to 11: Arithmetic: from !!: 10 to 12. Geography. 1. V.-At 2 It pointed Effort. It whetted sunbition. I o'clock, Roll, Singing; from 2: 12 to 3, Gram- gave the good bladle of Forensic ability & hai mar: from ::: 10 to 1, Arithmetic; from 4: 10 splitting nicety. It gave an edge and brill: to j. Reading.

aney to Purpose and generous Impulse. Th Werluesday, A. J.--- At 9 o'clock, Roll. DJvotional Exercises: from 9: 12 to 10, Locu-'weapons of school government, kinducus, taste tionary Drill; from 10: 10 to 11, Arithantie: indurtry, energy, ingenuity were taken dow from U: 10 to 12. (cography. P. M.-12 examinel, puliherl, tempere 1. o'clock, Ruil, Singing: from 2: 12 10 3, Grana

Teachers of Wisconsin, say to your State 15 mar: from 3: 10 to 1, Arithunetie; from 4; 10 to j, Rerling

sociation : Live forever! In it is a fountain Thury, A. JI.- At 9 o'clock, Roll. Devo- Unction and Power free to all. Attend it.tional Exercises: from 9: 12 to 10), Elocution- Better is it for Courage and l'inn than to fee ary Drill: from 10: 10 to 11, Grammar; from 11: 10 to 12, Geography. P. M.-- At 2 o'clock, on gna-powder. Let it be your Meeta. LE Roll, Singing: from 2: 12 to , Spelling; it be your Thanksgiving day, wherein the 801 from 3: 10 to 4, Grammar; from t: 10 to 3, may delight itself in fatness. Reading.

What a Yalensian said to their Allum Friday, A. M.--At 9 o'clock, Roll, Devo. tional Exercises ; from 9: 12 to 10, Elocu- meeting may be said more abundantly of ou tionary Drill: from 10: 10 to 11, Grammar: annual gathering: who goes there gets grease froin i1: 10 to 12, Geography. P. M.-At2 and will run smoother for a year. o'clock, Roll, Singing; from 2 : 12 to 3, Writing: from 3: 10 to 4, Arithmetic; from 1: 10 to 5, Reading:

KINDNESS IN THE SCHOOL ROOM. Saturday, i. V.--1t 9 o'clock, Roll, Derotional Exercises ; from 9: 12 to 10, Graminar: from 10: 10 to 11, History: from 11: 10 to 12, To hope in the Rod is savage. To exchange Miscellaneous Exercises.

the Rod for Ridiculo is to take king Stork fo A Lecture each evening, from 1 o'clock to 8; and from 8 to 9, Discussions.

king Log. To reserve the Rod only to be use

as an act of genuine philanthropy is wiseTHE STATE ASSOCIATION. that makes the Rod like Aaron's, to blossom.

Kindness is seldom a matter of unmitigate Sone left empty-handed. Good was done. sweetness. Genuino kindness is genuine ph Fires were kindled. He who came care-worn lanthropy, and genuine philanthropy, like gei and dispirited, returned brave, and kind and uino therapeutics, must, occasionally, try actu hopeful. He had caught a glimpse of the cautery. There is a Pill kindness and a Plu broadness, and the deepness, and the un- Pudding kindness, neither is just the thing fai homable richness of this begrimed and in- fill a school room with bee-hive pleasantneysjured thing, Humanity.

both have much was, little bec-bread and lo The Convention had excellent tough Build- honey. ing Brawn. Friends of Education if you en- There is a kindness in genuine deeds and counter opposition in the erection of Common kindness in glowing words--one is the kine Sehool temples, invite the Convention to hold nees of love, the other the kindness of el an annual meeting at your place, if it dont quence, the latter often abuses, the former strengthen the foeble knees of taxation, if it often abused. dont revolutionize public sentiment-crawl into My subject is on the wing, it skips from sce the iron cage of Despair.

to soene. Sympathy kiadness I take to

D. J. H.

D. J. II.

different from Pill kindness or Plum Puddling Teachers of the Public Schools are invited to kindness; different from Love kindness or Elo- l be present. quence kindness-it never wastes its fragrance

VILTON ACADEMY.—This Academy, under on the desert air. Somebody about something

the charge of A. ('. Sricer, A. M., is occupsis always by to szufi'it greclily and cheerily. ing an important position in our State. The But, look out, the hindness of .ympathy has a Bard of lustruction consists of A. C. SPILER, bail neighbor Puling Surtimentality.

Principal and Professor of Jathematics and
Natural Sciences; Res, M. MONTAGI'E. Pro-

fessor of Languages; Mrs. S. M. SPICER, Pre77* We have received Corsel'S ILIGH

ceptress and Teacher of Modern Languages; SCHOOL GEOGRAPIY; DAVIES' UNIVERSITY

Mrs. R. II. Whitror.D, Teacher of Painting; ARITHMETIC"; Sanders' High SCHOOL READER: and Loomis' GEOLOGY, which we hope to noticd Viiss S. E. Sury, 'Teacher of Music; Miss E.

E. Curtiss, Assistant. particularly in a future number.

The number in attendance, during the year,

vaz 212. With a healthy location, an able ITEMS.

corpå of Teachers, moderate expenses, and

good regulations, we feel confident that this The Evergreen City Times contain" an Institution must be prosperous as well as usear count of a pleasant School Pievie, at Gillis- ful. vle, li' S. IcC'OLLON, 'Tuacher. The exer

WE Crortar, that a Fem'le Serci. Cie: W" (02.7.), il 11:18 lunghieri

only will lu olla neel at M: dison, unler th: arul pic-niciraj. Al 21 diten in '

charge of Mr.J. C. PICKARD, forn.crly of Jacktendance, and the occasion seems to have been

sonville, Ill. i. Sorrofte'. Rev. P. Webh, of "Hik, a :::... Repone in an apr

13. D. J. ILMS has resign I the 1. Dulie ale mucie s Primo of the Du Version, in Given

this city. Mr. Dulmos Lus shown rare ability

2. Otani, au vill con anii success. TI: Tis 177 storier fets speaks apzat wilies of sail teachers ai socated with 1: in riqoft Pullin what if Whitewater,

him will acesteiry bila c. 1VICK soi, Prinki:1. Tre school sowi? on the 10 bin Win Dronte Civile

DR. ILO"..; lichanan cinted rii123tistin visz-it val, cartiin, jij al of the l'nion schenk of Beloit. social Climui wie inál The Girl We merked! Liat tiul P- Misiles that “the showed threzgheut tiro is in circulation, and that it willie re1: bed! undir a coure of sind training and died to the next legesture: cilit tuition."

"To the Honoralle Scrate and Assembly of the

Stalitenit in:
Tm Executive cmitee of the arl, “The under julei, citizens an: legal roter:

of the town Litle of Trois have ofered a pre- Wirar los ralli: Hody tipasa law

in ile county wil 1 tbt 12 del fi llig! Szers luy shili to purchase of die Univery

T::w reporul : 220p firwari - II Lipiebola vie priving the same li. Po wrotr A:CRISle louters and demon di University

Stot, pening tien, kommides on the S: ** 111**?? ?tinsit?

1,1) inel at torinohja:

of 53,!,!" in nesli(!tim havine 10 I. DA LER! IT, lisa constate if attament, ijcy may bre CRURI: Lochemi watano, in comunities is that nullus douan Tas itular thilanof Druszter, his native tonn, fir the purpose

lation of the youth of Wisconii.

“ Anil aj in luty bound, your petitioners will o purelusing a library for the lIigh School.

ever pray." 7 Ricuand S. Willis is to deliver a 3+ Mr. Peet, lately of Amherst College, course of lectures on Husic before the Doari has been appointed Principal of the Union of Education of the city of New York. The School, in Oshkosh.


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