Зображення сторінки

Married.) At Stamford, Mr. Sandby, to Miss Died.) At Norwich, the Rev. Edward Beaumont, Rebecca Tomlin, of Great Casterton-At Stamford pastor of the Catholic chapel, 88—Mrs. Ladbrooke, Baron, John Perkins, esq. of Brussels, to Emily, 89—Mr. Free, 27-Miss Browne, sister of the Rev. eldest daughter of the last Mr. Jones, of Spilsby- J. H. Browne, of Hingham-Captain Robt. Tinkler, At East Keal, Mr. John Gildon, to Miss Harwood, of the royal navy, 46, who signalized himself by of Cheney-street, Boston-At Louth, Mr. James his intrepid bravery in several engagements, in Parker, to Miss Riddle, of Carlton At Dembleby, which he had received 21 wounds. Capt. T. was Mr. Richard Drewry, to Miss Sophia Gratrix, of cabin-boy on board his majesty's ship Bounty Newton-At Holme, near Newark, Mr. Hindley, (Capt. Blyth), at the time the crew of that ship to Mrs. Bucklow, of Southwell,

mutinied in the South Seas, in the year 1789, and Died.] At his father's, in Lincoln, Henry Lee, was one of the 12 persons who, with the captain, esq. 28, second officer of the Hon. E. I. Company's was turned adrift in a boat by the mutineers. It ship Charles Grant. He had been 14 years in the will be recoliected, that Capt. Blyth and his comcompany's service,during which time he made seven panions, after a voyage of 1200 leagues, (during voyages to the Indies and China; and when the which the only subsistence they had was one ounce highest professional honours were directly within of bread and a quarter of a pint of water each per his reach, he died of one of those lingering com day,) had the good fortune to arrive safe at the plaints incident to change of climate. He is be Dutch settlement of Cupan, in the island of Timor wailed by his friends, regretted by his associates, -At Seething, Thomas Kett, esq. 73–At Hetherand was respected and beloved by all his shipmates, sett, the Rev. B. Edwards, 88, rector of that parish, leaving behind him the character of a smart and and formerly fellow of Gonville and Caius college, active officer, a generous friend, and an useful and Cambridge-At North Walsham, Mr. John Baker, valuable member of society, combining in his con an eminent farmer at Southrepps, 82-At Aylsham, duct a strict enforcement of naval discipline, with Mr. Edward Copeman, 70-At Swaffham, Mr. John a scrupulous and humane regard to the comforts Clarke, 78—At Yarmouth, Mr. Wm. Adkinson, 76 of the seamen-At Stamford, John Wyche, esq. --Mrs. Mary Forster,66--At Coltishall, Mrs. Bendy, town-clerk of Stamford, which office he had held 83—At Bradenham Hall, Frances, wife of Wm. for fifty years, 81. Richard Wyche, esq. grand Henry Haggard, esq. 60. father of the deceased, was chosen town-clerk of Stamford in the year 1701; John Wyche, his son,

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. succeeded him in the year 1730; and John Wyche, Some curious discoveries have been recently now deceased, succeeded his father in the year made on the site of Fotheringhay castle, where 1770; so that the grandfather, father, and son, bad persons, under proper direction, have been digging. been in uninterrupted succession town-clerks of It seems that the foundations of the building were Stamford for 119 years.-At Digby, near Sleaford, not disturbed at the time of the demolition of the Mrs. J. Newman, 77–At Epworth, Mr. Henry superstructure by king James. The kitchen and Gray, 4tAt Gainsborough, Mr. James Lloyd, 58 some other apartments have been discovered. -At Belton, Mrs. Hannah Vause, 81–At Claypole, The number of persons confirmed by the Lord the Rev. J. Beaver--At Market Deeping, Mr. Tho Bishop of Peterborough, at his late (primary) visi. mas Chesterfield, 72–At Boston, Mr. Wm. Iver. tation, was unusually large, viz.--At Peterborough, son, 70-At Sandloft, Thomas Harsley, esq. of 459; at Stamford, 411 ; at Oakham, 877 ; at Oundle, Crowle.

1043; at Kettering, 1091 ; at Northampton, 1725 ; MONMOUTHSHIRE,

at Daventry, 1490 ; at Towcester, 786; at Welling

borough, 694:-Total, 8576. Died.) At Ragland, Mrs. Chambers, 59. This

Married.] At Thenford, the Rev. F. Lloyd, to excellent woman was not only an ornament to her

Frances, youngest daughter of the late Rev. John sex, but an honour to the county of Worcester,

Russell, rector of Helmdon, in this county--The which claims her birth. She was an example to Hon, and Rev. R. Carleton, rector of Boughton, to the parish of her residence, by establishing a Sun.

Frances Louisa, second daughter of Eusebius Horday school for the education of the poor in that ton, of Catton Hall, Derbyshire, esq.--At Daventry, village, (the first of the kind in Monmouthshire,)

Lewis Harrison, esq. to Mrs. Isaacs, of Silsoe, Bedand afterwards its National school, watching over fordshire, ther with parental attention; and an ornament to

Died.] At Peterborough, Mrs. Henrietta Beaver, her family by her religious and moral conduct

69At Preston Capes, Mr. Samuel Hands, 60. At Woodfield, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of J. H. Moggridge, esq.-At Lan-y-Gored, near Usk,

NORTHUMBERLAND. Richard Reece, esq. 72.

Births.] At Woodslee, the lady of George Scott

Elliott, of Larriston, esq. of a son--At North SeaNORFOLK.

ton, the lady of William Watson, esq. of a son. The Rev. Jeremy Day, M. A, senior clerical Married.) At Newcastle, William Gale, esq. of fellow of Gonville and Caius coll. Cambridge, is Aldingham Hall, Lancashire, to Cecilia Isabella, preferred to the rectory of Hetherset; patron, the eldest daughter of James Losh, esq. of Jesmond; master of that society.

at the same time, Francis Hutchinson, esq. to Married.] At Norwich, Mr. Thomas Matthews, Frances, second daughter of George Losh, esq. of to Miss Elizabeth Pett-Mr. R. Claxton, of St.

Rouen - Mr. Robert Simpson, to Miss LandellsStephen's, to Miss Mary Rowe, of Fressingfield, At Morpeth, Mr. Miles Ellison, of Hewortlı, to Miss Suffolk-Mr. John Cowburne, of Tenbury, Wor Milburn, of Morpeth-At Doddington, Mr. James cestershire, to Miss Charlotte Elizabeth Raven, of Ormston, of London, to Miss Atkinson, of Wooler Lytcham, in this county-At Field Dalling, Mr. - At North Shields, Mr. William Stephenson, Spall, of London, to Frances, youngest daughter of bookseller, to Miss Mary Forster, both of Gateshead. the late Rev. W. Fisher, vicar of South Creake Died.) At Newcastle, Miss Dorothy Stokoe, 48 In London, Mr. James Bateman, son of the mayor -Miss Eleanor Verty At Berwick, Mr. Mackie, of Yarmouth, to Catherine, only daughter of John of Edinburgh, bookseller - At Alnwick, Palfrey Stephenson, esq. of New Ormond-street, Bedford George Burrell, esq. 70-At Hexham, Mr. John row

Farbridge, 63—In one of his hay-fields at Swinburne

358 Nottinghamshire i Oxfordshire - Rutlandshire, &c. *' [Sept. 1, Castle, 'near Hexham, Lieut..gen. L. S. Orde, in Died.] ** At Shrewsbury, the widow of the late the prime of life.

Robert Lloyd, esq.—At Bridgenörtli, Capt. Thomas

Smith, of the 82d foot-At Longden, Mrs. Hesketh, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

84–At Prior's Lee, Mrs. Stirk, 57, of WolverBirths.] At Nottingham, at ber father's, the

hampton. Rev. Dr. Wylde, the lady of Col. Sherlock, of the

SOMERSETSHIRE. 4th dragoon guards, of a daughter-At Mansfield Woodhouse, the lady of Johh Need, esq. of a

The Rev. David Williams, M.A, chaplain to daughter.

Lord Viscount Curzon, is preferred to the rectory Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. Edwin Bardsley,

of Bleadon, with that of Kingston Seymour, in the to Miss Bradley-Mr. John Osborne, to Miss Harriet

diocese of Bath and Wells. Almond-At Sutton in Ashfield, Mr. Samuel Jack

The Dean and Canons of Windsor have presented sun, to Miss Phebe Clay, of Hardstaff-At Demble

the Rev. Dr. Keate to the living of Stowey. by, Mr. Richard Drewry, to Miss Sophia Gratrix, of

The Rev. Walter King Coker, B. A. of Oriel Cot Newton - At Southwell, Mr. Hindley, of Holme, lege, Oxford, to the vicarage of North Curry. near Newark, to Mrs. Bucklow, of the former place.

Married.) At Walcot church, Philip Elliot, esq. Died.) At Nottingham, Mr. Thomas Basnett,

M. D. to Amelia, youngest daughter of the late 68—At Worksop, R. Barber, esq. 83—At Retford,

John Wilkinson, of Polterton, Yorkshire- The Rer. Mrs. White, 70-At South well, Mrs. Elizabeth

Richard Keats, of Wiveliscombe, to Mary Eliza Bausor, 40.

Mac Gerchy, of Tiverton - At Crowcombe, G.

Powell, esq. of Cantreff, Brecknockshire, to Nesta, OXFORDSHIRE.

eldest daughter of G. H. Carew, esq. of Crowcombe Birth.) At Ensham Hall, the lady of John Rux

Court, in this county-At Bathwick church, John ton, esq. of a daughter, which died on the follow.

Tharp, of Dean'sValley, Jamaica, to Mary Philippa, day.

youngest daughter of Thomas Bell, esq. of co. Married.] At Oxford, Mr. John Penson, to Miss

Armagh, and of Sydney-place, Bath. Elizabeth Whiteman, of Daventry--Charles Webb,

Died.] At Bath, the Hon. Matilda Villiers, wife esq. to Miss Elizabeth Speakman-The Rev. C. J.

of Villiers William Villiers, esq. daughter of John, Urquhart, fellow of Magdalen College, to Miss F.

11th lord, and sister of the late Henry Beauchamp Huntingford, niece of the Bishop of Hereford-At

and St. Andrew, successively Lords St. John of Henley, Mr. John Sheene, of London, to Miss

Bletsoe-In Queen-square, the Rev. John ChamberEliza Marklew, of the former place-At Dorchester,

lain, 62 - In St. James's-square, Bristol, John Mr. Richard Wall, of Oxford, to Miss Margaret Bally, esq. 75—At Kingsdon, Charles Aaron Moody, Cox, of Dorchester-At Ewelme, Mr. Garlick, to

esq. to Juliana Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Miss Elizabeth Allnutt.

James Bennett, esq. of Cadbury House, in this Died.] At Oxford, Mr. Thomas Freeman, 43

county-Of a pulmonary complaint, at Clifton, on Mr. John Pye, 50, many years adjutant of the Ox

his way to Italy, for the benefit of his health, Mr. fordshire militia Jemima, wife of Mr. J. Wright,

James Beebee, 21, of Worcester college, Oxford, printer-Miss Sarah Hosier-At Marsh Mills, near

and second son of the Rev. James Beebee, rector of Henley, Mrs. Robert House, having lost her two

Presteign-At Shepton Mallet, Mr. Higgins, 84, eldest daughters within four months, which severe

solicitor-At Taunton, in her 76th year, Joanna, shock she was enabled only to survive two months

widow of the Rev. F. Warre, rector of Cheddon -At Burford, Mr. John Stevens, 60—At Banbury,

Fitzpaine. John Jones, esq. of Blackwood Hall, Montgomery

STAFFORDSHIRE. shire-At Long Handborough, Mrs. Anne Hum. phries, 23—At Moreton, near Thame, Mr. William

Married.) At Tipton, the Rev. James Beran, to Lister.

Miss Jane Corbet, of Broseley, Worcestershirt-At

Maer, Mr. John Parker, of Shrewsbury, to the RUTLANDSHIRE.

daughter of the Rev. Mr. Snape, of Maer. Died.) At Glaston, Mr. John Stanger, 79. In the early part of his life he was a faithful servant

SUFFOLK. in Lord Sondes's family, and subsequently retired The Rev. W. Cross, A. M. vicar of Amwell with upon his property at the above place, where he Haylybury, Herts, is preferred to the valuable lived and expired highly respected. He had, by living of Halesworth cum Chediston. fortunate circumstances, become possessed of very The Rev. John Edgar is instituted to the rectory considerable wealth, which, excepting a few legacies, of Kirketon. he has, with singular fidelity, devised to the de. Married.) At Bury, Mr. Denton, of Alnesbourne scendants of the noble family under whose auspices Priory, to Miss Holder, of Richmond, Surrey-At it began to accumulate-At Oakham, Mr. Francis Tooting, Surrey, the Rev. C. F. Parker, rector of Robinson, 29.

Ringshall, in this county, to Elizabeth, eldest

daughter of the late Rev. Joseph Eyre, rector of St. SHROPSHIRE.

Giles, Reading-In London, J. G. Clare, esq. of Married.] At Shrewsbury, Major Parry, of the Brazing Hall, West Creeting, to Miss Maria Gerrard, royal marines, to Catherine Mary Margaretta, of Laxfield-At Bildeston, J. Parker, esq. to Miss eldest daughter of the late Edward Lloyd, esq. of Elizabeth Farr, of North Cove-At Earsham, near Trefnant, co. Montgomery, and of Maesmor, Den Bungay, Mr. Reynolds, to Miss Osbourn. bighshire-Edward Beauchamp St. John, esq. of Died.] Ar Chilton Hall, near Clare, Wells Or. Oswestry, to Miss Slade, late of Plymouth-Mr. ton, esq. 72–At the parsonage-house, Semer, Mr. John Evans, to Miss Lewis-At Oswestry, Robert C. B. Cooke, 20, eldest son of the Rev. C. Cooke Roberts, only son of Thomas Roberts, of Astrad, At Ipswich, Louisa, fourth daughter of the late co. Denbigh, esq. to Miss Gough, of Oswestry-At Col. Stisted-At Livermere Parsonage, the Rev. Ludlow, G. P. Evans, esq. of Shrewsbury, to Miss Peter Lathbury, 59-At Bungay, the Rev. Thomas Eliza Wollaston, of Ludlow-At Bridgenorth, Mr. Paddon, 77, rector of St. Nicholas with All Saints B. Baughman, to Miss Eliza Fletcher.

annexed, after fifty years' conscientious discharge

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esq. 76.

of his pastoral duties--At Witnesham, at an ad. Died.] At Ambleside, Lieut.-col, John Bladon vanced age, Mrs. Gibbs, relict of the Rev. John Taylor, one of the Directors of the Hon. East Gibbs, rector of Ockold, in this county-At Bran

India Company. don, Mr. John Mulley, jun. 22—At Southwold,

1 Mr. John Clubb, 85.


The Rev. W. Roles, A. M., is preferred to the SURREY..

rectory of Upton Lovell, vacant by the death of Births.) At Lower Cheam, the lady of Thomas

the Hon. and Rev. E. Seymour. Brown, esq. of a daughter - At Walton-upon

Married.] At Great Cheverell, the Rev. Alex, Thames, the lady of the Hon. Henry Grey Bennett,

Bassett, M. A. to Miss Bellamy, of Cheverell House of a daughter.

-At Bremhill, Mr. Thomas Hughes, of East TyMarried.] At Windlesham, the Rev. Henry

therton, to Mary Anne, only daughter of Captain Joseph Tayler, of Brighton, to Jemima Maria, Hutchons, of the Hon. E. I. C.'s service-At Ebsecond daughter of the late Sir William Frazer, of besbourne, Mr. Henry Harris, to Mrs. RebbeckBedford, bart.--At Christchurch, Isaac Woodroffe, At Chippenham, Mr. Josiah Graham Lawe, of Lonesq. late of Godstone, to Miss Willes, of Chelsham don, to Elizabeth Mary, only daughter of the late Court, in this county-At Richmond, E. H. Dela

Mr. James Maurice Coombes, of Chippenham. fosse, esq. to Sophia, daughter of the Rev. G. Died.) At Salisbury, Mr. Corfe, 78, senior genYoung, A. M. Lambeth Terrace.

tleman of his majesty's chapel royal, and late orDied.) At Streatham, the Rev. Reynold Davies, ganist of Salisbury cathedral-At Hannington, near M. A. 70—At Kew Green, George Hicks, esq. 43,

Highworth, Mrs. Mary Anne Matilda Crowdy-At barrister at law, and one of the magistrates of police Hilperton Marsh, near Trowbridge, Mr. Richard in Bow-street-At Weymouth, the Rev. Willough

Newtts, 44-At Trowbridge, Mr. Guley, solicitor, by Bertie, many years rector of Buckland, in this 40-At Anderston, Sophia, relict of James Forster county, and uncle to the Earl of Abingdon-June Knight, esq.-At Bemerton, Miss Hawes, daughter 13, at Croydon, John Thomas Herrisaut Des Car of the late Rev. John Hawes, A. M. rector of rieres, 78, a native of Paris. This gentleman did

Bemerton-At Hawe, near Poole, Thomas Stone, honour to his own country, by the services he rendered to this. Almost half a century he was an

WORCESTERSHIRE. indefatigable teacher of the French language; and

The Rev. E. James, M. A. of Christ Church colmany noble personages, who now fill eminent stations in society, have had the benefit of his instruc

lege, Oxford, is preferred to the perpetual curacy

of Worcester. tions. He was the author and reviser of many useful books tending to facilitate the acquirement

Married.] At Lincoln, Mr. Thompson, of Dudof the French tongue; and about the time of the

ley, to Miss Mary Ann Foster, of Northallerton,

Yorkshire-At Hallow, near Worcester, Phipps V. revolution, he published a History of France, in

Onslow, esq. lieut. royal horse artillery, to Harriett, two yolumes, and lately an abridged History, in one volume, up to 1815. He was a man of strict youngest daughter of the late Sir Edward Winintegrity, of a most ingenious mechanical turn of uington, bart.

Died.] mind, but for the last twenty years had applied

At Worcester, Charlotte, third daughter himself much to the science of gardening, by which

of Thomas Best, esq.-At Bewdley, Thomas Jacob

White, esq. his health, which had been impaired by study and close application, became firmly established, but in

YORKSHIRE. which he spent all the earnings of his former days.

Birth.) At Wakefield, the lady of Wentworth

Bailey, esq. of a son and heir.

Married.] At York, Lieut.-col. Arthur H. GorMarried.] 'At Chichester, the Rev. William

don, of the 5th dragoon guards, to Anne, only Watkins, rector of Racton, in this county, to

daughter of the late Joseph Bilton, esq. of YorkFrances, youngest daughter of T. Rhoades, esq.

At Wakefield, Mr. David Green, jun. of Minskip Chichester-At Ilorsham, Thomas Edward Bligh,

Lodge, near Boroughbridge, to Miss Sarah Rothwell, esq. to Sophia, daughter of the late William Evers

of Wakefield At Acomb, Mr. John Skipworth, field, esq. of Denne Park and Cotsfield, in the same

solicitor, to Harriet Frances, daughter of the Rev. county.

Robert Benson, M. A. of York-At Howden, Mr. Died.) At Hastings, Thomas Clingand, esq. late

William Brownlow, of Walkington Grange, to Miss of Wheldrake, near York.

Atkinson, of Walkington-At Eastrington, Mr.

Samuel Webster, of Morley, to Miss Jane Bell, of WARWICKSHIRE.

Patrington, near Howden At Thorne, Mr. Thos.

Squires, to Miss Elizabeth Hastings--At Topcliffe, Birth.] At Radway, the lady of Lieut. col. Mil

Mr. John Richardson, of Leeds, surgeon, to Miss ler, C.B. of a son and heir. Married.]

Mary Barroby, of Baldersby-At High Town, near At Coventry, Mr. R. Seal, to Miss

Leeds, Mr. Joshua Lister, to Miss Elizabeth WoodMary Locke Ward-At Old Swinford, Mr. Ingleby,

ford Buttle. of Birmingham, to Miss Wragg, of Stourbridge.

Died.] In Park-square, Leeds, George Hardisty, Died.] At Stratford-upon-Avon, Miss Mary

esq. 55—At Leeds, Mr. Robert Oastler, 71-Mrs. Clews, 19—At Warwick, in the 73d year of her age, Anne, wife of Charles Porter Packwood, esq. late

Houseman, 70-At Roundhay, near Leeds, Aurelia lieut. col. of the Warwickshire militia, and youngest

Ann, wife of J. B. Ansley, esq. 51-At Beverley,

Mr. William Whitfield, 78_At Ripon, Juliana, daughter of the late Roger Ruding, esq. of West

wife of Capt. Denison-At Knaresborough, Mr. cotes, in the county of Leicester.

Parr, 39, postmaster-At Hull, Michael Andrew,

esq. 634Mrs. Bell, 58.At his seat at Marthwaite, WESTMORLAND.

in the West-riding, Richard Willan, esq. 74, brother Married.) At Kendal, Mr. William Preston, to of Dr. Willan, late an eminent physician in the Miss Taylor-Mr. Isaac Thompsou, to Miss Isa metropolis - At Griinston, near Tadcaster, Mr. bella Kellel.

Thomas Townend, 64.


- At Edinburgh, Francis Cobhani, M. D. of the

island of Barbadoes, to Miss Mary Harvie-At The Rev. W. J. Rees, M. A. has been presented

Paisley, the Rev. John Bruce, to Isabella, eldest by the Bishop of St. David's to the vacant pre.

daughter of the Rev. Wm. Harrier. bendal stall in the collegiate church of Brecknock.

Died.) At Edinburgh, Col. Robert Baillie, of There is now standing at Rhuddlan, part of the

the H. E. I. C.'s service-At Glasgow, John Love, wall of the house wherein Edward I. held his par.

esq.-James Towers, esq. professor of midwifery in liament, after completing the subjugation of Wales,

this university-Mr. Andrew Orr, 66, late bookThe old wall has been built upon, and metamor

seller in Glasgow-At Holywood Manse, the Rer. phosed into the gable-end of a row of small houses,

Dr. Crighton, minister of that parish-At Inver. so that to a passenger there is nothing particularly

ness, Mrs. Macdonald, of Scalpa~At Newbottle, antique or striking in its appearance; but the Very

Diana, eldest daughter of the late Col. Donald Reverend the Dean of St. Asaph, in order to rescue

Macleod, of St. Kilda. this piece of antiquity from oblivion, has caused to be placed upon it a tablet, bearing the following

IRELAND inscription :

Births.) In Cork, the lady of the Rev. John This Fragment

Bennett, of a son-The lady of C.A. W. Forneret, Is the Remains of the Building

esq. of a daughter-At Lisheen, co. Tipperary, the Where King Edward the First

lady of Sir John Judkin Fitzgerald, of a son and Held his Parliament,

heir The Hon. Mrs. Peter La Touche, of a daughA. D. 1283,

ter-At Armagh, the lady of Sir Jeremiah Dickson, In which passed the Statute of Rhuddlan,

of a son. Securing

Married.] The Rev. William Frazer, rector of To the Principality of Wales

the Union of Killure, in the diocese of Waterford, Its Judicial Rights

to Helen, daughter of the Rev. William Archdall, And Independence.

of Seaview_At Drumbanagher, James Evartt, esq. Married.) At Llanbeblig, Mr. Robert Williams, of Ahory, to Miss Hannah Bitties, of Cullentrough to Miss Bettis, both of Caernarvon— The Rev. John

-At Mealiffe Glebe, co. Tipperary, the Rev. Wm. Pryce, of Dolforwyn Hall, Montgomeryshire, to Baker Stoney, of Oakley Park, to Frances Shirley, Mrs. Sarah Price, of London-At Abergavenny, daughter of the Rev. John Going—At Dublin, A. Mr. Williams, surgeon, to Miss Rogers, daughter of G. Lewis, esq. of the 68th light infantry, to Hester, the Rev. J. Rogers, rector of Wallerstone, Here.

youngest daughter of the late Richard Westenra, fordshire.

of Rutland-square West-Edward Shaw, of CoolDied.] At Clydach, Glamorganshire, Thomas cor, co. Kildare, esq. to Anne, youngest daughter Hobbes, M. D. of Swansea, 63—At Gresford, Den of the Rev. Dr. Ledwich-Thomas Haughton, esq. bighshire, the widow of the Rev. John Briggs, M.A.

of Largan, to Frances, daughter of James Macauley, late chancellor of the diocese of Chester - At

esq. of Dublin-At Oughterard, Thomas Henry Parkey Cottage, near Wrexham, the lady of Major O'Flaherty, esq.of Lemonfield, co. Galway, to Louisa, Edwards, of the royal Maelor cavalry - - At Pentre

third daughter of Theobald O'Flaherty, esq. of Dub. Mill, co. Montgomery, Mr. Williams, 77; and four

lin-At Lakefield, co. Cavan, Henry W. Brien, esq. days after, his wife !--At Llandyssil, Cardiganshire, to Lilla, youngest daughter of John Norris, esq. of Elizabeth, second daughter of Thomas Gough, esq. Parrymount, co. Tyrone. of Foeshelig, in that county.

Died.] At Claremount, King's county, Capt.

William Grant, late of the 27th regt.-In Dublin, SCOTLAND.

Ralph Ward Reid, esq.-In Waterford, Matthew In digging the Union Canal near the west march

Farrell, esq.-At Mountnorris, the Rev. Thomas of the Clifton-hall estate, and adjoining the river Hutchinson. Almond, on the 18th July, an elephant's tooth was

DEATHS ABROAD. dug up, measuring upwards of three feet long, and a foot in circumference; it was in a state of perfect June 4, at Jamaica, of the yellow fever, Henry preservation, and is in the possession of Sir Alex Edward Carr, 14, of H. M. ship Sapphire, son of ander Maitland Gibson. This is the second time the Rev. Dr. Carr, vicar of Brighton-At Paris, remains of this animal have been found in Scotland. William Thomas Sandiford, esq. 56-In his pasA similar tooth found, near Eglinton-castle, is now sage from Batavia to China, Richard Rogers, 39, in the College Museum.

first officer of the Herefordshire East IndiamanBirths.] Lady Charlotte Macgregor Murray, of At Richmond Bay, Prince Edward's Island, the a daughter--At Podderty, Rosshire, Mrs. Forbes Rev. Andrew Nicholl, minister of that place --In Mackenzie, of a daughter.

Mac Intosh county, Georgia, John Baillie, esq.At Married.] At Braehouse, Capt. James Stewart, Madras, Dr. Alexander Stewart, secretary to the 82d regt. of foot, to Jane, eldest daughter of Capt. Medical Board-On his passage from Demerara, Campbell, Boreland-At Caputh Manse, Mr. Alex. Francis James Adam, esq. youngest son of the Innerarity, of Demerara, to Margaret Jane, daugh Lord Chief Commissioner of the Jury Court, Edinter of the Rev. W, Innerarity, minister of Caputh burgh.

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It may seem an ill-timed and un- Now, if the maxim of the poetical necessary attempt of periodical criticism critic of the highest poetical and cultito recur to works that have reached be- vated age, recte scribendi sapere est et yond the proper sphere of its power- principium et fons,” be founded in truth, works that have had much influence no system can be more opposed to the on the poetical sentiment and taste of principle than that of those modern these countries that have called forth bards, who boldly overleap the barriers well-deserved admiration and merited of definite knowledge, and consequently contempt that have been hailed in of wisdom-who trifle with the babyism differeni minds with religion and ridic of children—who affect the idiotism of cule-by different classes of readers with fools both in sentiment and expression, enthusiasm and apathy, with pleasure and institute a poetical bedlam on the and disgust--that have made us ac- top of Parnassus-whose Pegasus somequainted not only with new habits of times seems to be nothing but the hobbycomposition, but also with new modes horse of an infant–who seem to prefer of thịnking; but it is the office, nay the to the winged and fiery courser of the bounden duty of every one that regards poet, to win the race of poetical honour the welfare of the public taste, and is by bestriding the broom-stick and by anxious to preserve the purity of the humbly submitting “equitare arundine national poetry, however he may admire longa "who prefer a strait-waistcoat to the grander traits of those productions, the fine floating mantle of the Muses, to warn the unwary reader, and the and a fool's-cap to the ever-green gardreaming enthusiast, of the faulty and land of legitimate poetical power-who corrupt system of the greater portion of sin against taste most flagrantly in adaptthis modern poetry. Its disciples are ing the diction of a factitious rustic barmen of genius—its air is imposing; few barism to the sublime philosophy they hearts are proof against an air of simpli- aim at, and the high and fervid inspiracity-the most engaging introduction to tion they affect. the human heart, though it be even Unless the true and general maxim nothing but mock simplicity. Many the proper study of mankind is man" are pleased with the delineation of the be now disputed, and must now be feelings, habits, and affections of the superseded, we cannot approve of that unsophisticated sojourner of rural seclu- part of the system of the Lake Minsion; but few are so well acquainted strelsy, that neglects rational exalted with him as to know whether the sketch man, to lavish its powers upon naturals, be true or counterfeit, faithful or carica. idiots, and madmen-that transfers poetured ; and there are too many congenial tical agency from rational to irrational dreamers, who are pleased with the sub- creatures, from animated to inanimate Time and shadowy enigmas they cannot nature—that would thus work upon our comprehend, who conceive what the hearts and influence our actions: there is writer never imagined, who think depth something in this neither strictly nor of thought lies in obscurity of expres- poetically moral. It is a sort of poetical sion, and are enthusiastic in the unde- misanthropy-worse than the moral misfined and indefinable feelings and va- anthropy of Byron, to disregard immortal poury abstractions of the strong, thought- man, and teach him from clouds, trees, ful, and fanciful minds, under the frenzy- air, flowers, fools, cattle, children and rolling and fascinating eye of whose madmen. It seems like dwelling with imaginations they are more than spells something of a complacent and conbound. It is evident from all this that tinued satisfaction on the weaknesses I allude to the Lake School of Poetry and blemishes of our frailties and naNew MONTHLY MAG.-No. 81. Vol. XIV.

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