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NORMAN (John HENRY). Money's Worth: being the Systematically arranged Addenda of 1898 and 1899 to his “Universal Cambist." With seven new Tables. London : Sampson Low and Co. 1899.

Nys (ERNEST). Researches in the History of Economics. Translated by N. F. and A. R. Dryhurst. London: A. Black. 1899.


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SMART (WILLIAM). The Distribution of Income. millan.

London: Mac

TARDE (G.). Social Laws: An Outline of Sociology. Translated from the French by Professor H. C. Warren. With Preface by Professor J. M. Baldwin. Now York and London: Macmillans. 1899.

THOMPSON (W.). Housing of the Working Classes ; with Detailed Description of the Richmond Municipal Cottages. London: P. 8. King and Co. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

(By an alderman.)

Adams (E. E.). The Modern Farmer in his Business Relations. San Francisco: N. Y. Stone. 1899. $3.00.

[The author, a retired man of affairs, who carries on a farm in California, here gives general advice to the American “farmer," and discourses with good sense on various topics,—the family, creditors, agricultural colleges, and the like. Some chapters on co-operative fruit marketing societies give fresh and interesting in. formation as to the development of this form of co-operation.]

BAKER (C. W.). Monopolies and the People. New York: Putnams. 8vo. $1.50.

(Third edition of a book first published in 1889. Its subjects are Railways, Municipal Monopolies, Industrial Monopolies, “Labor Monopolies," i.e., trade unions. American conditions are described and analysed, in general with good sense. A concluding part-the only one new in this edition-considers the experience of the decade 1889–1899.]

CORBUR (A. F.). The Growth of Cities in the Nineteenth Century. A Study in Statistics. New York : Macmillan. $3.50.

[An elaborate and excellent statistical study on the growth of cities in all countries, with discussion of the effects, good and ill, and of remedies for evils.]

DANIELS (W. M.). The Elements of Public Finance, including the Monetary System of the United States. New York : Henry Holt. 1899. $1.25.

[A compact compendium, by Professor Daniels, of Princeton University, written for text-book use in American colleges. “Public Finance" is given a liberal scope; chapters on the railway question at large and on the monetary system of the United States are included.)

Dubois (W. E. B.) and EATON (ISABEL). The Philadelphia Negro: a Social Study. With Introduction by Professor G. M. Lindsay. Boston : Ginn & Co. 8vo. $2.00.

(This interesting study is published for the University of Pennsylvania, under whose auspices the enquiry was made. It describes the whole range of the economic and social life of the American city negro, as seen in Philadelphia, -employment, wages, social life, pauperism, and crime. Professor Dubois, himself partly of negro blood, is known as the author of a standard history of the Suppression of the African Slave Trade.]

FLYNT (J.). Tramping with Tramps. Studies and Sketches of Vagabond Life. New York : The Century Co. 8vo. $1.50.

[The author consorted with the habitual tramps ; chiefly in the U.S., also in England and Germany. Their life and ways are described, and the part played by American railways in spreading the nuisance is especially noted. The houest unemployed are not touched : the problem hence is only one of suppression.)

FOOTE (A. R). Municipal Public Service Industries. Chicago : The Other Side Publ. Co. 12mo. $1.00.

[In this collection of papers, as in previous publications, the author opposes municipal ownership, and advocates controlled corporate management. The reasoning is that of an advocate, not judicial in method or conclusion.)

LANGSTROTH (C. S.) and Stilz (W.). Railway Co-operation. An Investigation of Railway Traffic Associations. Boston : Ginn and Co. 8vo. $1.00.

[Two prize essays, published for the University of Pemusylvania, where they were written by students. They discuss the prohibition of “Railway Co-operation (i.e., pooling) in the U.S. Interstate Commerce Act, and conclude that pooling should be permitted, subject to control by the Interstate Commerce Commission.)

MAYO SMITH (RICHMOND). The Science of Statistics. Part II. Statistics and Economics. New York: Macmillan and Co. 8vo. Pp. 480. $3.

[Reviewed above, p. 557.]

MOTT (E. H.). Between the Ocean and the Lakes: the Story of Erie. New York : J. S. Collins. 4to. Illustrated. $7.00.

[This history of the Erie Railway is published largely with a view to purchase by prosperous railway investors and managers, and hence contains much personal anecdote and some padding; but offers useful material on the railway history of the United States. ]

RANDALL (E. O.). History of the Zoar Society. A Sociological Study in Communism. Columbus, Ohio : printed by F. J. Heer. 8vo.,

pp. 100.

[The Zoar Society was founded in 1818 by German Separatist immigrants. In 1898 it was dissolved, the property being divided. The account here given of this experiment in Communism is accurate and complete.]

ROWNTREE (J.) and SHERWELL (A.). The Temperance Problem and Social Reform. London: Hodder and Stoughton ; New York : Thomas Whittaker. $2.

STALLARD (J. H.). The True Basis of Economics. . . . being a Correspondence between President D. S. Jordan and Dr. D. II. Stallard on the Merits of the Doctrine of Henry George. New York: Doubleday and McClure Co. 8vo. Pp. 130. 50 cts.

(A brief letter by President Jordan, with comment at large by Dr. Stallard.]

WALKER (FRANCIS A.). Discussions in Economics and Statistics. Edited by Professor D. R. Dewey. New York : Henry Holt and Co. 2 vols. 8vo. Pp. 454, 481.

(Reprinted papers on Economic Theory, Finance, Money, Statistics; including the articles contributed from time to time to the Quarterly Journal of Economics.]

WEBER (ADNA F., Ph.D.). The Growth of Cities in the Nineteenth Century. A Study in Statistics. New York: Published for Columbia University by Macmillan Co. 8vo. Pp. 510. $3.50.

(Roviewed above, p. 558]

CUNIASSE (L.) and Willing (R.). Essais du Commerce et de l'Industrie (Leçons pratique d'analyse chimique). Paris : Cassé et Nand. 1900. Pp. 302

GREEF (G. DE). Le Crédit Commercial et la Banque Nationale de Belgique. Brussels : Mayolez. 1899.

[The special subject is the Bank of Belgium; but the author takes the oppor tunity of advocating a monetary system called "a-metallisme," which consists in replacing metallic money by cheques. The ideal Bank will have neither capital nor metallic reserve : resembling in several respec the People's Bank of Rondhon.]

Guyot (Yves) and RAFFALOVICH (A.). Dictionnaire du Commerce de l'Industrie et de la Banque. 9th Instalment (Effets Publics to Farini). Paris : Guillaumin and Co. 1899.

LECOMTE (HENRI). Le Café (Culture, Manipulation, Production). Paris : Cassé et Nand. 1899. Pp. 341.

[The history, cultivation, enemies, chemistry, quantity of coffee produced and consumed in different countries. ]

MERLIN (ROGER). Des Associations Ouvrières et Patronales, Paris : Rousseau. 1899. Pp. 516.

[A summary review of all kinds of associations ; honoured by the prize of the Mugée Sociale:)

Le Marché Financier en 1897-1898,

RAFFALOVICH (ARTHUR). Paris : Guillaumin. Pp. 889.

SAYOUS (ANDRÉ E.). De la Création en Suisse d'une banque Centrale d'Émission. Paris : Rousseau. 1900.


La Propriéte Paysanne.

Paris : Larose.


Pp. 288.

[A picture of the present condition of peasant proprietorship and legislation proper to develop its future. The author has not much belief in artifioial moa sures, relying as he does on the economio superiority of a system of small property.)

Boch (ROGER). Geschichte der Töpferarbeiter von Staffordshire in 19 Jahrhdt. Stuttgart.

COHN (GUSTAV). Zur Geschichte und Politik des Verkehrswesens. (A Series of Essays.) Stuttgart.

EULENBURG (Dr. Franz). Zur Frage der Lohnermittelung. Jena : Gustav Fischer. 1899. Pp. 150.

[A critical enquiry into the various methods which have been employed in investigating actual wage earnings. The author points out the complicated nature of the problem, and the numerous factors, such as irregularity of work, overtime, fines and deductions, etc., which have to be taken into account.)

HALLGARTEN (R.). Die Communale Besteuerung des Unverdienten Wertzuwachses in Engld. Stuttgart.

LANDMANN (JULIUS). Zur Abänderung des Deutschen Bankgesetzes. Kiel.

LEMEKE (J. C.). Ueber einige Bestimmungsgründe des Arbeitlohnes. Jena : Gustav Fischer. 1899.

Pp. 128.

[A purely theoretical study of the causes which determine wages, including a critical survey of some newer wage fund theories, such as those of Marshall, Walker Rodbertus and Jaussig.)

KULEMANN (W.). 1900. Pp. 730.

Die Gewerkschaftbewegung.

Jena : Fischer.

SCHÜLLER (DR. RICHARD). Die Wirthschaftspolitik der Historischen Schule. Berlin : Carl Heymann. 1899. Pp. 131.

(An able review of the theories and methods of the German economists of the present century. The author believes that the historical school is deficient in guiding principles, and tends to neglect essential for non-essential considerations.]

STAMMHAMMER (J.). Bibliographie des Socialismus und Communismus. Jena : Fischer. 1900. Vol. II. Pp. 403.

WEBER (Max). Goldschmidt, Grunenberg, die Landarbeister in Norddeutschland. Freiburg. 2 vols.

Cossa (E.). Principii Clementari per la Teoria dell'Interesse. Milan: Hæpli. 1900.

FLORA (Fred.). Le Finanze degli Stati Composti. Torino: Bocca. 1900.

Florian e Cavaglieri I Vagabondi. Torino : Bocca.

GRAZIANI (A.). La Teoria generale della Repercussione della Imposte. Napoli. 1899.

LORINI (ETEODE). La Persia Economia Contemporanea et le sue Questione Monetarie. Roma : Loescher. 1900.

MONTEMARTINI (G.). Introduzione allo Studio della Distribuzione delle richezze. Milan. 1899.

Oddi (Carlo). Nuovo Trattato Elementare di Scienza Economica. Verona. 1899.

Plaza (V. DE LA). Conferencia sobre Valorización de la Moneda de Curso legal. Buenos Aires. 1899.

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