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D. Y. Kilgore offered the following reTVisconsin Journal of Education, solution : In Account with Editorial Committee, Rrsoireil, That John G. Melynn is Dr.

entitled to our hearty thanks, for the To amount paid Ilulett &

faithfulness and skill with which he has Harrison on account, $781 19

discharged his duties as the first Resident Ain't paid C. S. Boynton

Editor of the Wisconsin Journal of Edon account,

52 40

nication. Expenses sundries and mailing,

29 39

The resolution was passed by a unaniAmount due llulett & llarrison in full,

309 78

mous vote. Am't due C. S. Boynton

The following resolution was then dis26 20

cussed: Ain't duellowland & Adans in full,

4 57

Resolrel, That no person habitually Amount due Sandford &

using intoxicating drinks, profane lanTapley, in full,

8 00

guage, or tobacco, ought to be licensed $1211 53

to teach in our public schools. Cr.

Remarks were made by Messrs. Kinney, By amount received on suhscription,

$147 50

Xolan, Atherton, Fisk, Craig, Bingham, Ain't rec'il from Sinte, 425 00

MCMynn, Spicer and Kilgore-after which “ for advertising, 14 00 due

510 00 the resolution was indefinitely postponed. from State, 425 00

A. C. Spicer, Chairman of the cominiton subscription, 42 25 from Howland

tee on resolutions, reported the following: & Adams.

24 58

Resolved, That the Educational inter$1888 33

ests of this State require a more cordial Excess of asscts over liabilities, $076 80

and active co-operation of teachers of all D. Y. Kilgore, from the committee ap- classes, in advancing the cause of public pointed to examine the books of the Res- education. ident Editor, reported as follows:

Remarks were made by J. G. Me Wynn REPORT.

and A. L. Chapin, President of Deloit The committee appointed to audit the College; after which the resolution was accounts of J. G. MeMynn, Treasurer of the Editorial Committee, and Resident made the special order of the day for Editor of the Wisconsin Journal of El- Thursday morning, at 10 o'clock. ucation, hereby certify, that we have ex- Adjourned to 74 o'clock. amined the books, accounts, and vouchers in his possession, and have found

7) O'CLOCK P. M. them correct. D. Y. KILGORE,)

A large audience was favored with an A. C. SPICER, Com.

address by Prof. J. Emmerson, of Beloit A. C. Barry,

College. Subject, "History-its office in A. J. Craig, Chairman of the Edito- the work of Education.” rial Committee, made a verbal report in

The following persons were elected regard to the success of the Educational Honorary Members: Journal—appropriating two hundred and

J. M. Bingham, Palmyra, fifty dollars to J. G. MeMynn, for services

C. B. Skinner, Watertown, as Local Editor,

H. W. Collins, Janesville,
The report was amended, on motion of Dr. H. Vandeusen, Mineral Point,
D. Y. Kilgore, so as to include traveling

Geo. W. Bliss, Mineral Point,

Rev. W. C. Whitford, Milton, expenses-increasing the amount to three

F. F. Mayhem, Empire, Fon du Lac, Co. hundred dollars—when it was unanimous- llenry, Freeman, Freeport, Ill, ly adopted.

J. C. Pickard, Jacksonville, Ill,

upon the

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D. W. Pickard, Groveville, Mass, C. E. Ilovey, President of the Illinois

Prof. A. Kellogs, State Normal School, Teachers' Association, gave an account V. Y.

of the state of Education in his State. Adjourned till 9 o'clock, to-morrow D. Y. Kilgore, of Dane county ; Mr. morning.

Bartlett, of Dodge; W. Van Ness, of THURSDAY, 9 o'clock A. M.

Fond du Lac; J. L. Pickard, of Grant; The meeting was opened with prayer

R. C. Parsons, of Iowa; A. J. Craig, of by Rev. Mr. Foote, of Janesville. Jefferson ; L. Stone of Kenosha ; F. C.

J. G. MeMynn, Chairman of Execu- Pomeroy, of Milwaukee; J. G. McMlynn, tive Committee, reported the order of of Racine; and A. A. Griffith, of Waukebusiness for the day.

sha; gare account of the condition of M. P. Kinney, F. W. Fiske, F. C. Public Schools in their respective counPomeroy, J. G. McKindley, and W. C. ties. Dustin, were appointed a committee to Adjourned to 7} o'clock. nominate Editors for the Journal, for the

TICRSDAY EVENING. ensuing year.

The following resolution was discussed: An Essay was read by W. Van Ness, Resolreil, That the Educational interDisconnection of the State ests of this State require the immediate

establishment of a training school for Superintendency with Politics.

teachers. The resolution which was made the

The resolution was discussed by Presispecial order of the day, was taken up dent Chapin, A. M. Kellogg, of Albany, and discussed by President Chapin, Profs.

Professor in the Normal School of the Bean and Fisk, J. G. Mellynn, A. A.

State of New York, Prof. Emmerson, A. Griffith, C. E. Hovey, and A. J. Craig; C. Spicer, J. G. MeMynn, M. P. Kinney, after which it was adopted.

and others; after which the resolution The members of the Association were

was referred to a committee consisting of then invited by President Chapin to visit

Messrs. McMsynn, Pickard, Pickett, KinBeloit College, at such time as they might

ney and Collins. decide upon.

Adjourned to 8 o'clock A. M., to-morVoteů to accept the invitation, and 4} o'clock P. m. fixed upon as the time.

FNDAY MORNING. W. Van Ness, A. A. Griffith, A. Wil.

Session was opened with prayer by son, A, Pickett, and H. W. Collins, were appointed a committee to nominate offi- Rev. J. Nolan, of Beloit. cers for the ensuing year.

W. Van Ness, from the committee on

time and place of next meeting, reported, Mr. Kinney, from the committee on

That the next meeting be held in Wauresolutions, reported as follows; Resolred, That the cause of Education

kesha, on the second Wednesday in Audemands that more earnest attention be gust, 1857. Adopted. given to the crection and improvement W. Nan Vess, from the committee on of school buildings—both as regards con- nominations, reported, and the following venience and health of pupils, and also officers were elected for the ensuing year: the elevation of public taste.

The resolution was discussed by M. P. A. C. SPICER, Milton, President. Kinney, H. W. Collins, A. A. Griffith, M. P. KINNEY, Racine, Wm. Backus, Esq., of Chicago, and D. F. W. Fisk, Beloit, V. Presiilents. Y. Kilgore. Adopted.

D. Y. Kilgore, Madison





A. A. Grfuru, Waukesha, Secretary. Mr. Kinney introduced the following

J. (. Mcllrxx, Racine, Treasurer. resolutions : J. L. PICKAH), Platterille, )

Risoliei, That we herehy extend to F. C. POMERO, Milwaukee,

Proi. J. Emmerson, of Beioit College, 1. C. BARRY, Sylvania, { Counselors. our thanks for his able and instructive 1. PICKETT, Oshkoshi,

address, on the “ Study of History!," and H. 11. Collins, Janesville. )

are happy in his co-operation in the great M. P. Kinney, from the committee on pork of elueating the youth of our land. nomination of Pulitorial Committee, re

Tirsolru!, That we have istened with

much pleasure and profit to remarks from ported as follos:

Prof. Kellore, of the New York State J. G. Meyn, Racire;

Normal Siwul, in regard to its arrangeJ. G. MOKINDLEY, Kenosha; ments and operations; and cordially reA. (. BARRY, Sylvania;

ceive him as a welcome visitor to our J. L. PICKARD, Platteville;

J. EMERSON, Beloit;

Résolrod, That re earnestly urge Town
R. ('. Parsons, Mineral Point;

Superintendents, Teachers, and all others II. W. COLLINS, Janesville;

interested in the cause of Education in A. A. Grirritu, Waukesha ;

our State, to enlist in efforts to obtain A. PICKETT, Oshkosh.

subscribers to the Journal of Eilneation, Report adopted.

and thus essentially aid in promoting The committee on resolutions present- sound education. ed the following:

Rrsreul, That every teacher should Resoloed, That experience, observation regard himself as an E lucational Missionand reasoinclearly indicate that the high- arv, li hose duty is to labor to secure the est interest und well-being of the race e attendance of all the children of suitable mand that the sexes should be oclucated along within his district or circle of ctfort. torether in the same schools, and in the Resolrail, That we are grateful to the same classes,

Congrerational Church and Society of BeLail over until next meeting.

loit for the use of their Church editice, in

which the sessions of our Association Resolred, That some Legislative provi- have been held; and to the citizens gension should be made for the organization erally for their generous hospitality:of Union or (raded Schools in every We shall carry with us pleasing recollectown in the State.

tions of their kind attentions and social D. Y. Kilgore, from the committee ap- enjoyments experienced by us at their pointed last year to memorialize the Leg- homes; and will remember Beloit as one islature upon the subject included in the of the sunny spots in life's pilgrimage . above resolution, reported that the com

Resoireil, That as members of the State

Teachers' Association of Wisconsin, we mittee bad performed their duty; but the will make grateful record in behalf of the Legislature had not performed theirs.- Milwaukee & Blississippi, the Racine and Report accepted, and committee dis- Mississippi, and the Beloit and Madison charged.

Railroads, whose superintending officers

have kindly afforded us half-fare passes Mr. Spicer reported the following reso- over their roads, to and from our meetlution :

ing. Thereby we have assurance tliat Resolreil, That the members of this that they have in favorable reved the Asociation take immediate steps for the cuucational interests of our Stite--in Organization of Teachers' Institutes in ishich we rejoice. their respective counties.

Risolred, That the thanks this AsResolred, That the Editorial Commit- sociation are due to the Racine and Miss tre be, and is hereby empowered to fill sissippi Railroad Company, for granting all vacancies which may occur in said a free pass to the Resident Evior of the committee. Adopted.

Wixronxin Journal of Elucation.


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Rolruil, That we hereby tender our grateful acknowleigements to the oflicers of the Issociation, who have so ably presided over our deliberations, and our best wishes for their prosperity through Jifc.

Remarks were made by Messrs. Chapin, Kinney and Griffith.

Prayer wis offered by Prosilent Chapin; after which the association adjourned t) meet in Waukesha, on the second 15ednesday in August, A. D. 1837.

J. L. PICKARD, President. D, Y. KILGORE, Secretary.

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A. J. Craig, Palmyra.
N. M. Jones,
J. M. Bingham,
C. B, Skinner, Watertown.
Wm. C. Sanford,
W. P. Bartlett,

J. G. JcKindley, Kenosha.
V. Butler,
L. Stone,
Mrs. II. L. Stone,
Bliss M. S. Briggs,

F. C. Pomeroy, Milwaukee.
G. McWhorter,
John Drew,
Miss Mary C. Osgood,

Anna G. Mitchell,
Josephine Porter, “
Kate B. Kavanaugh, Milwaukee.

II. B. Coe,

I. N. Miller,
D. J. Holmes,
Rev. M. P. Kinney,
Mrs. E. W. Melynn,

E. S. M. IIelmes,
Miss A. J. Uplana,

A. Byrnc,
J. Sanford,
F. M. Giles,
A. J. Russell,
E. Searle,

H. E. Peck,
Mr. H. Russell,
J. G. MeMynn,

W. C. Dustin, Beloit.
B. C. Rogers,
J. W. Strong,
Pres't A. L. Chapin,
Prof. F. W. Fisk,

J. Emmerson,

Wm. Porter,
J. P. Fisk,
Rev. J. Nolan,
Mrs. Dustin,
Miss Elizabeth Brown,

A. White,
Marrietta Cleveland, Beloit.
N. D. Brown,

Mary Brown,
Mrs. R. C. Thompson,

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Teachers and friends present from

D. Y. Kilgore, Madison.
Miss Kate S. Wright, Madison.

" Eliza G. Randall,

" Harriet E. Thompson, Stoughton. James L. Cameron, Verona.

J. W. Atherton, Fox Lake.
Virs. J. W. Atherton,
Dliss Ruth Keyes,

T. Van Ness, Fond du Lac.
G. B. Ceoley, Ripon.
Viss L. M. Ward, Fond du Lac.
Mary Brown,

GRANT Cousty.
J. L. Pickard, Platteville,
Bliss F. S. Joslyn,
Almira A. Culver, Ilazel Green.

II. Van Densen,

Mineral Point.
Alexander Wilson,
R. C. Parsons,
Viss M. P. Bowden,

M. R. Caminings
L. J. Jeffrey,
L. J. Full,

D. Johnson, Decatur,
Miss E. A. Johnson,
Miss Laura Foster, Decatur.

Eliza Barker,
Maria Vance, Clarence.

Sarah Tenney,
J. B. Bachman), Monroc.
V. Sheer,

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CALUMET COUNTY. Miss Mary B. Newell, Chilton.

DELEGATES. C. E. IIover, President State Teachers'

Association, Peoria, Ill. Wm. R. Porers, Dixon, Ill. W.HI. Lapham, Chicago, Ill. M. Tabor, Aurora, lil. Chauncey Nye, Obio. J. B. Richardson, Tiliotate, Penn. J. C. Pickard, Jacksonville, 11. A. M. Kellogg, Professor in New York

State Normal School, Albany, N.Y. Rev. 1). W. Pickard, Groveland, Mass. A. W. Freeman, Freeport, Ill. John P. Hunt, Jr., West Aurora, Ill. Mrs. J. P. Hunt, Jr., “

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Miss V. T. Dresser, Beloit.

Elizabeth Tucker,
H. W. Collins, Janesville.
Rer. II. Foote,
0. V. Gordon,
V. V. B. Shattuck,
Miss V. W. Pierce,

M. J. Wingate,
4. V. Stone,
F. J. Duncan, Cooksville.
Suah Jones, Summerville.
C. E. Curtiss, Milton.

J. C. Bond,
Mrs. 11. 1. Patchin, Magnolia.
I. 1. Lapham, Janesville,
M. E. Lapham,
E. A. Morse,
Mírs. E. II. Conover,
Ada II. Pearson,
Anna Morse,
M. E. Tousley, Shopier.

Sark CornTY.
J. Lovewell, Baraboo.

E. D. Farnham, Delavan.
S. F. Sykes,
C. M. Parks, Genera.
E. L. Harris, Darien.
E. D, Hawes, East Troy.
A. L. Curtis, Whitewater.
J. V. Angear. Elkhorn.
Miss Sarah Goodrich, Troy.
Mrs. C. J. Enos,

A. A. Griffith, Waukesha.
S. A. Bean,
J. II. Magoffin,
Geo. 0. Austin, Pewaukee.
Geo. R. Perry, Genessee.
J. E. Harriman, Mukwanego.
Mrs. A. A. Griffith, Waukesha.
Miss Louis T. Jones,

Mary G. Sherman,"
Alice Perry, Pewaukee.

Edward J. Kelley Germantown.

James W. Harris, Leon.

A. Pickett,

Emerson Peet,
Martha Peet,
Miss L. 0. Cowdin,
D, P. Dean, Bashford.
Miss S. A. Steele, Rushford.

LEARNING is like a river whose head being far in the land, is, at first rising little, and easily viewed, but still, is you go, it gapeth into a wider bank; not without pleasure and delightful winding, while on both sides set with trees and the beauties of flowers. But still, the fur

ther you follow it, the deeper and broader it is, till at last it inwaves into the unfathomed ocean, there you see more water, but no shore—no end of that liquid fluid's vastness.

“There are few talents so very inconsiderable as to be uualterably excluded from all degrees of fame; and all should, in Life's visits, leave some token of their existence.”

Envy.--Envy ought, in strict truth, to have no place whatever allowed in the heart of man-for the goods of this present world are so vile and low, that they are beneath it; and those of the future

world are so vast and exalted, that they are above it.

PunctuALITY.-If you desire to enjoy life, avoid unpunctual people. They limpede business and poison pleasure.

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