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One of the World's Greatest Books, Written by an American Scientist Thirly Years

Ago, is Now First Offered at a Popular Price.

Ancient Society


Researches in the Lines of Human Progress from Savagery Through

Barbarism to Civilization.

Lewis H. Morgan, LL. D., the author of this book, is the one American scientist whose pre-eminence is recognized in all the universities of Europe. He gave a lifetime to original research into the life and customs of barbarous tribes, and from the data thus secured has thrown a flood of light on the early history of our own race.

"Respectable” people, who have enough property to live on the labor of others, and who want to hold that property as long as they live and hand it down to their children, so that these may in their turn grow fat from the labor of the people without property, are interested in having people believe that our present system of property, marriage and descent has always existed and must always exist. But the scientific facts are otherwise, and the PROOF of this is in Morgan's Ancient Society.

It is a book of 586 large pages, full of interesting facts about the marriage customs of our ancestors, and the primitive communism in which there were no rich and no poor. It will help you see that the law of Evolution applies to people as well as to animals and plants, and that this law is bringing an end to the capitalist system that starves children to make millionaires.

This great book has until lately been sold for $4.00. Our price is $1.50, and this includes postage to any address.


THE STATE. If you want to know more about the facts we have mentioned, but can not just now spare the price of the large book or the time it would take to read it, then you should read Frederick Engels' "Origin of the Family.” This is a book of 217 pages, in which the most important and interesting of Morgan's discoveries are explained in a simple, clear and interesting fashion. Important facts from other sources bearing on the subject are also given, and the author goes on to draw conclusions from these facts that are of vital interest to every wage worker. Even if you read Morgan's book you should read this one too. Cloth, 50 cents, postpaid.

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The livest, clearest, strongest Socialist propaganda book yet writ. ten in America. Workshop talks to workingmen by a workingman, Ten cents, postpaid.






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Max S. Hayes, William E. Bohn, Mary E. Marcy.

CONTENTS FOR APRIL, 1909 The Private Prison of Diaz

John Murray The British Labor Party (a Reply)

Robert Huter Stories of the Cave People-Fire

Mary E. Jarcy Social Democracy and "Laborism” in England

H. Quelch The Terror

James Oneal Socialism for Students. VI. Socialism and Science Joseph E. Cohen Pæan and Dirge—Poem

Eliot Ihite The Proletarian Attitude

Louis Duches In the Holy Name of Trade-Poem

Cozington Hall The Educated Classes

S. G. Greenwood Work Day Sunset Chant-Poem

Charlotte Portor

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