Зображення сторінки

All, all is loft; no monument, no sign,
Where once so proudly blaz’d the


So bubbles on the foaming stream expire,
So sparks that scatter from the kindling fire;
The devastations of One dreadful hour
The Great Creator's Six days work devour.
A mighty, mighty ruin! yet One foul
Has more to boast, and far outweighs the whole ;
Exalted in superior excellence,
Cafts down to nothing, such a vast expence.
Have you not seen th' eternal mountains nod,
An earth diffolving, a descending God?
What strange surprizes through all nature ran?
For whom these revolutions, but for Man?
For him, Omnipotence new measures takes,
For him, through all eternity, awakes ;
Pours on him gifts sufficient to supply
Heav'n's loss, and with fresh glories fill the sky.

Think deeply then, O Man, how great thou art;
Pay thyself homage with a trembling heart;
What angels guard, no longer dare neglect,
Slighting thyself, affront not God's respect.
Enter the sacred temple of thy breast,

and wander there, a ravis'd guest;
Gaze on those hidden treasures thou shalt find,
Wander thro' all the glories of thy mind.
Of perfect knowledge, see, the dawning light
Foretels a noon most exquisitely bright!
Here, springs of endless joy are breaking forth !
There, buds the promise of celestial worth!
Worth, which must ripen in a happier clime,
And brighter Sun, beyond the bounds of time.
Thou, Minor, canst not guess thy vast estate,
What stores, on foreign coasts, thy landing wait:


Lose not thy claim, let virtue's path be trod;
Thus glad all heav'n, and please that bounteous God,
Who, to light thee to pleasures, hung on high
Yon radiant orb, proud regent of the sky :
That service done, its beams shall fade away,.
And God shine forth in one Eternal DAY.


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Ad cælum ardentia lumina tollens, Lumina ; nam teneras arcebant vincula palmas.

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ROM lofty themes, from thoughts that foar'd on high,

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My muse descend : Indulge my fond desire;
With softer thoughts my melting foul inspire,
And smooth my numbers to a female's praise :
A partial world will listen to my lays,
While AnnA reigns, and fets a female name
Unrival'd in the glorious lists of fame.

Hear, ye fair daughters of this happy land,
Whose radiant eyes the vanquish'd world command,
Virtue is Beauty : But when charms of mind
With elegance of outward form are join'd;
When youth makes such bright objects still more bright,
And fortune sets them in the strongest light;

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