The Legal Observer, Digest, and Journal of Jurisprudence, Том 37

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Spettigue and Farrance, 1849

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Сторінка 108 - Provisions herein-after contained, be entitled to vote in the Election of a Member or Members to serve in any future Parliament for such City or Borough.
Сторінка 475 - Easter term last, a rule was obtained calling upon the plaintiff to show cause why the verdict should not be set aside on the ground of misdirection, both as to the proof of a conversion, and also as to the amount of the damages.
Сторінка 473 - Ireland to order the costs of the following matters, including therein all reasonable charges and expenses incident thereto, to be paid by the promoters of the undertaking ; (that is to say,) the costs of the purchase or taking of the lands, or which shall have been incurred in consequence thereof...
Сторінка 431 - Pollexfen, I know you well. I will set a mark on you. You are the patron of the faction. This is an old rogue, a schismatical knave, a hypocritical villain. He hates the Liturgy. He would have nothing but longwinded cant without book...
Сторінка 351 - All contracts are by the laws of England distinguished into agreements by specialty, and agreements by parol ; nor is there any such third class, as some of the counsel have endeavored to maintain, as contracts in writing. If they be merely written and not specialties, they are parol, and a consideration must be proved.
Сторінка 490 - The Reports are extant, in a regular series, from the reign of king Edward the Second inclusive, and from his time to that of Henry the Eighth •were taken by the prothonotaries, or chief scribes of the Court, at the expense of the Crown, and published annually, whence they are known under the denomination of the Year Books.
Сторінка 471 - Court ; and upon any indictment or information against any person for a subsequent offence, a copy of such conviction, certified by the proper Officer of the Court, or proved to be a true copy, shall be sufficient evidence to prove a conviction for the former offence, and the conviction shall be presumed to have been unappealed against, until the contrary be shewn.
Сторінка 358 - That all Actions and Proceedings which before the passing of this Act might have been brought in any of Her Majesty's Superior Courts of Record where the Plaintiff dwells more than Twenty Miles from the Defendant, or where the Cause of Action did not arise wholly or in some material Point within the Jurisdiction of the Court within which the Defendant dwells or carries on his Business at the Time of the Action brought...
Сторінка 514 - The jury found a verdict for the plaintiff, with 40s. damages. Temple, Q, C., having obtained a rule to show cause why the verdict should not be set aside...
Сторінка 227 - Provided always, that whenever any person shall have a wife or children having no other settlement than his or her own, such wife and children should be removable from any parish or place from which he or she would be removable, notwithstanding any provisions of the said recited Act...

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