Зображення сторінки

Buck, Dudley (71), singer; Fairfield, Conn., Jan. 13. Connors, J. H. (19), race track owner; Chestnut
Buckner, E. R. (63), lawyer; New York City, Hill, Mass., July 10.

March 11.
Burnett. E. A. (75), educator; Lincoln, Neb.,

Conquest, Miss Joan (58), novelist; in England.

Oct. 23. June 28.

Content, Harry (80), stock broker; New York City, Burns, W. H. (76), rail executive; Chicago, Ill., Aug. 14. May 20.

Cook, C. E. (71), playwright; New York City, Burr, Mrs. C. H. (Anna Robeson Brown), novelist; June 8. Bryn M&wr, Pa., Sept. 10.

deCordova, Rudolph (81), actor, dramatist; London, Burr, Henry (Harry McClaskey) (59), ballad singer; Jan, 11. Chicago, nl., April 6.

Couch, H. C. (63), industrialist; Hot Springs, Burrett, Dr. C. A. (62), hospital executive; New Ark., July 30. York City, March 3.

Coursen, W. L. (63), yachtsman; New Rochelle. Burton Mrs, F. H. (80), D. A. R. life director: N. Y., June 26, Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 19.

Courtney, Fay (Mrs. R. V. MacNicol) (45), actress; Bush, Prof. W. T. (74) (philosophy); New York

New York City, Feb. 14. City, Feb. 1

Cowan, H. W. (78), ex-Princeton football star: Byron, W. D. (45), Md. Congressman, leather

Stamford, N, Y., Oct. 19. merchant; in air crash near Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 27.

Cowdin, J. E. (82), polo veteran, silk dealer; New Cadman, Lord John (63), petroleum owner; in

York City, Jan, 1. England, May 31,

Coyne, Joseph (13), American actor; in England.

Feb. 20. Cameron, Hugh (62), actor; New York City, Nov. 9.

Craven, J. C. (62), naval architect; Newark, N. J., Campbell, P. P. (79), ex-Congressman from Oct. 20. Kansas, lawyer: Washington, D. C., May 26.

Crawford, Robert (52), theatrical producer, Boston, Campinchi, Cesar (58), ex-Minister of Navy, Mass., Sept, 20. France; Marseille, Feb. 23.

Creelman, James, scenario writer; New York City, Candler. Rev. W. A. (84 , Methodist bishop;

Sept. 9. Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 25.

Crosland, Rev. E. S. (69), Moravian bishop: LanCannon, Miss Annie J. (7 ), astronomer; Cam.

caster, Pa., Dec. 19. bridge, Mass., April 13.

Csaky, count Stephon (43), Hungarian Foreign Carey, . H. (84), jurist; Portland, Ore., Aug. 28.

Minister Budapest, Jan. 27. Carle, Richard (69), actor; Hollywood . Calif., Cubberley, Prof. E. P. (13), educator, college beneJune 28.

factor; San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 14. Carnegie, c. N., 10th Earl of Southesk (87), ant

Cudahy, E. A. Sr. (81), meat packer; Chicago, I., quarian; in Scotland, Nov. 10.

Oct. 18. Carney, James (83), veteran bare-knuckle boxer: Cummings, W. L. (60), New York lawyer; Bozeman, London, Sept. 10.

Mont., July 25. Carr, Sir Emsley (74), newspaper editor; London, Cummins. E. W. (103), Civil War veteran; CoJuly 31.

lumbus, O., Feb. 16. Carrigan, T. J. (55), actor; Lapeer, Mich, Oct. 2.

Cunningham, Jack (59), scenario writer and proCarson, F. W. (60), New York newspaperman;

ducer; Los Angeles, Calif., Oct. 4. Tucson, Ariz., March 19.

Curran, Mrs. Hugh G. (Pearl Gildersleeve) (65). Carter, Sir Gordon (88), racetrack executive; Ascot,

song writer; New Rochelle, N. Y., April 16. Nov. 18.

Curry, Duncan (81), newspaperman; Long Beach, Cartier, Jacques (55), Jeweler; in France, Sept. 10.

Calif., Aug. 31.
Cauldwell, L. G. (19), American painter; Paris,
April 9.

Curtin, J. J. (62), lawyer; Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec.

16, 1940. Cecii, Edward (60), actor; Hollywood, Calif., Dec.

Cushing, C. C. (62), playwright; Boston, Mass.. 13, 1940.

March 6. Cerda, P. A. (62), Président of Chile, vineyard

Daingerfield, Algernon (72), Jockey Club executive; owner; Santiago, Nov. 25.

Garden City, N. Y., June 1. Chaffee, Maj. Gen. A. R. (56

Daly, Mrs. Marcus (88), copper mine owner widow: Aug, 22.

in Montana, July 13. Chamberlain, Mrs. Austin (Ivy Dundas) (65): Lon

Daly, Rev. T. A. (77), First (Paulist) consultor; don, Feb. 13.

New York City, Jan. 8. Chamberlin, Col. H. B. (74), Chicago anti-crime

Danforth (Daniels) William (73), opera singer crusader; Chicago, Ill., July 7. Chambers,'c. E. (58), illustrator; New York City.

Skaneateles, N. Y., April 16.

Darrell, E. F. (78) British-American business Nov. 5. Chapin, Dr. C. V. (85), public health expert;

leader; New York City, Jan, 22.

Daugherty, H. M Province, R. I., Jan. 31.

(81), ex-U. S. Attorney General;

Columbus, O., Oct. 12. Chevrolet. Louis (62), auto racer and inventor;

Davaz, Suad (63), Turkish Ambassador; Teheran, Detroit, Mich., June 6.

Aug. 22 Childs, H. M. (17), horse trainer: Iowa City, Ia.,

Davenport. Prof. Eugene (84). Illinois farm exJan. 9.

pert; in Michigan, March 31. Christie, L. C. (56), Canadian Minister to U. S.,

Davenport Dr. William (74). Tennessee poet lawyer; New York City, April 8. Clarke, c. L. (88), associate of Edison in electric

laureate; Philadelphia, Pa., May 11.

Davies, Sir Walford (71). Master of the King's lighting: Newton, Mass., Oct. 9.

Music; London, March 11. Claussen, Mme. Julia (62), opera singer; Stock

Davis, Gherardi (82), yachtsman, lawyer; New holm, May 1. Clay, Miss Laura (92), equal Suffrage pioneer;

York City, March 9.

Davis, w Lexington, Ky., June 29.

R. (52), munitions dealer: Houston,

Tex., Aug. 1. Clendenin, D. L. (34), executive Civil Liberties

Davis.' w. w. (79), Christian Science executive; leader; in Kansas, Aug. 30.

Boston, Mass., Sept. 21.
Coates, John (76), singer; in England, Aug. 16.
Cochran, N. D. (77), newspaperman; Toledo, O.,

deChaignon, Pierre (69), heraldry expert; Cam

bridge, Mass., Feb. 21. April 13. Cohen, Max (88), Socialist, lawyer; New York City.

Derrick, w. R. (83), painter; Red Hook, N. Y.,

Jan. 9.
Nov. 10.
Coler, B. S. (73), first City Controller of Greater

Devaney. J. P. (58). jurist; Milwaukee, Wis.,

Sept. 21. New York; Brooklyn, N. Y., June 12.

Dew Earl, jockey champion of 1940; near San Colgate, Russell (68), soap manufacturer; West

Diego, Calif., Feb. 2. Orange, N. J., July 31.

Dial, N B. (78), lawyer, financier, ex-U. S. SenaCollings, K. B. (43), U. S. aviator, war corre.

tor from S. C.; Washington, D.O., Feb. 11, 1940. spondent; at sea, death announced May 6.

Dinsmoor, Miss Alice (91), oldest Vassar graduate: Collison, Wilson (47), playwright; Beverly Hills, Calll.. May 24.

Teaneck, N, J., June 15. Colt, J. W. (83), railway builder, race horse owner;

Dinsmore,'Rev., and Prof. C. A. (80), author; New

Haven, Conn.. Aug. 14. Geneseo, N. Y., Feb. 17.

Dolly, Jennie (Janszieka Deutsch, Mrs. Irving Commerer, A. B. (57), ex-U. S. National Park di

Netcher) (48), dancer; Hollywood, Calif., June 1 rector; Washington, DC., April 30.

Douglas. W. J. (68), ex-Governor Canal Zone. Condon, Kate, singer; Chicago, Ill., May 27, Cone, Rear Admiral H. 1. (69), Orlando, Fla.. bridge engineer; New York City, July 2. Feb. 12.

Dox, Miss Virginia (89), first woman teacher Conness, Robert (74), actor; Portland, Me., Jan. 15. | (1885) on an Indian reservation; Hartford. Connah. D. J. (70). painter; New York City, Conn., Feb. 14. Aug. 23.

Drake, J. W. (66), automobile manufacturer, exConnary, L. J. (46). Mass. Congressman; Wash Assistant Secretary of Commerce; near Pontiac, ington, DC., Oct. 19.

Mich., Nov. 27.

Driesch, Prof. H. A. D. (73), biologist; Leipzig, Flynn, W. J. (62), Bronx Dem. leader; New York April 17.

City, Nov. 27. Driscoll, J. L. (103), oldest Free Mason in New Ford, Col. G. M. (70), educator; Huntington, W. York State; Catskill, N. Y., Jan. 2.

Va., Aug. 21. Driscoll. M. P (52), champion indoor runner: Ford, Mrs. H.C. (Blanche Chapman) (91), actress: New York City, March 21.

Rutherford, N. J., June 7. Drury, John (70), actor: Cincinnati, O., Oct. 11,

Ford, John (78), New York City jurist; Kent Cliffs, Duffeld, Rev. Howard (86), Presbyterian; New

N. Y., July 25. York City, Jan. 5.

Ford, W. C: (83), author; at sea, March 7. Duncan, w. J. (60), illustrator; New York City,

Foster, J. B. (78), baseball executive; Washington,

D. C., Sept. 29 April 11.

Foster, Prof. R. C. (46), president Alabama UniDungan, Rear Admiral P. B. (64); San Diego, versity; Tuscaloosa, Ala., Nov. 19. Cahf., Nov. 26.

Fortmiller, P. V. (50), rose grower; Cape Vincent, Dunne, F. H. (78), San Francisco jurist; San N. Y., Aug. 17. Anzelmo, Calif. June 17.

Fougner, G. s. (57), New York newspaperman, dePont, Maurice (75), capitalist; New York City, wine expert; Washington, D. C., April 2. May 31.

Franko, Jeannie, Mrs. Hugo Kraemer (85), violinDuPuy, W. A. (65), newspaperman; Ft. Collins, ist; New York City, Dec. 3, 1940. Colo., Aug. 11,

Frazer, Sir J, B. (87), anthropologist; Cambridge, Durant, Donald (53), financier; New York City, England, May 7. Aug. 11.

French, A. T., Šr. (78), New York banker; Chester, D'Vys, G, W. (81), claimed to be author of "Casey N. H., Nov. 15.

at the Bat”; Northampton, Mass., May 30. Frew, W. E. (76), banker; New York City, May 19. Dwight, B. H. (68), tennis executive; New York Frohman, Daniel (89), theatrical producer; New City (Forest Hills), Sept. 1.

York City, Dec. 26, 1940. Dyer, F. L. (70), inventor; Ventnor, N.J., June 4. Frost, R. J. (70), educator; New York City, Nov. 12. Eaton, Henry (72), newspaperman; Washington, Fumes, John (76), painter; Vancouver, B. C., D. C., Jan. 27.

Jan. 13. Edelstein, M.M. (53), New York City Congressman, Furman, G. H. (72), jurist; Patchogue, N. Y.. lawyer; Washington, D. C., June 4.

March 27. Eddy, F. W. (88), New York City newspaperman; Furnas, Charles (61), first passanger in an airplane Nantucket, Mass., July 23.

(Wright brothers); Dayton, O., Oct. 15. Eilers, Karl (75), copper mine owner, New York Galatzine, Princess Aimee Crocker (78); New York City hospital executive; Sea Cliff, N. Y., Aug. 18.

City, Feb. 17. Ellis, Carleton (64), holder of several hundred

Gallagher, L. L. (58), theater executive; New York patents; Miami, Fla., Jan. 13.

City (Elmhurst), July 6. Elting, Philip (77), banker, ex-New York Port Gantert, Mrs. Emil (Helen Cummings) (100); collector; Kingston, N. Y., July 20.

Newark, N. J., Sept. 2. Eltinge, Julian (57), actor; New York City,

Gardiner, Rev, T. M(71), P. E. Suffragan Bishop March 7.

of Liberia, & native tribesman; Cape Palmas, Emerson, V. L. (78), inventor; Philadelphia, Pa. West Africa, April 3. May 6.

Geer, Alpheus (18), founder Stillman Movement; Emmerson, L. L. (77), ex-Governor, banker; Mt.

New York City, Aug. 17. Vernon, Ill., Feb. 4.

Gehrig, Lou (37), ex-Captain and ist baseman of Endicott,' william (76), rail executive; Beverly,

New York Yankees baseball team; New York Mass., Aug. 25.

City, June 2. Endor, Chick (Charles Knapton, Jr.) (47), enter

Getty, Brig. Gen. R. N. (86); San Francisco, Calif., tainer: Miami, Fla., Sept. 1.

April 15. Endres, Mrs. Emma' (104), newspaperwoman; Oakland, Calif., June 23.

Geyer, L. E. (53), California Congressman; Wash

ington, D. C., Oct. 11. Ensign, J. R.' (73), fuse maker; Simsbury, Conn., Jan. 22.

Gherardi, Bancroft (68), American electriq enErroll, Earl of (39), Lord High Constable of Scot

gineer; in Canada, Aug. 14. land; Nairobi, Kenya, Jan. 23.

Gibb, Mrs. Walter (Florence Swan) (76), merchant,

social leader; Brooklyn, N. Y., May 17. Esch, John J. (80), ex-Congressman: La Crosse, Wis., April 27.

Gibbons, P. W. (55), tennis executive; Philadelphia, Escoffier, Paul; actor; Paris, July 30.

Pa., March 9. Essex, Violet (Mrs. C. L. Tucker) (48), actress;

Gibbs, R. P. (81), actor; New York City (Clifton, Beverly Hills, Calif., Jan. 31.

S. I.), Feb. 22. Evans, Anne; drama' promoter; Denver, Colo.,

Gillett, Maj. Gen. R. H. (New York National Jan. 6.

Guard) (63), lawyer; New Lebanon Center, N. Y., Evans, Brig. Gen. F. E. (65); Pearl Harbor,

Jan. 16. Nov. 25.

Girard, Bob (R. C. Garrod) (53), minstrel; PhilaEveritt, G. B. (56), banker; Chicago, IlI., Aug. 2.

delphia, Pa., Jan. 5. Eves, R. G. (65), painter; in England, June 14.

Girard, Mrs. Edward (Jessie Gardner) (68). Fagnani, Rev. L. P. (86), American Biblical

actress; Bay Shore, N. Y., Jan, 27. scholar; in France, Nov. 25, 1940.

Glover, Prof. J. W. (72), mathematician; Ann Fairbrother, Miss Sydney (68), actress; in England,

Arbor, Mich., July 15. Jan, 3.

Gluchowski, Kaziemierz (56), Buffalo Polish news. Falconer, Mrs. M. P. (79), prison reformer; East

paper owner; Windsor, Ont., Sept. 15. Aurora, N. Y., Nov. 26.

Goelet, R. W. (61), realty owner, financier; New Fauth, Philipp (73), astronomer; near Munich,

York City, May 2. Jan. 6.

Goldblatt, Moses (72), race horse trainer; CinFeder, Gottfried (58), a founder of the Nazi

cinnati, O., Oct. 21. (National Socialist) Party; Munich, Sept. 24.

Goldmark, Henry (83), bridge builder; Nyack, Fields, Lew (74), actor; Los Angeles, Calif.,

N. Y., Jan. 15. July 20.

Goldmark, Miss Susan (78), poet; New York City, Fields, Stanley (Walter Agnew) (57), actor; Holly

Sept. 23. wood, Calif., April 23.

Goldsborough, A. J. (72), horse trainer; Brooklyn, Finley, Charles (75), ex-Congressman; Williams July 21. burg, Ky., March 19.

Goodman, Joseph (65), Water Supply CommisFisher, c. $. (61), American archaeologist; Jeru sioner; New York City, May 9. salem, July 20.

Goodrich, A. F. (63), playwright: New York City, Fisher, F. J. (63), automobile body manufacturer; June 26. Detroit, Mich, July 14.

Gordon, C. H. (56), actor; Hollywood, Calif., Dec. Fisher, H. F. (63). ex-Tennessee Congressman; 3, 1940. New York City, June 16.

Gordon, James (70), actor; Hollywood, Calif.,, Fitzgerald. Cissy, actress; in England, May 10.

May 12 Fitzgerald, F. 8. (44), novelist; Hollywood, Calif.,

Grady, J. H. (70), actor; Lynn, Mass., Feb. 17. Dec. 21. Fitzgibbons, John (73), Oswego, N. Y., labor leader,

Graffin, Rev. S. W. (71), Methodist leader; ex-Mayor, ex-Congressman; Buffalo, N. Y.,

Greenwich, Conn., March 20. Aug. 4.

Graham, ex-Gov. H, F. (79), lawyer; Craftsbury, Flint, Seth (93), sounded the bugle call at Ap

Vt., Nov. 23. pomattox, Va., that marked end of the Civil

Granger, W. G. (68), New York fossil-mammals War; Worcester, N. Y., March 18.

expert; Lusk, Wyo., Sept. 7. Flowers, W. W. (66), tobacco manufacturer: Dur Grant, Mrs. E. J. (Jeannie Dailey) (84), singer, ham. N. C., May 1.

club woman; Brooklyn, N. Y., June 7. Flynn, J. C. H. (49), magistrate; New York City | Graser, E. W. (Lone Ranger) (32), radio actor, June 26.

lawyer; Farmington, Mich., April 8.

. 25.

Graustein, Prof. W. C. (52), mathematician; Belo | Hickey, T. F. (76), Roman Catholic archbishop: mont, Mass., Jan. 22.

Rochester, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1940. Gray, J. F. (52), vice president New York State Higgins, F. R. (44), poet, theatre manager; Dublin,

Federation of Labor; Albany, N. Y., March 19. Jan. 8. Greene, W. D. (68), actor; Great Neck, N. Y., Higgins, Samuel (81), rail executive: Devon, Conn., Feb. 20.

April 10. Greenough, Carrou (58), American architect; Ash- Higins, Brig. Gen. W, A. (63): Irvington, N. J., ville, N C., Aug. 18.

Nov. 18. Greer, W. (21), fire insurance expert; Montclair, | Higginson, Mrs. T. W. (Mary Thatcher) (96), poet,

author; 'Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 9. Gregory, Dr. Menas S. (64), psychiatrist; Tucka

Hill, Gen. J. P. (62), lawyer, ex-Congressman; hoe, N. Y., Nov. 2.

Washington, D. C., May 23, Grey, cuford (54), lyric writer; in England,

Hill, Mrs. Hattie, ex-president American Criterion Sept. 26.

Society, Clifton Springs, N. Y., Sept. 21. Griet, Rev. J. N. (86), founder, American Passion

Hill, R. T. (82). geologistDallas, Tex,, July 28. Play: Union City, N. J., June 8.

Hills, Laurence (61), 0, s. newspaperman; Vichy, Gritsemar, Douglas (53), Red Cross executive;

France, March 28. Chevy Chase, Md., April 24.

Hiltman, J. W. (79), book publisher; New York Grieumard, Miss Emilie (77), descendant of Louis

City, April 15. XVI of France; Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 4, 1940. Hinckley, Robert (88), painter; Rehoboth, Del., Grimshaw, Robert (91), inventor; Englewood, N, J.,

June 1. April 9.

Hinds, Maj. Gen. Ernest (76), Ft. Sam Houston, Grindell-Matthews (61), a "death ray" inventor:

Tex., June 17. in Wales, Sept. 17.

| Hitchcock, Thomas, Sr. (80), sportsman; Old WestGristede, D. B. (68), chain grocery owner; Scars

bury, N. Y., Sept. 29. dale, N. Y., Oct. 2.

Hite, w. F. (102), Union spy in Civil War; McGrossman, Helen (42), actress; New York City,

Keesport, Pa., May 8. May 29.

Hobart, Mrs. Garret A. (Esther Tuttle (91); Guerin, Eddie (80), convict who escaped from

Devil's Island; in England, Dec. 3, 1940. Hoey, J. J. (63), U. 8. collector, Post of New York; Guggenheim, Simon (78), ex-U. S. Senator from

Baltimore, Md., Nov. 10. Colorado, financier, copper manufacturer, bene

Holland, J. P. (76), ex-A. F. of L. executive; factor; New York City, Nov, 2.

Rockaway, N. Y., Nov. 9. Guggenheim, William (12), financier; New York Holland, Dr. T. H., British radiologist; Liverpool, City, June 27.

Jan. 16. Gydeson, Mrs. Lydia (101), Civil War veteran; Mt. Hollis, J. B, (81), actor; Amityville, N. Y., Dec. Holly, N, J., Sept. 9.

15, 1940. Hackett, Col. H. B. (61), architect, college football

Holloway, Charles (81), painter; Chicago, II., referee; Chicago, Sept. 8.

Jan. 27. Hading, Jane (Jeanen A. Trefouet) (81), actress;

Holmes, Mrs. C. R. (Bettie Fleischman); benein France, Feb. 18.

factor; Sands Point, N. Y., Sept. 29. Hall, Rev. 'F. 0. (81), Universalist; New York Holt. Sir H. S. (85), railway builder; Montreal, (fity, Oct. 18.

Sept. 28. Hall, G. C. (53), newspaper crusader against the Holz, Julius (85), New York City newspaper owner; Ku Klux Klan; Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 9.

Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 13. Hamilton, W. R. (74), baseball veteran; Worcester,

Hoogstraten, Count Otto (52); in Italy, July 20. Mass., Dec. 15, 1940.

Hooper, Charles (57), writer of 78.000 letters to Hamm, Mrs. Anna (100); Holland, Mich., Jan. 4. newspaper editors; San Francisco, May 1. Hanly. T. B. (71), newspaperman; near Plattsburg.

Hope, Lord, Duke of Newcastle (75); in England, N. Y., April 15.

April 21. Harcourt, B. E. (59), Jurist; New York City, Dec. Hoppin, Col. F. L V. (74), painter, architect: 9, 1940.

Newport, R. I., Sept. 9. Harlan, E. R. (72), Iowa historian; Des Moines,

Horgan, s. #. (87), halftone engraving inventor; Ia., July 13.

Orange, N. J., Aug. 30 Harper, Miss Lillie H. (60), sculptor; New York Houghton, A. B. (78), ex-U. S. Ambassador to City, Sept. 22.

Germany and to Britain; South Dartmonth, Harris, E. 8. (73), ex-New York State Democratic Mass.; Sept. 16.

State Committee head; Washington, D. C. House, Loulie Hunter (81), Widow of Edward M. Jan. 29.

House: New York City; Dec. 26, 1940. Harris, J. F. (78), Florida Republican leader, stock Houston, A. J. (87), U. 8. Senator from Tex., broker: Palm Beach, Fla.. April 14.

lawyer; Baltimore, Md.; June 26. Harris, 8. H. (69), play producer; New York City, Howard, Harry (76), actor; Hollywood, Calif.; July 3.

March 13. Harrison, B. P. (Pat) (59), U. S. Senator from

Howard, J. D. (T5), banker; Baltimore, Ma.; Aug. Mississippi; Washington, DC., June 22.

19, Hartman, L. F. (61), magazine editor; New York

Hoxie, C. A. (74). electrical inventor. "turned City, Sept. 23.

sound into light": near Schenectady, N. Y., Oct. Hartwell, Dr. J. A. (73); New York City, Nov.

13. 30, 1940.

Hoyne, T. H. (80), bar leader; Chicago, Ili., Sept. Hartwig. Walter (61), theatrical producer: N

28. York City (Forest Hills), Jan. 17. Hawke, Sir J. A., jurist; in England, Oct. 29.

Hoyt, Mrs. O. J. (53), leader in women's club:

Walden, N. Y.; March 10. Hawley, H. D. (62), actor; New York City,

Hubbard, E. K. (72), manufacturer; Middletown, March 29. Hawley, W. C. (77), ex-Congressman, tarif ex Conn., Aug. 7, pert; Salem, Ore., July 24.

Hudspeth, C. B. (64), ex-Congressman; San AntoHay. J. V. (39). Earl of Erroll and Lord High nio, Tex.; March 19.

Constable of Scotland; in Africa, Jan, 24. Huggins, W. L. (76), anti-industrial strikes cru-
Hayes, Sir B. F. (76). White Star Oommodore, sea sader; Emporia, Kan.; May 24.
Aghter; in England, May 15.

Humphrey, B. J. (74), jurist; Jamaica, N. Y.Dec. Haven. M. C. (14), District of Columbia Commis 11, 1940 sioner; Washington, D. O., July 15.

Humphrey, Mrs. W. B. (Marie Ives) (83), PresiHazlett, 'J. M. (77), ex-Philadelphia City executive; dent American Indian League; New Haven, Chestnut HI, Pa. Nov. 8.

Conn.: March 29. Hearst, Sir William (77), Canadian dry leader, ex

Humphreys, Brig. Gen. F. E. (57), first army Ontario Premier; Toronto, Sept. 29.

aviator; Miami, Fla., Jan. 20. Heaslip, C.T. (57), newspaperman; New York City.

| Hunt, Máj,.c. V. D. (79), sculptor; Washington, Oct. 15.

D. C., Feb. 1. Heckscher, August (92), New York financier;

Huntziger, Gen. C. L. O. (61), French Minister of philanthropist; Lake Wales, Fla., April 26.

War: in airplane crash in South of France. Nov. Heckscher, Mrs. August (68), capitalist, bene

factor; New York City, July 10. Heinz, Howard (63), Pittsburgh food canner: Hurd, Dr. Eugene (59). World War army surgeon

and American newspaper Correspondent: RichPhiladelphia, Pa., Feb. 9.

ardson Springs, Calif., May 19. Henry, Jules (52), French Ambassador to Turkey:

Hurd. R. M. (75), lawyer, financier: New York Ankara, June 1o. Hernandez, Mrs. F. M. De (126), buried in MC- City, June 6.

Allen, Tex.. July 10-bbrn May 11. 1815 in Rio Hutton, F, L. (63). New York financier; near Grande City, Tex.

Charleston, S. C., Dec. 5. Heydt, Dr. H.'A. (72), poet, lawyer, author; New Hymans, Paul (75), Ex-Belgian Foreign Minister; York City, Aug. 4.

in France, March 9.


Ingersoll, Genevra (81), actress; New York City, Laffoon, Ruby (72). Governor of Kentucky 1932(Clifton, S. I.), Jan. 17.

*35, jurist; Madisonville, Ky., March 1. Irvine, Rev. A. F. (78), Los Angeles, Calif., March Lagergeren, Rev. C. G. (95), Swedish Baptist lead15.

er; St. Paul, Minn, Oct. 27. Israel, Rev. E. L. (45), Jewish leader; Cincinnati, Lamberton, R. E. (54), Mayor of Philadelphia; O., Oct. 19.

Longport, N. J., Aug. 22. Jackson, Prof. D. B. (71), sanitation expert; Lander, Frank (80), actor; New York City, (WoodMattituck, N. Y., Sept. 1.'

side), Jan. 10. Jalkanen, Kalle, champion Finn skier; in war Landreth, Burnet Jr. (72), seedsman; Philadelaction, Sept. 5.

phia, Pa., Oct. 4. James, A. c. (74), financier industrialist; New Lane, Miss Gertrude B., dean of magazine editors; York City, June 4.

New York City, Sept. 25 Jameson, Andrew (85), whiskey distiller; Dublin, Langmuir, Dr. A. c. (69), chemist; Hastings. N. Feb. 15.

Y., May 14. Jamison, Miss Martha A. (70), coffee and sugar Laning, Harris (67), Rear Admiral; Philadelphia, importer; New York City, July 16.

Pa., Feb. 2. Jarvinen, Kalle, champion Finn shotputter; in Lanman, Prof. C. R. (90), Orientalist; Boston, war action, Sept. 5.

Mass., Feb. 20. Jay, D. L. K. (59), New York lawyer; Westbury, Lapointe, Ernest (65), Canadian Minister of JusL: I., March 26."

tice; Montreal, Nov. 26. Jehl, Francis (80), an Edison aide 1879-1882; St. Lardner, Rex (59), newspaperman; New York City, Petersburg, Fla., Feb. 9.

(Douglaston), June 23. Jenson, Andrew (90), Mormon historian; Salt Lake Lasker, Emanuel (72), chess expert; New York Olty, Utah, Nov. 18.

City, Jan. 11. Joffe, M. 8. (76), painter; New York City, June 28. Lavary. Sir John (84), painter; in Ireland, Jan. Johns, G. S. (83), newspaper editor; St. Louis,

10. Mo., July 16.

Laughlin, Miss Clara E. (67), novelist, traveler; Johnson, Amy (32), British aviatrix; drowned in Chicago, Ill., March 3. Thames, Jan. 5

Laughlin, Irwin (70), ex-ambassador to Spain; Johnson, H. E. (53), song writer; New York City, Washington, D. C., April 18. May 1.

Lauri, Rev. Lorenzo (76), R. C. Cardinal; Vatican Jones, O. L. (59), economics educator; Madison, | City, Oct. 8. Wis., Jan. 13.

Law, Mrs. Fannie (70), actress; New York City, Jones, H. H. (55), football coach; Hollywood, Calif., April 17. July 27.

Lawford, E. E. (70), actor; New York City, Dec. Jones, J. J. (63), book publisher; Philadelphia, 27, 1940. Pa., Oct. 31.

Lawton, w. c. (88), educator; Upper Darby, Pa., Jose,'' R. S. (71), ballad singer; San Francisco, April 18. Calif., Oct. 20.

Leblanc, Georgette (66), actress; Cannes, (Oct.-) Joyce, James (58), Iris hnovelist; Zurich, Switzer Leblanc, Maurice (76), novelist; in France, Nov. 6. land, Jan. 13.

Ledoux, U. J. (Mr. Zero) (66), friend of the poor; Kahn, Gus (54), song writer: Beverly Hills, Calif., New York City, April 8. Oct. 8.

Lee, Miss Auriol, actress, stage director; HutchinKallio, Kyosti (67), ex-president of Finland; Hel son, Kan., July 2. sinki, Dec. 19, 1940.

Lee, H. H. (61), rail executive; Peekskill, N. Y., Kastar, Rev. Karl, (70), R. C. Cardinal, Arch

July 30. bishop of Prague; there, April 21.

Legge, R. H. (59), illustrator, painter; Detroit, Katz, Moses (77) editor, playwright; Philadelphia, Mich., Dec. 9. Pa., June 14.

Leicester, Earl of (T. W. Coke) (98), soldier, land Kavanaugh, F. W. (69), ex-State Senator, Repub

owner; in England, Nov. 19. lican leader; Watertown, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1940. Lelivelt, J. F. (53), baseball player and club Keene, F. P., New York polo player, race horse manager; Seattle, Nash., Jan. 20. owner; in Canada, Sept. 25.

Lennox, Miss Jane (72), actress; Norristown, Pa.. Keep, C. H. (80), New York banker; York Harbor,

arbor, Aug. 30. Me., Aug. 30.

Leonard, Eddie (Lemuel Gordon Toney) (65). Keith Mrs. Boudinot (Dora Wheeler) (85), artist; minstrel; New York City, July 25. New York City, Dec. 27.

Levinson S. O. (75), lawyer, peace advocate: ChiKelley, Mary (Mrs. Ray Myers) (47), actress;

cago, Ill., Feb. 2. Hollywood, Calif., June 7.

Levitzki, Mischa (42), pianist; Avon, N. J., Jan. 2. Kendall, W. M. (85), New York architect; Bar Levy, S. D. (80), jurist; New York City, Dec, 26. Harbor, Me., Aug. 8.

1940. Kenmare, Earl of (V. N. Browne) (80), in England, Lewis, Prof. D. D. (67), surgeon; Baltimore, Md., Nov. 14.

Oct. 9. Kennedy, s. M. (79), actor; Detroit, Mich., Oct. Liebler, T. A. (89), theatrical producer; Old Green28.

wich, Conn., April 23. Kessinger, A. R. (74), newspaper publisher; Rome, Lincoln, A. B. (83), prohibitionist; Westford, N. Y., Feb. 24.

Conn., Sept. 1. Kevill, J. P. (96), powder-boy in Civil War on Llewellyn, Sir William (77), painter: London, Jan. ironclad Merrimac, Portsmouth, Va., Jan. 3.

28. Keyes, Margaret, opera singer; New York Cit

Lloyd. Mrs. Elizabeth F. (71), painter, active in Jan. 6.

wellare and stage work; Beverley Hills, Calif., Kienzi, Wilhelm (84), composer; Vienna, Oct. 3.

Aug. 17. Kiest, 'E. J. (79), newspaper owner; Dallas, Tex., Lloyd George, Dame Margaret (77); Criccieth, Aug. 11.

Wales, Jan. 20. Kilmer. Mrs. Joyce (Aline Murray) (53), poet;

| Lloyd. Lord G. A. (61), government leader in Stillwater, N. J., Oct. 1.

House of Lords; London, Feb. 5. Kimmeberg. E. W. (69), advertising; New York

Longstaff, Sir John (79), painter; Melbourne. City, Oct. 6.

Oct. 1. King, Maj. C. 67), actor; Hollywood, Calif.,

| Lorimer, Mrs. G. H. (Alma Ennis) (64), civic Sept. 18. Kinnear. W. S. (77), railroad tunnel builder; | Lothian.' Marquess of (Philip Henry Kerr) (58).

leader; Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 19. Grosse Points, Mich., Aug. 8.

British Ambassador to the U. S.; Washington, Kittredge, Prof. G. L. (81), Harvard Shakespeare

D. C., Dec. 12, 1940. expert; Barnstable, Mass., July 23. Knapp, Miss Frances L. (61), Wellesley dean;

London, Hugo (81), oil and tobacco owner; in the

Netherlands, Sept. 6. Lunenburg, Mass., July 31.

Luckstone, Isidore (80), pianist, composer; New Kneeland, E. W. (10), Canadian grain merchant

York City, March 12. and industrialist; Montreal, May 20.

Lumpkin, AM., U. S. Senator from South CaroKoeheler, Commander H. W. (54), diplomat; New

lina, (54); Washintgon, D, C., Aug. 1. York City, June 17.

Lundin, Hjalmar (70), circus strong man, wrestler, Kohler, J. P. (86), New York City, lawyer; Coral Gables, Fla., Aug. 4.

Jamaica, N. Y., April 8.

Lynde, Sandra (Dorothy Fox) (32), actress; Pearl Kolb-Danvin, Mrs. C. L. (Princess Radziwill) (84), writer; New York City, May 11.

River, N. Y., May 10. Korizis, Alexander (56), Grecian Premier; Athens, Mabon, J. B. (74), stock broker; New York City. April 19.

March 11. Kriebel, Hermann (65), member of German World MacDonald, Mrs. Cardelia Fox Howard (Little War Armistice Commission; Munich, Feb. 17.

Eva in Uncle Tom's Cabin) (93): Cambridge. Kubelík, Jan. (60), violinist; Prague, Dec. 5.

Mass., Aug. 8. Ladd, Rev. W. P.' (71), dean, Berkeley Divinity MacDowell, W. M. (84), actor; DeCoto, Calli., School; New Haven, Conn., July 1.

Feb. 19.



Wreece, Princess


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Mack, W. H. (McIlvaine) (81), actor; New York | Merrill, W., J. (42), Alm executive; New York City, Sept. 23.

City, April 10. Marmaud, Mohammed (58), minister of defense of Metaxas, Gen, John (70), Greek Premier; near Egypt, ex-Premier; Cairo, Feb. 1.

Athens, Jan. 29. Mair, Dame Sarah (94), granddaughter of Mrs. Miley, Miss Marion (27), golf player; Lexington, Siddons, actress; in England, Feb. 17.

Ky., Sept. 28. Mallory, c. D. (59), New York ship operator; Millard, Bailey (80), newspaper man; Los Angeles, Miami, Fla., April 8.

Calir., March 20. Manley," I (60), gasoline developer; Miami, Miller, Dr. D. C. 174), foe of the relativity theory: Fla., F

Cleveland, O., Feb.' 22. Mann, Tom (84), labor leader; in England, March Miller, H. L. (47), biscuit manufacturer: Garden

City, N. ily 17. Marchand, J. H. (58), painter; Paris, Oct. 10. Million, J. W. (78), educator; San Mateo, Calif., Marchesi, Mme. Blanche (77), opera singer: Lon Sept. 5. don, Dec. 15, 1940.

Mitchell, Steele. (42), President, Adams Express Margery (Mrs. Le Roi G. Crandon) (about 50). Co.; New York City, Dec. 2, 1940.

spiritualist medium; Boston, Mass., Nov. 1. Miner, E. H. (59), animal painter, newspaper art Maria of Greece, Princess (64). Athens, Dec. 13, manager; Mineola, N. Y., Oct. 10.

Mong, W. 'V. (63), actor; 'Glendale, Calif., Dec. Markland, G. 4. Jr. (75), industrialist; Philadel 12, 1940. phia, Pa., Aug. 14.

Moore, R. W. (81), U. S. State Department CounMarland, E. W. (67), ex-Governor, oil man; Ponca selor: Fairfax, Va., Feb. 8. City, Okla., Oct. 3.

Mordecal. Joseph (89), portrait painter; London, Marley, George (104), U. S. Civil War veteran;

Dec. 31, 1940. Oakland, Md., March 23.

Morehouse, D. W. (64), astronomer, educator; Des Martin, Archer (76), Jurist; Victoria, B. C., Sept. 1.

Moines, Ia., Jan. 21, Martin, Prof. F. L. (60), news educator; Columbia, Morgan, Helen (Mrs. Lloyd Johnson) (41), singer; Mo., July 18.

Chicago, Ill. Oct. 8. Martin, J. M. ("Smoky Joe'') (77), retired fire Morrissey, J. F. (59), "actor; New York City, Oct.

chief: Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 25. Martin, w. D. (72), prohibition executive; Hacken- "Morrison, Lee (65), actor; New York City, March

sack, N. J., Nov. 26. Martinez-Nadal, Rafael (63), ex-Senator of Puerto Morton, J. F. (70), museum curator; Paterson, N. •

iRco, cock-fight chicken breeder: San Juan, P. J., Oct. 7. R., July 6.

Morton, J. G. (84), actor; Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. Marvell, Rear Admiral G. R. (72); Annapolis, Md., 25. Nov. 12.

Mosher, Rev. G. F. (69), Protestant Episcopal Mason, J. W. T. (62), war correspondent; New bishop; New York City, July 19. York City, May 13.

Moss, J. A. (68), President, U. 8. Flag Association; Massingale, Sam (70), Okla. Congressman; Wash

New York City, April 23. ington, DC Ten Mather,' A. c (80). Chicago car builder and

Mott, Prof. L. É. (78), City College educator:

New York City, Nov. 20. philanthropist; Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 25.

Muir, Ramsay (69), author, liberal party leader; Mathews, Rev. and Prof. Shailer (18), theologian:

in England, May 4. Chicago, ni.Oct. 23.

Mulhall, Lucille (55) "original cowgirl" of the Mavrogordate, T. M (58), tennis star; in England,

stage; Guthrie ,olka., Dec. 22, 1940. Aug, 27. 1 Maybrick, Mrs. Florence (Florence Chandler) (80),

Murray, Charlie (69), actor; Hollywood, Calif.,

July 29. widow of James Maybrick, Liverpool cotton

Murray, F. L. (60), baseball club owner; Nashville, broker, for whose poisoning she was imprisoned;

Tenn., March 4. near South Kent, Conn., Oct. 23.

Murray, J. H. (49), actor, brewer; Killingworth, McAdoo, W. G. (17), ex-Secretary of Treasury,

Coun., Dec. 11 ,1940. ex-U. S. Senator from California, lawyer: Wash

Murray, Samuel (71), sculptor; Philadelphia, Pa.. ington, D. C., Feb. 1.

Nov. 3. McCain, Maj. Gen. H. P. (80); Washington, D. C.,

Mussolini, Capt. Bruno (23), aviator, son of Italian July 25.

premier; near Pisa, Aug. 7. McCarter, R. H. (82), ex-New Jersey Attorney General: Rumson, N. J., May 30.

Narelle. Mme. Marie (70), Australian singer; in McComas, R. T. (92), senior telephone pioneer;

England, Jan. 28. Montclair, N. J., Aug. 17.

Ex-Queen 'Natalia of Serbia (82), widow of exMcCormick, H . (69), reaper manufacturer;

King Milan Obrenovich; Paris, May 8. Beverley 'Hills, Calif., Oct. 16.

Nernst, W. H. (77), inventor filament lamp; in McCormick, W. G. (90), "Chicago banker; Wheaton,

Germany, Nov. 18, mi., Nov. 29.

Nevinson, H. W. (85), war correspondent, pacifist; McDonald. A. D. (63), rail executive; San Fran

in England, Nov. 9. cisco, Calif., Nov. 15.

Newton, Prof. J. H (59), New York educator; McGarry. J. Á. (83), ex-chairman, Clan-na-Gael

New Hope, Pa., Sept. 1. of America; Chicago, Ill., Sept. 30. McGarry, Rev. W. G. (47), Jesuit educator; New

Newton, W. H. (60), ex-Congressman; Minne

apolis, Minn, Aug. 10. York City, Sept. 23.

Nice, H. W. (63), lawyer, ex-Governor of MaryMcGrath, H. C. (62), sports official; Hyannis,

land; Richmond, Va., Feb. 25. Mass., Sept. 7.

Nicoll.' Dr. Matthias Jr., ex-State Health ComMcGrath, M. J. (64), police inspector, former

missioner: Rye, N. Y., May 13. Olympic weight-throwing champ.; New York

Nichols, A. 'D. (66), painter; El Paso, Tex., Nov. City, Jan. 29.

13. McHarg, H. K. (89), New York banker, railway

Noble, Prof. G. K. (46), snake expert; Englewood, owner; Lake Wales, Fla. Jan. 28.

N, J., Dec. 9, 1940. McKenna, J. J. (87), Republican leader; Chicago,

Nollet. Gen. Edouard (76), ex-French Minister of Ill.. Feb. 13. McKenzie, J. C. (81), ex-Congressman, ex-Muscle War; Royat, Jan 29. Shoals executive; Elizabeth, Ill., Sept. 17.

Noonan, T. F. (63), Jurist; New York City, Dec. McKinley, Maj. Gen. J. F. (60); San Antonio, 6, 1940.

Tex., Jan. 17.
McLane, C. E. (69), financier, horse racing execu-

deObarrio, Gen. N. A. (67), a founder of Panama tive; near Baltimore. June 1.

Republic; Panama City, Jan. 16. McLean, E. B. (58), newspaper owner; Towson, O'Brien, J. H. (68), ex-New York City official and Md., July 27.

newspaperman; Long Beach, N. Y., Feb. 4. McMichael, Emory (72), banker, retired Philadel O'Connor, Andrew (67), American sculptor: Dub

phia newspaper owner; Devon, Pa., Dec. 8. 1940. lin, June 11. McNamara, J. B. (59), labor agent, bombed in 1910 O'Donnell, Hugh A. (67), newspaper advertising

the Los Angeles Times newspaper, 21 persons executive, New York City, Aug. 23.

killed; San Quentin Prison, Calif., March 8. O'Hara. W. E. (44), race track manager: near McNeir, George (80). carpet manufacturer; Am Taunton, Mass., Feb. 28. sterdam, N. Y., June 14.

Ohi, Rev. Jeremiah (90), Lutheran educator, hymn Mayall, Hershell (78), actor; Detroit, Mich., June composer; Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 21. 10.

O'Leary, C. T. (68), ex-ball player and coach; Mead, Rev. C. L. (71), Methodist bishop: Kansas Chicago, Ill., Jan. 6. City, Mo., May 17.

O'Loghlen, Clement (40), actor; New York City, Mead. Mrs. D. W. (Mary Robbins) New Thought May 2. leader; Watkins Glen, N, Y., Feb. 28.

O'Malley, Rev. F. A. (42), Catholic educator; Menocal, Gen. M. K. (74); Havana, Sept. 7.

Buffalo, N. Y.. June 2

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