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interpreted to mean that the proportion between the marginal utilities of different

incomes should not be changed as a result of taxation. The arbitrary element is reduced to the minimum in this solution.

Ekonomisk Tidskrift. Edited by DAVID DAVIDSON (Stockholm). 1899.

Monthly. 10 kronor per annum.

We have received the first four numbers of this new Swedish monthly, devoted to economic subjects. The scope of the publication does not appear to be restricted to any special aspect of social affairs, and these first numbers contain articles on subjects ranging from town mortality in Sweden and principles of industrial legislation to railway-tariff problems and questions of banking policy and practice. The subjects treated should certainly possess present interest in the country of publication, in view of the long discussion on matters of labour legislation, the continued favour shown to the policy of agricultural protection, and the recent banking reforms. Useful tables, summarising the accounts of over thirty of the largest banks of the country, are a feature of each number except the first. For those who make a study of internal migration the third number affords a striking example of a district (that round Sundsvall) where nearly two-thirds of the population are immigrants. There is no evasion of controversial subjects, and no lack of vigour or reality in the tone of the articles. We wish the editor and his colleagues success in their enterprise.

Giornale degli Economisti (Rome).

March, 1899. Il Profitto del Capitale Technico. C. A. CONIGLIANI. Le Migrazioni

del Lavaro agli Stati Uniti d'America. C. OTTOLENGHI. La Protezione dell' Agricoltura nella Riforma Doganale Leopoldina. A. MORENA. Il Parlamento contro la Libertà di Stampa. A. DE VITI DE MARCO. Associazione Economica Liberale (il Riordinamento delle Finanze Locali). Congresso Internazionale per l'Insegnamento Commerciale. LA DIREZIONE.

Il Lavoro Umano e la Macchina. A. GRAZIADEI. La Nuova fase dell

Immigrazione del Lavoro agli Stati Uniti d'America. C. OTTOLENGHI.
Il Quarto Censimento Italiano. G. B. SALVIONI, L. Bodio.

May. L'Origine del Baratto. . . . M. PANTALEONI.

A study of primitive forms of barter, with special reference to the recent work of Cognetti. La Partecipazione dello Stato ai Profitti delle Banche di Emissione, P. DES EssARS.


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[A compendious survey of Austrian legislation on licensed trades, workmen's protection, trade unions, inspection of factories, workmen's insurance, &c. Ac. curacy is guaranteed by the author's official position and literary reputation.]


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(An aperçu of the present state of the science.]

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