Зображення сторінки

1. Security ; 2. Salubrity; 3. Classifica- shares his cell with him who has received tion according to age, sex, and crime ; 4. the same sentence for shoplifting, or some Employment; 5. Mcans of instruction; 6. other offence for which life is scarcely ever Opportunity and space for exercise ; 7. sacrificed. Surely this is a time, when the Proper sustenance ; 8. Clothing ;'9. Clean- unfortunate sufferer, whose life' the law'reliness ; 10. Attendance and convenience quires should receive all possible assistance for the sick.

and consolation in his extremity; yet is he To this list might be atlded many other doomed to spend his last hours amidst un, requisites : but if a prison possess not all repenting vice and iniquity; and his praywhich have been enumcrated, the ends of ers for mercy are disturbed by the blasphepunishment will be defeated, misery in- mies and scoffs of his companions. creased, vice promoted, and humanity out Perhaps the most injurious defect, next to raged. Take, for instance, a gaol where is the absence of classification, is the want of little or no classification : lock up in the employment. Almost all who enter the same cell, or confine in the same apartment, walls of a prison, depend for an honest a boy of 12 years of age, committed, per- maintenance on the produce of their own haps, for his first offence, with a veteran labour. Industry is a habit, which, if once plunderer committed for his twentieth ; or broken, is the most difficult to re-acquire'; the accused of petty larceny, with him who hence it often happens that those who have has imbrued his hands in the blood of a been confined for slight offences, without fellow creature :-these occurrences are not work, never recover their former habits of rare:-what must be the consequence? The labour; and, when released, become idle infection will spread, and the comparatively and dissolute characters. Nor is this all.. innocent will, in a very short time, become Experience has shewn that all attempts at as thoroughly corrupted as his depraved good regulation or reform are entirely unsucand abandoned associates. Again, who cessful, where there are no means of occudoes not shudder at the thought of throwing pying the vacant hours. The advantages the girl of 15, not yet entirely debased, are innumerable; the prisoner may contriinto hourly contact with the lowest prostitute, bute to his own maintenance, or even, in long lost to all sense of decency and shame! some cases, cam some small pittance for a Bitter are the fruits of such neglect. Ano- family deeply suffering for his offences. For ther practice which has long prevailed, can- these, and many other reasons, it is earnestly not be mentioned without horror and dis recommended that every prison be supplied gust. So restricted is the accommodation with the means of employing its inmates." for capital convicts in Newgate (but fifteen “ Amongst the requisites enumerated, cells), that almost always two, and generally there is not one which is not of indispensathree, persons under sentence of death, are ble importance to the constitution of a locked up at night in the same cell: boys good prison. How far each of these partifrom 10 to 16, with convicts of any age. culars may contribute to the ultimate object But this is not the greatest grievance. it is not necessary now to discuss, for the He who is condemned for forgery, or some slightest consideration will satisfy all, that crime to which mercy is seldom extended, such requisites are essential.”

AGRICULTURAL REPORT. ALTHOUGH the superabundant quantity of moisture, and repeated frosty nights during the early part of June, materially altered the aspect of the crops on cold-bottomed and tenacious soils, yet have we no reason to change our opinion with respect to general appearances. We are still sanguine in our expectation of an abundant corn harvest, and view with satisfaction the cheering prospect of our own internal resources; at the same time, the growers survey with solicitude and apprehension, the great influx of foreign wheat.

Hay turns up a good swath, but not so heavy as might have been expected ; the cold rains stinted the progress of vegetation altogether, and the corn ears a week later than usual ; consequently there is some probability that the harvest will not be very early.

Turnip sowing is a little backward, from the same cause : the heavy lands became poached, and afforded but an indifferent seed-bed. The fly has also made considerable havock amongst the first-sown Swedes.

Moist weather, at the present season, naturally and invariably accelerates the growth of weeds ; this year has by no means proved an exception, consequently many of the inferior hands have thereby been furnished with employment.

We are under some apprehension about the young grasses ; the sets are certainly not strong, but we fear in many places very defective: they have been injured by insects, particularly that mentioned in our last, which attacked the peas and beans-ihe latter have each mended in appearance.

Wool meets with a readier sale than was previously anticipated, and at somewhat better prices; store cattle, sheep, and pigs, also produce advanced prices.

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Lloyd's Coffee House, June 20, 1820. IT is certainly impossible for us to determine how far the majority of our readers have been initiated into the mysteries of the Stock Exchange, or, indeed, whether they well understand the distinction which Linnæus himself would have passed over as beyond his powers of arrangement--that between bulls and bears, as exhibited in the money-market of the British metropolis. Nevertheless, they may, perhaps, partake our enjoyment when a few days ago witnessing the conflict between these gentlemen in opposite interests on occasion of the loan lately effected by Government. * It will certainly be at five per ccat. PREMIUM," says one of the contractors; “ the quantity of unemployed capital among the merchants of London is at this moment immense :-depend on it, my dear Sir, that very large commissions from the country will arrive, directly as the terms are understood. I know it must bear a PREMIUM.”—“ No such thing, says his opponent: let me intreat you to make up your mind to ten per cent. DISCOUNT: and that, long before Christmas. Only look at the situation of this kingdom-of Europe—of the world : I would not depend on every idle rumour-but, I have very good authority for saying that" Then follows, en suite, a long catalogue of calamities, enough to makc one's hair stand on end,

“ Like quills upon the fretful porcupine," with many a discouraging allusion to cvents long gone by, and to former speculations in omnium, which issued in loss. Such is the spirit of speculation and commerce! The sums lost and won by, it exceed all calculation; and very inadequate are the powers to which we can pretend, to do any thing like justice to a subject so intricate, yet so extensive.

But, the approach of a loan has always an effect on commerce : as several parties form their lists respectively, and each must make preparations for realizing the early payments, each must hold a considerable quantity of money in readiness, among self and friends, to meet the contract, should the event demand it. Hence, not only the price of the stocks are affected, but the markets for commodities also, by the state of suspense attendant on the impending transaction. This may contribute to account for that want, of spirit, which not long ago was felt in commercial concerns : at present, a partial animation has taken place, and we have to report that several articles have experienced considerable improvement.

COFFEE, for instance, though extensive sales have lately been brought forward, has met with ready buyers, and at a rise of 28. or 3s. per cut. if the quality were respectable. At this moment the demand may be stated as uncommonly brisk; and with little or no exceptions, the whole that has been offered for sale has been sold. We hope that we are correct in stating, that a principal cause of this rise may be traced to very favourable accounts from the Continent, especially from Germany; and the opportunity is embraced by a greater number of houses than has been customary; not less than ten or eleven sales being now announced, and with fair prospects. This is the usual time of the year for the new crops being brought to market : however, as yet, nothing like a glut has been perceived.

Sugar has felt a rise, though not so considerable as coffee : the business done, however, is extensive; and the buyers come forward cheerfully. In the refined market the supply is not at this moment equal to the demand, especially for lumps. If the general opinion may be taken as a criterion, the trade is not only reviving, but is likely to hold its improvement, and this as well for home consumption as for exportation.

Teas appear by the reports from the recently-closed sale at the India House, to have sold at an advance on the prices of the last sale: and of some kinds it is said, that they have changed hands already, at a profit of 2d. or 3d. per 1b. The finer qualities were the favourites, and the sale was well supported. The teas in the Private trade have fetched full prices; but the best teas are the Company's.

COTTON has no improvement to boast of at present. The buyers offer a trifle under the currency, but the sellers hold back: in consequence, the sales are very limited; and but little business is done. It is suspected, however, that some small quantities have been disposed of on the buyer's terms; but not enough to establish a currency, or to influence the market.

The unsettled state of the weatber has not only affected our own island, but has, probably, extended over much of the Continent. Advices from Bourdeaux report that the vines are already injured, and that the prospect of the ensuing vintage is unfavourable. This has varied the price of brandy, as well there, as here. Nor will that article, probably, temain stationary at its present price: but a change in the temperature of the atmosphere may, it is to be hoped, dissipate the present fears.

The demand for the products of the Whale Fishery has lately much increased ; and this appears to have been caused by orders from abroad chiefly. Much of the oil expected is sold before its arrival; which is, indeed, nothing uncommon, but in connexion with the prevailing adoption of gas-light, or rather in opposition to it, deserves notice. This will natu

rally remind the reader of the ships sent to explore the Arctic regions ; of which we have heard nothing for many months; but should be happy to report their welfare, which cannot but ve an object of great anxiety to many a relative and many a friend.

The indications of the month aie, on the whole, more satisfactory than they have sometimes been, and if we may judge from the orders transmitted by the Continentai dealers, the rivalships affectedly set up in opposition to the interests of Britain, have as yet little to boast of. To suppose that this little Island must bear the sway in every undertaking would be folly ; but, if our workmen honestly and fairly exert their skill and diligence, and our merchants judiciously employ their interest and capital, as they well know how, the commercial concerns of this country are much more likely to cxcite the envy than the pity of those who grudge them every degree of superiority, whether the consequence of real excellence, or of the partiality of fashion, and fashionable prepossessions.

Daily Prices of STOCKS, froin the 25th May to the 25th June 1820, inclusive.


3 per Ct.


South Seal

4 pct.

Ind End.

Ex. Bills, 2dpr.Day

5 pra.

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i pm.


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13 pm

11 pm

pm. 3 dis,

4 dis. i dis. 2 dis. i dis. 2 dis.

13 pm

May25 224 1683 869 66

4:047 17 18 2195 21 pm. 4 20 224568} 69094 485$ 67104&173 661 219}

20 pm. 5 10 pm. 27 69 88093 565 53 1046 17 18

774 21 pm. 12 9 pm. 29 69% 1093 8855 6104117 :

18 pm 110

8 pm, 30 224 68 9094 86 57 1041176


219 70*15 pm. 8 12 pm. 31 224 684 909 386 5* 104 1712

21 pm. 12 pm. par June 1 223 683 95697 $80} 57 104173 220 219 12 pm. 1 4 pm. 2 2247163ž o 69 7085% ol 1048 173

76% 14 pm. 2

4 pm.
3 2244 09}


16 pm. 3 4 pm.
5 12241095

17 18

16 pm. 3 5 pm.
6 2245 69% 81 86



16 pm. 3
7 694

17 18 1074

14 pm. 2 pm. par
08 og


13 pm. par 1 pm. 095 87 1964


13 pm. i dis. 'I pm.
10 085


14 pm. 1 dis. 1 pm.

1 dis. 1 pm.
13 222 685
863 17 18

12 pm. i dis. 1 pmi.
14 081
804 17'

15 pm i dis. 2 pm.

16 220 68%
863 174 671

7 pm. 2
17 219 108

17 18

19 2194083

17 18

20 684

17 18

11 pm. 3
21 219 684

17 1678

22 219 686 81

13 pm. 2 i dis.

14 pm.

24 1689
1864 !

13 pm. 2 dis. COURSE OF EXCHANGE, from the 26th May to the 23d June, 1820. Amsterdam, c. f.

3 12 5

34 333
Ditto at sight.
12 O 12 2 Seville

34 Rotterdam

12 4 12 6 Gibraltar Antwerp..


12 8 Leghorn.. Hamburgh.

36 11 37 2

37 0 37 3 Venice, Italian Liv.

27 60 Paris, three days' sight

...25 55
25 80 Malta ..

25 85 26 10 Naples

391 381 Bourdeaux 25 85 20 10 , Palermo, per oz.

16d. Frankfort-on-the-Maine



50 Vienna Ef. 2m. fio. 10 9 Oporto

504 50 Trieste, Ditto..

10 10 Rio Janeiro

55 Madrid


58 Cadiz

35 341


35 344 Cork

PRICE OF BULLION, at per Ounce.
d. £ s. d.

d £ d. Portugal Gold in Coin o 0 0

New Dollars ..

4 104 0 Foreign Gold in Bars..3 17 10% 0 0 Silver in Bars, stand .0 5 05 New Doubloons .....3 14

2 dis.


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{"""! :) Mirtmid. EROM MAY 23 TO 'JUNE 23, 1820, INCLUSIVE.

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N. B. In Bankruptcies in and near London, the Attorneys are to be understood to reside in Londoa; and in Country Bankruptcies at the Residence of the Bankrupt, ercept otherwisé expressed,

The Solicitors' Names are between parentheses. ABFLL, T. Nottingham, lace-mavufacturer, (Hurst Kay, R. Bury, Lancashire; cotton-spinnet. (Cunliffe, Ackrord, M. Leeds, earthenware-manufacturer. (Payne

Manchester Aisley, R. Doncaster, silk-mercer. Waterworth

Lindop, R. W. Badhall, Staffordshire. (Collins and Keen, Ainsworth, T. & R., Bolton ; J. Thornley, Warrington and Stafford

P. Cort, Turton, whitsters, (Boardman and Merry, Lott, W. late of Llandilo, Caermarthenshire, Pruggist. Bolton

(Thomas Datters, J. Southampton, grocer. (Marrett

Lowes, G. Commercial-buildings, Mincing-lane, wine-merBlaziel,

c. St. Martin's-lane, Charing-cross, tocksmith. chaut. (Watkins and Peoly, Lincoln's Inn (Eits and Veal, Abingdon-street

Lipscombe, W. Exeter, grocer. (Brutton Brann, S. late of Charing-cross, sword-cutler. (Taylor, Longhurst, J. late of Egham-Hythe, Surrey, carpenter. Gray's lon-square.

(Ronalds, Tokenhouse-yard Butts, T. C. Nag's-head-court, perfumer. (James, Buck

Linney, J. Chester, grocer. (Kelsall lersbury

Lushington, W. jun. late of Mark-lane, merchant. (HealBarter, H. Bishop's Waltham, grocer. (Partington, ing, Lawrence-lane Dyer's-buildiags, Loudon

Macnair, J. jun., & J. Atkinson, Cornhill, merchants. (LaBeil, J. R., & W. Wilkinson, Old Broad-street, inerchants, timer, Gray's lan-square (Borill and Tastin, New Bridge-street

Mattinson, 'J.

now or late of Iluddersfield, merchant. (AlPradley, Manchester, cotton- manufacturer. (Wood

lison Braga, J. Whitehaver, thread-manufacturer. (Hodgson Marlton, J. late of Stroud, Gleucestershire, engineer. Bulpu, R. late of Bridgewater, draper. (Bush, Trow


Marfleet, T. Broad-street, Rateliff, oilman, (Heard, Boydell, J. late of Bethaal-green, coal-merchant. (Pulley, Hooper's-square. Great Wmehester-street

Maitland, A. & J. Adderley, Brentford, ironmongers. (FenBright, R. late of Nassau-place, Commercial-road, haber ton, Freeman's-court, Cornbill dasher. (Lawrance, Doctors' Commons.

Mason, G. Chard, Somersetshire, clothier. (Tucker Caig, P. Liverpool, tailor.

Miles, W. Oxford-street, liner-draper. (Kuight & Free Cart, J, late of Wortley, Leeds, & D.R. Tetley, Arnley, man, Basinghall-street Letds, merchants. (Hemingway

Morris, T. jun. late of Wing, Rutlandshire, baker. (WarConey, R. Strand, plumber. (Norton, New Union-street. ren, Uppingham Cramp, S. Vine-street, Westminster, corn-dealer. (Sad Newell, S. Horsham, Surrey, baker. (Fisher & Munday, low & Co. Monument-yard

Furnival's Inn Chaplin, D. Haverhill, Suffolk, maltster., (Burleigh, Essex Newton, M. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, cooper. (Richmond Clarke, J. Wakefield, Yorkshire, bookseller. (Creswell, Nathan, M. & A. Abrams, of Old-street, tallow-chandlers. Manchester

(Rogers and Son, Manchester-buildings. Clunie, W. St. Martin's-lane. (Shuter, Westminster Parrish, 1. Brettell-lane, Kingswinford, glass-cutter. (Fel. Dasson, J. Metham, Yorkshire, clothier. (Clough and

lows, Dudley Dunn, Huddersfield

Phillips, G. Manchester, plumber. (Ackers Doaphrate, J. Brackley, Northamptonshire, tailor. (Tims, Peters, J. Rathbone-place, Oxford-street, jeweller. (Towers, Basbury

Castle-street, Falcon-square Dorsland, H. jun., & T. R. Davidson, Old Broad-street, Pretty, T. Tipton, Staffordshire, iron-manufacturer. (Spur

ship and insurance-brokers. (Reardon and Davis, rier & Ingleby, Biriningham Corbet-court, Gracechurch-street

Prentice, A. & T. Shelley, Manchester, muslin-manufacDafour, W. P. A. Berners-street, Oxford-street, jeweller. turers. (Dent, Stone, Staffordshire (Hall & Co. New Boswell-court

Rae, A. & W. Earle, jun. East London Theatre. (Poole, Edwards, C. Gough-square, furrier. (Tucker, Bartlett's

Adam's-court baildings, I lolborn

Robertson, A. Grosvenor-place, builder. (Boxer, Furni. Edwards, R. & J., Cradley, Worcestershire, ironmongers. val's Inu, Holborn (Robins, Stourbridge

Richardson, W. Wrotham, Kent, innkeeper Ellett, J. Crispit-sareet, Spitalfields, coach-spring-maker. Sadler, S. Birmingham, pump-maker. (Spurrier and (Fowell and Partridge, Nicholas-lane

Pallows, W. jua. Hatfield, maltster. (Hubbert and Kers, Stock, G. Bristol, cabinet-maker. (Haynes

Sylvester, W. New Woodstock, mercer and draper. (Chil Fitzgerald, J. Vine-street, Lambeth, timber-merchant. ton, Chancery-lane (Sbuter, Millbank-street, Westminster

Seward, A. New Sarum, grocer. (Tinney, Salisbury Frost, G. Wigan, Lancashire, shopkeeper. Morris

Skilbeck, J. Leeds, linen-draper. (Atkinson & Bolland George, &. Narberth, Pembrokeshire, finen-draper. (Wil Smith, J. Coln, Gloucestershire, tallow-chandler. (What. liams, Carmarthen

ley, Cirencester Green, W. Liverpool, money-scrivener. (Blackstock Slater, J. Manchester, innkeeper. (Chew Green, E. Leeds, earthenware-manufacturer. (Smith and Snowdon, B. Harrow-on-the-Hill, grocer (Tucker, Bart. Moore

lett's-buildings, Holborn Gill, T. late of Little Tower-street, hydrometer-maker. Smith, G. Leicester-square, tailor. (Popkin, Dean-street, (Noy and Hardstope, Great Tower-street

Soho Gibbins, 1. jun. late of the Flat, Westbury-upon-Severn,

Sutcliffe, J. Halifax, grocer. (Wigglesworth & Co. master-mariner. (Bоwyers, Gloucester

Searle, L. Weybridge, baker. (Tomlinsons & Co. Copthall. Gledston, G. South Blyth, Northumberland, butcher. (Cock. court, Throgmorton-street crill, North Shields

Stonhill, W.Stewkley, Buckinghamshire, butcher. (Ilooper, Hait, H. Nelson Terrace, Kingsland, broker. (Derby, Dunstable Temple

Studd, J. L. Kirby-street, Hatton Garden, merchant. Hammond, c. Durham, draper. (Wood, Manchester

Wilde, College-hill Hancock, J. St. James 's-street, Piccadilly, coach-maker. Trudgett, Bury St. Edmunds, miller. (Weyman (Pitches, St. Swithin's-lane

Wade, J.'late of Keynsham, Somersetshire, and J. Wade, Hopperton, E. Liverpool, upholsterer. (Bardswell

late of Leeds, Yorkshire, woolstaplers. (Isaac, Hargreaves, s. Liverpool, woollen-draper. (Phillips

Marshfield Harris, c. Bradford, Wiltshire, tanner. (Stone

West, W. Bredenbury, Herefordshire. (Dangerfield and Hayles, C. & J. N., Portsmouth, grocers. (Cruickshank, Howell, Bromyard Gosport

Wilby, I. Ossett, Yorkshire, merchant. (Taylor, Wakefield Hackett, R. Newport, Isle of Wight, spirit-merchant. Wilkinson, W. Old Broad-street, ship-broker. (Lamb & (Worsley

Mami, Princes-street, Bank. Hays, P. Little Thames-street, biscuit-baker. (Pope, old

Watkins, T. Tate of Ross, Herefordshire, grocer. (James, Bethlem

Buoklersbury Henshaw, F. E. Derby, currier. (Nuttall, Nottingham Wild, J. Whittle, Derbyshire, cotton-spinner. (Walmsley, Hatfield, W. sen. Huntingdon, ironmonger. (Maule

Marple, near Stockport Haggett, T. now or late of Bermondsey-street, Surrey,

Williams, J. Birmingham, japanper. (Smith & Co. grocer. (Denton, New Union-street

Woolverton, E. Nerwich, cabinet-maker. (Foster and Honyman, J. Church-street, Spitalfields, silk-manufacturer. Uuthank (James, Bucklersbnry

Whitehead, J. Denshaw, Yorkshire, clothier. (Akers, Hughes, B. Bristol, victualler. (Cornish

Manchester Nlingworth, R. Waterloo-place, Pall Mall.. (Knight and Wood, G. Gloucester, marble-mason, (Bird, Kidderminster Freeman, Basinghall-street

Welsford, F, W. Size-lane, merchant. (Pollock & Oates, Jarman, T. Bristol, wine-merchant. (Evill, Bath

Basinghall-street Jones, H. Holywell, Flintshire, draper. (Williams Willey, T. Strand, boot-maker. (Wright, Gray's Inn-square Johnson, N. Birmingham, bed and mattrent-manufacturer. Young, G. New Sarum, Wiltshire, grocer. (Tinney, (Pearce and Hunt, Frederick's-place, London


June 5


IN 1 DIVIDENDS. :? jf etdi ALDEBEAT, T., C. c. Becher, & ]. Farley, 8. & R. Dodd, Miltoo-bext. Mills, C. Lower East Smithfield, June 3 Hargreaves, St. Paul's Cburch-yard, Sittingborne, kent, June 19

Moon, J. Acres Barn, Manchester, heter 2017, w. & R. Lightohler, Chore Fisher, W. Union-place, Lambeth, Montgomery, J. & J. Brereton, Elverley, June 10 June 6

pool, June 21 Ainsdeu, W. Plaistow, June 13 Forder, W. Basingstoke, June 10

Perris, W. Bath, June 10 Ansell, G. Carshalton, June 17

Goodchild, J. sen. Low Pallion, Dur. Powell, J. & E. Holborn-bill, June 10.) Aaron, A. Plymouth. Dock, June 5

Parnell, E. late of Congleton, Cheshire, y

ham J. & W. Jackson, late of Dove.

पर Ashford, c. $. Harrow-road, June 17 gate Wharf, London ; J. Goodchild, June 3 Bell, C. F. Castle-street, June

jun. High Pallion, Darham J. Jack Pratt, R. Archer-street, Westminster, Bradley, M, Huddersfield, June 8

son, late of Eppleton, Durham, and June 10 Ballmer, A. City Chambers, Bishops. T.Jones, sen.

late of Greencroft, Dar- Piekstock, T. Shrewsbury, June 19 ham, June 12 : 1

Prebble, J. jun. St. Mary, Bow, June 13 Beckwith, c. Preston, Lancashire, Gates, J. Grimstone, Norfolk, June 23 Richards, J. Whitchurch, Salop, June 25 June 12

Glenny, J. Red Lion-street, Clerken. Roberts, W. jun. Deal, June 17 Body, w: Newhaven, June 10 well, June 17

Ryan, J. Liverpool, June 8 Brice, w. Bristol, June 10

Grant, J. Coleman-strect, June 29 Scott, B. Horncastle, Lincolnshire, Brown, S. & T. H. Scott, St. Marg-hill, Grimsby, J, B. Kingston - upon - Hull,

June 15 London, June 24

June 27

Scott, S. Thimbleby, Lincolnshire, Blackborn, J. Witham, Essek, Jahe 30 Grimwood, S. Bures, Suffolk, Jane 6 June 15 Boyle, W. Kingston-upon-Hull, June 2 Gale, J. Pateruoster-row, June 24, Sheath, A. & C., Boston ; J. Steel, FisBriant, W. Kennington, June 13

Hardisty, G. & J. Cowing, Bedford- kerton ; & J. Wray, Lincolu, June 15 Budden, 1. Rochester, June 27

court, Govent-garden, June 30 Shoobridge, W. Marden, Kent, June 17 Barford, W. Gillingham, Kent, June 20 Hunt, C. Mark-lape, June 17

Smith, T. Chepstow, June 19 Baldwin, W. H. Liverpool, Jane 20 Hollicar, T. & J. Bristol, June 21

Slingsby, J. Manchester, June 7 Ball, T. Keyford, Somersetshire, Henry, I. Liverpool, June 20

-streçte June 17

Humphries, J. Birmingham, June 21 July i Beckett, J. Silver-stroet, June 20 Hall, T., & J. Malkin, Compton, Der Satterthwaite, T. Liverpool, June 19 Bentley, R. Whitehorse-yard, Drury- byshire, Jane 9

Schlesinger, M. Church-court, Lomlane, Jane 17

Hamblin, s. Wotton - under - Edge, bard-street, June 20 Berg, A. Gottenberg, Sweden, June 17 Gloucestershire, June 3

Sennott, W.Bowling-green-lave, Clerk Berleigh, J. Bristol, July 8

Harris, J.Ilaselor, Warwickshire,June 5 enwell, June 30
Bolton, W. Bury street, Westminster, Harrison, J. Sheffield, June 6

Taterson, M. Halifax, June 15
Hanham, w. Bath, July 1
Oliffe, . George Inn, Commercial-

Timberlake, E. Great Mary-le-bonde:-
Heath, W. Lower-street, Islington, street, June 17
road, July 1
June 10

Vernon, T. Towcester, June 27 Carpenter, J. Wellington, June 21 Hopkinson, J. Liverpool, June 16 Walker, J. Harp-alley, July ! Cobham, w. jur. & T. Jones, Ware, Hornsby, T. Cornhill, June 3

Willan, J. jun. Ville of Kenswick, WorHertfordshire, June 6

Jenuings, W. Aldersgate-street, June 3 cester, June 30
Coleman, W. Gosport, June 24
Jones, T. Liverpool, June 10

Wallace, W. Workington, Cumberland,
Cooke, W. Birmingham, June 24 Jordan, R., J. Smith, & J. Litchfield,
Croucher, J, H. Great Alie-street, Leadenhall-street, June 13

Wickwar, H. & J. Colthront Mills, Goodman's-Gelds, June 20 Josling, N. Bexley-heath, Kent, June 15

June 27 Cowell, S. Sutton.at - Hone, Kent, Kendrick, J. Bellington Mills, Wor Wilkinson, J. Appledore, Kent, Juve » June 10 cestershire, June zi

West, R. E. St. Margaret's-hill, June 127 Cohen, E. Broad-street, June 3

Knight, J. Coppice-row, Clerkenwell, Womack, J. W. Norwich, June 2) Cox, W. H. Bread-street, June 3

June 8

West, J. Richmond, June 24 Davís, E. &W. Phillips, Church-street, Lancaster, T.J. Cateaton-street, June 27 Wond, R. Hart-street, June 21 Lambeth, June 6

Lambert, S. A. Bread-street, June 17 Wooddeson, T. W. Dover-street, PiccaDellow, J. Milk-yard, Lower Shadwell, Lees, D. Foul Leach, Oldham, June 13 dilly, June 10 June 17

Lincoln, R. St. James-street, Westmin- Wheelwright, c. A. Cullum-street, Davidson, East India Chambers, Leadenhall-street, May 17

Mackenzie, c. late of Caroline-street, Woodroof, J. Gun-street, old Artillery Davis, J. Trowbridge, Wiltshire June 10 Bedford-square, June 3

Ground, May 20 Dison, E. Lamb's Conduit-str. June 17 Manfredi, J.'s., T. Luff, & H. Hensball, Yates, J. Waruford-court, June 22 England, T. Smithfield, June 13

Wheeler-str. Norton Falgate, June 34


June 23

June 21



With Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Persons. New Churches. It appears that St. Luke, stone was laid by Thomas Wilson and H. Chelsea, is the first parish which will build Wrottesley, Esqrs. assisted by Mr. Fowler a new church through the joint aid of a local the architect. We understand that the pro. act, and the commissioners for building and posed building is to comprise a distinct acpromoting the building of new churches in commodation for each list of commissioners, populous parishes. In the accomplishment and upon the most simple and economical of this measure much praise is justly due construction. A new street is to be opened. to the honourable rector, the Rev. Dr. Wel from Guildhall-yard to Basinghall-street, lesley, who has been most indefatigable in and several other improvements are profurthering the object of the commissioners. posed to be made in the vicinity by the cor

Public Debt. A paper has been printed, poration of London. by order of the House of Commons, shewing Coronation. The preparations for the the state of the Public Debt of the empire, Royal Coronation proceed with great acti-, funded and unfunded, as it stood at the 5th vity, and, in many instances, begin to asof January, 1820. By this is appears, that sume a decided form. This is particularly the unredeemed debt of Great Britain the case in Westminster Hall and Abbey. and Ireland, on the 5th of January, 1820, In the Hall, not only is the platform entirely amounted to 836,246,9231.of which the total completed, but the frame-work for the side annual charge amounted to 49,592,1521, galleries is erected. The lower part of each, This enormous mass of debt has been since gallery is ten feet from the platform; and increased by the late loan.

the flooring of the gallery is also about ten City Improvements, May 30.—The com- feet in depth, the seats rising regularly one, mencement of a new building for the ac- above the other. Behind is a passage to encommodation of the commissioners of bank- able the company to pass to the several rupts, was made on part of the site of Black- boxes or seats. Underneath these galleries well Hall in Basinghall-street. The first will be assembled the company at the outer,

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