Зображення сторінки




I. W. W. Industrial Workers of the World Phys.

J., JJ.
Judge; Judges


(He) painted it J. P. Justice of the Peace

P. M.

Post Meridian (after mid-day):
K. R.
Knight of the Bath (seldom used);

Postmaster; Prime Minister
Knight Bachelor, King's Bench P. M. G. Postmaster-General
K. B. E. Knight Commander British Empire P. O.

Post Office; Postal Order
K. C.
King's Counsel; Knights of Columbus Pop.

K. C. B. Knight Commander or the Bath Pp.

K. C. I, E. Knight Commander of the Indian Pres.



Professor K. C. M. GKnight Commander of St. Michael Pro tem. Pro tempore (for the time being) and St. George


Provost; Provisional; Province K. C. S. I. Knight Commander of the Star of Prox.

Proximo (next)

P. S. Postscriptum (postscript);prompt side K. C. v. 0. Knight Commander of the Royal


Victorian Order

Q. C.

Queen's Counsel
K. G.
Knight of the Garter

Q. E. D. Quod erat demonstrandum (which kil. Kilometer

was to be demonstrated), applied kilo. Kilogram

to a theorem K. K. K. Ku Klux Klan

Q. E. F. Quod erat faciendum (which was to K. P. Knight of St. Patrick; Knight of

be done): applied to a problem Pythias

Q. M. G. Quartermaster-General
K. T.
Knight of the Thistle


Quart Kt., Knt. Knight

q. V.

Quod vide (which see)

R., Rep.

Republican lat. Latitude

R. A. Royal Academician; Royal Artillery lb. Pounds (weight)

R. A. F. Royal Air Force
L. H. D. (Literarum Humaniorum Doctor) R. A. M. C. Royal Army Medical Corps
Doctor of Literature

R. A. S. Royal Astronomical, or Asiatic, Society
Lit. D.
Doctor of Literature

R. C.

Roman Catholic
Litt. D
Doctor of Letters

R. E.

Royal Engineers
LL. B.
Bachelor of Laws

Rear-Adm. Rear-Admiral
LL. D.
Doctor of Laws


LL, M.
Master of Laws

R. F. D. Rural Free Delivery

R. I.

Royal Institute of Painters in Water long. Longitude

Colours L. S. d. Pounds, shillings and pence: Money R. I, P.

Requiescat in pace (May he or she Lt., Lieut. Lieutenant

rest in peace) Lt. Col. Lieutenant-Colonel

R. M.

Royal Marines; Resident Magistrate Lt.-Gen. Lieutenant-General

R. N.

Royal Navy

R. N. R. Royal Naval Reserve

Septuagint (the old testament) R. N. V. R. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Monsieur, Meridian (noon)

R. 0. T. C. Reserve Officers Training Corps
M. A.
Master of Arts

R. S. V. P.

Fr. Repondez s'il vous plait (Please Maj.-Gen. Major-General

answer) Math. Mathematics; Mathematical

Rt, Hon. Right Honourable (Member of BritM. B. Bachelor of Medicine

ish Privy Council) M. B. A, Master of Business Administration Rt. Rev.

Right Reverend

Military Cross; Member of Congress R. Y. S. Royal Yacht Squadron
M. D.
Doctor of Medicine

S. A. S.

Fellow Society of Antiquaries (U. S.) mdse. Merchandise

Se. B.

Bachelor of Science
M. E.
Mining Engineer; Mechanical En- Sc, D.

Doctor of Science
gineer; Methodist Episcopal

Sc. M.

Master of Science




Sculpsit (he engraved)
Mademoiselle (Miss)



S. J.

Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
M. P.
Member of Parliament

s. p.

Sine prole (without issue) MS.. MSS Manuscript, Manuscripts

S. P. C. A. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty M. Sc. Master of Science

to Animals Mus. B. Bachelor of Music

S. P. C. C. N. Y. Society for the Prevention of Mus. D. Doctor of Music

Cruelty to Children
M. W.
Most Worshipful

S. R.

Sons of the Revolution
N. A.
National Academician


Steamship; Saints
N. B.
L. Nota Bene, notice

S. S. A. Social Security Act
N. C. 0. Non-Commissioned Oncer

S. S. M. Society of the Sacred Mission n. d. No date


Street; Saint Nemine contradicente (no one connem. con.


F. Sainte (female saint) tradicting); unanimously

S. T. D. Doctor of Sacred Theology net, nett (It.) Netto (free from all deductions) stet.

Let it stand
N. G.
National Guard

Temperature; Temporary
Non sequitur (it does not follow) T. N. T.
non seg

Trinitrotoluene (high explosive) N. S. New Style in the Calendar

Transpose obit Obitur (he died)

U. K.

United Kingdom 8vo Octavo (folded in eight)


Ultimo (last) O. F. M. Order of Friars Minor


University 0, H. M. S. On His Majesty's Service

U, P.

United Press 0. K. "All Correct" (slang)

U. S. A. United States of America: Union of 0. M. Order of Merit

South Africa: United States Army O. M. I. Oblate of Mary Immaculate

U. S. N. United States Navy 0. P.

Ordinis Praedicatorum of the U. S. P. United States Pharmacopoeia
Order of Preachers (Dominican)

v., vid.

Vide (see)
Opposite prompter

V. C.

Victoria Cross 0. c. Oilcers Reserve Corps


Veterinary 0. S.

Old Style in the Calendar (in Great Vice.-Adm. Vice-Admiral
Britain and U. S. before 1752) viz.

Videlicet (namely) 0. S. B. Order of St. Benedict


Volume; Volunteers 0. S. F. Franciscan (Capuchin) Order

V. P.

Vice President

V. R. oz.

Victoria Regina (Queen Victoria) P. C.

Privy Councillor; Police Constable V. R. et I. Victoria Regina et Imperatrix (Vic.
Per centum (by the hundred): post

toria Queen and Empress)


Versus (against)
P. E.
Protestant Episcopal

W. C. T. U. Women's Christian Temperance Union
Ph. B.
Bachelor of Philosophy

Y. M. C. A. Young Men's Christian Association Ph. D. Doctor of Philosophy

Y, M. H. A. Young Men's Hebrew Association Ph. G. Graduate in Pharmacy

Y. W. C. A. Young Women's Christian Association Alphabetical abbreviations of United States Government agencies are not included in this list.


P. c.

Bishops of The Methodist Church

Source: Commission on Public Information of The Methodist Church Badley, Brenton Thoburn Delhi, India

Magee, J. Ralph.

Des Moines, Iowa Baker, James C. Los Angeles, Calif. Martin, William C.

Omaha, Neb. Balloch, Enrique C. Santiago, Chile

McConnell, F, J.

New York City
Baxter, Bruce R.
Portland, Ore.

Melle, F. H. Otto.

Berlin Broomfield, John c. St. Louis, Mo.

Mondol, Shot K.

Hyderabad, India Chen, W.Y. Chunking. China

Moore, Arthur J.

Atlanta, Ga. Cushman, Ralph S. St. Paul, Minn.

Oxnam, G. Bromley Boston, Mass. Darlington, U. V. W. Louisville, Ky.

Peele, William W.

Richmond. Va.
Decell, J. Lloyd.. Birmingham, Ala.

Pickett, J. Waskom Bombay, India
Dobbs, Hoyt M.
Jackson, Miss.
Purcell, Clare

Charlotte, N. C.
Flint, Charles W.
Syracuse, N. Y.

Richardson, Ernest G. Philadelphia, Pa. Gattinoni. Juan E. Buenos Aires, Argen, Rockey, Clement K.

Lucknow, India Hammaker, Wilbur E. Denver, Colo.

Selecman, Charles C. Oklahoma City, Okla.
Holt, Ivan Lee.
Dallas, Texas
Shaw, A. P.

Baltimore, Md.
Jones, Robert E.
Columbus, Ohio

Smith, Angie Frank Houston, Texas
Kaung, z. T.
Pekin, China
Smith, H. Lester

Cincinnati, Ohio
Kern, Paul B.
Nashville, Tenn.
Springer, John M.

Elisabethville, Bel. Con:
King. Lorenzo H.
Atlanta, Ga.

Straughn, James H. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Lacy. G. Carleton
Foochow, China

Wade, Raymond J.

Detroit, Mich.
Lee, Edwin F
Singapore, S. S.

Waldorf, E. L.

Chicago, II. Leonard, Adna Wright Washington, D. C.

Ward, Ralph A.

Shanghai, China Lowe, Titus Indianapolis, Ind.

Watkins, William T. Columbia, So. Car.

Ainsworth, W. N.
Macon, Ga.
Keeney, F.T.

Miami, Pla.
Anderson, W.F.
Winter Park, Fla.

Leete, F. D.

De Land, Fla.
Blake, Edgar
Coral Gables, Fla.

Mitchell, C. B.

Pasadena, Calif.
Boaz, Hiram A.
Dallas, Texas

Miller, George A.

Oakland, Calif. Cannon, James, Jr. Richmond, Va.

Moore, John M.

Dallas, Texas
Clair, W. M.
Covington, Ky.

Nicholson, Thomas Mount Vernon, Iowa
Elphick, Roberto
Santiago, Chile

Nuelsen, John L.

New York City
Gowdy, John.
Pittston, Pa.

Robinson, J. W.

Lucknow, India
Hay, Samuel Ross.
Houston, Texas

Welch, Herbert

New York City Hughes, Edwin H.

Washington, D. C. The Uniting Conference, held in Kansas City, Foreign, Home and Women's Work, at 150 Fifth Mo. (April 26-May 10, 1930) created The Methodist Ave., N. Y. City; Board of Temperance continues Church out of the Methodist Episcopal Church,

in Washington, D. C.; Board of Education, Nashthe Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and the

ville, Tenn.; Board of Pensions, 740 Rush St., Methodist Protestant Church.

Chicago, and 506 Olive St., St. Louis; Board of

Lay Activities, Chicago, Ill.; Board of Publication, The first General Conference of The Methodist

Chicago and Nashville; Board of Hospitals and Church was held April 24, 1940. It was followed Homes, Columbus, Ohio; Commission on Evanby six Jurisdictional Conferences.

gelism, Nashville, Tenn.; Commission on Public The headquarters of the organized activities of

Information, N. Y. City; Commission on World The Methodist Church were located as follows Peace. Chicago; Commission on Courses of Study, Board of Missions and Church Extension, including Nashville, Tenn.

Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor

Source: Headquarters officers of the Organization President, Rev. Daniel A. Poling, D.D.; Honorary nominations, and in practically every country on Vice-president, Rey. William Hiram Foulkes, D.D.; the globe. Vice-presidents, Harry N. Holmes, Mrs. Helen Lyon

Most of the societies are formed in local churches Jones, Rev. J. Gordon Howard, D.D., Rev.

and exist as a part of the activity of the church. Norman Vincent Peale, D.D., and Rev. Lawrence

Some, however, exist in unusual places, as in

hospitals, aboard ship, in army camps, in public W. Bash; Executive Secretary and Treasurer,

institutions, in prisons, in schoolhouses, and in Carroll M. Wright; Associate Secretary, Rev.

homes where no church building is available. Stanley B. Vandersall, D.D.; Field Secretary,

The purpose of the society is, as expressed in Ernest s. Marks.

its constitution, "to promote an earnest Christian The headquarters of the movement is in the

life among its members, to increase their mutual World's Christian Endeavor Building, Mount Ver- acquaintance, to train them for work in the non and Joy Streets, Boston, Massachusetts. This church, and in every way to make them useful in building was erected in 1918 by the contributions the service of God and their fellow men." It is of one hundred thousand young people throughout the church training the young, and its motto is the world.

"For Christ and the Church." Its cardinal prinThe first society of Christian Endeavor was

ciples are stated thus: (1) Open confession of formed on February 2, 1881, in the Williston Con- Christ, (2) active service for Christ, (3) loyalty to gregational Church, Portland, Maine, by Rev. Christ's church, (4) fellowship with Christ's Francis E. Clark, pastor, for the purpose of train- people. ing a large number of young people in the duties The International Society of Christian Endeavor of church membership and the activities of the is the clearing-house for all forms of Christian EnChristian life. The early societies were for young deavor activity. It publishes and circulates varipeople approaching, maturity, but on March 29, ous literature, including the Christian Endeavor 1883, the first Junior Christian Endeavor society World, the official organ of the movement. was organized, and in 1891 the first Intermediate

The International Society is supported by volsociety had its birth. Now, under graded Christian

untary gifts, bequests and annuities from individ. Endeavor, there are societies adapted to all ages, uals and the sale of literature, badges, etc., albeginning with Juniors and including adults and

though the latter feature is largely a service rengraduate members who are called Alumni.

dered to the societies and unions. There are about 80,000 Christian Endeavor so- The World's Christian Endeavor Union comcieties. with more than 4,000,000 members. So- prises all the national unions throughout the cieties are found in eighty or more religious de- world, the number being more than fifty.

Flags of 90 Governments Displayed in U. S. Owned Chapel

Source: The Rev. Gustav Stearns, D.D., Chaplain, National Soldiers Home Chapel National flags, of ninety, foreign governments, Gustav Stearns, chaplain, with the approval of each flag actually procured in and mailed from or Col. Charles M. Pearsall, manager, Veterans Adbrought from the country or government it repre- ministration, The collection was started in 1936 sents, have been assembled for the U. S. govern- and the first flag of the collection received from a ment-owned National Soldiers Home Chapel, foreign country was displayed in the chapel, Nov. Veterans Administration, Wood, Wis., by the Rev. 1 8. 1936.

Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church

Most Rev. Henry St. George Tucker, Bishop of Virginia, Presiding Bishop: Secretary of the House of Bishops, Rev. John H. Fitzgerald. 7301 Ridge Boulevard. Brooklyn. Alabama-Charles C. J. Carpenter, Birmingham. Peabody. Coadjutor, Utica. Western: Cameron Alaska-Peter Trimble Rowe (miss.), Seattle, J. Davis, Buffalo. Rochester: Bartel H. Rhein

Wash.; John Boyd Bentley, Suffragan, Nenana, heimer, Rochester. Albany: G. A. Oldham, AlAlaska.

bany. Long Island: Ernest M. Stires, Garden Arizona-Walter Mitchell (miss.), Phoenix

City. John 1. B. Larned, Suffragan, Brooklyn. Arkansas-R. Bland Mitchell, Little Rock.

North Carolina-Edwin A Penick. Raleigh, North California-Karl M. Block, Coadjutor, San Fran

Caroiina: T. C. Darst, Wilmington. Western cisco, Sacramento: A. W. Noel Porter, Sacra

North Carolina, Robert Emmet Gribbin, Ashe

ville. mento, Los Angeles: W. B. Stevens, Los Angeles: Robt. B. Gooden, Suffragan, Los Angeles. San

Ohio-Beverly D. Tucker, Jr., Cleveland. Southern: Joaquin: Louis C. Sanford, Fresno.

H. W. Hobson, Cincinnati. Colorado-Fred Ingley, Denver.

Oklahoma--Thomas Casady, Oklahoma City. Connecticut-Walter H. Gray, Suffragan Bishop of Oregon-Benjamin D. Dagwell, Portland. Eastern:

Connecticut. Hartford: Frederick G. Budlong. W. P. Remington (miss.), Pendleton.

Pennsylvania--Francis M. Taitt, Philadelphia. Dakota, North-D. H. Atwill (miss.), Fargo.

Pittsburgh: Alexander Mann, Pittsburgh. BethleDakota, South-W. B. Roberts, Sioux Falls.

hem: Frank W. Sterrett, Bethlehem. Harrisburg: Delaware-A, R. McKinstry, Wilmington.

Wyatt Brown, Harrisburg. Erie: John C. Ward.

Erie. District of Columbia--James E. Freeman.

Rhode Island-J. De W. Perry, Providence: G. G. Florida-F. A. Juhan, Jacksonville.

Bennett, Suffragan, Providence. Florida, South John D. Wing. Orlando.

South Carolina--Albert S. Thomas, Charleston. Georgia-Middleton S. Barnwell, Savannah. At- Upper South Carolina: J. J. Gravatt, Columbia. ianta: Henry J. Mikell, Atlanta.

Tennessee-_J. M. Maxon, Memphis; Edmund P. Idaho-Frederick B. Bartlett (miss.), Boise.

Dandridge, Coadjutor, Nashville. Illinois--Wallace E. Conkling, Bishop of Chicago, Texas-Clinton S. Quin, Houston. Dallas: H. T.

Chicago; E. J. Randall, Suffragan, Chicago. Moore, Dallas. W. Texas: William T. Capers, Quincy: W. L. Essex, Peoria: John C. White, San Antonio. No. Tex.: E. C. Seaman (miss.). Springfield.

Amarillo. Indiana--R. A. Kirchhoffer, Indianapolis. North- Utah-Arthur W. Moulton (miss.), Salt Lake City.

ern Indiana: Campbell Gray, Mishawaka. Vermont-Vedder Van Dyck, Burlington, Iowa--Harry S. Longley, Davenport.

Virginia-H. St. George Tucker, New York City. Kansas -Shirley H. Nichols, Bishop of Kyoto, in F. D. Goodwin, Coadjutor, Richmond. Southern:

charge of Salina. Salina: Goodrich R. Fenner, William A. Brown, Norfolk. Bouthwestern: H. Topeka, Salina.

D. Phillips, Roanoke. Kentucky-Charles Clingman, Louisville. Lexing- West Virginia-Robert E. L. Strider, Wheeling. ton: Henry P. A. Abbott, Lexington.

Wisconsin-Benjamin F. P. Ivins, Milwaukee. Louisiana-John L. Jackson, New Orleans.

Fond du Lac: Harwood Sturtevant, Fond du Lac. Maine-Oliver L. Loring, Portland.

Eau Claire: Frank E. Wilson, Eau Claire. Maryland---Edw. T. Helfenstein, Baltimore. Eas- Washington-Olympia: S. Arthur Huston, Seattle: ton: W. McClelland, Easton.

Spokane: Edward M. Cross, (miss.), Spokane. Massachusetts-Henry K. Sherrill, Boston. Ray- Wyoming-Winfred H. Ziegler (miss.). Laramie. mond A. Heron, Suffragan, Boston. Western:

Africa--Liberia: Leopold Kroll, Monrovia. William A. Lawrence, Springfield.

Brazil-Southern: William M. M, Thomas (miss.). Michigan-P. W. Creighton, Detroit. Marquette: Rio Grande do Sul. (See Northern Michigan.) Western: L. B.

China-Shanghai: William P. Roberts (miss.). Whittmore, Grand Rapids.

Shanghai, Hankow: Alfred A. Gilman, Hankow. Minnesota-Frank A. McElwain, Evanston,


Anking: Lloyd R. Craighill, Bishop of Anking. Stephen Edwards Keeler, Coadjutor, Minneapo- Wuhu.

lis, Duluth; Benjamin T. Kemmerer, St. Cloud. Haiti-H. R. Carson (miss.), Port au Prince. Spence Mississippi-Wm. Mercer Green, Jackson.

Burton, Suffragan, Port au Prince. Missouri--William Scarlett, St. Louis. West: Robert Panama Canal Zone-Harry Beal (miss.), Ancon. N. Spencer, Kansas City.

Cuba-Alexander H. Blankingship, Havana. Montana-H, H. Daniels, Helena, Coadjutor, Helena. Virgin Islands C. B. Colmore, in charge. Nebraska-Howard R. Brinker, Western; George A. Dominican Republic-H. R. Carson in charge. Beecher (miss.), Hastings.

Japan-North Kwanto, F. Reifsnider, Tokio. Nevada Thomas Jenkins (miss.), Reno.

Shirley N. Nichols (miss.), Kyoto, Tohoku; Nor-
New Hampshire-John Thomson Dallas, Concord. man S. Binsted (miss.), Sendai.
New Jersey-Wallace J. Gardner, Trenton. Newark: Hawaiian Islands Honolulu: Samuel H. Littell,

Benjamin M. Washburn. Orange: Theodore R. (miss.), Honolulu.
Ludlow, Suffragan, Orange,

Mexico-Efrain Salinas (miss.), Mexico D. F. New Mexico

Philippines Norman s. Binsted, Bishop of TONew York-Wm. T. Manning, New York City: hokus, in charge of Philippine Islands, Manila:

Charles K. Gilbert, Suffragan, New York City. Robert F. Wilner (suffr.), Manila.
Central: Edward H. Coley, Utica. Malcolm E. Puerto Rico-Chas. B. Colmore (miss.) San Juan.

RETIRED BISHOPS Julius W. Atwood, Washington, D. C.; Samuel P. Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn.; Paul Jones. YelG. Babcock, Marblehead, Mass.; Theodore D. Brat- low Springs, Ohio; William Lawrence, Boston, ton, Jackson, Miss.; Chauncey B. Brewster, Hart- Mass., Paul Matthews, Princeton, N. J.; Robert ford, Conn.; Robert E. Campbell, St. Andrews. H. Mize, Salina, Kan, William H. Moreland, AlTenn.; George W. Davenport, Auburndale, Mass. bany, N. Y.; James Craik Morris, New Orleans,

Edward T. Demby, Cleveland, Ohio; Frank Du- La.; Herman Page, Ann Arbor, Mich., Rt. Rev.
Moulin, Locust Valley, N. Y.; Davis L. Ferris, Edward L. Parsons, D.D., California.
Rochester, N. Y., Charles Fiske, Baltimore, Md.; Logan H. Roots, New York, N. Y.; Edwin W.
Herbert H. H. Fox, Billings, Mont.; William L. Saphore, Syracuse, N. Y.; Ernest v. Shayler, Los
Gravatt, Charleston, W. Va.; Robert L. Harris, Angeles, Calif.; Wilson R. Stearly, Montclair, N. J.;
San Diego, Calif., Rt. Rev. Daniel T. Huntington, Arthur C. Thomson, Portsmouth, Va.; Theodore
D.D., Anking: Robert C. Jett, Roanoke, Va. P. Thurston, San Diego, Calif., Frank H. Touret,

Frederick F. Johnson, Newtown, Conn., Irving Tryon, N, C.; James R. Winchester, Chicago, IN.

Volunteers of America

Source: An Official of the Organization The Volunteers of America is a religious and During the past year 643,226 lodgings were prophilanthropic organization administering to the vided; 2,036,795 free meals were given to deserving many needs of the unfortunate and destitute in needy persons; 10,670 were provided transportation: large urban centers of the United States. Head- while upwards of three million persons came under quarters address is 34 W, 28th St., New York, N. Y. I the direct influence of the spiritual program.

The National Catholic Welfare Conference

Source: An Official of the Organization The National Catholic Welfare Conference was Edward Mooney, Archbishop of Detroit, chairman organized in 1919 as a common agency acting under of the Administrative Board and episcopal chairthe bishops to promote the welfare of the Catholics man of the Executive Department; Most Rev. John of the United States. The Conference has for its

B. Peterson, Bishop of Manchester, vice chairman incorporated purposes "unifying, coordinating and

of the Administrative Board and episcopal chairorganizing the Catholic people of the United States Francis J. Spellman, Archbishop of New York

man of the Department of Education; Most Rev. in works of education, social welfare, immigrant secretary of the Administrative Board: Most Rev. aid and other activities." The Conference com- Francis C. Kelley, Bishop of Oklahoma City and prises the following departments and bureaus: Tulsa, treasurer of the Administrative Board and

Executive - Bureaus maintained: Information, episcopal chairman of the Department of Lay OrImmigration, National Center Confraternity of ganizations; Most Rev. John Gregory Murray. Christian Doctrine, Publications, Business and Archbishop of St. Paul, episcopal chairman, DeAuditing, and Catholic Action, monthly publica-partment of Catholic Action Study: Most Rev. tion, N. C. W. C.

Hugh C. Boyle, Bishop of Pittsburgh, episcopal Youth--Facilitates exchange of information re- chairman of the Legal Department. Most Rev. garding the philosophy, organization, and program- Edwin V. O'Hara, Bishop of Kansas City and content of Catholic youth organizations; promotes episcopal chairman of the Social Action Departthe National Catholic Youth Council, the federating ment; Most Rev. John Mark Gannon, Bishop of agency for all existing, approved Catholic youth Erie, episcopal chairman of the Press Department; groups; contacts and evaluates national govern- and the Most Rev. John A. Duffy, Bishop of mental and non-governmental youth organizations Buffalo, episcopal chairman of the Department of and youth servicing organizations.

Youth; and Most Rev. John T. McNicholas, O.P.. Education Divisions: Statistics and Informa- Archbishop of Cincinnati, member of the Board tion, Teachers' Registration, Library.

without portfolio. Press-Serves the Catholic press in the United

Assistant Bishops, Administrative Board-Most States and abroad with regular news, features, Rev. Emmet M. Walsh, Bishop of Charleston; Most editorial and pictorial services.

Rev. Richard O. Gerow Bishop of Natchez: Social Action-Covers the fields of Industrial Most Rev. Karl J. Alter, Bishop of Toledo; Most Relations, International Affairs, Civic Education, Rev. Thomas K. Gorman, Bishop of Reno: Most Social Welfare, Family Life and Rural Life. Rev. Francis P. Keough, Bishop of Providence:

Legal-Serves as a clearing house of information Most Rev. Walter A. Foery. Bishop of Syracuse: on Federal, State and local legislation.

Most Rev. Bartholomew J. Eustace, Bishop of Lay Organizations Includes the National Coun- Camden, and Most Rev. Charles Hubert LeBlond, cil of Catholic Men and the National Council of Bishop of St. Joseph, The Right Rev. Msgr. Michael Catholic Women, which maintain at N. C. W. C. J. Ready, General Secretary: Rev. Howard J. headquarters permanent representations in the in- Carroll. S.T.D., Asst. Gen. Sec. terests of the Catholic laity. These councils func- Under the N.C.W.C. Episcopal Cornmittee on tion through some 4,700 affiliated societies- Motion Pictures (Most Rev. John T. McNicholas, national, State, diocesan, district, local and parish; O.P., Archbishop of Cincinnati, chairman; Most also through units of the councils in many of the Rev. John J. Cantwell, Archbishop of Los Andioceses.

geles; Most Rev. Hugh O. Boyle, Bishop of PittsCatholic Action Study-Devoted to research burgh; Most Rev. John F. Noll, Bishop of Fort and reports as to pronouncements, methods, pro-Wayne, and Most Rev. Stephen J. Donahue, Auxilgrams and achievements in the work of Catholic iary Bishop of New York) there functions the Action at home and abroad.

Legion of Decency, organized for the purpose of The N. C. C. M. maintains at Its national head- securing for the public wholesome screen enterquarters a Catholic Evidence Bureau and a Catho- tainment. One of the means towards the accomlic Radio Bureau; and sponsors a weekly nation-plishment of this end is the publishing of a weekly wide radio Catholic Hour over the network of the classification of current films. The Legion of DeNational Broadcasting Company.

cency has its National Office in the Archdiocese The N. C. C. W. maintains in Washington, D. C., of New York--Address: 485 Madison Ave., New the National Catholic School of Social Service. York City, N. Y. The executive secretary is Rev. N. C. W. C. Administrative Board-Most Rev. John J. McClafferty.

The Ten Commandments

Source: The Holy Bible; Exodus 20: 2-17 The Ten Commandments--known also as the Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work; Decalogue--according to Exodus XX:19, were pro- But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord claimed by God to the Israelites at Mount Sinai thy God; in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor and afterward inscribed on two tables of stone thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor (Exod. XXXI:18).

thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger In the King James version (1611) of the Bible that is within thy gates : the Ten Commandments are:

For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbondage

bath day, and hallowed it. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.

Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days Thou shalt not make unto nee any graven may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God Image, or any likeness of any thing that is in giveth thee. heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or Thou shalt not kill. that is in the water under the earth:

Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor Thou shalt not steal. serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a Jealous Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the neighbour. children unto the third and fourth generation of Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou them that hate me:

shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manAnd shewing mercy unto thousands of them that servant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his love me, and keep my commandments.

ass, nor anything that is thy_neighbour's. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy The Douay version of the Bible, published in God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guilt- 1609, and the King James version, are in substantial less that taketh his name in vain.

agreement as regards the Ten Commandments, Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. although there is a variation in verbiage.

The American's Creed Written by William Tyler Page, Clerk of the Committee on Publication. Accepted by the House U. S. House of Representatives, in 1917, and of Representatives, on behalf of the American adopted and promulgated by the Government's People, April 3, 1918.

I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic: å sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.

I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it; to support Its Constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.

Roman Catholic Hierarchy of the United States

Source: Apostolic Delegation, Washington
Apostolic Delegate to the United States-Archbishop Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, S.T.D., Ph.D.,
J.U.D. Auditor--Msgr. Egidio Vagnozzi, S.T.D., Ph.D., J.C.D. Secretaries-Msgr. Leo Binz, S.T.D.,
Ph.D., Msgr. Joseph M. McShea, S.T.D., Ph.D., Msgr. Romolo Carboni, J.C.D. and Very Rev. Edward
C. Daly, O.P., S.T.M. The office of the Apostolic Delegate is at No. 3339 Massachusetts Ave., N.W,
Washington, D. C.

Archbishops Cons.


Archbishops Cons. Baltimore, Md...... Michael J. Curley.

Newark, N. J....... Thomas J. Walsh.

. 1919 John McMamara (Aux.). 1928

Thomas A. Boland (Aux.).. 1940 Boston, Mass... W. O'Connell Cardinal... 1901

New York. N. Y....F.J. Spellinan.

1932 R. J. Cushing (Aux.).......1939

Stephen J. Donohue (Aux.) 1934 Chicago, I........ Samuel A. Stritch...

J. F. A. McIntyre (Aux). 1941 Kernard J. Spiel laux.) ::. 1928 Philadelphia Pa... .D. J. Dougherty, Cardinal. 1903 William D. O'Brien (Aux.).1934

Hugh L. Lamb (Aux.).....1936 Cincinnati, Ohio....John T. McNicholas, O. P.1918

Portland, Ore.... Edward D. Howard .1926
George J. Rehring (Aux)...1937
St. Louis, Mo. ..John J. Glennon.

.. 1896 Detroit, Mich...... Edward A. Mooney


George J. Donnelly (Aux.).1940

St. Paul, Minn.. .. .. John Murray
Stephen Woznicki (Aux.)., 1938


San Antonia, Tex.... Robert E. Lucey. Dubuque. lowa..... Francis J. L. Beckman. ... 1924

.1934 San Francisco, Cal..John J. Mitty.

1926 Los Angeles.. ....John J. Cantwell.


Thomas A. Connolly (Aux.) 1939 Louisville, Ky.. . John A. Floersh.

Sante Fe, N. M... Rudolf Gerken.

. 1927 Milwaukee, Wls ....Moses E. Kiley..


Sidney M. Metzger (Aux.).1940 New Orleans, La., . ,Joseph F. Rummel. 1928 | Washington, D. C. Michael J. Curley...... ..1914

Bishops Cons.



Cons. Alaska... Joseph R. Crimont, S. J... 1917 Little Rock, Ark.... John B. Morris.

1904 W. Fitzgerald, S. J. (Coad).1939

A. L. Fletcher (Aux.). 1940 Albany, N. Y.. Edmund F. Gibbons. 1919

Manchester N. H...John B. Peterson

1927 Alexandria, La. Daniel F. Desmond. 1933 Marquette, Mich... Frances J. Magner

1941 Altoona, Pa.. .R, T, Guilfoyle..

Monterey-Fresno ... Philip G. Scher.


Mobile, Ala Amarillo, Texas.


Thomas Toolen
Lawrence J. FitzSimon.

1922 Nashville, Tenn.... William L. Adrian,

1936 Baker City. Ore ....J. F. McGrath..

Natchez, Miss. Richard O. Gerow

1924 Belleville, m.. Henry Althoff

Ogdensburg, N. Y...F. A. Monaghan

1936 Belmont Abbey, N.C.Vincent G. Taylor, Abbot., 1925 Oklahoma, okla Francis C. Kelley

1924 Bismarck, N. D. Vincent J. Ryan,

Ornaha. Neb
James H. Ryan.

1933 Boise, Idaho. Edward Kelly.

Owensboro, Ky
Francis R. Cotton

1938 Brooklyn, N. Y.. Thos. E. Molloy.

1920 Paterson, N. J. Thos. H. McLaughlin 1935 Raymond A. Kearney Peoria, ul.

Joseph H. Schlarman 1930 (Aux.). 1935 Pittsburgh, P& Hugh C Boyle.

1921 Buffalo. N. Y. John A. Duffy

1933 Ponce, P, R.. . Aloysius J. Willinger, Burlington, Vt. Matthew Brady



1929 Camden, N. J ..B. J. Eustace.


Portland. Me.. Joseph E. McCarthy 1932 Charleston, S. C.... Emmet M. Walsh, 1927 Providence, R. I. ... Francis P. Keough.

1934 Cheyenne, Wyo. .P A. McGovern. 1912 Raleigh, NC Eugene McGuinness

1937 Cleveland, Ohio..... Joseph Schrembs

Rapid City, S. D.. John J. Lawler.

1910 James A. McFadden(Aux.) 1932

Reno, Nev.

Thomas K. Gorman. 1931 Columbus, Ohio....J. J. Hartley. 1904 Richmond, Va. Andrew J. Brennan,

1920 Concordia, Kau.... Frank A. Thul.


Peter L. Ireton (Coad.). 1935 Corpus Christi, Tex. Emanuel B. Ledvina.. 1921 Rochester, N. Y. James E. Kearney.

1932 Marion G. Garriga (Co-ad) 1936 Rockford, TI. Edward F Hoban.

1921 Covington, Ky.. Francis W. Howard

St. Augustine, Fla..Joseph P. Hurley

1940 Crookston, Minn...John H. Peschges,

St. Cloud, Minn.....J. F. Busch.

1910 Dallas, Tex Joseph P. Lynch.


St. Joseph, Mo.. .(harles H. Le Blond, 1927

1933 Davenport, Iowa... Henry P. Rohlman

Sacramento, Cal.. . Robert J. Armstrong

1929 Denver, Col. Urban J. Vebr.

Saginaw, Mich Wm. F. Murphy.

1938 Des Moines Gerald T. Bergan.

Salt Lake C., Utah.. Duane G. Hunt.

1937 Duluth, Minn. Thomas A. Welch

San Diego..
Chas. F. Buddy..

1936 El Paso, Tex. A. J. Schuler, S. J


San Juan, P R.. Edwin B Byrne.
Erie, P&...
J. M. Gannon.

1925 Savannah, Ga.. .G, P. O'Hara James E. Cassidy Fall River, Mass, 1934

1929 1 William J. Haley


Scranton, Pa. Fargo, N, D. Aloysius J. Muench


Seattle, Wash Gerald Snaughnessy. 8. M.1933 Fort Wayne, Ina Jonn F. Noll

Sioux (ity lowa Edmond Heelan

1919 Gallup, New Mex...Bernard Espelage.


Sioux Falls, S. D William O. Brady
..C. E, Byrne,
Galveston, Tex

1939 1918

Spokane, Wash. Charles White.. Grand Island. Neb..Stanislaus V. Bona. 1932

1924 Springfield, Ill.. .J. A. Grimn.

1921 Grand Rapids, Mich. Joseph C. Plagens.

Springfield, Mass... Thos. M. O'Leary

1928 Great Falls, Mont... William J. Condon

Superior. Wis.

Vacant ! Green Bay, Wis..... Paul P. Rhode.

Syracuse, NY Walter A. Foery.

1937 Harrisburg, Pa... George L. Leech..

Toledo, Ohio

Karl J. Alter.
Hartford, Conn. Maurice F. McAuliffe 1926

1931 Trenton, N. J William A. Grilln. Henry J. O'Brien (Aux.)

1938 1 1940

Tucson, Ariz.

D. J. Gereke.
Joseph M. Gilmore.
Helena, Mont..

.1933 Wheeling. W. Va.... John J. Swint.

1923 Honolulu, Hawall. James J. Sweeney.


Wichita, Kan 1934


C. H. Winkelman.
Indianapolis, Ind... . Joseph E. Ritter.

Edmond J. Fitzmaurice
Wilmington, Del.

1930 Kansas City, Mo.... Edwin V. O'Hara.

. 1925 La Crosse, Wis..... A. J. McGavick

Winona, Minn.... .francis M. Kelly

1926 William J. Grimth (Aux.). 1935 Military Vicar......F. J. Spellman.

1932 Lafayette, La.. J. B. Jeanmard.


John F O'Hara, Delegate.. 1940 Lansing, Mich. Joseph H. Albers.

1931 Ruthenian diocese (1) Basil Takach (Pittsburgh).1922 Leavenworth, Kan.. Paul C. Schulte..


(2) Constantine Bonachevsky Lincoln, Neb....... Louis B. Kucera..



The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception is thus defined by the Catholic Dictionary-

"The Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved from the stain of original sin in the first instant of her conception in the womb of her mother. This was a singular privilege and grace of God, granted in view of the merits of Jesus Christ. By her conception is meant not the act or part of her parents in it, nor the formation of her body, nor the conception of Christ later in her own womb; from the moment her soul was created and infused into her body it was free from original sin and Alled with sanctifying grace. Her scul was never stained by original sin, nor by the depraved emotions, passions and weaknesses consequent on that sin, but created in a state of original sanctity, innocence and justice. She had at least the graces of the first Eve before the Fall, and more."

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