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Let prayer be the key of the morning, and E the bolt of the evening.

Our daily devotions are the most needful of our daily work; therefore we must have daily prayer-time, as well as daily meal-time.

The gift of prayer may have praise from men, but it is the grace of prayer that hath power with God.

Jacob wrestled with God in prayer and prevailed; but it was not in his own strength, but in the strength of God, with whom he wrestled.

There is not a surer sign of our trifling in prayer, than when we are careless what we

get by it. 3

Some men forget to pray; others forget what they have prayed for; so little is their heart in the duty, that the labour of their lips tendeth only to penury.

One parting prayer, “Father, forgive them," one parting promise, “To-day shalt thou be with me in paradise,” was the winding up of our Saviour's ministry on earth.

OF REPENTANCE. Although true repentance is never too late, yet late repentance is seldom true.

Repentance begins in a humiliation of the heart, and ends in a reformation of the life.

Repentance includes a heart broken for sin, and a heart broken from sin.

If you put off repentance to another day, you will have a day more to repent of, and a day less to repent in.

Too late repentance is like sowing seed when the season is gone.

OF FAITH. Faith is the eye of the soul, and the Holy Spirit's influence is the light by which it sees.

Faith fetches in supplies from Christ, and love feeds upon them.

Faith cannot be separated from its fruits; for if God gives you St Paul's faith, you will soon have St James's works.

Faith and works are as necessary to our spiritual life as Christians, as soul and body are to our natural life as men.

They who set faith and works at variance little know how admirably they work to each other's hands.

In proportion as the grace of faith rises in the soul, the devil, the world, and the flesh must fall.

A firm faith is the best divinity; a good life the best philosophy; a clear conscience the best law; and honesty the best policy.

By faith we enjoy God, by love we enjoy our neighbours, and by patience we enjoy ourselves.

Faith in the promises of God will bring true comforts, solid comforts, abiding comforts, and eternal comforts.

The rest which is found in the way of true believing can only be maintained in the way of holy living


A saint should be like the sun: but not like Hezekiah's sun, which went backward; nor like Joshua's sun, that stood still; but he should be like David's sun, which is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race.

Some saints resemble the moon rather than the sun-less light and less heat, and subject to many changes.

True saints are children of the same Father, members of the same Son, and habitations of the same Spirit; fellow-citizens, fellow-servants, fellow-soldiers, fellow-travellers, and fellowheirs of that inheritance which is incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away.

One saint differs from another without the breach of charity; as true friends love one another, although in different garbs.

None are so easily acquainted, so closely knit together, and so much endeared to each other, as real Christians.

Christ's members are the happiest, his comforts are the sweetest, and his glory is the greatest that heart can conceive.


If good men are sad, it is not because they are good, but because they are not better.

A melancholy Christian looks too much into himself, and too little up to Christ; he pores upon the disease, until he forgets the Physician,

The man who lives under a habitual sense of the divine presence enjoys every moment the satisfaction of thinking himself in company with his best friend.

When we look to frames and feelings, the soul is often discouraged and dejected; but when we look to the promises of God, his unchangeable love keeps us safe and happy.

When our night is the darkest, our day is clearest; when our ebb is the lowest, our tide is the highest; for when afflictions abound, our consolations do much more abound.

There is not a greater proof of the Spirit's love than his not allowing us to be happy in a course of sin.

The happiness of a foolish man is built upon the sand; the blowing of the wind carrieth away its foundation,


God's temptations involve in them a trial of principles, but Satan's involve the infusion of sin into the soul.

Temptations should send a saint to his castle, as the sight of a dog frightens the rabbit into his burrow.

Do not argue with Satan when you are tempted, but send him to Christ for an answer.

Plead Christ's work with the devil, and you will surely win the day.

When your sins are represented as exceeding the mercy of God, the merits of Christ, or the power of the Spirit, you may be sure that the suggestion is from hell, and not from heaven.

Satan is never likely to do more mischief than when he tempts us with a sight of our own good deeds.


Many wear Christ's livery, but do the devil's drudgery.

It is easier to talk like a Christian than to act like a Christian.

It is not talking about God, but walking with God, that constitutes a Christian.

Holy sayings, without holy doings, will never conduct us to a holy place.

A man may profess like a saint, and look like a saint, and after all be a self-deceiver.

Many a man shifts his sins as he does his clothes,-he takes off one to put on another: this is but waiting upon the devil in a new livery.

A hypocrite does not put off the old man, but he puts on the new man above him.

Religion is the best armour in the world, but it is the worst cloak.

Many put on a form of godliness to take away their reproach, but few receive the power of godliness to take away their sin.

They who have a form of godliness, but are destitute of its power, have entered into the devil's stronghold, from whence they are seldom extricated.

A folse hope, fortified by a false profession,


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