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Y mufe, a bird of pallage, flies

From frozen climes to milder kies ; From chilling blasts the seeks thy chearing beam,

A beam of favour, here deny'd ;

Conscious of faults, her blushing pride Hopes an afylum in so great a name.


* To dive full deep in antient days,

The warrior's ardent deeds to raise, And monarchs aggrandize ;-the glory, Thine;

Thine is the drama, how renown'd!

Thine, Epic's loftier trump to found; But let Arion's fea-ftrung harp be Mine:

* Annals of the emperor CHARLES XII, Lewis XIV.

III. But

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But where's his dolphin? Know'ft thou, where!

May that be found in Thee, VOLTAIRE ! Save thou from harm my plunge into the wave:

How will thy name illustrious raise

My finking song ! Mere mortal lays, So patroniz'd, are rescu'd from the grave.


« Tell me,” say'st thou, “ who courts my smile?

“ What ftranger stray'd from yonder ille ?”No ftranger, Sir! though born in foreign climes ;

On Dorset downs, when Milton's page,

With Sin and Death, provok'd thy rage,
Thy rage provok'd, who footh'd with gentle rhymes ?


Who kindly couch'd thy censure's eye,

And gave thee clearly to descry Sound judgment giving law to fancy strong ?

Who half inclin'd thee to confess,

Nor could thy modesty do less,
That Milton's blindness lay not in his song?


But such debates long since are flown;

For ever set the suns that shone
On airy pastimes, ere our brows were grey:

How shortly shall we both forget,

To thee my patron, I my debt,
And thou to thine, for Prnja's golden key.


VII, The

The present, in oblivion caft,

Full soon shall sleep, as sleeps the patts
Full foon the wide distinction die between

The frowns, and favours of the great ;

High-flush'd success, and pale defeat ; The Gallic gaiety, and Britifs fpleen.


Ye wing'd, ye rapid moments ! ftay:

Oh friend! as deaf as rapid, they; Life's little drama done, the curtain falls !

Doft thou not hear it? I can hear,

Though nothing strikes the listening ear; Time groans his last !* ETERNAL loudly calls !


Nor calls in vain; the call inspires

Fat other counsels, and desires,
Than once prevail’d; we stand on higher ground:

What scenes we fee ! -Exalted aim !

With ardors new, our spirits fame; Ambition bleft! with more than laurels crown'd.



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