Certified Function Point Specialist Examination Guide

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CRC Press, 3 черв. 2011 р. - 244 стор.

The Certified Function Point Specialist Examination Guide provides a complete and authoritative review of the rules and guidelines prescribed in the release of version 4.3 of the Function Point Counting Practices Manual (CPM). Providing a fundamental understanding of the IFPUG Functional Size Measurement method, this is the ideal study guide for the CFPS examination. The text:

  • Includes time-tested tips on how to best prepare for the exam
  • Provides a series of questions and answers at the end of each chapter with specific references to the latest version of the CPM
  • Contains two CFPS practice exams to measure understanding and identify areas where more study is needed

Active members of the Counting Practices Committee and a past president of the IFPUG supply time-tested insight on how to use the CPM manual effectively and efficiently during the exam. The two sample exams and detailed examples throughout the text help to ensure readers develop the comprehension required to attain certification the first time around. Following certification, this book is a valuable reference for applying the IFPUG method for sizing proficient software design, development, and deployment.

Praise for the book:

While there are a number of solid books on counting function points, this new book fills a gap in the function point literature by providing useful information on the specifics of becoming a certified function point counter. The authors are all qualified for the work at hand, and indeed have contributed to the function point counting methodology.
—Capers Jones, President, Capers Jones & Associates LLC


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Function Point Analysis Overview
Screen Scraping
Processing Logic
Exam Guidance
Chapter 5 Sample Exam Answers
Chapter 6 Sample Exam Answers
Chapter 7 Sample Exam Answers
Chapter 8 Sample Exam Answers
Chapter 9 Sample Exam Answers
Chapter 10 Sample Exam Answers
Chapter 11 Sample Exam Answers
Practice Exam 1 Answers Part 1 Definitions and Rules

Exam Guidance
Case Study 7
Formulas and Matrices
Practice Exam 1
Case Study 10
Chapter 2 Sample Exam Answers
Chapter 3 Sample Exam Answers
Chapter 4 Sample Exam Answers
Case Studies
Practice Exam 2 Answers Part 1 Definitions and Rules
Case Studies
Glossary Index
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Про автора (2011)

David Garmus is a published author and acknowledged authority in the sizing, measurement and estimation of software application development and maintenance. As a co-founder of the David Consulting Group, he supports software development organizations in achieving software excellence with a metric-centered approach.

Mr. Garmus is a Past President of IFPUG and a member of the IFPUG Counting Practices Committee. He has a BS from the University of California at Los Angeles and an MBA from Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration. He has spoken at numerous conferences and written many articles and books on various measurement related topics.

Garmus is a Certified Function Point Specialist, having fulfilled all IFPUG requirements for this title under all releases of the IFPUG Counting Practices Manual, as well as a Certified Software Measurement Specialist.

Janet Russac has more than 25 years of experience as a programmer, analyst, and measurement specialist in software application development and maintenance. She is the founder of Software Measurement Expertise and leads a team of experienced consultants that offer expertise in function point analysis, software measurement, estimation, auditing, training and mentoring. She is a published author, who presents workshops at companies, professional organizations, and conferences and is often a featured speaker at conferences.

Ms. Russac served as the Chair of the IFPUG Management Reporting Committee from 2002 to 2004 and led the creation of an international industry certification process for individuals in the field of software measurement as Certified Software Measurement Specialists. She currently serves on the IFPUG Counting Practices Committee and the IFPUG Communications and Marketing Committee.

Russac is a Certified Function Point Specialist and a Certified Software Measurement Specialist.

Royce Edwards is a Senior Consultant for Software Composition Technologies, where he applies function point analysis and software estimation techniques to resolve business challenges in software development organizations. He is a software management professional with over 25 years of experience in development, reverse engineering, systems administration, architecture, and software analysis. Mr. Edwards brings an accomplished and unique skill set to software measurement and estimation. He has advised a diverse list of clients in the telecommunications, manufacturing, scientific, government, and information technology areas, and has mastered the adaption of solutions to meet the needs of varied organizational environments.

Mr. Edwards frequently teaches workshops related specifically to web application measurement. He has presented research papers at conferences and has written articles and white papers for various publications. Edwards is a Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) and a member of the IFPUG Counting Practices Committee.

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