Report of Births, Marriages, Divorces and Deaths

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Сторінка 265 - Friends, or other person who shall wilfully or uureasonably neglect or refuse to perform any of the duties imposed on or required of him by this chapter, shall be fined not exceeding twenty dollars...
Сторінка 265 - No undertaker or other person shall conduct a funeral, or bury or deposit in a tomb, or remove from this state, or otherwise dispose of the remains of any deceased...
Сторінка 266 - The secretary of the state board of health may, from time to time, vary the forms of returns, and require such additional information as he may consider necessary to accomplish the object of this chapter. SEC.
Сторінка 264 - SEC. 3. The blank forms required to carry out the provisions of this chapter shall, on application, be furnished by the secretary of the state board of health to clergymen, physicians, undertakers, town clerks, clerks of...
Сторінка 270 - ... the personal estate not secured to her by law, forever, and her real estate not secured to her by law, during his natural life, in case they have had issue born alive of her body during the marriage, otherwise during her natural life only, if he shall survive her.
Сторінка 132 - There was, in 1893, a change from the rule in the proportions of the number of marriages, in the different quarters of the year, to the whole number during the year. The rule has been as follows : The largest proportion in the last quarter ; the next largest in the second quarter ; followed by the third quarter ; and, finally, the first quarter having the smallest proportion of any.
Сторінка 271 - The said court may authorize a married woman to whom a divorce from the bond of marriage is decreed to change her name, with the same rights and liabilities as if her name had not been changed.
Сторінка 269 - PERSONS married without duly proceeding as required by chapter 163, shall be fined not exceeding fifty dollars. SEC. 15. The solemnization of marriage shall be in the presence of two witnesses at least, besides the minister, elder or magistrate officiating.
Сторінка 271 - The said court may regulate the custody and provide for the education, maintenance and support of the children of all persons by them divorced or petitioning for a divorce, and of all persons to whom a separate maintenance may be granted or who may petition for the same...
Сторінка 113 - This gives 103.4 males to each 100 females, or 508.3 males and 491.7 females in each 1,000 children. The following Table shows the numbers and sex, and the proportions of each sex of the children born in Rhode Island, in each of the last thirty-one years : TABLE XVII.

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