Зображення сторінки

X, 203
V., 334
X., 345


V., 518
V., 514

X., 232

Modern Art in Germany

Modern French Romance

iv., 441
Mogg Megone, a Poem

i, 242
Monaldi, a Tale
Money and Banks
Montagu's Life of Bacon
Moore's, Elv, Address before the Trades Union

ii., 5
Morals and Legislation, Bentham's

i., 58
Moral Philosophy, Paley's

i, 58

i., 218

ii., 237
Morss's Century Discourses

iii., 254
Morton's Hope
Mount Auburn, Companion through
Moxon's Sonnets

ii., 246
Murray's British America

vii., 531
Murray, Hon. C., Travels in North America v., 491 vi, 142
Music of Nature, by Gardiner.

ui., 44
My Niece, or the Stranger's Grave

iv., 504
My Progress in Error and Recovery to Truth
My Son's Book

iv., 266
Napier's War in the Peninsula, American Edition of

X., 249
Naples, History of, by Coletta

viii, 441
Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym

m., 459
National Bank, Importance of a

viii., 409
National Defence, System of

ix., 474
National Education

iii., 149
National Portrait Gallery

iv., 266 iv., 352
Natural History, Discourse on
Natural Theology

i., 137 i., 298
Navy of the United States, Documents concerning

ix., 139
Neal's Translation of Dumont's Bentham

i., 58
New Haven, Historical Discourse upon

iii., 490
New Home, a, Who'll follow

vi., 250
Newton, Sir Isaac, Life of
New Testament, by Olshausen

in., 484
New York Book of Poetry

i, 441
New York Deaf and Dumb Institution Report

iii., 255
New York, Geological Survey of

iv., 71 viii., 103
New York Historical Society Collections . ix., 262 x., 93
New York Lyceum of Natural History, Discourse on

opening its New Hall
Nibbi, Antonio Da, Analisi della Carte dei dintorni di

X., 474

X., 318
X., 248

vii., 86
Nicklin, Philip H., Remarks on Literary Property iv., 273
Nordheimer's Analysis

iv., 240
Hebrew Grammar

ii., 493
North American Indians

I., 474

X., 419
V., 249

Northeastern Boundary

viii., 196
Norton's Astronomy

iv., 495
Noves, George R., Job, a new Translation of

iv., 457
O Brien, J., Irish-English Dictionary

vi., 418
Oemler's Pastor at the Sick Bed
Ohio, the Aborigines of

i., 178

iv., 418
Old English Literature

ii., 111 ii., 431
Old Oak Tree, the, a religious Tale
Olmsted's Whaling Voyage

ix., 535
Olshausen on the New Testament

üi., 484
Onderdonk's, Bishop B.T., Address on Ordaining of

Onderdonk's, Bishop H. U., third Charge

ii., 499

iv., 249
O‘Reilly's Sketches of Rochester

iii., 492
Oxford Tracts

V., 136
Theology, by E. B. Pusey, W. F. Hook, and

Members of the University of Oxford
Packard's Edition of Xenophon

vi., 198

vi., 243
Page on Common Schools

ii., 482
Painters, Old, Historical Sketches of

iii., 485
Paley's Moral and Political Philosophy
Palmer, Rev. William, Origines Liturgicæ

i., 58

iv., 109
Palmer on the Church of Christ

X., 100
Palmyra, Letters from

Pantology, or a Classification of Human Knowledge
Parallel of Languages

X., 152

i., 238
Pardoe, Miss, River and Desart

iii., 228
Park's Pantology

X., 152
Parsons, James, Remains of Japhet

vi., 418
Passages in Foreign Travel

iii., 258
Pastoral Visiting

i., 178

vi., 479
Peer's American Education

iv., 237
Peirce, Benjamin, Elementary Treatise on Sound iv., 164
Peninsular War, History of
Perey, Thomas, D. D., Relics of Ancient English
Poetry, etc.

vii., 366
Periodical Press, from the American Quarterly Observer iii., 296
Peter Pilgrim, or a Rambler's Recollections
Peters's, Richard, Reports in the Supreme Court of the

iv., 242
l'nited States

ii., 371
Petrarch, Life of

X., 294
l'hantasmion, Prince of Palmland
Philological Museum, Vol. ii., on the Roman Coloni

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viii., 460

ix., 111
Philosophy, History of .
Physiology for Schools, by Lee

iii., 479
l'icciola, or Captivity Captive

iv., 247
Pickering, John, Eulogy on Nathaniel Bowditch

iv., 308

X., 222


V., 243

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Pictures of Early Life, or Sketches of Youth

vi., 481
Pierce's Grammar of the English Language
Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham, Correspondence of vii., 330
Plain Sermons

ix., 524
Planter's Plea, London, 1630

vi., 48
Platonicum Lexicon

i., 240
Platonism to Christianity, Relation of

ix., 336
Plitt's Report on the Post-Office

ix. 70
Poetical Literature of the West

viii., 524
Poetry of Travelling, by Mrs. Gilman

iii., 262
Poets of America, Edited by Keese

vi., 250
Poet's Tribute, by W. B. T'appan

vi., 252
Political Economy, by Wayland

i., 383
by Carey


by Vethake

iii., 236
Political Ethics, by Lieber

vi., 252
Polycarp and Ignatius, Epistles of

ï., 227
Popes, History of, by Leopold Ranke

viii., 157
Popular Education, by E. C. Wines

iii., 149
Popular Liberty, Origin and Progress of

ii., 76
Post-Office, Plitt's Report on

ix., 70
Prescott's Ferdinand and Isabella

ii., 308
Presidents' Addresses and Messages

ix., 267
Press, Liberty of the

iii., 296
Prior's Life of Goldsmith

i, 280
Prison Discipline, by Francis Lieber

vi., 124
Profession of Law at Rome before the Empire.

ix., 111
Psalms, Book of, Translated by Burgess

vi., 488
Psychology, Treatise on

vii, 271
Public Documents on Foreign Relations
Public Lands, Distribution of, for the Purposes


Publius, Remarks on the Currency of the United
States, etc.

vii, 186 viii., 520
Puritans, Politics of, by J. L. Kingsley and L. Bacon vi, 48
Pusey, E. B., on Oxford Theology, Letter to Lord
Bishop of Oxford

X., 488
X., 375

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vi., 198
Pym, Arthur Gordon, Narrative of

iii., 489
Quarterly Chronicle iv., 272 iv., 505 v., 256 vi., 254 vi., 492
Quarterly List of New Publications iii, 497 iv., 521 vi., 260

vi., 501 vii., 539 viii., 279 viii., 534 ix., 268 ix., 541 x., 251
Quincy's History of Harvard University

viii., 508

X., 144
Raczynski on Modern Art in Germany
Ranke's History of the Popes

viii., 157
Rask's Anglo Saxon Grammar

ix., 372
Rauch's Psychology

vii., 271
Reading Books, by Mrs. Sigourney

vi., 248

X., 448


V., 254

Redfield and Espy's Theory of Storms

vi., 269
Red Jacket, Life and Times of

ix., 515
Reed, Henry, Lecture on the literary Opportunities
of Men of Business

iii., 247
Reed, Henry, Poetical Works of William Wordsworth iv., 1
Reed, W. B., Lecture on the Romance of History
Reed, William B., Historical Address to the Philoma-
thean Society

iv., 324
Reed, William B., Discourse before the New York
Historical Society, etc.

vii., 378
Reed, J. C., Memoir of Professor Averill

ii., 230
Reese's Introductory Lecture, opening Medical College iv., 504
Reese's Plea for the Intemperate

ix., 264
Reid, Lieutenant Colonel, Attempt to Develop the
Law of Storms

vi., 269
Renwick's, Professor, Elements of Chemistry. viii., 183
Renwick's, Professor, Lives of Hamilton and Clinton. viii., 275
Renwick's, Henry, Life of John Jay

ix., 273
Reports of Church Commissioners

viii., 285
Report on the Finances of New York

mi., 250
Report on the Geological Survey of New York V., 457 viii., 103
Report of Mr. Keim, from the Committee on the Militia vii., 277
Report of Mr. Triplett, from the minority of the Com-
mittee on the Militia

vii., 277
Reproductive Criticism

ii., 49
Responsibility, human, Limitations of, by Francis Way-

iii., 378
Resultäte aus den Beobachtungen des Magnetischen Ve-
reins von C. F. Gauss, and W. Weber

vii., 475
Revue Nationale de Belgique

vii, 534
Rhode Island Historical Society, Collections of

iii., 232
Rich Enough, a Tale of the Times

i., 458
Richardson's Address to the Norfolk Bar

iii., 258
Richter, Jean Paul, Wahrheit aus dem Leben .

i., 257
Ripley on the Latest Form of Infidelity

vi., 491
Ripley's Specimens of Foreign Literature

iii., 487
River and Desart, by Miss Pardoe

iii., 228
Rituals, English, Antiquities of .

iv., 109
Rob of the Bowl
Rochester, Sketches of, by O'Reilly

iii., 492
Roman Catholic Debate at Cincinnati

ii., 226
Roman Legislation, Origin, History, and Influence of
Rome, Affaires de, par de la Mennais

ii., 146
Romilly, Sir Samuel, Life and Correspondence

viii., 1
Rosini, Opere di T. Tasso

ix., 429
Rotteck's General History of the World, American edi.

tion of

viii., 522
Ruggles's Report on the Finances of New York

iii., 250
Scientific Associations, Reports on

X., 144

V., 269

V., 520

X., 488

V., 516

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Rural Church Edifices

ix., 180
Rural Sketches, by Thomas Miller

vi, 170
Rural Life in England, by William Howitt

vi., 170
Russell's Principles of Statistical Inquiry

iv., 493
Sachem's-Wood, a poem

iii., 456
St. Jonathan, The Lay of the Scald

iii., 248
St. Real's Conspiracy against Venice

ini., 488
Salisbury's Analysis of the Mineral Waters of Avon
Sandford, Bishop, Remains of

iii., 67
Sargent, E., Velasco, a Tragedy

iv., 243
Sartor Resartus

iv., 179
Savings Bank, and other stories

i., 463
Schiller, Frederick, Life of

iv., 179
Schlegel's Philosophy of History

viii., 515
Schmucker's Psychology
School District Library

vii., 269 vüi., 26S X., 247
Schoolmaster, Confessions of a
Schools, Great Want in, by Aydelott

iv., 401
Scott's, General, Military Tactics

viii., 358
Scott, Sir Walter, Life of . i, 440 ii., 491 r., 267 vii., 137
Scott and the Ballantynes

iv., 246
Sea Captain, or the Birthright, a Drama

vi., 491
Sedgwick's, Miss, Token for Children

ii., 249
Sedgwick's, Miss, Means and Ends
Sedgwick's, Miss, Letters from Abroad

ix., 505
Sedgwick, T., Jr., Political Writings of Wm. Leggett viii., 383
Seneca Indians, Case of

ix., 209
Sermons on the Late Duel

iii., 268
Shepard, W.B., Address in University of N. Carolina iv., 261
Shimeall's Gems from the Mount

iv., 261
Sigourney's, Mrs., Reading Books

vi., 248
Silliman's Edition of Bakewell's Geology
Sinclair's Hill and Valley

., 266
Sinclair's Scotland and the Scotch

vii., 255
Sketches of Paris in familiar letters

ii., 260
Skinner's Religion of the Bible

iv., 500
Sleigh's Christian Dictionary

i., 410
Smith's Edition of Cox's Life of Fletcher

i., 76
Smith, Fitzhugh, Tribute to

vii., 269
Smith, J. P., Necessity of Religion to a Nation

ii., 250
Smith, Joshua T., Northmen in New England
Smithsonian Bequest, Mr. Adams's Report upon

vii., 209
Smyth's Lectures on Modern History
Sophocleum Lexicon

i., 238
Southey, Robert, History of the Peninsular War viii., 460
Southgate's Tour in Persia
South Sea Islands, Missionary Enterprises in:

vii., 259
ii., 405

V., 226

V., 457

V., 247

X., 233

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