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Hollier Eight.-In this control system, shown at Fig. 47, but one engine control lever is placed above the steering wheel. This is used to regulate the minimum speed of the motor and acts on the carburetor throttle. No spark advance lever is located on the steering wheel as the spark advance is controlled automatically by the ignition system. To make starting easy, however,

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Fig. 47.—Driver's Compartment Hollier Eight Cylinder Car.

there is a spark retard button and a carburetor choke button carried above the ampere meter in the switch group. One switch controls the head and tail light, the other the current for the ignition system. The arrangement of clutch and brake pedal, emergency brake and speed changing levers conforms to conventional practice. The starting button is placed convenient to the driver's heel.

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King Eight.—The illustration, Fig. 48, shows clearly the grouping of the various parts of the King Eight control system. The spark and throttle levers are in the retard position when at the lower end of the sector. The spark is advanced and the throttle is opened by pushing the levers away from the operator. A special form of “auto lock” . reversing switch is mounted in the lower left-hand corner of the instrument panel to control the ignition circuit. The Yale lock key not only operates the lock for the current, but at the same time acts as a switch plug, opening and closing the ignition circuit and also reversing the polarity of the current when turned. To close the ignition circuit, insert the key in the lock and turn either right or left to position marked On. Note that there are two On positions. These should be used alternately, as reversing the polarity of the current will keep the make-and-break contacts in the timer-distributor in better condition than if the switch key was turned always the same direction. The starting switch button is located directly in front of the gear shift lever. The usual carburetor choke button is provided to secure easy starting in cold weather. The movement of the ball end gear shift lever is shown in the inset on the illustration. Moving the lever to the left and pulling back gives the low speed. To the left and forward gives the reverse. The right forward position is for intermediate speeds, while the right rear position engages the direct drive or high speed.

Kissel-Kar.—The parts of the control system the driver of a Kissel-Kar Model 6-42 should be familiar with are illustrated at Fig. 49. To start the engine, the first operation is to set the spark and throttle levers on the steering column. When they are up, or as far forward as they can go, the spark is retarded and the carburetor throttle is in a closed position. In starting the engine by hand the spark must be fully retarded, though it can be advanced by pulling it back about one fifth of its travel, when the electric cranking motor is used to turn the engine. The throttle should also be pulled back to correspond with the spark lever position. To give a rich mixture for starting, pull up the carburetor dash control knob marked DA and

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Fig. 48.—How the Driver Controls the King Eight Cylinder Automobile.

the choker knob as far as it would come. As soon as the engine starts the Choke knob must be pushed back and the dash control knob pushed down until the best running mixture is obtained. Turn the ignition switch to the On position. Push the starting pedal in the front floor board forward as far as it will go. As soon as the engine starts, release the foot pedal and the starter

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Fig. 49.—Control System of 1916 6-42 Kissel Kar.

gear will automatically disengage itself from the engine flywheel. Close the throttle lever so the engine runs slowly and advance the spark. The change speed lever is moved to the left and back to get first speed position, and to the left and forward for reverse. To the right and forward gives the intermediate speed, to the right and back gives the high speed.

Maxwell.—The control system of the Maxwell automobile is clearly shown at Fig. 50. The spark and throttle levers are placed below the steering wheel and at one side of the steering post. The retard position is at the top of the quadrant or away from thé operator. The general instructions given for starting the motor of other cars can be followed in this one as well.

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Fig. 50.—Control System of Maxwell Four Cylinder Automobile.

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