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Governors of the State of New York

Source: Official Records (The order of succession, if the Governor dies or resigns is--Lieutenant Governor; the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the Assembly.) The term has been lengthened to 4 years, after Dec. 31, 1938. First Dutch Period.

William Tryon, Gov.

June 26, 1775 Adriaen Jorisszen Tienpoint, Director.

1623 James Robertson, Gov. ..March 23, 1780 Cornelis Jacobzen Mey, Director.


Andrew Elliott, Lieut.-Gov..... April 17, 1783 William Verhulst, Director..


Robertson and Elliott were Military Governors Peter Minuit, Director Gen.

4, 1626

during the Revolutionary War, but were not recogBastiaen Jansz Krol, Director Gen. . March


nized by the State of New York, Wouter Van Twiller, Director Gen. . April

1633 William Klett, Director Gen. March 28, 1638

Government by the Provincial Congress. Petrus Stuyvesant, Director Gen... May

11, 1647

Peter Van Brough Livingston... May 23. 1775

Nathaniel Woodhull, Pres. protem August 28. 1775 Under Dutch rule the powers of government, Abraham Yates jr., Pres. pro tem. November 2, 1775 civil and ecclesiastical, were vested in the Director Nathaniel Woodhull.

December 6, 1775 of the West India Company and his Council.

John Haring, Pres. pro tem. December 16, 1775

Nathaniel Woodhuli.
First English Period,

. February 12, 1776 Richard Nicolls, Gov...

Sept. (n.s.) 8. 1664

John Haring, Pres. pro tem. June 19, 1776

Nathaniel Woodhulí. Francis Lovelace, Gov....

17, 1668 ..... August

.July 9, 1776

Abraham Yates jr., Pres. pro tem. August 10, 1776 Second Dutch Period.

Abraham Yates jr..

August 28, 1776 Cornelis Evertse & War Council. . Aug. (n.s.) 12, 1673 Peter R. Livingston.

. September 26, 1776 Anthony Colve, Gov. Gen. . . . . . Sept. (n.s.) 19, 1673 Abraham Ten Broeck

. March 6, 1777

William Smith, Pres. pro tem. . April 9, 1777 Second English Period (Early Colonial). Pierre Van Cortlandt, Vice-Pres. April 11. 1777 Edmond Andros, Gov..

Nov. (1.8.) 10, 1674 Leonard Gansevoort, Pres. protemApril 18, 1777 Anthony Brockholls, Lieut.-Gov. November 16, 1677 Pierre Van Cortlandt, Vice-Pres. April 21, 1777 Sir Edmond Andros, Gov.. . August

7, 1678 Abraham Ten Broeck...

April 28, 1777 Anthony Brockholls, Gov. .Jan, (n.s.) 13, 1681

Pierre Van Cortlandt, Pres.
Thomas Dongan, Gov.
August 27, 1683 Council of Safety..

May 14, 1777 Sir Edmond Andros. Gov. .August 11, 1688

State (Elective).
Francis Nicholson, Lieut.-Gov... October 9, 1688
Jacob Leisler, Lieut.-Gov. .June

3, 1689

Residence Elected Henry Sloughter, Gov.

March -19, 1691 Richard Ingoldesby, Commander

George Clinton. Ulster Co. July 9, 1777 In-Chief.

26, 1691 .July

John Jay

New York City. April, 1795 Benjamin Fletcher, Gov.

. August
30, 1692 George Clinton,

Ulster Co. April 1801 Earl of Bellomont, Gov. April

2, 1698 Morgan Lewis..

Dutchess Co.. April,
John Nanfan, Lieut.-Gov.

1804 16, 1699

Danlel D. Tompkins Richmond Co... April, 1807 Earl of Bellomont, Gov..

July 24, 1700
John Tayler.


March, 1817 Provincial Council... March 5 to May 19, 1701

De Witt Clinton. New York City.
John Nantan, Lieut.-Gov.

1817 19, 1701

Joseph C. Yates. Schenectady. Nov. 6, 1822 Lord Cornbury, Gov..


3. 1702

De Witt Clinton... New York City. Nov. 3, 1824 Lord Lovelace, Gov.

December 18, 1708

Nathaniel Pitcher... Sandy Hill. Feb. 11, 1828 Peter Schuyler, Pres. of Council. May 6, 1709

Martin Van Buren. Kinderhook Nov. 5, 1828 Richard Ingoldesby, Lieut.-Gov. May 9, 1709

Enos T. Throop. Auburn

Mar. 12, 1829 Gerardus Beekman,

William L. Marcy. Troy

Nov. 7, 1832 Council

. April 10, 1710
William H. Seward.. Auburn.

Nov. 7, 1838 Robert Hunter, Gov.

June 14, 1710

William C. Bouck... Fultonham Nov. 8. 1842 Peter Schuyler, Pres. of Council. July 21, 1719

Silay Wright.


Nov. 5, 1844 William Burnet, Gov. September 17, 1720 John Young.


Nov. 3, 1846 John Montgomerie, Gov.

April 15, 1728

Hamilton Figh. New York City. Nov. 7, 1848 Rip Van Dam, Pres. of Council. July

1, 1731

Washington Hunt...Lockport.. Nov. 5, 1850 William Cosby, Gov...

August 1, 1732 Horatio Seymour. Deerneld.. Nov. 2, 1852 George Clarke, Pres. of Council. March

10, 1736 Myron H. Clark,. Canandaigua. Nov. 7, 1854 George Clarke, Lieut.-Gov... ... October

30, 1736 John A. King.

Queens Co Nov. 4, 1856 George Clinton, Gov...

September 22, 1743

Edwin D. Morgan. . New York City. Nov. 2, 1858 Andros was Governor of New England, New York Horatio Seymour. Deerfield. Nov. 4, 1862 and New Jersey.

Reuben E. Fenton. Frewsburgh Nov. 8, 1864 Before 1709 the administration of government. John T. Hoffman. New York City. Nov. 3, 1868 when the offices of Governor and Lieutenant-Gov- John A. Dix. New York City. Nov. 5, 1872 e.nor was vacant, was vested in the Council, the Samuel J. Tilden... New York City Nov. 3. 1874 right to preside being lodged in the eldest Councilor. Lucius Robinson... Elmira.

Nov. 7, 1876 From 1702 to 1738 New York and New Jersey Alonzo B. Cornell... New York City. Nov. 4, 1879 had a joint executive, and Lord Cornbury was the Grover Cleveland... Buffalo.

Nov. 7, 1882 first joint incumbent.

David B. Hill, Elmira.

Jan. 6, 1885

Roswell P. Flower. New York City Nov. 3, 1891 Third English Period (Pre-Revolutionary). Levi P. Morton.. Rhineclill. Nov. 6, 1894 Sir Danvers Osborne, Gov... ... October 10, 1753 Frank S. Black.


Nov. 3, 1896 James De Lancey, Lieut.-Gov... October 12. 1753 Theodore Roosevelt. Oyster Bay Nov. 8, 1898 Sir Charles Hardy, Gov. September 3, 1755 Benj. B. Odell jr.... Newburgh. Nov. 6, 1900 James De Lancey, Lieut.-Gov... June 3, 1757 Frank W. Higgins.. Olean.

Nov. 8, 1904 Cadwaliader Colden, Pres. ot

Charles E. Hughes.. New York City. Nov. 6, 1906 Council., August 4, 1760 Horace White.. Syracuse.

Oct. 6, 1910 Cadwallader Colden, Lleut-Gov. August 8, 1761 John A. Dix.


Nov. 8, 1910 Robert Monckton, Gov.

October 26, 1761 William Sulzer. New York City Nov. 5, 1912 Cadwallader Colden, Lieut.-Gov. November 18, 1761 Martin H. Glynn. Albany

Oct. 17, 1913 Robert Monckton, Gov.

June 14, 1762 Charles 8. Whitman New York City. Nov. 3, 1914 Cadwallader Colden, Lieut.-Gov.June 28, 1763 Allred E. Smith New York City. Nov. 5, 1918 Sir Henry Moore, Gov November 13, 1765 Nathan L. Miller.



2, 1920 Cadwallader Colden, Lieut.-Gov.September 12, 1769 Alfred E. Smith. New York City. Nov. 7, 1922 Earl of Dunmore, Gov.

October 19, 1770 F. D. Roosevelt. Hyde Park Nov. 6. 1928 William Tryon, Gov


9, 1771

Herbert H. Lehman. New York City. Nov. 8, 1932 Cadwallader Colden, Lieut.-Gov.April 7, 1774 Lehman was reelected in 1934, 1936 and 1938.

NOTES ON TABLE OF GOVERNORS The Constitution of 1777 did not specify the the year 1823, take office on Jan 1. time when the Governor should enter on the duties Cleveland (1882) resigned Jan. 6. 1885, to become of his office. Gov. Clinton was declared elected President of the United States, and Hui, the Lieu

tenant-Governor, succeeded him as Governor, and July 9, and qualized on July 30. On Feb. 13, 1787,

was elected Nov. 6, 1885, for a full term. an act was passed for regulating elections, which

Hughes (1906) resigned as Governor, Oct. 6, provided that the Governor and Lieutenant- 1910, to become a Justice of the Supreme Court Governor should enter on the duties of their re- of the United States, and was succeeded as Govspective offices on the 1st of July after their ernor by Lieutenant-Governor Horace White. election.

Glynn (1913) was Lieutenant-Governor and beThe Constitution of 1821 provided that the came Governor Oct. 17, 1913, when Sulzer, who Governor and Lieutenant-Governor should, after was impeached, was removed from office.

Brief History of the Municipality

Source: Legislative Manual of the State Manhattan Island, the present Borough of Man- public expense. hattan, was discovered by Henry Hudson on Sep- On July 9, 1776, in the presence of George Washtember 11, 1609. In 1613, the first habitations for ington, the Declaration of Independence was read white men were built by Adrian Block, where 41 to the American troops quartered in New York, Broadway now stands. On May 6, 1626, Peter near the site now occupied by the City Hall. Dur. Minuet, appointed Director-General of New Neth- ing the same year construction started on the first erland, purchased Manhattan Island from the In- waterworks to supply the city through wooden dians 'for trinkets valued at about twenty-four pipes. The English captured the city on Septemdollars, and the town with a population of less ber 14, 1776, and it was not until November 25, than 200 was named New Amsterdam.

1783, that the city below Fourteenth Street was The first wooden church was erected in 1633. again under the control of the Americans. The Two years later Fort Amsterdam was built on final step in the establishment of the first Ameriwhat is now the site of the Custom House, In can city government in New York City was com1642 the first public meeting place was built on pleted on February 5, 1784, when Governor George the site of 73 Pearl Street. In 1653 a wall was Clinton appointed James Duane as the first Mayor. built along what is now Wall Street, as a protec- By 1790 the city extended from the Battery to tion against attack, being extended along Rector the lower end of City Hall Park, and its population Street in 1673.

was 33,131. New York was the capital of the New Amsterdam, with a population of about 800, Nation from 1785 to 1790, and the capital of the was incorporated as a city on February 2, 1653. State until 1797. On August 11, 1807, Robert FulThe first street was paved in 1657, this running ton's steamboat, the "Clermont, made its trip between Broad and Whitehall Streets. On March from New York to Albany in thirty-two hours. In 12, 1664, King Charles II of England granted all 1832 the first horse railroad in the world started on the Dutch land in America, covering what is now Fourth Avenue. In 1844 the first uniformed police New York, New Jersey and a part of Connecticut, force in New York City was organized. On May 2, to his brother James, Duke of York. The city 1865, the first paid fire department was organized was captured by the English on September 8 of On May 24, 1883, the first bridge to span the East that year and it was then named New York after River, the Brooklyn Bridge, was opened. The the Duke of York. Thomas Willett, of Plymouth, Statue of Liberty was unveiled on October 24, 1886. was appointed the first Mayor, taking office in The first excavation for the earliest subway was June, 1665. On August 9, 1673, the city was re- made on March 24, 1900; it became operative on captured by the Dutch, who named it New Orange, October 27, 1904. In 1908 the Hudson River tunafter the Prince of Orange. In November, 1674, nels were opened to Jersey City, and on March 30, New Netherland, including the city of New Orange, 1909, the Queensboro Bridge was opened and on was ceded to England, and the province and the December 31 in the same year the Manhattan city renamed New York.

Bridge was completed. The Holland Tunnel, under On December 8, 1683, the city was first divided the Hudson River, the largest vehicular tunnel in into wards, each of the six with an alderman. On the world, was started October 12, 1920, and comApril 27, 1686, the first charter was granted. The pleted November 12, 1927. On September 21, 1927, first printing press was set up on April 12, 1693, construction was begun on the George Washington and on October 16, 1725, the first newspaper in Bridge and it was officially opened October 25, 1931. New York was founded. A new city hall was New York County became Manhattan Borough completed at Broad and Wall streets in 1700, this on Jan. 1, 1898; Kings County became Brooklyn becoming "New Federal Hall," and on April 30, Borough; and that part of New York County just 1789, George Washington there took oath of office north of the Harlem River (the upper slice of as first President of the United States. The first which had been taken from Westchester County) city library was founded in 1754. In 1756 a stage became Bronx Borough; Queens County became route was started between New York and Phila- Queens Borough; and Richmond County (Staten delphia. In 1762 the streets were first lighted at | Island) became Richmond Borough.

Mayors Since 1665




Mayors Terms 1 Thomas Willett. 1665 36 Robert Lurting. 1726-1735 71 A. C. Kingsland... 1851-1853 2 Thomas Delavall. 1666 37 Paul Richard... 1735-1739 72 J. A. Westervelt... 1853-1855 3 Thomas Willett.. 1667 38 John Cruger, Sr. 1739-1744 73 Fernando Wood.. 1855-1858 4 C. Steenwyck. 1668-1670 39 Stephen Bayard. 1744-1747 74 Daniel F. Tiemann 1858-1860 5 Thomas Delavall, 1671 40 Edward Holland. 1747-1757 75 Fernando Wood...(1860-1862 6 Matthias Nicolls.. 1672 41 John Cruger, Jr... 1757-1766 76 George Opdyke... 1862-1864 7 John Lawrence.


42 Whitehead Hicks. 1766-1776 77 C. G. Gunther... 1864-1866 8 William Dervail.. 1675 43 D.Matthews, Tory 1776-1784 78 John T. Hoffman, 1866-1868 9 Nicholas de Meyer 1676 44 James Duane. 1784-1789 79 T. Coman (Acting) 1868 10 S. van Cortlandt..

45 Richard Varick 1789-1801 80 A. Oakey Hall 1869-1872 11 Thomas Delavall.. 1678 46 Edward Livingston 1801-1803 81 W. F. Havemeyer. 1873-1874 12 Francis Rombouts. 1679 47 De Witt Clinton. . 1803-1807 82 S.B.H.Vance(Act.) 1874 13 William Dyre.. 1680-1681 48 Marinus Willett.. 1807-1808 83 Wm. H. Wickham. 1875-1876 14 C. Steenwyck. 1682-1683 49 De Witt Clinton.. 1808-1810 84 Smith Ely... 1877-1878 15 Gabriel Minville. 1684 50 Jacob Radcliff.. 1810-1811 85 Edward Cooper.. 1879-1880 16 Nicholas Bayard,


51 De Witt Clinton.. 1811-1815 86 William R. Grace. 1881-1882 17 S. van Cortlandt. 1686-1688 52 John Ferguson.. 1815 87 Franklin Edson.. 1883-1884 18 Peter Delanoy 1689-1690 53 Jacob Radclil. 1815-1818 88 William R. Grace. 1885-1886 19 John Lawrence.

1691 54 C. D. Colden. 1818-1821 89 Abram S. Hewitt. . 1887-1888 20 A. De Peyster. 1692-1694 55 Stephen Allen. 1821-1824 90 Hugh J. Grant.. 1889-1892 21 Charles Lodwick. 1694-1695 56 William Paulding 1825-1826 91 Thomas F. Gilroy. 1893-1894 22 William Merritt... 1695-1698 57 Philip Hone. , 1826-1827 92 William L. Strong. 1895-1897 23 J. De Peyster...

1698-1699 58 William Paulding. 1827-1829 93 R. A. Van Wyck. . 1898-1901 24 David Provost. 1699-1700 59 Walter Bowne. 1829-1833 94 Seth Low

1902-1903 25 Isaac De Reimer. 1700-1701 60 Gideon Lee.... 1833-1834 95 G. B. McClellan: 1904-1909 26

Thomas Noell.. 1701-1702 61 C. W. Lawrence.. 1834-1837 96 Wiliam J. Gaynor. 1910-1913 27 Philip French.. 1702-1703 62 Aaron Clark

1837-1839 97 Ardolph L.Kline(A) 1913 28 William Peartree. .1703-1707 63 Isaac L. Varlan. 1839-1841 98 John P. Mitchel.. 1914-1917 29 Ebenezer Wilson.1707-1710 64 Robert H. Morris. 1841-1844 99 John F. Hylan... 1918-1925 30 J. van Cortlandt. 1710-1711 65 James Harper, 1844-1845||100 James J. Walker... 1926-1932 31 Caleb Heathcote. 1711-1714 66 W. F. Havemeyer. 1845-1846 101 J. V.McKee (Actg.) 1932 32 John Johnson 1714-1719 67 Andrew H. Mickle 1846-1847||102 John P. O'Brien... 1933-1933 33 J. van Cortlandt..1719-1720 68 William V. Brariy 1847-1848 103 F, H, LaGuardia. 193434 Robert Walters.. 1720-1725 69 W. F. Havemeyer. 1848-1849 35 Johannes Jansen ../1725-1726 70 ICaleb S. Woodhull 1849-1851

Mayor Walker resigned on Sept. 1, 1932, during ordered a special election, and, on Nov. 8. 1932, proceedings for his removal, conducted by Gov.

John P. O'Brien, a surrogate of New York County, F. D. Roosevelt. He was succeeded by Joseph V.

was chosen by the voters to be Mayor for the McKee, President of the Board of Aldermen, who claimed the right to serve until the end of Walker's balance of the Walker term, succeeding the Acting term, Dec. 31, 1933; but the Court of Appeals | Mayor, Jan. 1, 1933.

[blocks in formation]


Fiorello H. LaGuardia. $25,000 || Boroughs: Deputy Mayor.. Rufus E. McGahen. (a) Manhattan. E. J. Nathan, Jr.

15,000 Comptroller.. Joseph D. McGoldrick 20,000 | Bronx

James J. Lyons.

15,000 Presidents:

Brooklyn. John Cashmore.

15,000 The Council. .... Newbold Morris ...

15,000 | Queens.
James A. Burke.

15,000 Richmond. Joseph A. Palma..

15,000 The Mayor, Comptroller, and President of the Council have 3 votes each; Borough Presidents of Manhattan and Brooklyn, 2 each; other Borough Presidents, I each. Secretary to the Board: Anna H. Clark, Rm. 1356, Municipal Building, Manhattan. Terms of members of the Board expire Dec. 31, 1945.

(a) Rufus E. McGahen is also a Commissioner of the Board of Water Supply ($12,000 yearly); receives no salary as Deputy Mayor.

The City Council

Members were elected in November, 1941, for two years. Terms expire Dec. 31, 1943. Salaries: Vice-
President and Minority Leaders, $7,500; others, $5,000 each,

Genevieve B. Earle, F.

S. Samuel DiFalco, D.
Louis Cohen, D.

Walter R. Hart, D. George E. Donovan, D, Meyer Goldberg, R.

Charles E. Keegan, D. P. V. Cacchione, Comm. James A. Phillips, D. Stanley M, Isaacs, F.

Joseph E. Kinsley, D. Mrs. Rita Casey, D. John M. Christensen, R. Rev. A. C. Powell," Jr., Salvatore Ninfo, AL. Louis Goldberg, Lab. William N. Conrad, D. F.. AL.

Mrs. G. W. Klein, AL. William M. McCarthy, D. Hugh Quinn, D.
William A. Carroll, D.

Joseph T. Sharkey, D.

John P. Nugent, D. Anthony Digiovanna, D.

Edward Vogel, D.

Frederick Schick, D.

Departments and Bureaus of the City Government

(All Manhattan, Municipal Bldg., unless otherwise stated) Accounts(See Investigation, Department of.) William C. Chanler, Corporation Counsel ($17,500). Art Commission of the City of New York- Licenses, Department of Paul Moss, commis(Passes on the designs of all public buildings and sioner ($10,000), 112 White St. works of art intended for public places). Executive Markets, Department of-William Fellowes MorSecretary-A. Everett Peterson, City Hall.

gan, Jr. ($10,000), 137 Centre Street. Assessors, Board of--Frederick J. H. Kracke, Parks, Department of Robert Moses, commischairman ($8,500).

sioner ($13,500), Arsenal Bldg., Fifth Ave. and Budget, Bureau of-Kenneth Dayton, director 64th Street, ($12,000).

Parole Commission -John C. Maher, chairman Civil Service Commission, Municipal-Paul J. ($8,000); Mary A. Frasca and Samuel J. Battle Kern, president ($8,500); Ferdinand Q. Morton ($6,000 each). The Commissioner of Correction and Wallace S. Sayre ($6,500 each).

and the Police Commissioner are ex-officio memComptroller-Joseph D. McGoldrick ($20,000). bers. Secretary-John J. Devitt ($3,500). 100

Correction, Department of-Commissioner (va- Centre Street. cancy) ($11,000), 139 Centre Street.

Police Department-Lewis J. Valentine, commisDocks, Department of-John McKenzie, commis- sioner ($12,500), 240 Centre Street. Vincent E. sioner ($10,000), Pier "A", North River.

Finn, chief clerk. Education, Board of-James Marshall, president; Public Service Commission--(This is a part of Ellsworth B. Buck, vice-president.

the State Government and is put here for reference Other members of the Board: William R. Crowley, purposes.) The commissioners are appointed by Daniel Paul Higgins, Mrs. Johanna M. Lindlof, the Governor with consent of the Senate. Milo R. Dr. Alberto C. Conaschi and James G. McDonald. Maltbie, chairman; George R. Van Namee, George They serve without pay. Located at 110 Livingston R. Lunn, Neal Brewster and Maurice C. Burritt St., Brooklyn.

($15,000 each); State Office Bldg., Albany, N. Y.; The Board of Superintendents consists of the N. Y. City branch, State Office Bldg., Manhattan. Superintendent of Schools, the Deputy Superin- Murray G. Tanner, secretary (Albany); Harold tendent and seven Associate Superintendents. N. Weber, executive secretary (Manhattan). The

The Superintendent of Schools (Harold G. Camp- Transit Commission, Metropolitan Division-Wilbell) receives $25,000; associate superintendents. liam G. Fullen, chairman; Reuben L. Haskell and $12,500.

M. Baldwin Fertig ($15,000 each); 270 Madison Education, Board of Higher-Ordway Tead, Avenue. chairman; Carrie K. Medalie, secretary, The Public Works, Department of-Irving V. A. Board consists of 21 citizens who are residents of Huie, commissioner ($12,000). the city, appointed by the Mayor, and the presi- Purchase, Department of-Russell Forbes, comdent of the Board of Education, an ex-officio missioner ($10,000). member. Terms of appointed members 9 years. Sanitation, Department of-William F. Carey, They serve without pay.

Administrator-Pearl commissioner ($10,000), 125 Worth Street. Bernstein, 695 Park Avenue.

Standards and Appeals, Board of-Harris H. Elections, Board of- Appointed by the Council Murdock, chairman $10,000). Chief Clerk-Joseph upon the recommendation of the two major po- J. Doyle ($3,500). litical organizations in New York and Kings Tax Department-Joseph Lilly, president Counties. Term two years. Salary: $8,000. Bor- ($12,000), and 6 commissioners ($9,000 each). ough offices: 400 Broome St., Manhattan; Tremont Tenement House Department--(Part of the Deand 3d Aves., Bronx; 600 Municipal Bldg., Brook- partment of Housing and Building.) Iyn; 90-33 Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica; 313 Borough Transit Commission--(See Public Service ComHall, Staten Island.

mission.) Finance, Department of-Almerindo Portfolio, Transportation, Board of-Consists of three treasurer ($10,000).

members appointed by the Mayor: John H. DeFire Department-Patrick Walsh, commissioner laney, chairman; Frank X. Sullivan and George ($12,500). Secretary to the department-Richard Keegan ($20,000 each), Secretary, William Jerome F. Warner ($5,700).

Daly ($6,500), 250 Hudson Street. Health, Department of-John L. Rice, M.C., Triborough Bridge Authority--Paul Loeser, gencommissioner ($11,000), 125 Worth Street.

eral manager, Randall's Island. Hospitals, Department of-Williard Cole Rap- Water Supply, Board of-George J. Gillespie, pleye, M.D., commissioner ($10,000), 125 Worth president, Henry Hesterberg and Rufus E. McGahen Street.

($12,000 each), 346 Broadway. Housing and Buildings, Department of-William Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, Department Wilson, commissioner ($10,000).

of-Patrick Quilty, commissioner ($10,000). SecreInvestigation, Department of-William B. Her- tary, Mrs. Lucile L. Kraft ($4,000) Jands, commissioner ($10,000), 2 Lafayette Street. Welfare, Department of-William Hodson, com

Law Department (the Corporation Counsel) - missioner ($11,000), 902 Broadway.

Courts in the City of New York

UNITED STATES COURTS The Federal courts for

the Southern District of New York meet in the Federal Building, WashingNew York meet in the U. S. Court House, Foley

ton and Johnson Streets, Brooklyn, N. Y. Square, Manhattan.

Clerk of the Court-Percy G. B. Gilkes.

Eastern District Court judges (Kings, Queens, Clerk of the Court-George J. H. Follmer.

Nassau, Suffolk, and Richmond Counties)-Marcus Southern District Court Judges (New York, B. Campbell, Robert A. Inch, Grover M. MoscoBronx, Westchester, Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, witz, Clarence G. Galston, Mortimer W. Byers and Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan and Ulster Matthew T. Abruzzo. Counties. )--John C. Knox, Henry W. Goddard, Circuit Court of Appeals Judges (New York, ConWilliam Bondy, John M.' Woolsey, Francis G. necticut and Vermont)-Learned Hand, Thomas Caffey, Alfred C. Coxe. Murray Hulbert, Vincent L. W. Swan, Augustus N. Hand, Harrie B. Chase, Leibell, John W. Clancy, Samuel Mandelbaum, Charles E. Clark and Jerome N. Frank, Edward A. Conger, Simon H. Rifkind and John United States District Attorneys-Manhattan, Bright.

Southern District, Mathias F. Correa; Brooklyn, The Federal courts of the Eastern District of Eastern District, Harold M, Kennedy.

SUPREME COURTS, NEW YORK STATE For a list of the Justices of the Supreme Court | Centre Street. see page 410.

The Supreme Courts in Brooklyn, Long Island The Supreme Courts in Manhattan and the and Staten Island meet in the Court House on Bronx meet in the new monumental structure on Joralemon Street, opposite the Borough Hall.

City Court Headquarters-Manhattan, 52 Chambers


ler (1946); James C. Madigan (1943); John A. Bronx, 851 Grand Concourse; Brooklyn,

120 Byrnes (1946); Samuel c. Coleman (1947); Rocco Schermerhorn St.; Queens, Sutphin Blvd. and 88th

A. Parella (1947); Frank H. Carlin (1949); Louis

L. Kahn (1950).
Ave., Jamaica; Richmond, 66 Lafayette St., New
Brighton, S. I.

Bronx-William S. Evans (1946); Solomon BoneThe Chief Justice receives ($18,000) a year; the Brady (1950).

parth (1951); Henry G. Schackno (1943); Thomas Associate Justices ($17,500). Their terms expire Dec. 31 of year named.

Brooklyn-Jacob H. Livingston (1948); Sylvester

Sabbatino (1948); Murray Hearn (1949); Joseph V. Chief Clerk, Charles H. Hussey.

Gallagher (1949). The court is composed as follows:

Queens-William P. Wiener (1941); James J. Manhattan-Joseph T. Ryan, Chief Justice

Conroy (1947); Thomas J. Towers (1947). (1942); Henry S. Schimmel (1947); Joseph W. Kel- Richmond-Arnold J. B. Wedemeyer (1941).

County Courts

(The Judges receive $25,000) (Ternts expire Dec. 31st of year named.) Bronx-James M. Barrett (1955); Harry Stack- cato (1949); Samuel S. Liebowitz (1954). ell (1943); Lester W. Patterson (1947).

Queens-Thomas Downs (1945) Charles 8. ColKings-Louis Goldstein (1955); Franklin Taylor den (1949). (1955); John J. Fitzgerald (1942); Peter J. Bran- Richmond-Thomas F. Cosgrove (1943).

General Sessions The court sits in the Criminal Court Building, George L. Donnellan (1955), James Garrett 100 Centre St., Manhattan. Clerk of the Court

Wallace (1949); John J. Freschi (1945); Owen W. F. Howard Barrett. Deputy Clerk of the Court

Bohan (1947); Saul S. Streit (1950); Jonah J. GoldJerome Craig. The judges, who are elected for 14 years, who receive $25.000 each, and whose terms stein (1953); John A. Mullen (1955); Jacob G, end Dec. 31 of years named, are:

Schurman, Jr. (1954); Johd J. Sullivan (1954).

Court of Special Sessions (Chief Justice, $13,000; other judges, $12,000). (Terms expire Dec. 31st of year named unless

otherwise noted) Chief Justice William R. Bayes (June 30, 1946); Building, 100 Centre St., Borough of Manhattan. other judges--Alfred J. Hofman (1945), Frank PART II--120 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn. Oliver (Apr. 30, 1942); Bernard A. Kozicke (June PART III-County Court House, Court Square, 24, 1946); Frederick L. Hackenburg (1943); James L. I. City, Queens, E. McDonald (June 30, 1945); Alvah W. Burlin- PART IV-County Court House, Staten Island. game (1941); George B. De Luca (July 8, 1945); PART V-851 Grand Concourse, Bronx. Nathan D. Pearlman (Nov. 25, 1947); Gustav W. M. Wieboldt (Sept. 8, 1945); Irving Ben Cooper

APPELLATE PART (June 30, 1949); Myles A. Paige (Feb. 18, 1950); First Judicial Department, on 1st and 3d ThursMatthew J. Troy (Feb. 18, 1950) John V. Flood days. (June 25, 1950); Thomas F. Doyle (June 30, 1950); Second Judicial Department, on 2nd and 4th William S. Miller (June 30, 1951).

Chief Clerk-Morris Ploscowe; Deputy Chief
Clerk-Joseph H. McShane; office, 100 Centre St.,


Rm, 512, 100 Centre St., Manhattan. Chief ProPARTS-I, VI, VIII and IX,Criminal Courts bation Officer-James J. Ryan.

Domestic Relations Court, City of New York (Presiding Justice, $13,000; other judges, $12,000 each). (Terms expire last day of month of year given

unless otherwise indicated) Presiding Justice John Warren Hill (Oct. 31, nar ($3,300). Offices, 135 East 22nd Street, 1944); Justices-Joseph P. Maguire (Feb. 13. 1943); Manhattan. Lawrence B. Dunham (Sept. 22, 1945); Stephen S. New York County-Children's Court division, Jackson (Dec. 9, 1944); Jacob Panken (1944); 137 East 22nd Street, James F. Gillespie, Clerk of Justine Wise Polier (Sept. 13, 1945); Herbert A. Court (ex-officio). Family Court division, 135 East O'Brien (Jan. 26, 1946); Juvenal Marchisio (Dec. 22nd Street; Rowland J. Sheridan, Clerk of Court 15, 1947); W. Bruce Cobb (Mar. 16, 1948); Jane M. ($4,000). Bolin (July 21, 1949); Dudley F. Sicher (Oct. 4, Kings County--Children's Court division, 111 1949); Isaac Siegel (Sept. 15, 1950).

Schermerhorn Street; Louis Wolf, Clerk of the Director of Administration, Adolphus Ragan Court ($3,840). Family Court division, 327 Scher($7.000); Deputy Directors of Administration, merhorn Street; Benjamin Cooper (Acting), Clerk Dennis A. Lambert ($6,500), and James F. Gillespie of the Court ($2,520). ($5,500); Chief Probation Officer, Andrew S. Bod- Bronx County-1118 Grand Concourse. Children's Court and Family Court divisions, Frank A. ($3,540). Marron, Clerk of Court ($3,540).

Richmond County--100 Richmond Terrace, St. Queens County-105-34 Union Hall Street, Ja. George, Staten Island, N. Y. Children's Court maica, L. I. Children's Court and Family Court and Family Court Divisions, Eugene E. Kenny, Divisions, Thomas J. O'Brien, Clerk of Court Clerk of Court ($3,540).

City Magistrates Appointed by the Mayor for a term of 10 years, expiring last day of month of year named unless

otherwise indicated) (Chief Magistrate, $13,000; others, $10,000)

Chief Magistrate-Henry H. Curran (June 20, 1945)

MANHATTAN-(HEADQUARTERS, 300 MULBERRY ST.) Anthony P. Burke (June, 1942); William A. Far- (July 1, 1941); John F. X. Masterson (April, 1947); rell (May 4, 1945); Leonard McGee (July 8, 1945); Edgar Bromberger (April, 1947); Morris Rothen

berg (July 14, 1947); Harry G. Andrews (July 1, Thomas A. Aurelio (May 1, 1945); Michael A. Ford

1951); William B. Northrop (June, 1942); Robert (Dec., 1941); Mrs. Anna M, Kross (June 30, 1950);

F. Mahoney (April, 1943); Ambrose J. Haddock Alfred M. Lindau (July 18, 1947); Peter A. Abeles (July 27, 1949).

BRONX Raphael R. Murphy (April, 1943); William Klapp 15, 1943). (Aug. 15, 1949); Richard F. McKiniry August

BROOKLYN John D. Mason (July 2, 1943); Gaspar L. Liota (May 1, 1951); Charles Solomon (Sept. 23, 1945); (Dec., 1941); Vincent J. Sweeney (May 1, 1951): Nicholas H. Pinto (July 18, 1947); Francis X. James A. Blanchfield (May 1, 1951); Thomas H. Giaccone (June, 1949); Charles E. Hirsimaki (Dec., Cullen, Jr. (May 21, 1944); D. Joseph DeAndrea 1949); Charles E. Ramsgate (July 1, 1950).

Henry A. Soffer (Jan. 4, 1948); Frank Giorgio Jenkin R. Hockert (Dec., 1947).
(Dec., 1945); Anthony P. Savarese (May 24, 1944);

Henry W. Bridges (Jan. 1, 1946); Charles G. Keutgen (Dec., 1947).

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Municipal Courts (Justices elected for a term of 10 years ending Dec. 31 of year given; President Justice, $11,840;

others, $10,840) The President Justice, Pelham St. George Bissell

BROOKLYN (1946)-Headquarters, 8 Reade St., Manhattan.

1st-120 Schermerhorn St., George J. Joyce The justices, by districts, are:

1st-8 Reade St., David Morris (1949); Michael (1945), Michael Ditore (1949). R. Matteo (1947), Arthur P. McNulty (1947).

2d--495 Gates Ave., Milton M. Wecht (1945), Ed2d-264 Madison St., Isidor I. Haber (1945), Bir

ward A. Wynne (1949), Wm. J. McNulty (1949). die Amsterdam (1949), Joseph Raimo (1947), Emil

3rd-6 Lee Ave., Charles J. Carroll (1949), M. Haas (1943).

Thomas E. Morrissey, Jr. (1947). 3d-314 West 54th St., Charles J. Garrison

4th-260 Utica Ave., Jack S. Strahl (1949). (1943), Joseph B. Rafferty (1947), George M. Car- 5th-4th Ave. and 42d St., Roger J. Brock (1949), ney (1949), Charles A. Curtin (1950).

Philip Simon (1949). 4th--327 East 38th St., Wm. S. Katzenstein 6th-27-33 Snyder Ave., Frank H. Parcells (1945). (1947), William T. Keleher (1947). John M. Lewis Edward Cassin (1947), Charles H. Breitbart (1949). (1950)

7th-363 Liberty Ave., Harry P. Eppig (1947). 5th-314 West 54th St., Thomas J. Whalen Peter H. Ruvolo (1949). (1945), Abram Goodman (1947), Benjamin Shalleck 8th-4th Ave. and 42nd St., Coney Island, Harold (1949)

J. McLaughlin (1949). 6th-170 East 121st St., Samuel Ecker (1943), Joseph F. Caponigri (1950). 7th-447 West 151st St., Lewis A. Abrams (1945).

QUEENS Charles Marks (1947), Thomas E. Rohan (1950). Ist-10-15 49th Ave., L. I. City, John J. O'Rourke

8th-170 East 121st St., Mario G. Di Pirro (1947), (1941), Harold J. Crawford (1945). William E. Slevin (1949).

2d-Broadway and Court St., Elmhurst, John F. 9th-153 East 57th St., Keyes Winter (1943), Scileppi (1949). Carroll Hayes (1945), George L. Genung (1947)

3d-69-02 64th St., Ridgewood, Edward J. Smith William C. Wilson (1947); Pelham St., G. Bissell

(1947). (1950), Jehial M. Roeder (1950).

4th-88-11 Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica. 10th-447 West 151st St., Charles E. Toney 5th Beach Channel Drive, bet. Beach 90th and (1950); James S. Watson (1950).

91st Sts., Rockaway Beach. BRONX

6th-Town Hall, Flushing, 1st-1400 Williamsbridge Rd., Louis A. Schoffel (1943), Denis R. Sheil (1947), Christopher C.

RICHMOND McGrath (1945), William Lyman (1945).

Ist--Bement and Castleton Aves., W. New 2d-East 162d St. and Washington Ave., Daniel Brighton, John M. Braisted, Sr. (1947). v. Sullivan (1943), Michael N. Delagi (1945), Agnes 2d-71 Targee St., Stapleton, Thomas J. Walsh M Craig (1945), James W. Donoghue (1947). (1945).

County Offices County Clerks-New York, Archibald R. Watson; ($3,000). Bronx, Michael B. McHugh ($15,000 each): Kings, Records, Commissioners of-New York, A. Welles Francis J. Sinnott ($12,000); Queens, Paul Livott Stump; Kings, Hyman Schorenstein ($7.500 each). ($8,000); Richmond, Charles F. Pallister ($7,000). Registrars-Office abolished and consolidated into

District Attorneys New York, Frank S. Hogan; city-wide office, appointment to be made by Mayor Bronx, Samuel J. Foley: Kings, William O'Dwyer; after competitive civil service examinations. Queens, Charles P. Sullivan ($20,000 each); Rich- Sheriffs-Office abolished and consolidated into mond, Farrell Kane ($8,600),

city-wide ofhce, appointment to be made by Mayor Medical Examiner, Chief-Thomas A. Gonzales after competitive civil service examinations. ($8,000).

Surrogates-New York, James A. Foley and Public Administrators-New York, James F. James A. Delehanty; Bronx, Albert H. Henderson; Egan ($10,000); Bronx, James W. Brown ($4,000); Kings, George, Albert Wingate; Queens, John Kings, William V. Elliott; Queens, Alfred J. Ken- Hetherington ($25,000 each); Richmond, John c. nedy ($5,000 each); Richmond, James J. Joyce, Boylan ($15,000).

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