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« That to continue, was its utmost pow'r,
« And make the future like the present hour.
« Now call a ruffian; bid his cruel sword

Lay wide the bosom of thy worthless lord;
“ Transfix his heart (fince you its love disclaim),
« And stain his honour with a Traitor's name.
This might perhaps be borne without remorse;
“ But sure a father's pangs will have their force !
“ Shall his good age, so near its journey's end,
Through cruel torment to the grave

descend? * His shallow blood all issue at a wound, 66 Wash a llave's feet, and smoak upon the ground ? « But he to you has ever been severe; “ Then take your vengeance”-SUFFOLK now drew near; Bending beneath the burden of his care ; His robes neglected, and his head was bare; Decrepid winter, in the yearly ring, Thus slowly creeps, to meet the blooming spring : Downward he cast a melancholy look; Thrice turn’d, to hide his grief; then faintly spoke, “ Now deep in years, and forward in decay, • That ax can only rob me of a day ; « For thee, my soul's desire! I can't refrain ; “ And shall my tears, my lat tears, flow in vain ? 6. When you shall know a mother's tender name, “ My heart's diftress no longer will you blame." At this, afar his bursting groans were heard ; The tears ran trickling down his silver beard: He snatch'd her hand, which to his 'lips he prelt, And bid her plant a dagger in his breast; Then, finking, calls her piety unjust, And soild his hoary temples in the dust.

Hard-hearted men! will you no mercy know? Has the Queen brib'd you to distress her foe?

O weak

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O weak deserters to misfortune's

By false affection thus to pierce her heart!
When she had foar'd, to let your arrows fly,
And fetch her bleeding from the middle sky!
And can her virtue, fpringing from the ground,
Her flight recover, and disdain the wound,
When cleaving love, and human interest, bind
The broken force of her aspiring mind;
As round the gen'rous eagle, which in vain
Exerts her strength, the serpent wreaths his train,
Her struggling wings entangles, curling plies
His pois’nous tail, and stings her as she flies !

While yet the blow's first dreadful weight she feels,
And with its force her resolution reels;
Large doors, unfolding with a mournful sound,
To view discover, welt'ring on the ground,
Three headless trunks, of those whose arms maintain'd,
And in her wars immortal glory gain'd:
The lifted ax assur'd her ready doon,
And filent mourners sadden'd all the room.
Shall I proceed; or here break off

Nor truths, to stagger human faith, reveal?

She met this utmost malice of her fate
With Christian dignity, and pious state :
The beating storm's propitious rage she bleft,
And all the martyr triumph'd in her breaft:
Her lord and father, for a moment's space,
She strictly folded in her soft embrace !
Then thus she spoke, while angels heard on high,
And sudden gladness smil'd along the sky:

“ Your over-fondness has not mov'd my hate ;
“ I am well pleas'd you make my death so great ;
“ I joy I cannot fave you; and have giv'n
« Two lives, much dearer than my own, to heav'n,

tale ;

• If so the queen decrees * :-But I have cause
“ To hope my blood will satisfy the laws ;
“ And there is mercy still, for you, in store :
« With me the bitterness of death is o'er.
“ He shot his sting in that farewell-embrace ;
“ And all, that is to come, is joy and peace.
« Then let mistaken forrow be supprest,
« Nor seem to envy my approaching reft.”
Then, turning to the ministers of fate,
She, smiling, says, “My victory complete :
“ And tell your Queen, I thank her for the blow,
“ And grieve my gratitude I cannot show:
“ A poor return I leave in England's crown,
“ For everlasting pleasure, and renown:
“ Her guilt alone allays this happy hour;
“ Her guilt,-the only vengeance in her pow'r."

Not Rome, untouch'd with sorrow, heard her fate; And fierce MARIA pity'd her too late.

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Fulgente trahit constrictos gloria curru.
Non minus ignotos generosis.


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