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words,—or were not either beautifully or strikingly expressed. Having proceeded thus far, I next endeavoured to arrange this huge mass of materials under appropriate heads; and then to make the passages follow each other in such a manner as to please the ear, inform the judgment, and captivate the heart.

Having thus supplied the traveller Zionward with wise counsels for his earthly pilgrimage, I deemed it also proper to furnish him with passages fitted to assist in the right discharge of various Christian duties; and, although they are not intended to be used exclusively for prayer, yet all of them may be turned to that account if judiciously managed. I trust the reader will store his memory with these pure and tried words, and have thereby a better ground to hope for a gracious answer to his humble requests: for surely “the words which the Holy Ghost teacheth": will be more acceptable to Him “who searcheth the hearts and knows what is the mind of the Spirit,” than the words which “man's wisdom teacheth,” however “well ordered" these words

may be.

The Triumph of Faith exemplified in the Deathbed Experience of Eminent Christians, and the fearful end of those opposite characters, shows, as in a double mirror, the calm and lovely evening of the righteous, and the dark and dismal midnight of the wicked ; and are well fitted to be at once a guiding star and a warning beacon.

I will just add in conclusion, that this book is designed for Christians in general, especially those who have not much time to read, or money to purchase books, where the principles here contained are stated at greater length : as a suitable companion for the young, when setting out in this soul-ensnaring world, being well qualified to remove doubts concerning the truth of Christianity; and also to enable those who attend upon the sick or dying to speak a word in season, by providing them with materials of inestimable value to their fellow.sinners, when “ they lie upon the bed of languishing, or when walking through the valley of the shadow of death."

That the CHRISTIAN'S POCKET COMPANION may answer all these important ends, is the sincere de. sire of your affectionate friend, the Compiler,


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