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Сторінка 71 - Universe from their several stations, there was nothing in the Heavens above, or the earth beneath, or the waters under the earth...
Сторінка 74 - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Official Publications of the Territory and State of Indiana from 1800 to 1890.
Сторінка 179 - I will not dwell upon ragouts or roasts, Albeit all human history attests That happiness for man — the hungry sinner! — Since Eve ate apples, much depends on dinner.
Сторінка 81 - There can be no manner of question that between the ages of six and sixteen a large part of \ the best literature of the world may be read, if taken up systematically in school...
Сторінка 84 - The books are not intended, primarily, to supplement the school work. They should be "books of inspiration" rather than those of information; for "knowledge alone cannot make character." Another great object should be to create a love for books; for "What we make children love and desire is more important than what we make them learn.
Сторінка 188 - Conn. •Hill, Frank P., Ln. FPL, Newark, NJ •Hill, Mrs. Frank P., Newark, NJ Hills, Mrs.
Сторінка 14 - Is a free public library justified in supplying to its readers books which are neither for instruction nor for the cultivation of taste . . . such, for example, as the ruck of common novels
Сторінка 170 - The one man who from the first, through the whole history of the Association, has always had faith, not only said, "I think it can be done," but also "I will help,
Сторінка 114 - ... the meantime he had taken the degree of Doctor of Science at London University, and in 1906 he accepted the Chair of Physics in the South African School of Mines and Technology (now the University of the Witwatersrand), Johannesburg. In 1909 he became a Fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa, and was for many years a member of the Council of the Society. "^ Lehfeldt was an extremely brilliant mathematician and statistician, and profoundly attracted to the application of mathematical methods...
Сторінка 75 - Poole's Index to Periodical Literature : The second supplement from Jan. 1, 1887, to Jan 1, 1892 ; by W: I.

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