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“The author has a ripe and mellow thoughtfulness, inspired by a study of the best and wisest authors. With natural good sense and good humour, the author joins so much real knowledge of the world as to place him above the temptation of cynicism. There is force of thought and much refinement of feeling. The writing is beautiful and truthful, and so wholesome and pleasant, that it will be sure to win friends."- London Review.

“ Admirably narrated, and as intensely interesting as any of Wilkie Collins's novels; while it equals them in individuality of character and force of writing.”Public Opinion.

“Mr. Friswell has not gone to his work like the modern novel manufacturer, who ignores fixed time and place; on the contrary, he pins himself closely to a locality and period, and his work is intensely interesting.”—Durham Chronicle.

“May challenge comparison with any competitor; capitally woven as to plot; the characters wonderfully well marked.”Portsmouth Times.

“Clever, well designed, full of powerful interest."- Cambridge Chronicle.

“Deepens in interest as it goes on, and can boast of much originality in treatment and characterization. A more interesting story is not often invented."-Fun.

“Will lay hold of the readers not less by its humour than by its wisdom."Bedfordshire Mercury.


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