Зображення сторінки

propertso a natural and native productionwith increasing satisfaction. The Irish PROVISIONs are rather languid, at this moment, in the Marketthat is

the demand is not brisk; and of those articles which maintain their price, as butter for instance, the quantity that can be disposed of is very limited damon

If we direct our attention to internal trade and home demand, it is understood that a kind of sullenness has lately shewn itself, especially since the Coronation has been postponed. To that event, as to an era of splendour, the eyes of all conpeeted with the world of fashion were anxiously directed, and very great preparauons had been made by many tradesmen to supply the brilliancies called for by the occasion. These, we are told, will not all keep some will lose their lustre and others will be superseded by devices still newer, and for that reason, if for no other, more elegant. This is always a part of the character of that inconstant goddess Fashions. Her votaries must obey, whatever it may cost her handmaids ; her handmaids must provide, whatever be the consequences ; they must invent combine E persuade-insist : and, if they please to live, must live to please. To what other notorious circumstances combine

with this postponement, we have no occasion We are led to believe, from the report of those who should know, that the work men in our chief manufacturing towns are in employ, very generally, if not unisversally, it is true, however, that the rate of wages is stated to be too low, on which we do not presume to offer a judgment : probably, this estimate is formed on recollection of what has been ; they certainly were, at more than one period within memory, too high.

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o severentib.09 903 jedi Daily Prices of STOCKS, from the 26th June to the 25th July, 1820, inclusive.

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mi to do lisajalAllExchequer Bills dated prior to October, 1818, have been advertised to be paid offi

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IDA1-10, boribhult * BANKRUPTS, give

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FROM JUNE 10 TO"JULY 11,"1820," INCLUSIVE, Mito isso N. B. in Bankrupules in amilycar London, the Attorneys are to be understood" to 'resiile in London and "Tu" de paille M, Country Bankruptcies at the Residence of the Bankrupt, ercept otherwise expressed.

The Solicitong Names are between parentheses. *?urla-qu-312.733, ***179 tam AIKIN, J. Liverpool, merchant. (Wheeler, Castle-streetgy: Hawkins, 'D. Sheffield,' itkeeper te ? (Darke & Co. Rek?

Til Holbord 1971. TV p)
Ainley... Blackwool fout, Yorkshire, clothier. Willis,., Hellyer, E. Keanington-lang, mastermariner


Henderson, J. Rotheram, Yurk, grocer Ansel, W. Cambridge, upholsterer," (Smith, Alderman

(Taylor, Jolin-st. Bedforil-row

Henzell, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Hinèn drapes Archer, T. Hereford, butcher. (Stocker & Co. Ashby, W.M. Albury, Surrey, paper-manufacturer. (Ste Hitchon, J. H. Midlerminster, factor. (Scadamore, vens & Wood

Temple Askey, W. Oxford-strect, taylor. (Roberts

Holden, T. Blackburn, Lancashire, druggist Aston, R. Red Marley D'Abilot, Worcestershire, dealer in wortti, Gray's lun

(A'Beckett, Broad-street, Golden-square Aspinall, Blackburn, Lancasiuire, brazier.

Holmes, W. Brimiugton, Chesterhold, flour-dealer (Steh

(Armstrong, venson, Lincoln's Inn Staple Inn

Hoyle, T. Wadsworth, Halifax, Yorkshire, manufactureri? Austin, R. J. Rotherhithe, merchant. (Cuppage and (Milne and Parry, Temple


Hyde, J. Stayley-bridge, Cheshire, merehant (Brandrett, Bage, T. South Sbields, joiner and builder. (Smith, Hat

Temple ton-garden

Izod, J. Holboro-bridge, hardwareman (Long & Austen Bagnall, ?. Birmingham, toy-maker, (Egerton, Gray's Jackson, J. Liverpool, sail-maker (Lowe, Sonthampton Inn-square

buildings Bailey, J. Watling-street, merchant (Maugham

James, G. Liverpool, merchant Baker, E. Pope's Head-alley, Corsbill, broker.

(Wheclor, Caste-pt ppet,

(Templer Holborn Bull, Albury, Surrey, paper-manufacturer. (Stevens & Wood James, W. jun. Bromyard, Herefordshire, auctioneer. (WitBentley, R. jun. Liverpool, grocer, (Chester, Staple Inn

liams & Co. Gray's Inn Betty, W. S. Seulcoates, Yorkshire, apothecary. (knowles, Jeeves, J. St. Ives, hatter (Ellis, Chancery lane 1 New Inni

King, c. M. Upper East Smithfield, wine-metehant'! Bibby, R. Liverpool, merchant (Chester, Staple Inn

(Younger Bignell, J. Phoenis-plare, Knightsbridge, carpenter. (Wrent Langhorn, R. & W. Brailsford, Bucklersbarys merehants more

(Lane & Bemett Blackburn, W. Blackhurn, Lancashire, shopkeeper. (Wig. Lee, R. Kingston-upon-Hall, merchant (Rosser & Son lesworth, Gray's Inn

Littler, W. S. Eccleshall, schoolmaster Bleasdale, T. Chorley, Lancashire, ironmonger.

(Chestor, Staple (Alexander & Holme, New Inu

Macdonald, T. Rathbone, place, printseller (Robinson & Boucher, J. sen. Cheltenham, cabinet-maker. (Williams, Hine Exchequer.othce

M'Farlane, A. Postern-row, toyman (Rippon Boullen, P. Norton Falgate, horier. (Hindman

Magor, M. jun. Truro, linen-draper! (Makinson, Middle Bramall, J. Saddleworth, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner. Temple

(Wiglesworth, Gray's Inn Brennand, T. Bread-street, Cheapside, warehouseman,

Mars, J. Saow's-field, Bermondsey, leather-dresser

hunter (Bourdillon

Martin, J. Liverpool, merchant (Adlington, Balford-rom Babb, 1. G. Grafton-street East, sculptor. (Hackett Burlingham, T. Worcester, grocer.

Mee, W. Market Harborough, spirio-merchant" (Nelson, (Bousfield, Bop

Barnard's Inn verio-street

Middlchurst, J. Blackburn, Lancashire, grocer! (Blake- I Butt, T. Southampton, shoc-maker, (Slade and Jones, lock, Serjeant's Inn

Cadogan, J. Water-street, carpenter.

Morley, J. Liverpool, hattor (Lowe, Temple

Moses, L. Great Prescott-street, merchant (Poole
Carr, T. Chorley, Lancashire, ironmonger. (Rotheram,

Morris, T. Pitfield-street, Hoxtop, brush-manufacturer

(Slade & Jones Cassidy, T. Liverpool, feather merchant. (Adlington, Bedford-row

Muir, J. Liverpool, merchant. (Lowe, Southinaption

buildings Chalker, R. North Walsham, Norfolk, scrivener. (Warner Chester, J. Doncaster, grocer.

Needham, c. juu, Liverpool, merchant" (Ellis, Char(Lever, Gray's Inn

cery-lane Clively, c. Lamb's Conduit-street, linen-draper. (Jones Oakey, H. Mary le bone-lane, boot-maker (Jones, New Ina Cooper, Eagle-street, Red Lion-sq. cual-dealer. (Bartlett Cooper, S. Tottenhan-court-roud, baker.

Oldham, W. Hop-gardens, St. Martin's-lane, warehousmas (Hurd and

(Windle & Co. Johnson

Paine, T. Baubury, hardwareman (Egerton, Gray's Inn Corf, E. Liverpool, butcher, (Chester, Staple Inn Park, T. Dudbridge, Gloucester, wool-stapler (Adlis Cragg, 3. Empingham, corn-dealer. (Alexander, New Inn

ton, Bedford-row Crawshaw, B. and G. Birstall, Yorkshire, carpet-manufacturers. (Evaus, Hatcon-garden

Peake, I. Rosehill, Drayton-in-Hales, Shropshirt, miller.) Crewson, 1. Boston, innkeeper. (Lodington, Temple Perry, T. & 'J. Reading, iron-founders . (Few, Heart) Cruden, R. P. Gravesend, slopseller. (Gregson, Angel-et.

etta-street Cryer, 1. Siston, Gloucestershire, dealer in flour.

int (Adlington, Bedford-row

Pettinger, W. Sculcoates, wood-tamner (Shaw, Ely place) Daniel, C. W. Bath, joweller. (Faston, Lambeth-road

Pilling, J. Roehdale, Lancashire, woolles-mandfacturer

(Longdill, Gray's Inn Davis, 'T. jun. Little Baddow, pig-dealer. (Richardson and Miller, Now lon

Pittit, R. Eagle-street, Red Lion-square, oilman (Intes

Pocock, G."Tiverton, Somerset, butcher (Adlington, Davison, T. Hinckley, draper. (Seulthorpe

(Bedford-row Derson, K. & W. Chester, curriers. (Philpott & Co. Sonthampton-street

Postans, M. Cheltenham, victualler (Meredith, Lin

coln's Inn Dickinson, J. Church-passage, Guildhall, warehouseman. (Lake

Pratt, J. R. New London-street, corn-factor (Singleton

Pratt, J. R. & W. R. Ravenscroft, New London-street, cura Dorrington, W. Town Malling, collar-maker. (Brace,

factors (Singleton Surrey-street! Downing, F. Huddersfield, grocer. (Jacomb, Basinghall-st.

Robbins, E. & R. B. Muchall, "Birmingham, merchants.

(Long and Austen Dunkin, C. Shad Thames, hghterman. (Sudlow & Co. Dyer, J. Frome Selwood, cordwainer.

Rood, J. Portsmouth, brewer Minchin, Gray's Inu Lion-square (Williams, Red Royde, J. Newgate-street, upholsterer

(Gatty & Ce... Ellintt, C. Cliffe, Sussex, grocer

Roncorn, R. Manchester, plumber (Taylor 1.. paitset!

(Smith, Basinghall-st. Eveleigh, T. High Holborn, shopkeeper

Ritspini, 1. B. Pall Mall, inedicine-vender (Harnett

(Parkin Froggott, J. Leicester, brandy-merchant

Sambach, W. Liverpool, provision-merchant (Taylor, (Jeyes, Chan

Garlick, M. Halifax, Yorkshire, bookseller (Beckett,

Savery, F. Bristol, marino-instránce broker" (Alexander
New lon

Garrad, A. Downhạm Market, Norfolk, tanner

Scott, J. Huddersfield, wool-stapler (Fisher, Thavies Ing

(Tooke, Searle, J. Lower Grosvenor-street, bookseller (Parkeri Holborn-court Gilson, T. Nottingham, laceman (Long & Austen

Shaw, W. Bleathgill, Westmoreland, cattle-dealer. (Mount Godden, J. F. & N. Wood, Gosport, mercers

Fey, Staple Inn

(Alexander and Holme

Shaw, J. Wem, Staffordshire, victualler (Orifiths, South Golding, H. Oxford, cabinet-maker (Robinson, Charter: Shelley, J. Hanley, Staffordshire, shopkeeper (Williams, house-squared

Lincoln's Inn
Haigh, J. Ley Moot, Yorkshire, cloth-merchant
Lincoln's Inn-fields

(Walker, Simpson, J. 8. Elmstead, dealer in candle (Cooker, Nase Hale, W. Miron, Oxfordshire, earpenter (Bridger, An Skrine, C. Bath, grocer (Williams, Red Lion-square geleert

Smith, J. Maneliester, manufacturer (Ellis, Cbaceerpes Hanne, I. Bath, cabinet-maker (Smith, Aldermanbary Postern

Smith,... * T Townley, Manchester," imanın fakturerti

(Hurd, Temple Hardwick, W. Poynings, Sussex, farmer (Souton, Hot Spelman, W. Great Yarmouth, grocer born-court

(Stockery , Ne Beswell-equrt!

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Stead, S. Huddersfield, corn-factor (Fisher, Thavien lyn Watson, R. Leyland, Lancashire, farmer (, Temple
Sugden, R. Halifax, Yorkshire, bookseller

Wilby, B. Ossett, Yorkshire, clothier. (Lake, Catea-
Sugden, J. & J. W. Mitchell, Dorking, sarri % (Wesų y tortreet
Swaipoca. Mausall-street parehousemans, perces WET & FRITORET

(Longdill, Gray's Inn works best wishes from its origiert (Sewelt,"

Wilcox, Hotelbstet, innkeeper's Taylor, J. Shoreditch, corn-chandler Tennant, w. Liverpool, tallers Chester, Staple make ned Withe Cheltenhamos collatere binto (Williams & Thompson, T. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, joineer Marrioti White, Lincoln's Inn Gray's Inn

Woods, 3. flavant, Southampton, grocer. (Minchin, Tolson, R. jan. Dalton, Yorkshire, manufagturer (Clarke, 11 Chancery-lane


Worth, T. Talbot-court, Gracechurchstreethaberdapher Triphook, Te St. Jammer month Chichardson & Miller bookseller (Poole

(Thomasuludo y topogantsslat olara

Wright, w. Bellbroughton, Worcestershire, mercor (ConVaughan, W. Pall Mall, tailor (Slade & Jones

or stable & Co. Symond's lunga Walker, W. Leeds, werchant Gew, Henrietta-street Wright, c. ord Ford, Middlesex, wliarfinger (Gellibrand Warwick, J. Rotherhithe, ship-builder (Tyrrel & Son


11" era in ABRAM, R. Liverpool, July 21 #Foot, B. Gracechurch-street, July 25 Norris P, Liverpool.14.!!

beh Adkins, J. Workworth, July 17 1.4 Forbes, A. B. Bristol, July 26

Nuttall J. Manchester! Allan, w. Throg morton-street, July 29 Ford, G. Oxford-street, July 4

Oakden T. Manchester 'I RICA? Allen, A. Pau Mall, July 22

Forder, W. Basingstoke, July 22 Oakley W., W. Overend, & W. S. OakAnderson, A. Philpot-lane, Jule 29 Fourdringer, H. Cannon-strcotand S. ley, Church-street, Southwark ATUA Anderson, M. Southampton, June 29 Fourdrinier, Charing-cross, June 27,

Peacock R. Limehouse Aubert, N. B. Lloyd's Coffee-house, July 11

Person G. Macclesfield, and W. Sykes,

Ares, w. Watton, Julyn

Forster, E. & R. Wylam, Newcastle-
upon Tyne, July 17

Peel l C. Harding, and W. Willock, Bailey, C.R. H. Swallow field, July 11 Frears, E. Birmingham, Aug. 19

Baker, T. Rochester, July 18
Garratt, D. Portsca, June 96

Perris W. Bath
Ball, J. Watling-street, June 13 Gibbons, T. . & B. Wolverhampton, Perring J. Chalford
Bam ford, W. Houndsditel, July 22

Petrie J. and J. Ward, Hounslow) Barclay, J. Old Broad-street, July 18, Goddard, S. Cornhill, July 25

Pegroia M. and J. Artillery.street A.' Barrett, w.Old Broadstreet, Jane 27 Gooch, J. B. Northampton-se. July 1 Philip D. Fenclnurehrstript Barfoel, J. Arundel-street, July 2 Graham, R. & S. Sluarman, Leicester-sq. Phillips L. and J. High Holborn Bell, J. R. Old Broad-street, July 18 Grant, G. Coleman-strect, July 15.

Pratt), Banbury Bell, R. R. Hedley, Newenstle-upon-, Great head, T. & W.Outhwaite, July 29

Precce I. Peterborough court Tyne, July 7

Gregson, W. Kingston - upon . Hull, Price D. Watford Beaven, J. Old Carendish-str, July 25 July 22

Price G. Threadneedlc-stteltet 18 Beuness, S. A. Worship-street, Juite 27 Green, J. Branncewell, July 8

Prior J. H. London rond d' Bensly, C. Stroud, June 27

Grimsby, J. B. Kingston - upon - Hull, r Powell G. Little Trinity-landakt Beswick, 1. Manchester, July 31,

July 8

Pugh J. Red Laon-treet »t 3** Blakey, G. Bishop Monckton, July 15 Groning, R Broad-street-building, s Rabbeth W. Red Lion-pronage odvali Blakey, W. Leeds, July 15,

July 8, 18

Rains J.S. Wapping-wall? Blow, W. Whitleford, July 25

Harding, S.T., C. Oakes & T. Willinge Ray J and J. Clare, Suffolk Bolon, W. Bury-street, July 21

ton, Tamworth, July 17

Rend A. Lower Groevebet stteet (11) Benring, J. d. Aldgate, July 29

Hardisty, G. & J. Cowing, Bedford-ct. Ready S. Southampton, 19**!,1"} Bolingbroke, H. Great Yarmouih,July 3 Corent-garden, July 1

Rees R. Chathnin

2. when ส Booker, T.Emsworth, Ang. 7 Harkness, J. Addle-st. July 15, 29

Richards H. Beaconsfield is r 1) Bryan, J. & W.L. Grocers Hall-court, Harvey, J.P. Ipswich, July 1

Ridge G. Reading 18- Bleu July 22

Haslam, T. S. J. & R. Bolton-le-Moors, Roberts S. Sheffield Brown, J. R. & I. M. New Poultry, July 4

Robertson J. and J. Stein, Lawrence July 2 Hill, T. Ledbury, July 26

Pourtney-hilliqit.cat TUT Bradley, W. Jewin-street, July 29 Hobson, J. Manchester, Ang. 7

Rowland R. Strand Bradley, R. Warrington, June 27 Hockley, D. Brook-st. Holborn, Aug. 1 Shelly G. M, Whitechapel? In Bragg, W.A. Rotherhithe-wall, July 25 Hodgson, R. Fleet-st. June 17, Jaly 15 Silvester H. P. Newport hr.),198') Brooke, N. Duke-street, Lincoln's Inn- Hollands, J. Romney-terrace, West- Slocombe J. Bristol fields, July 18

minster, July 22

* Smith J. S Brightbelmastodel **8') Buckley, J. Lawrence-lane, July 15 Holman, W. Totness, July 3

Smith W. Newcastle-upouImeli Byrchmore, T. Caddington, Aug. 1 Hornby, G. Liverpool, Aug. 10

Smith J. and J. Forsyth, Princes-streer Campbell, D., B. Harper & A. Baillie, Horusby, T. Cornhill, July 1

Southey R. and T. Fish-street-biller old Jewry, July !!'

Hort, A. Finsbury square, July 1 Spence W. Bishop Wearmonth, Champaesa, s. Fulham, July 8

Hudson, J. Birchio-lane, July 25 Stephenson L. Beverley"nu' Cole, R. King-street, Fiolborn, July 4 Humble, M. Liverpool, June 29

Stevens J. Cheltenham, Coles, W. Mineing-lane, Aug. 8 Humphreys, S. Charlotte-st. Portland- Summers W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne Collins, J. Gosport, July 15

place, July 25

Swan W. New street, Commercial-toad Collinson, E. Crooked-lane, July 22 Hunt, H. J. Exning, July 17,

Taylor W. Durham-street, Strand:yer') Cooper, H. D. Back-street, Horsley Illingworth, J. Leeds, Aug. 11

Taylor R. Witney! down, Aug. 19

Josling, N. Bexley Heath, July 15, Thompson B.Globe-stairs, Rotherhithe Coote, c. 1. Sutton, Cambridgeshire, Johnson, R. S. Great Yarmouth, July 8 Timberlake E. Great Mary le bone str June 30 Jackson, H. Strand, July 09

Tomling J.Gray's Inx-lane) Corthpra, C. Isle of Ely, July 14 Janeey, J. Liverpool, July 13

Tomlinson C. Hawarden van 1,5543 Coulthred, J. High Melton, July is

Kendle T. Great Yarmouth, Aug. 8 Turner W. Whitchurch Cox, W.H. Bread-street, July 8

Kennel J. & J. P. Church-s. Westmins Tyler J. Petworth
Cox, D. High-street, Sonthwark, July es ster, July 15

Vaughan W. Pall Mall
Kirkman J. Gower-street, July 99 Walker J. Harp alles
Crump, T. & T. Hill, jun. Kiddermin-
Knight J. Fore-street, July 35

Walker R.S. E. Smithfields ster, Jane 28 Langley E. &. W. Beleh, July 8

Waddington H. Bridgest Blackfriarsi Cummings, J. Osborn-street, White

Waddington G. Blackburn

, chapel, June 18

La SonefP.Great Winchester-st. July 29 Watts W. Thorley e 1. Curlewis, S. L King-street, Covente Leach H. & J. Ambrose, Bristol, July Walcot T. Portsea garden, Aug. 5

Leadbitter T. Newcastle-upon-Tyne,. . Wardale G. & F. Thamed street, yeni Dairel, A. Great Alie-street, June 24 July 96

West T. Gracechurch-streetv David, 1. Threadneedle-street, Aug. 19 Le Mesurier P. and H. & Co. Austin- Wheelwright C, A. Cullum-tueets Davidson, J. East India Chambers, friars, Aug. 19

White H. Warminster 1 June 10 Lloyd T. Tibberton, July 18

White T. jan. and J.D. Labhreri, Great Davis, W. Newbury, July 22 Lubbock J. W. Potter Heigham, July 7

Winchester-street Daris, N. Gloncester Terrace, New- Lucas A. Liverpool

White J. Windsor street, Cits road 1 road, Aug. 11


R. Frant, Sussex, Aug, 1, Whitebeed G. jun. and G. Clarke, bai Dampier, E. Primrose-street, July 29 Maddoek E., R. Quinn, & J. Uniacke, singhollstreet Dawes, W. Noble R H. Croft&, Liverpool

Wickstead J. Shrewsbnry R. Barwick, Pall Mall, July xs Masefield W. Newport, Ang 8

Wilkins S. High Wycomb indoor Deakin, F. & 3. Oagluton, Birmingham, Miller R, Old Fish-street

Wilkinson J. Appledoret lyx
July 18,
Martin G. Gloucester

Wilson E. H. Liverpool. 'S) Delamare, P. H. Romford, July 29 Marshall J. King's Head-eourt

Wolff J. and J. Dorville, New Bridge-»!, De Quiros, J. M. Size-lane, July 4 Mayhew J. Keppel-street

Woodhouse J. and M. Miuciug-lane Deeks, J. & W. Harper, Norwich July24 Mert tt J. Arlinghamtom

Woodgate W.B. Topbruge
Devlin, M. Great Wild-street, July 22, Moody J, York Mews, Paddington-st. Woodroff I. Gun-streetrit. Ar
Develuz, P. E Size-lane, July 15
Moore T. Paddington

Woolrich S. W. Stalionkin
Duffill, J. Bromsgrove, July 1

Morrall c. & J. Boxland, Liverpool Wray A. Tokenhouse-yard and Dranderdale, W. T. Manchester, July 31 Morris J. Manchester

Wright W. M. and J. Alderna buty Edwards, W. Dartford, Kent, grocer Morgan P. & A. Strother, Crescent, Mi- Wrightson G. sen. Maryport! Elswood, A. Chand, July 18


Wrightson G. jan. Marypoet # , IN
Krans, W. P. Pwllhell, July 25
Murray J. Bishopsgate-street

Wyllie H. and W.J. Richardson
Evans, H. Cheapside, June 17
Munkhoese B.8.G. Londou

Wyatt J. Ihnckley
Fenner, R, Paternoster.row, July 11 Muallion M. Liverpool

Yates J. E. Shoreditch
Field, J. Newgate-market, July 22 Yailer. Jeffries-square *** Younger J., J. C. Wardrop, and H.
Fisher, S. Wiachcomb, Jnly 21, Aug. Nash T. Chesham

Lamb, Crescent, Minorien in
Fish, T. Bridport, July 31
Newman 6. Finsbury.place

Young J. Carlisle
Fitton, I. Gosport, July 27
Noble M. Lancaster

Young D. A. T. and W. W. Awho Flaction, I. F. Berwick-streel, July 1 Noble G. Ely-place



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& sift to svutam19231092 AGRICULTURAL. REPORT.10 ziupusit. ad 1901 Iwi url] 8412 uur lint temur

1 x iu tha 9.13 sisiw boca THE last month being the principal seásán lof hay hatveşk

throughout the greater part of England, the result necessarily becomes a prominent feature in our present report. It will be recollected that the few days immediately preceding the 30th of June were excessively hot, during which a small portion of the early grasses were cut and made in good order; subsequently, the operation of haymaking has been excessively tedious. The former part of July, as it afforded no sun (although not otherwise bad weather); was ill adapted to the performance and the greater part of the hay which was carted, will be found either mow-burnt, or moulded in the rick. Three days of fine weather intervened between the 15th and 18th, and we anticipated a happy conclusion to the hay-harvest; but our hopes have been frustrated by the heavy showers in the latter part of the month. The turnip-sowing has been no less perplexing ;+the early Swedes are nearly all taken off by the fly, and many of the white varieties have shared a similar fate, even after a second and third sowing-a circumstance much to be regretted, as the hoeing will now unavoidably interfere with the harvest, and it will still be uncertain whether a crop will eventually be obtained. This extraordinary consumption of turnip-seed, together with the inconsiderable quantity grown in the present year, has had the effect of raising the price of the article very materially..vanvin

The nodding wheat-ear,” which to the morning of the 17th formed a gracer fiul bow, now lies prostrate in rude disorder on the earth; the heavy rain in the evening of that day, although unaccompanied with wind, made lamentable havock in the corn-fields, but more particularly amongst the first-sown barleys on strong and lusty soils. We fear that being lodged thus early, it is scarcely probable that it will again rise sufficiently to mature the grain, and that scund malting samples will be limited to a small portion of the whole produce. The like is not so much to be apprehended with respect to wheat, which is not only in a more adi vanced stage, but the stem is unusually stout, which will probably enable it to rise sufficiently to prevent material injury to the kernel.

Peas and beans are greatly improved, and promise an abundant produce. Second crop clover also is facilitated in its growth by the late rains, and will afford plenty of feed, or a good swath if destined for the scythe. Mitt !!! total

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21. :-) INCIDENTS, APPOINTMENTS, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, DEATHS, &c. 7978129 6103 IN LONDON AND MIDDLESEX. Voici di loro it ords a'r

13 With Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Persons. On Saturday, June 24th, Robert Waith- office of joint master on Jeffries Spranger, man, esq; alderman and frame-work knit- of Lincoln's-inn, esq., barrister-at-law; and ter, and James Williams, esq. citizen and at the same time his lordship was pleased to goldsmith, were duly elected sheriffs of 'appoint Mr. David Lewis, of New-inn, the London for the year ensuing.-Richard clerk of the reports and certificates: by Clark, esq. was unanimously re-elected this legislative regulation the moneys and chamberlain; and Messrs. Galabin and Tho- effects belonging to the suitors in this great dey, bridgemasters.

Court of Record are placed upon the same Custom-House Fees.-Our commercial basis of security as the money and effects of readers are aware that officers, clerks, and the suitors in the Court of Chancery. others in the service of the Customs, have Royal Exchange.-The new regulation of long been prohibited by law from taking the Gresham Committee for closing the fees. It is right that the public should know doors of the Royal Exchange at hali-past also that an act of parliament (1st Geo. IV. four o'clock has been carried into effect. cap. 7) has just been passed, imposing a penalty of 5001. for offering such fee, whether NEW APPOINTMENTS, PROMOTIONS, &o. it be accepted or not.

The Rev. Dr. Kaye, master of Christ's Court of Exchequer.-In pursuance of college, Cambridge, has been preferred to the late act for appointing an accountant- the see of Bristol, vice Dr. Mansel'; and the general and two masters, &c., in the court Rev. Dr. Wordsworth, rector of Lambeth, of Exchequer, the Right Hon. the Lord to the mastership of Trinity college in that Chief Baron has conferred the offices of ac- university, also vice Dr. Mansel, countant-general and one of the masters of Major-gen. Lewis Grant is appointed that court on Richard Richards, of the In- governor-in-chief of the Bahama islands ner Temple, esq., barrister-at-law; and the Lord Gwydir sworn a member of the prive

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council; the Marquis of Buckingham In- A Lansdowne lada representative of the Bavested with the ensigns of the Order of the rons of Kerry, ennobled in 1181, the most Gaitetssir G.Oanipbelb dard SirdToFoley lanciente di gaisd ditcom jesl IHT with those of the Bath and the honour ofe2e9 Births.] The Countess of Shannon, of a knighthood has ibeen conferred, øn Sir Arlt daughter-The lady of the Hon. Col. LowLeith. K. C. Broj 199 logie s slpinw gaitub ther, of a son-The lady of L: Manners,

Alleyne Lord St, Helen's, is aphointed esą, of a son and her - The Duchess of one of the lords of his Majesty's bedchám- Rutland, of a son–At Somerset-house, the bern, in the room of Lord Spencer, lady of Stephen Lee, esq. of a son visdeceased.

on countess Cranley, of a son and heir-The Oriodsjedavce of honour to Charles Bagot, esq., page

lady of James Campbell, esq. in Cavendishthe king, vice the Hon. T. w. Graves, prouil square, of a daughter in Devonshire-street, moted. 29Visd-yeni srt of noiellssop Portland-place, the lady of Richard Purcell,

The King has approved of James Colqu. esq. of a son-In Parliament-street, the lady houd, esq. as agent in the United Kingdom of Robt. Westley Hall, esq. Wyefield, Essex, for the city of Hamburgh, and of Mr. N. M. of a daughter-In Park-street, GrosvenorRothschild, as consul-general in the United square, the lady of the Hon. Wm. Cust, M.P. Kingdom, for the Emperor of Austria. Also of a daughter-At the house of her father, of Mr. Peregrino Aigen, as consul at Gib- Lord Robert Seymour, in Portland-place, the raltar, for the Emperor of Austria. lady of J. H. Allen, esq, M. P. of a daughter

In Hans-place, the lady of the Hon. Dames NEW MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT. Stewart, of a son. At the house of Dr. BaBorough of Truro.-William Gusset, esq. bington, Aldermanbury, the lady of Benj, Borough of Saltash. - John Fleeming, esq. Babington, esq. of the Madras Civil Service, Borough of Oakhampton, the Hon. John of twin sons.nuoris, veb sedz to gainavs Campbell, commonly called Lord Glen Married.] At St. Mary's, Lambeth, Capt. Jsorchy.sdong yl99u5é zimna H. Leraine Baker, C.B. R. N. eldest son of City of Dublin.

Thomas Ellis, esq. Sir Robert Baker, bart, to Louisa Anna, Borough of Ennis. Richard Wellesley, esq. only daughter of Wm. Williams, esq. M. P. Borough of Malmesbury. William Leake, for Weymouth—Thomas Howard Fenwick,

esq. Royal Engineers, to Marianne, second City of York.- Robert Chaloner, esq. €59.9 dari padors chocodile

daughter of the Hon. Mr. Justice Burrough Borough of Petersfield.—Sir Philip Mus- - At St. James's Church, the Hon. and Rev.

George Pellew, third son of Admiral Viscount Borough of Dundálk, Geo. Hartopp, esq. Exmouth, to the Hon. Frances Addington, Borough of Colchester, Henry Baring, esq. second daughter of Lord Viscount Sidmouth Town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Henry He- -At St. George's Church, Hanover-square, neage St. Paul, esq.

the Hon. Newton Fellowes, to Lady Catheshe King has been pleased to distinguishi sine fortescue, second daughter of Earl the Royal Academy by a new mark of his Mr. J. Mathieu, to Anne, second daughter gracious favour, in giving to its President for of Charles Laurence, gold medal and chain, to be worn by him esq. to Catherine, daughter of ihe time being, sir Thomas Lawrence, a church, Hanovense un ton arm. Medieces

late Bears a portrait of his Majesty, and is in- St. Margaret's Church, Westminster, Chas. scribed From his Majesty King George Gordon, esq. of Burlington-street, to Eleanor the Fourth to the President of the Royal Mary, the only daughter of Nathaniel AtAcademy. in bas 1991

The House of Peers. --of the House of Mr. Alexander Williamson, of the H. E. T. Peers, discharging at present such important Company's Service, to Antonia, elder daughfunctions, the following view is given by a ter of the late William M'Andrew, esge work called The Peerage Chart. The whole At St. George's Church, Hanover-square, number of peers is 371, viz. 6 of the blood John M'Cullum, esq. of Burton-crescent, to royal, 291 lay peers, 26 ecclesiastical peers Mary, widow of the late Wm. Duncan, esq, (all English), 16 representative peers of Scot- of Brunswick-square-At the same place. land, 28 of Ireland, and 4 bishops of the Sir C. Halkett, to Lætitia Sarah, widow of same country. Among these are 11 minors, the late Major Tyler, R. A. Colonel F. and & Roman Catholicks ; and 3 of the Hepburn, Third Foot Guards, to Henrietta, Irish 28 having been created peers of the eldest daughter of the Rev. Sir H. Poole, United Kingdom since their election, 20 bart, of the Hooke, in Sussex=Lieut.-Col. must be deducted from 371, leaving a clear the Hon. J. H. Stánhope, to Lady F. L. house of 351 members. There are 54 ba- Murray–At Mary-le-bone Church, Majorchelors, 41 widowers, 237 married Of General Sir J. Lyon, to Anna, eldest daughthe 278 of the two latter classes, 60 are ter of the late E. Coxe, esq. of Hampstead childless; the remaining 218 have a pro- Heath—T. Monkhouse, esq. to fane, daughgeny of 1068. The Earl of Lindsay, aged 5, ter of S. Horrocks, esq. M. p.1919 is the youngest peer, and the Marquis of Died.) At Blackheath, William Stanley. Drogheda, aged oo, the eldest. Lord Col- eldest son of the late Geo. Hawkes, esq, chester is the most recent creation. Lord both of Gateshead iron-works--John Fenti

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