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O'form’d the bolt, ordain'd to break

Gaul's haughty plan, and Bourbon shake; If Britain's crimes support not Britain's foes,

And edge their fwords: O Pow'r Divine !

If bleft by Thee the bold design, Embattled hosts a fingle arm o'erthrows.


Ye warlike dead, who fell of old

In Britain's cause, by fame enroll’d. In deathless annal! deathless deeds inspire;,

From oozy beds, for Britain's sake,

Awake, illustrious chiefs! awake; And kindle in your fons paternal fire.


The day commiffion'd from Above,

Our worth to weigh, our hearts to proves, If war's full shock too feeble to sustain ;

Or firm to stand its final blow,

When vital streams of blood shall flow, And turn to crimson the discolour'd main ;

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That day's arriv'd, that fatal hour !preparation

“ Hear us, O hear, Almighty Pow'r ! « Our guide in counsel, and our strength in fight!

“ Now war's important die is thrown,

“ If left the day to man alone, 64 How blind is wisdom, and how weak is might!

« Let proftrate hearts, and awful fears

« And deep remorse, and fighs sincere
* For Britain's guilt, the wrath divine appease!

“ A wrath, more formidable far:

Than angry nature's wasteful war, “ The whirl of tempests, and the roar of seas,


From out the deep, to Thee we cry,

“ To Thee, at nature's helm, on high ! « Steer Thou our conduct, dread OMNIPOTENCE!

« To Thee for succour we refort;

Thy favour is our only port; « Our only rock of safety, thy defence,

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« O Thou, to whom the lions roar,

“ And, not unheard, thy boon implore ! « Thy throne our bursts of cannon loud invoke :

« Thou canst arreft the flying ball;

« Or send it back, and bid it fall « On those, from whose proud deck the thunder broke.


VIII. « Britain VIII.

« Britain, in vain, extends her care

“ To climes * remote, for aids in war; “ Still farther must it stretch to crush the foe;

“ There's one alliance, one alone,

“ Can crown her arms, or fix her throne; " And that alliance is not found below,

« ALLY SUPREME ! we turn to Thee;

“ We learn obedience from the sea;
“ With seas, and winds, henceforth, thy laws fulfil;

« 'Tis Thine our blood to freeze, or warm;

To rouze, or hush, the martial storm; « And turn the tide of conqueft, at thy will.


66 'Tis Thine to beam sublime renown,

« Or quench the glories of a crown; “ 'Tis Thine to doom, 'tis Thine from death to free;

“ To turn aside his levell’d dart,

“ Or pluck it from the bleeding heart: 66 There we cast anchor, we confide in Thee.



THOU, who haft taught the north to roar,

“ And streaming + lights nocturnal pour « Of frightful aspect! when proud foes invade,

“ Their blasted pride with dread to seize,

“ Bid Britain's flags, as meteors, blaze ; " And George depute to thunder in thy stead. * Russia.

+ Aurora Borealis.

XII. « The


“ The right alone is bold, and strong;

« Black, hovering clouds appall the wrong « With dread of vengeance : Nature's awful Sire !

“ Less than one moment shouldft Thou frown,

“Where is puissance, and renown? « Thrones tremble, empires fink, or worlds expire.

« Let George the just chastise the vain ::

“ Thou, who dost curb the rebel main,
* To mount the shore when boiling billows rave !

* « Bid George repel a bolder tide,

6 The boundless fwell of Gallic pride; « And check ambition's overwhelming wave.


« And when (all milder means withstood

Ambitian, tam'd by loss of blood; « Regains her reason; then, on angels 'wings,

“ Let peace descend, and shouting greet,

“ With peals of joy, Britannia's fleet, « How richly freighted! It, triumphant, brings

The poise of kingdoms, and the fate of kings,'*


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O triste planè acerbumque. funus! O morte ipfà mortis tem

pus indignius! Jam deftinata erat egregio juveni, jam electus nuptiarum dies ; quod gaudium, quo mærore mutatum eft ?

Plin. Epift.

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