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softer, we may wonder the times are not harder.

When you have no observers, be afraid of yourself.

Where there's a will there's a way.

We must not count every man a soldier who swaggers with a sword.

Whoso revealeth secrets loseth his credit, and shall never get a friend to his mind.

Wilful waste makes woeful want.

Wine and music rejoice the heart, but the practice of piety excelleth them both.

Wisdom and virtue make the poor rich, and the rich honourable.

Wise men are instructed by reason, fools by experience, and beasts by nature.

Working for God will not be a substitute for communion with God.





It has been often said that the Bible is a mere invention. Be it so. Then it must either be the invention of good men or angels, of bad men or devils, or of God. That it is not the invention of good men or angels is evident; for they neither would nor could write a book, and tell lies all the time they were writing it, and confirm it with, “Thus saith the Lord.” Neither could it be invention of bad men or devils; for they would not and could not write a book which commands all duty, forbids all sin, and condemns them to all eternity. Therefore we are sure that “all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God.”

The Bible is a glass to discover our spots, a lamp to guide us in the dark, and a shield to guard us from the fiery darts of Satan.

In the Bible there is more contained than expressed; for the words are few, but the sense is full,

The Bible alone shows us how Christ saves, how faith justifies, how sin is pardoned, and the sinner saved.

There are shallows in the Bible where lambs inay wade, and depths where elephants may swim.

We are generally desirous to have fine printed Bibles; but the finest impression of the Bible is to have it imprinted on our heart.

Pray over the Scriptures when you read them, and you will seek the growth of faith in God's way.

If a man believed the threatenings of God's Word, he would fly to the promises for refuge.

The promises are sealed by the oath of the Father, the blood of the Son, and the witness of the Spirit.

There are no songs like unto the songs of Zion, no orations comparable to those of the prophets, and no politics like those which the Scriptures teach.

The Word of God should be nearer to us than our friends, dearer to us than our lives, and sweeter to us than all earthly comforts.

THE BIBLE, FROM AN OLD AUTHOR. A nation would be truly happy, if they were governed by no other laws than those which are found in that blessed book; for it contains so complete a system, that nothing can be added to it, nor taken from it. It affords a copy for a king, and rules for a subject; it gives

counsel to a senate, and direction to a magistrate; it requires an impartial verdict from a jury, and furnishes the judge with his sentence. It sets the husband as lord of the household, and the wife as mistress of the table; tells him how to rule, and her how to manage. It entails honour upon parents, and enjoins obedience upon children; it exhibits life and immortality, and shows the way to everlasting glory.

It is the first book, the best book, and the oldest book in the world; it is the best will that ever was made, and the best testament that ever was signed; it is the housewife's best guide, and the young man's best companion. It contains the earliest antiquities, strange events, and unparalleled wars. It is a book of lives, a book of travels, and a book of voyages. In short, it is a book of laws, to show right and wrong, and a book of wisdom that condemns all folly. It encourages the racer, the warrior, and the overcomer, and promises an eternal reward to the conqueror; and what crowns all is, that its Author is without variableness or shadow of turning.

Read and revere the sacred page,-
A page which not the whole creation could

Which not the conflagration shall destroy,
In nature's ruins not one letter lost.


Fear God for his power; trust him for his wisdom; love him for his goodness; praise him for his greatness; believe him for his faithfulness; and adore him for his holiness.

God is a great God, therefore we should wait upon him; he is a good God, and therefore we shall not wait upon him in vain.

God's mercy is never spent; but, like the rivers, it flows from one age to another, and yet there is never the less to them that come after.

God never takes any thing from his people, but he gives them something better in its stead.

God will be a debtor to no man, for whatever is done for him shall be repaid, either in kind or in kindness.

What could we wish in an heritage that is not to be found in God? Would we have large possessions? he is immensity; would we have a sure estate? he is immutability; would we have continuance ? he is eternity.


A man may go to heaven without wealth, without honour, without learning, and without friends; but he cannot go to heaven without Christ.

Christ is better with his cross than the world with its crown.

The sufferings of Christ's soul were the soul of his sufferings.

What the law commanded Christ did; what the law demanded Christ gave; and what the law threatened Christ endured.

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