Calculated Futures: Theology, Ethics, and Economics

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Baylor University Press, 2007 - 233 стор.

Calculated Futures examines the ethical and theological underpinnings of the free-market economy, investigating not only the morality of corporations and exchange rates, but also how the politics of economics shape people as moral agents. It does this less by insisting on the unfavorable effects of capitalism, and more by drawing on theological virtues, Christian doctrines, and liturgical practices to discover what they might show us about economic exchanges. Calculated Futures seeks a way forward by engaging economics as a social scientific discipline without subordinating theology to it.

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Prophets and Profits Economics and Theology in Conflict?
The Facts about Values
What Makes Theology Political? Come Let Us Reason Together
The Theology of Economics Adam Smith as Church Father
Corporations and the Ends We Serve
Usury Avarice as a Capital Vice
A Catholic Church and Global Market The Tale of Two Corporations
Offering Our Gifts The Politics of Remembrance
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Про автора (2007)

D. Stephen Long (Ph.D. Duke) is Professor of Systematic Theology at Marquette University and is the author of The Goodness of God: Theology, Church, and the Social Order (2001).

Nancy Ruth Fox (Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania) is Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and Associate Professor of Economics at Saint Joseph's University.

Tripp York (Ph.D. Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary) is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Elon University.

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