The Political and Historical Works of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte ...: Analysis of the sugar question

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Pub. at the office of the Illustrated London library, 1852

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Сторінка 127 - The partisans of the stranger," these were the contents, " are making head, seconded by secret intrigues. The presence of Napoleon is indispensable, if he desires to prevent his capital from being delivered to the enemy. There is not a moment to be lost.
Сторінка 395 - The suffrage is direct arid universal. The ballot is secret. The electors assemble in the principal place (chef-lieu) of their commune. Each commune may, nevertheless, be divided, by decree of the Prefect, into as many sections as the number of inscribed electors may render necessary ; the decree may fix these sections elsewhere than in the principal place of the commune. " Art. 4. The electoral colleges are convoked by a decree of the Executive Government. The interval between the promulgation of...
Сторінка 258 - In our electoral system, founded on fear and privilege, the influence of the government acts directly on the people, and this influence, which might nevertheless be enlightened and protective, acts by corrupting the consciences of the people, by deceitful promises, by making a real political traffic of the votes of the citizens.
Сторінка 84 - Industry has now neither rule, nor organization, nor aim. It is an engine which works without a regulator. It cares nothing for the human force it employs, crushing men and materials equally under its wheels. It depopulates the country; conglomerates the people into small spaces without room to breathe ; weakens the mind as well as the body, and afterwards throws these men on the world, when she no longer requires them, — men who have sacrificed their strength, their youth, and their existence...
Сторінка 126 - I have given, and with the spirit of all my letters, you are in no event to permit the empress and the King of Rome to fall into the hands of the enemy. I am about to manoeuvre in such a manner that you may possibly be several days without hearing from me.
Сторінка 125 - Majesty to permit me to resign to his hands the crown of Spain, which he condescended to transmit to me four years ago. In accepting the crown of this country, I never had any other object in view than the happiness of this vast monarchy. It has not been in my power to accomplish it. I pray your Majesty to receive me as one of his subjects, and to believe that he will never have a more faithful servant than the friend whom nature has given him.
Сторінка 131 - Madrid, now come to seek me in exile ; but I do not think that the throne you wish to raise again can make you happy. Every day I pass in this hospitable land proves more clearly to me the excellence of republican institutions for America. Keep them as a precious gift from Heaven; settle your internal commotions; follow the example of the United States; and seek among your fellow-citizens a man more capable than I am of acting the great part of Washington.
Сторінка 136 - L2 the sentiments of Austria cannot admit of a doubt — those of the French nation are in favour of Napoleon II. " The liberty of the press is the triumph of truth : it is that which will carry conviction to all hearts. Let it be heard, and may the wishes of a great nation be fulfilled. (Signed)
Сторінка 257 - ... universal suffrage, he says : — In a well-organised body two contrary currents must always be perceptible ; one rising from the base to the summit, the other descending from the summit to the base. This influence of the Government, which must be felt in the lowest classes of the people, and the authority of popular will, which even the head of the State must acknowledge, must act and react by mutual degrees in the ascending as in the descending current. When the people vote in a body in the...
Сторінка 395 - Art. 1. Each department shall have a deputy for every 35,000 electors ; nevertheless, there shall be a deputy the more in each one of the departments in which the number of electors, exceeding the 35,000, shall amount to 25,000. In consequence, the total number of deputies in the next Legislative Body is 261. Algeria and the colonies do not nominate deputies to the Legislative Body. Art. 2. Each department is divided, by a decree of the Executive Government, into electoral districts equal in number...

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