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Loss and Gain
Foolish Difdain
Antient Antipathy
Beauty's Valuation
Melancholy Thoughts.
Love's Lofs
Love's Relief
Loth to depart
A Mafter-piece
Happiness in Content
A Dutiful Message
Go and come quickly
Two Faithful Friends
Careless Neglect
Stout Resolution
A Duel
Love's Labour loft
Wholesome Counsel
Sat fuiffe
A living Monument
Familiarity breeds-Contempt
Patiens armatus
A Valediction
Nil magnis Invidia
The Picture of true Love
In praise of his Love
A Resignation
Sympathizing Love
A Request to his fcornful Love
A Lover's Affection, though his Love prove


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Complaint for his lover's absence

163 An invocation to his muse

164 Conftant affection

165 Amazement

167 A lover's excuse for his long absence

168 A complaint

-169 Self-flattery of her beauty

17 A trial of love's constancy

171 A good construction of his love's unkindness

172 Error in opinion

173 On the receipt of a table-book from his mistress

ibid. A vow

174 Love's safety

ibid. An intreaty for her acceptance

175 Upon her playing on the virginals

ibid. Immoderate luft

176 In praise of her beauty, though black

ibido Unkind abuse

178 Love-suit

179 His heart wounded by her eye

180 A protestation

181 An allusion

182 Life and death

183 A consideration of death

ibid. Immoderate paflion

184 Love's powerful subtilty

ibid. Retaliation

186 Sun-set A monument to fame

188 Perjury

ibid. The tale of Cephalus and Procris

189 Cupid's treachery

192 That Menelaus was the cause of his own wrongs 193


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Mars and Venus
The history how the Minotaur was begot
The tale of Dedalus
Achilles's concealment
A lover's complaint
The epistle of Paris to Helen
Helen to Paris
T'he passionate shepherd to his love
The nymph's reply to the shepherd
Another of the fame nature


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Vilia miretur vulgas, mihi favus Apollo
Pocula Castalia plena ministret aqua.

Ovid. Amor. l. 1. El, 15,


To the Right Honourable


Earl of Southampton, and Baron-of Tichfield.

Right Honourable,

I know not how I shall offend, in dedicating my unpolished lines to your lordship ; nor how the world will censure me, for chusing so Atrong a prop to support fo weak a burden : only if your honour feem but pleased, I account myself highly praised, and vow to take advantage of all idle hours, till I have honoured you with some graver labour. But if the first heir of my invention prove deformed, I fhall be sorry it had so noble a godfather, and never after ear so barren a land, for fear it yield me still so bad a harvest. I leave it to your honourable survey, and your honour to your

heart's content ; which I wish may always answer your own wish, and the world's hopeful expectation.

Your Honour's in all duty,

Will. Shakespcar.

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