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Though the Book is divided into Four Parts, yet the formality of regular and
systematical arrangement of the component pieces, has not been strictly ob.
served. Such compilations as these have not unfrequently been called garlands
and nosegays : but in a garland or nosegay, who would place the tulips, the li.
lies, the pinks, and the roses in separate compartments? In a disposition so arti.
ficial, their beauty and fragrance would be less pleasing than if they were care.
lessly mingled with all the case and wildness of natural variety. I hope the
analogy will hold: if not, I must throw myself in this, as I do in all other cir-
cumstances of this Publication, upon my Reader's indulgence. I expect not
praise; but I confide in receiving pardon.

Perhaps the Reader will be the more inclined to extend it towards me, if I do
not weary him with apologies. I will then conclude my preface with the ideas
of Montaigne :-" I have here only made a nosegay of culled flowers, and have
« brought nothing of my own but the thread that ties them.

*** In this Edition, as in the numerous preceding ones, great Improvements
have been made. The favourable Reception of the Book has indeed encouraged
the Editor to render it, in every new Impression, still more acceptable. But
several Poems are now added for the first time, and some Poematia, which were
never printed before. The Collection was originally formed for the use of
TUNBRIDGE SCHOOL ; and a few School Exercises of Tunbridge Scholars have
been very sparingly inserted, with a Vier to encourage ingenuous Youth, who,
in that ancient Place of classical Education, devote themselves to Studies of use.
ful and polite Literature.


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The Hermit


The Golden Verles of Pythagoras Fitzgerald 80 Night 1. Sleep-Night

On Cheerfulness

ib. 80

Invocation to Silence and Darkness.

On Industry--- A Thought upon Death . ib. 81


The Fire Side 3

Corron 81


Vanity of Lamentation over the Dead

VISIONS for the Entertainment and Toftruction of

Life and Eternity .
Younger Minds, by Di. COTTON.

Time and Death .

Oppretiion, Want, and Diseafe
Vision 1. Slanderi Inscribed to Missies

Refections or viewing a Map of the

II. Pleasure


II. Health

The Initability and Infufficiency of Hu-

- IV. Content

man Joys . .

- V. Happiness

Mau norisighted .

- VI. Eriend chip

Prefumption of depending on To-morrow .
VII. Marriage. Infcribed to Mil

Suiden Death .

- VIII. Life

Mau's Proneness 10 poftpone Improve.

IX. Death . . .


Man infenfible of his own Mortality i

FABLES, by the late Mr. GAY.

Night II. Avarice of Time recommended

The Shepherd and the Pbilofopher

Inconfiitency of Man

. 1

The Lion, the Tiger, and the Traveller


Wafte of Time .

The Spaniei and the Cameleon .

False Delicacy Conscience

The Mother, the Nurse, and the Fairy


Man's Supineness ,

The Eagle and the Allembiy of Animais


The Depravity of Man

The Wild Boar aud the Ram . .


Instability of Life

The Miser and Plutus .

Vanity of Human Enjoyinents, taught

The Lion, the Fox, and the Geefe


by Experience , .

The Lady and the Wasp

Death unavoidable ,

The Bull and the Moftim


Lile compared to the Sun-dial . 121

The Elephant and the Bookfeller

Death of the good Man .

The Peacock, the Turkey, and the Goofe. Night III. Picture of NarcillaDescription of her

Cupid, Ilymen, and Plutus


Fuperai, and a Reflection upon Man 120

The Tame Stag .

Night IV Death not to be dreaded

The Monkey who had seen the World..

Death deficable to the Aged


The Philosopher and the Pheasants

Folly of Human Pursuits


The Pin and the Niedle

- Folly of the Love of Life in the Aged 131

The Shepherd's Dog and the Wolf


Addreis to the Deity


The Pajiter who pleafed nobody and every body

Fears of Death extinguished by Man's

The Lion and the Cub




The Old Hen and the Cock


Greatness of the Redemption . The

The Rat-Catcher and Cats


Praife,bestowed on Men,due to Heaven 133

The Coat without a Beard


M ,nificence and Omniprescence of the

The Old Woman and her Cats


The Burie, fly and the Snail

Inability of fufficiently praising God 133

The Scold and the Parrot

I 12

Man-Religion . .


The Cur and the Mastiff

II 2

God's Love to Man .


The Sick Van and the Angel

I 12

Lukewarm Devotion :


The Perlian, the Sun, and lhe Cloud


Death, where is thy Sting? . 134

The Fox at the Point of Death

Faith enforced by our Reafon . 135

The Setting Dog and the Partridge


Faire Philosophy .


The Universal Apparition a

The mere Man of the World : 135

The Two Owls and the Sparrow

Night V. Darkness


The Courtier and Proteus- The Maftiffs

The Futility of Man's Resolutions136

The Barley Mow and the Dunghill

The Power of Example--Midnight

Pythagoras and the Countryman .

Little to be expected trom Man .

The Farmer's Wife and the Raven


Wisdom ,

The Turkey and the Ant ,

Reflections in a Church-yard ..

The Father and Jupiter .


Little Attention paid to the Warnings

The Monkeys . .

of Death . . . 137

The Owl and Farmer .


Life compared to a Stream

The Jugglers

Suicide . . . 37

The Council of Horses



The Hound and the Huntsman


Inattention to the Voice of Death. 138

The Poet and the Role .


Little Learning required, to be Good 139

The Cur, the Horte, and Shepher

The Caprice and universal Power of

The Court of Death


The Gardener and the Hog . . . 120 NighiVI.The Death of Narcilla .

The Misi und tie F.ca

121 |

Reflections on Mauard Immortality 140

ut Here ard many friends . . 1

Genius connected with Igoominy 141

( Exalici

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