Зображення сторінки



Italy Estonia.


U.S.S.R. Ethiopia (Abyssinia) Africa

Faroe Isles

Europe Denmark.
Falkland Isles & South

So. America... British Empire. Fui Islands.


British Empire. Finland

Europe. Republic. Formosa (Taiwan) Asia.

Japan France.

Europe. Republic French Equat. Africa. Africa

France French India...


France. French Indo-China. Asia.

French West Africa. Africa

Friendly Islands, (see Tonga)


France. Gambia


British Empire, Georgia


U.S.S.R. Germany


Republic. Gibraltar.


British Empire. Gos.


Portugal Gold Coast.


British Empire. Greece

"Republic Greenland

No. America., Denmark. Guadeloupe

West Indies... France Guatemala

Cent. Amer... Republic. Guiana, British

So. America... British Empire. Netherland. So. America. . Netherlands. French

So. America... France. Guinea, French


Portuguese Africa




Germany. Halti.

West Indies. Republic Hejaz.



Europe. Germany.
Holland (see Netherlands)

Cent. Amer Republic
Honduras, British. Cent. Amer British Empire.
Hong Kong & Territory Asia.

British Empire. Hungary

Europe Kingdom... Hyderabad


Semi-Indep'd't. Iceland..

No. Atlantic.. Kingdom, India


British Empire. (British)


British Empire. (Native States) Asia.

British Empire. Indo-China


France. Iran (Persia)


Kingdom Iraq (Mesopotamia).. Asia.

Kingdom Ireland...


British Empire. Ireland, North. (Ulster) Europe

British Empire. Isle of Man..


British Empire. Italy


Kingdom Italian East Africa (see Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somaliland) Ivory Coast.


France, Jamaica

West Indies.. British Empire. Japan (Proper)


Enpire. Japanese Empire. Asia..

Empire Java and Madura. Asia.

Netherlands Johore...


British Empire. Kashmir (India).


Semi-Indep'd't. Kazakh...


U.S.S.R. Kenya and Prot


British Empire. Kirghiz


U.S.S.R.. Korea .


Japanese Kuwait.


Sultanate Kwang Chau Wan Asia.

French Lease Kwantung


Japanese Lease. Labrador

NO. America.. British Empire. Laos..


French Protect. Latvia.


U.S.S.R.. Lebanon


Beirut Leeward Islands West Indies. British Empire. Liberia.


Republic Libys..


Italy Liechtenstein

Europe Principality Lippe.


Germany Lithuania


U.S.S.R. Lübeck

Europe. Germany. Luxemburg


Grand Duchy Macao


Portugal Madagascar


France Madeira

Africa. Portugal Madras (India)


Semi-indep'd't. Malay States, Fed Asia.

British Empire, Malay States, Unted. Asia

British Protect. Malta...


British Empire. Manchukuo


Seini-Independ't. Manitoba.

No. America.. British Empire, Martinique

West Indies... France, Mauritania


France Mauritius


British Empire. Mechlenburg



Europe. Germany.
Mesopotamia (see Iraq)

No. America. Republic.
Middle Congo..


France Miquelon

No. America.. France.

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U.S.S.R. Molucca Isles.


Netherlands Monaco


Principality Mongolia


China.. Moravia


Germany Morocco (French) Africa

French Protect. Morocco (Spanish). Africa

Spanish Protect Morocco (Intern. Zone) Africa

Intern. Protect.. Mozambique


Portugal.. Mysore (India)


Semi-Indep'd't. Natal


British Empire. Nejd The.


Kingdom Nepal


Kingdom Netherlands


Kingdom. Netherland Indies.


Netherlands, New Brunswick

No America.. British Empire. New Caledonia

Australasia France Newfoundland

NO. America.. British Empire. New Guinea, British. Oceania

British Mandate New Hebrides (Isl.).. Australasia. Fr & Brit. Prot.. New South Wales. Australia British Empire. New Zealand

Australasia. British Empire. Nicaragua.

Cent. Amer Republic Niger


France Nigeria


British Empire. Northern Ireland


British Empire. Northern Territory Australia British Empire. N. W. Territory

No. America.. British Empire. Norway.


Kingdom Nova Scotia.

No. America. British Empire. Nyasaland Prot.


British Empire. Oldenburg


Germany Oman


Kingdom Ontario..

No. America British Empire, Orange Free State Africa.

British Empire. Orkney Isles.


British Empire, Palestine..


British Mandate Panama

So. America Republic Papua.

Oceania British Empire. Paraguay

So. America... Republic..
Persia (see Iran)

So. America... Republic..
Poland (inc. Teschen) Europe

Republic Portugal


Republic Prince Edward Isl, No. America.. British Empire. Principe & St. Thomas Africa

Portugal Prussia

Europe Germany Punjab, India,


Semi-Indep'd't. Quebec

NO, America British Empire. Queensland.

Australia.. British Empire, Rajputana.


British Empire. Reunion

Indian Ocean. France. Rhodesia, Northern Africa

British Empire Rhodesia, Southern Africa.

British Empire Riau-Lingga Arch. Asia


Europe. Kingdom..
Russia (see U.S.S.R.)
Russia (pre-war). Europe-Asia... Empire.


Germany St. Helena


British Empire St. Pierre Islands No. America. France Sakhalin Island (SO) Asia

Japan Salvador

Cent. Amer Republic Samoa, Western


British Mandate San Marino,

Europe . Republic Sarawak.


British Empire. Sardinia


Italy Saskatchewan

NO. America. British Empire. Saxony


Germany Schaumburg-Lippe. Europe

Germany Scotland


British Empire Senegal


France. Serbia (pre-war)


Yugo-Slavia, Seychelles Islands Africa

British Empire Shetland Isles


British Empire. Siam (see Thailand) Sicily


Italy Sierra Leone


British Empire Sikkim (India).


Semi-Indep'd't. Slovakia.


Republic Slovenia

Europe .

Yugo-Slavia Society Isles, etc.


France. Solomon Islands, Brit Oceania

British Protect. Somaliland, British, Africa

British Empire.
French, Africa

Italian. Africa

Soudan, Ang.-Egyptian. Africa,

British Empire. South Australia.

Australia British Empire. South West Africa.. Africa

British Mandate Spain

Europe Republic Spitzbergen


Norway Straite Settlements AS12.

British Empire. Sudan (French)


France Sudetenland


Germany Sumatra


Netherlands Swaziland..


British Empire Sweden


Kingdom.. Switzerland



9,926 27,925

2,818 14.836 6,253

1.520 375,000 68,000

8,492 194,000 969.600 380,070 317,725 196,607 24,290

1.356 590,966

8.721 164,143

6.705 173,347 15,944)

4,000.078 Palermo 1,768,480 Freetown

2,450,096 Bratislava
1,055.464 Zagreb

39,970 Papeete
344.700 Berbera

44,240 Jibuti 1.300.000 Mogadisho 6,342,477 Khartout

597.045 Adelaide

314,194 Windhoek 26.000.000 Madrid

2,700 Longyearbyen 1.372,568 Singapore 3.365.073 Bamako 2,945,261 Reichenberg 7,677,826 Batavia

156,715 Mbabane 6,341,303 Stockholm 4,218,000 Berne


Continent Goveroment or Square Popula-

Capital or Chief
or State
Ruling Power Miles


City Syria and the Lebanon Asia..

French Mandate.. 57.900 3,630,000 Beirut


55,040 1.332,700 Stalinabad Tanganyika.

British Mandate.

360,000 5,270,484 Dar-es-Salaam Tangler


225 60,000 Tangier
Australasia. British Empire.

26,215 241,576 Hobart Thalland (Slam)


221,898 15,976,000 Bangkok Thuringis.


4,541 1,760,595 Weimar Thlbet


463,200 3,000,000 Lhasa Timor Arch.


7,330 463,796 Dilly
West Indies. British Empire.


25,358 Port of Spain Togoland

French Mandate..

21,893 780,497 Lome Togoland

British Mandate..

13,041 391,473 Lomne Tonga (Friendly) Isl Oceania. British Protect.


33,785 Nukualota Tonkin

French Protect..

40,530 8,970,464 Hanoi TransJordan


37,470 300,000 Amman Transvaal.

British Empire.

110,450 3,535.100 Pretoria
West Indies... British Empire.

1,862 473,455 Port au Spain Tunis.


48,313 2,608,313 Tunis
Europe-Asia... Republic.

294,416 17,869,901 Ankara Turkey (pre-war) Europe-Asla... Sultanate

710,224 21,273,900 Constantinople Turkoman


171,384 1,268,900 Ashkhabad Turks & Caicos Islands West Indies... British Empire..


5,300 Grand Turk. U.S.S.R..

Europe-Asla. Soviet Republic. 8,819,791 192,695,710 Moscow
Uganda Prot.


93,381 3,790,689 Entebbe
Ulster (see Ireland, Northern)
Europe. U.S.S.R.

170,998 31,901,400 Klev Union of So. Africa. Africa..

British Empire.

472,550 10,160,000 Pretoria United Kingdom. Europe.


94,279 46,213,169 London guay So. America. Republic.

72,153 46,545 Mo evide Uzbek


66,392 5,044,300 Tashkent Vatican City, State of.. Europe. Papal State.


1,025 Vatican City Venezuela. So. America. Republic

352,170 3,491,159 Caracas Victoria. Australia. British Empire.

87,884 1,887,278 Melbourne Wales Europe. British Empire.

8,012 2,593,014 Cardir West Australia. Australla. British Empire.

975,920 465,916 Perth White Russla Europe U.S.S.R....

49,022 5.439, 400 Minsk Windward Islands West Indies... British Empire.

821 259,742 St. George's Wurttemberg..


7,532 2,907,166 Stuttgart Yemen..


75,000 3.500,000 Sanas
Europe. Kingdom.

95,558 16,200,000 Belgrade Yukon. No. America.. British Empire.


4,230 Dawson Zanzibar. Africa ... British Empire.

1,020 235,428 Zanzibar The Berlin-Rome-Tokio Axis Germany, Japan and Italy signed in Berlin Article Four-With the view to implementing the (Sept. 27, 1940) a ten-year military and economic

present pact, joint technical commissions, memtreaty-the Treaty of Berlin-by which they pooled bers which are to be appointed by the respective their totalitarian armaments and pledged to help governments of Germany, Italy and Japan, will one another against the United States if one of meet without delay. them becomes involved with America. The official Article Five-Germany, Italy and Japan affirm English translation of the treaty follows:

that the aforesaid terms do not in any way affect The governments of Germany, Italy and Japan, the political status which exists at present as beconsidering it as & condition precedent of any tween each of the three contracting parties and lasting peace that all nations of the world be given Soviet Russia. each its own proper place, have decided to stand Article Six-The present pact shall come into by and cooperate with one another in regard to effect immediately upon signature and shall remain their efforts in Greater East Asia and regions of in force ten years from the date of its coming into Europe respectively wherein it is their prime pur- force. At the proper time before expiration of said pose to establish and maintain a new order of term the high contracting parties shall at the rethings calculated to promote the mutual prosperity quest of any of them enter into negotiations for its and welfare of the peoples concerned.

renewal. Furthermore, it is the desire of the three govern- In faith whereof, the undersigned, duly authorments to extend cooperation to such nations in ized by their respective governments, have signed other spheres of the world as may be inclined to this pact and have affxed hereto their signatures. put fourth endeavors along lines similar to their Done in triplicate at Berlin, the 27th day of own, in order that their ultimate aspirations for September, 1940, in the eighteenth year of the world peace may thus be realized.

Fascist era, corresponding to the 27th day of the Accordingly, the governments of Germany, Italy ninth month of the fifteenth year of Showa (the and Japan have agreed as follows:

reign of Emperor Hirohito). Article One-Japan recognizes and respects the Hungary joined the Axis (Nov. 20, 1940), Rumania leadership of Germany and Italy in establishment (Nov. 23) and Slovakia (Nov. 24). ' Bulgaria

signed of a new order in Europe.

as a member (March 1, 1941). Yugoslavia attached Article Two-Germany and Italy recognize and its signature (March 25) with the provision that respect the leadership of Japan in the establish- Axis troops should not march through the country ment of a new order in Greater East Asia.

and that its sovereignty and territorial integrity Article Three-Germany, Italy and Japan agree should be respected. The regime that signed the to cooperate in their efforts on aforesaid lines. pact with the Axis was overthrown two days later They further undertake to assist one another with and the new Cabinet did not ratify the agreement. all political, economic and military means when The subjugation of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers one of the three contracting powers is attacked by followed. Croatia, carved from a part of vana power at present not involved in the European quished Yugoslavia, joined the Axis (June 15. war or in the Chinese-Japanese conflict.

1941) in a ceremony in Venice.

The Average Father of 32,000,000 in the U. S.

Statisticians of the Census Bureau picture the or non-emergency work. average of 32,000,000 fathers in the United States If he works in an industrial establishment his as follows:

yearly wage is about $1,100 or $1,200 a year. Age: 44.

It is 9 to i he is white and 3 to 2 he is a native The odds are 9 to 1 that he is a married man American whose parents were born here. living with his wife and has one to two children He spends about $1.200 a year for family purliving at home. The rest of the fathers are mostly chases in retail stores; he worries over a $480 widowers and a very small sprinkling of divorced annual tax bill. males.

About 2,250,000 fathers each year have the thrill The chances are 3 to 2 that he will live in a city of a childbirth

in the home, about 25,000 of which of 2,500 or more.

involve twins, 274 triplets and 2 quadruplets. The odds are 8 to 1 that he has a job in private One father in the United States has 27 children.

Population of Important Foreign Cities

Source: Latest census figures and latest official estimates
City Country Pop.
City Country Pop.

City Country Pop. Adelalde.. Australia.. 322,990||Genos. Italy.

659,665 Odessa. Russia 604.223 Agra...

India, 229,764 Glasgow, Scotland.. 1,126,000 Oporto, Portugal 232,280 Ahmedabad. India

313,789 Gorky Russia 644,116 Osaka, Gr'tr. Japan. 3,394,200 Alexandria.. Egypt. 682,101 Gothenburg. Sweden. 2 0,602 Oslo... Norway

253,124 Algiers. Algeria 252,321 Graz

210,175 Palermo. Italy

434,311 Altona.. Germany. 241,970 The Hague.. Holland 495,185 Para.

Brazil. 279,491 Amritsar.. India. 264,840 Hakodate... Japan. 226,500 Paris,

France 2,829,746 Amsterdam Holland. 793,526 Halle.. Germany 220,364| Paris, G't'r.. France 4,933,855 Amoy. China.

234,159 Hamburg Germany.. 1,682,220 Pelping China 1,556,364 Antwerp Belgium.. 274,406 Hanchow. China.

506,930. Pernambuco Brazil. 472,764 Akershus. Norway 236,939 Hankow. China. 777,993 Perth... Australia 224.800 Athens. Greece 652,385 Hanover Germany 472,527' Piraeus Greece 328, 299 Auckland. N. Zealand 221,500 Harbid. Manch'k'o 330,436 Plymouth England. . 210,460 Avellaneda Argentina. 386,000 Havana. Cuba

568,913 Poona. India.

233,885 Bagdad Iraq

499,410 Helsinki. Finland.. 293, 237 Porto Alegre Brazil. 321,628 Bahia. Brazil. 363,726 Hiroshima... Japan. 340.100 Portsmouth. England. 256,200 Baku

Russia 809,347 Hong Kong China. 1,028,619 Poznan. Poland.. 268,800 Bangalore... India, 306,470 Howrah... India

224,873 Prague. Cz'choslov 848,823 Bangkok.. Thailand 931.170 Hsinking. Manch'k'o 360,294 Rangoon. Burma. 400,415 Barcelona... Spain. 1,399,000 Hull.. England... 319,400 Recile. Brazil, 472.464 Batavia... Java. 437,000 Hyderabad, India

466,894 Riga.

Latvia 393,211 Belfast. Ireland. 438,112 Istanbul Turkey 789,346 Rio Janeiro..Brazil. 1,711,466 Belgrade. Yugo-slav 405,000 Johan'sburg. U.of S. Alr. 257,671 Rome.


1,348,700 Benares. india

205,315 Kalyuan.. Manch'k'o 317,520 Rosario. Argentina 514,613 Berlin, Gr'tr ermany.. 4,332,242 Karachi... India.

263,565 Rostov Russia

520,700 Birmingham England. 1,029,700 Kassel. Germany. 217.085 Rotterdam Holland 612,372 Bochum. Germany.. 303,208 Kazan. Russia

258,700 Salford. England 201,800 Bogota. Colombia. 330,312 Kharkov.. Russia

833,432 Saloniki.... Greece... 236,524 Bologna Italy.

318,444 Kiel.

272,311 Santiago Chile

829,830 Bombay India. 1,161,383 Kiev.

Russia 846,293 Sao Paulo.. Brazil. 1,151,249 Bordeaux France

258,348 Kobe

Japan, 1,006,100 Saratov.. Russia 327,500 Bradford.. England. 289,510 Konigsberg. . Germany. 368.433 Sendai, Japan. 219,547 Bremnen.. Germany, 342,113 Kure.

262,300 Seoul

Korea. 706,396 Breslau. Germany.

615,006 Kyoto.. Japan. 1,177,200 Sevilla, Spain. 238,727 Brisbane Australia. 326,000 Lahore. India

429.747 Shanghai. China. 3,489,998 Bristol England.. 415,100 La Paz. Bolivia 250,000 Sheffield England.. 518, 200 Brno

Cz'choslov 264,925 La Plata.. Argentina 268,000 Shizuoka. Japan. 200, 737 Brunswick.. Germany.. 201,306 Leeds.

England. 491,880 Singapore. Straits Set. 727,564 Brus'ls, G't'r. Belgium... 912,774 Leicester.. England.. 262,900 Soerabaya. Dutch E.I. 313,000 Bucharest... Rumania.. 640,511 Leipzig Germany. 701,606 Sofia

Bulgaria.. 287,095 Budapest Leningrad. Russia. 3,191,304 Soochow China

260,000 G't'r Hungary.. 1,585,678 Lille.

200.575 Stalingrad. Russia

388,000 Buenos Aires Argentina. 2.364,263 Lima.


500,000 Stalino. Russis 285,500 Cairo. Egypt.. 1,307,422 Lisbon. Portugal. 594,390 Stettin. Germany..

268,915 Calcutta. India 1,485,582 Liverpool. England 836,300 Stockholm. Sweden...

583,621 Canton.. China. 861,024 Lodz.

Poland.. 665,200 Stoke-on-T.. England.. 272,800 Cape Town.. U.S. of Alr. 173,412 Lond'n, Gr'tr England... 8,655,000 Stuttgart. ... Germany.. 459,538 Caracas. Venezuela 300,000 Lucknow. India

274,659 Sverdlovsk Russia 400,800 Cardift.. Wales.

224,850 Lwow. Poland. 317,700, Sydney .. Australia. . 1,305,040 Catania. Italy 244,972 Lyons. France, 570,622 Tabriz..


219,000 Cawnpore. India

243,755 Madras India. 647,230 Taihoku. Formosa. 274,157 Chemnitz Germany 334,563 Madrid Spain. 1,194,000 Tashkent. Russia. 585,005 (hung king. China. 635,000 Magdeburg Germany.. 334,358 Terran. Iran.

360,000 (Cologne. Germany.. 768,426 Manchester England. 736,500 Tientsin. China.. 1,292,025 Colombo.. Ceylon. 284,155 Mannheim .. Germany. 283,801 Tiflis.

Georgia, R. 519,175 ('openhagen, Denmark. 843,168 Marseilles... France 914,232 Tokio, G't'r. Japan, 7.094,600 Cordoba Argentina. 288,916 Melbourne, Australia.. 1.046,750 Toronto.. Canada.. 631,207 Cracow Poland 254,600 Messina... Italy

192,051 Toulouse.


213,220 Croydon England. 242,300 Mexico City, Mexico. 1,754,355 Trieste. Italy.

261.368 Dairen. Kwantung 282,665 Milan.. Italy 1,219,240 Tsingtao.. China.

514,769 Danzig. Free State 415,000 Montevideo. Cruguay 682,664 Tunis. Tunisia 219,578 Delhi. India 447,442 Montreal. Canada.. 818,577 Turin. Italy.

698,096 Dne'p'tr'ysk Russia 500.662 Moscow... Russia 4,137,018 Valencia. Spain

352,802 Dortmund.. Germany. 537,000 Mukden Manch'k'o 772,017 Valparaiso.. Chile.

263,228 Dresden.. Germany 625,174 Munich. Germany 828,325 Vancouver. Canada 308,340 Dublin... Ireland. 482,300 Nagasaki. Japan.. 230,800 Venice... Italy.. 285,833 Duisburg Germany. 431,256 Nagoya. Japan.

1,249,100 Vienna. Germany.. 1,918,462 Dusseldorf.. Germany. 539,905 Nagpur India,

215,165 Wanhsein. China

210.837 Edinburgh, Scotland. 468,500 Nanking. China. 1,019,148 Warsaw.. Poland.. 1,265,700 Essen. Germany. 659,871 Naples, Italy

925,325 Wenchow China. 631,276 Florence Italy.. 354,975 Newcastle.. England. 290,400, West Ham.. England. 259,500 Foochow.. China. 322,725 Nice.

France. 241,916 Winnipeg Canada 280, 202 Frankfort Germany. 546,649 Ning po China.. 218,774 Wuppertal. Gerinany. 398,009 Fukuoka...

322,000 Nottingham. England. 278,800 Yawata. Japan. . 243,500 Fushun Manch'k'o 295,036 Novosibirsk, Russia. 278,000 Yokohama.. Japan. 866,200 Gelsink'ch'n. Germany.. 313,003 Nurnberg .. Germany 430.851 Zurich.. Switzerlid. 330,000

United States Trade with Latin-American Countries
Source: Statistical Year-Book of the League of Nations; in American dollars
Millions of dol,

Millions of dol. Commodity


1938 1939 1940 1938 1939 1940 489.7,562.5 718.5 Bituminous coal

3.01 5.1 Total Exports.

8.7 40.1 61.6 116.3 Aircraft, including parts

12.0 10.3 Iron and steel mill products

7.5 Automobiles, 67.6 69.6 74.5 All other,

94.1 112.5 148.4 Industrial machinery 53.1 56.3 74.3 Total Imports

447.4 495.8 593.0 Chemical products. 28.7 39.255.2 Coffee

133.8 136.2 124.3 Textile manufactures 31.2 41.8 48.2 Cane sugar.

79.7 75.0 69.7 Electrical mach, and apparatus 31.4 34.1 40.6 Copper

26.6 30.1 51,9 Rice, flour, other veg. prod. 34.7 34.5 37.2 Crude petrol., semion, oils

18.9 23.3 47.6 Crude petrol., refined olls. 28.3 28.5 25.7 Raw wool.

7.8 17.11 46.7 Paper and paper materials 7.7 10.8 22.71 Hides and skins

9.8 19.0 24.4

12.1 13.2 13.1 Meats, fats, milk, edib. animal prod 14.71 17.8 19.8 Cocoa. Agricultural implements 21.9 16.21 14.4 Sodium nitrate

10.7 11.2 12.5 Lumber and wood products. 12.8 13.5 13.5 All other...

148.0 170.7 202.8 Rubber and manufactures...

8.41 10.7 12.3!!

Japan. :::


International Aeronautical Records Source: The National Aeronautic Association, duPont Circle, Washington, D. C., representative in the United States of the Federal Aeronautique Internationale, world sport governing body for aeronautics. The officers of the association are: Charles F. Horner, president; George B. Logan, vicepresident; William R. Enyart, secretary, and John H. Jouett, treasurer. The International Aeronautical Federation was formed (1905) by representatives from Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the United States, with headquarters in Paris. Regulations for the control of official records were signed (Oct. 14, 1905). Thirty-eight countries were members of the association (1939). The records presented here are as of Oct. 1, 1941. World records are defined as maximum performance, regardless of class or type of aircraft used. Records accepted by the Federation follow:

WORLD AIR RECORDS Maximum speed over a 3-kilometer course (1.864 miles)-755.138 km. p. h. (469.220 m. p. h.)--Fritz Wendel, Germany, April 26, 1939.

Distance airline 11,520.421 kilometers (7,158.440 miles)-Squadron Leader R. Kellett, Flight Lt. R. T. Gething and Pilot Officer M. L. Caine (one plane); Flight Lt. A. N. Combe, Flight Lt. B. K. Burnett and Sergt. H. B. Gray (second plane); Great Britain, Nov. 5-7, 1938.

Altitude-22,066 meters (72,394.795 feet) Anderson and Stevens, United States, November 11, 1935.

All other records, international in scope, are termed International records and are divided into classes, free balloons, airships, airplanes, seaplanes, amphibians, gliders, and helicopters. In the following tables categories are used and are defined as:

Light airplanes

Light seaplanes
Engine cylinder displacement

Engine cylinder displacement 1st category 397-549 cubic inches

397-549 cubic inches 2nd category

244-397 cubic inches

Less than

397 cubic inches 3rd category 122-244 cubic inches

None 4th category. Less than 122 cubic inches

None AIRPLANES (Class C) Distance closed circuit (International)-12,935.770 kilometers (8,037.899 miles)---Angelo Tondi, Roberto Dagasso and Ferruccio Vignoli, Aldo Stagliano, Italy, July 30-31-Aug. 1, 1939. (United States)--5,036 kilometers (3,129.219 miles)-Major C. V. Haynes and Capt. w. D. Old, U. S. A., A. C. pilots; Capt. W. G. Bryte, Lt. A. C. Brandt, Sergt. A. Cattarius, Sergt. D. L, Spicer and Corp. J. E. Sands, U. S. A., A. O., crew, Dayton, O., Aug. 1-2, 1939.

Distance airline (International)-11,520.421 kilometers (7,158.440 miles)--Squadron Leader R. Kellett, Flight Lt. R. T. Gething and Pilot Officer M. L. Gaine (one plane); Flight Lt. A. N. Combe, Flight Lt. B. K. Burnett and Sergt. H. B. Gray (second plane); Great Britain, Nov, 5-7, 1938. (United States) 8,065.736 kilometers (5,011.800 miles)-Russell N. Boardman and John Polando, from Brooklyn, N. Y.. to Istanbul, Turkey, July 28-30, 1931.

Altitude (International)-17,083 meters (56,046.473 feet)-Col. Mario Pezzi, Italy, Oct. 22, 1938. (United States)-13,157 meters (42,165.880 feet)-Lt. Apollo Souceck, Anacostia D. C., June 4, 1930.

Maximum speed International)--Speed 755.138 km. p. h. (469.22- m. p. h.)-- Fritz Wendel, Germany, April 26, 1939. (United States)-speed 567.115 km. p. h. (352.388 m. p. h.)-Howard R. Hughes, Santa Ana, Calif., Sept. 13, 1935.

Speed for 100 kilometers (62.137 miles)) (International) - Speed 634.320 km. P h. (394.147 m. p. h.)Major Gen. Ernst Udet, Germany, June 5, 1938. (United States)-Speed 470.896 km. p. h. (292.600 m. p. h.) Miss Jacqueline Cochran, Acomita, N. M., April 20, 1940.

Speed for 1,000 kilometers (621.369 miles) (International)--Speed 524.185 km. p. h, (325.713 m. p. h.) - Furio Niclot, Italy, Dec. 9, 1937. (United States)-Speed 492.341 km. p. h. (305.926 m. p. h.), Miss Jacqueline Cochran, Burbank-San Francisco-Burbank, Calif., course, Sept. 15, 1939.

Speed for 2,000 kilometers (1,242.739 miles) (International)-Speed 533.847 km. p. h. (331.716 m. p. h.), Miss Jacqueline Cochran, Mt. Wilson, Calif.-Mesa Giganta, N. M.-Mt. Wilson, Calif., course, April 6, 1940. (United States) same.

Speed for 5,000 kilometers (3,106.849 miles) (International)-Speed, 404.936 km. p. h. (251.615 m. p. h.), Nicholas Chebanov and Vladimir Matvelev, Sebastopol course, Aug. 28, 1939. (United States)

Speed 272.030 km. p. h. (169.031 m. p. h.) D. W. Tomlinson and J. A. Bartels, Floyd Bennett-Bolling Field-Floyd Bennett Field course, May 16-17, 1935.

Speed for 10,000 kilometers (6,213.698 miles) (International)-Speed 311.620 km. p. h. (193.631 m. p. h.) -Comm. Rossi and Adjt. Chief Emont, France, Aug. 15-16, 1939.

LIGHT AIRPLANES (first category) Distance, Airline (International)-3,318.198 kilometers (2,061.703 miles)—A. Goussarov and V. Giebov, Speed for 100 kilometers (62.137 miles) (International)-Speed 392.584 km. p. n. (243.940 m. p. h.)Giorgio Parodi, Italy, Aug. 27, 1939. (United States)--Speed 333.179 km. p. h. (207.027 m. p. h.)Clarence R. McArthur, New Orleans,, La., June 26, 1938.

Altitude (International)-9,075 meters (29,773.560 feet)-Herman Ilig, Germany, July 7, 1939. (United States)-5,721 meters (18,769,646 feet)--Grace Huntington, Burbank, Calif., May 31, 1939.

LIGHT AIRPLANES (second category) Speed 100 kilometers (International)Speed 383.386 km. p. h. (238.225 m. p. h.)-S. J. Wittman, U. S., Detroit, Mich., Sept. 19, 1937. (United States)--same.

Distance, Airline (International)--5,099.300 kms. (3,168.365 miles)--Andre Japy, France, from Istres to Djibouti, Nov. 30, 1937.*

LIGHT AIRPLANES (third category) Distance, Airline (International)-6,303.840 kilometers (3,917.017

miles)--Horst Pulkowski and Lt, R. Jenett, Germany, from Bengasl, Libya, to Gaya, British India, Dec. 29-31, 1938. (United States) 3,986.944 kilometers (2,477.367 miles)—J. M. Jones, Nov. 29-30, 1938.

LIGHT AIRPLANES (fourth category) Distance, Airline (International)-1,909.833 kilometers (1,186.713 miles)--Heinz Gabler, Germany, Aug. 2, 1939. (United States) 1,631.878 kilometers (1,014 miles)---Robert E. Bryant, from Mlami, Fla.; to Camden, N. J., July 31, 1939.

SEAPLANES (Class C2) Distance, closed circuit (International)-5,200 kilometers (3,231.123 miles)---Mario Stoppani_and Carlo Tonini, Italy, May 27-28, 1937. (United States)--2,525 kilometers (1,569 miles)--Lts. B. J. Connell and H. C. Rodd, San Diego, Cal., Aug. 15-16, 1927.

Distance, Airline (International)-9,652,001 kilometers (5,997.462 miles)-Capt. D. C. T. Bennett and First Officer I. Harvey, Great Britain, frorn Dundee, Scotland, to near Port Nolloth, S. Africa, Oct. 6-8, 1938. (United States)-5,280.015 kilometers (3,281.402 miles)-Lt. Commdr. Knefler McGinnis, U. . N., Lt. J. K. Averill, Ú. S. N., N. A. P., T. P. Wilkinson, U. S. N., from Cristobal Harbor, C. Z., to San Francisco Bay, Alameda, Calif., Oct. 14-15, 1935.

Maximum speed (International)-Speed 109.209 km. p. h. (440.681 m. p. h.)-Francesco Agello, Italy, Indicates no United States record has been established.

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