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Fortunate will the present Editors consider themselves, if they can succeed in following strictly the steps of so excellent an Exemplar ; and to be found worthy, at the end of their career, of such an honest Chronicler of their endeavours for the public good. The character they are anxious the Magazine should still maintain, is “ usefulness combined with rational entertainment." They rely with confidence on their numerous Correspondents and Contributors; and, thus powerfully supported, they doubt not of the continued success of their Publication.

Before concluding this part of their Address, they have to acknowledge, with the deepest gratitude, the sympathy of their Correspondents on the loss of the late Editor; and to apologize to some of their Poetical friends for the non-insertion of Tributes to his Memory ;-had these all been printed, the circumstance might have appeared to some as a display of ostentatious vanity; but they cannot resist the temptation of here inserting the following elegiac stanzas, by G. D. of Islington: Sovereign Parent! holy Earth!

Greet his mem'ry with a tear! To thy bosom we commend

Give his name the like reward! Nichols, full of years and worth,

Rich in antiquarian lore, Johnson's last surviving friend!

Pageants quaint, and deeds of arms; He was of that glorious time,

He from History's ample store Of that bright, transcendant age,

Drew its most romantic charms. When immortal Truth sublime

Blest with candour, liberal praise, Dropp'd like manna from the Sage.

Years beheld his fame increaseCall’d to fill that honour'd chair

Cheerfulness, and length of days, Johnson once so nobly grac'd,

Friendship, competence, and peace ! He essay'd with pious care

To no quibbling sect a slave, Still to guide the public taste

His religion was from Heaven; Attic' wit, and sense profound,

And to want he freely gave 'Mid the Muse's humble lay,

What to him was freely given.
Truth divine, with Science crown'd,
All their various powers display.

Thoughts of those that once had been,

Sweet remembrance of the past, Many a name, to Learning dear,

Cheer'd him thro' life's closing sceneBears his faithful, fond record

Of those honor's Namesthe last! The struggle of the Papists for political power, and for the abolition of the Tests which have hitherto happily protected our invaluable Constitution in Churoh and State, together with their zeal for making converts to their insidious and dangerous doctrines, have induced us to devote no small portion of the present Volume to their exposure. Let it always be remembered, however, that it is with the errors of Popery we contend, and not with individuals, — many of whom we respect in private life, and doubt not their honourable feelings in being attached to that faith which was delivered to them from their ancestors.

Liberal politics can only flourish pre-eminently in a Protestant Land; and we most sincerely wish success to the present struggle for Constitutional Principles in the Peninsula. Under the guidance of the highlygifted Statesman, now at the helm of our Foreign affairs, we doubt not that this Country, as the strong palladium of rational liberty, will prove herself the able Protector of her antient Ally; and long may the Queen of the Ocean remain the exalted head of the civilized world!

Dec. 31, 1826.

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JULY, 1826.

Leador Gazette

Gloucest. ...Hants 2 Tres New Times

Hereford .--Hull 3 V. Chronicle Post

Hunts 2...Ipswich M. Herald--Ledger

Kent 4..Lancaster Bre Press M. Adrer.

Leeds 4.. Leicester 2 Represent-Courier

Lichfield.Liverpool6 Globe & Traveller

Macclesfi..Maidst. -Star-Brit. Trav.

Manchester 7 Jumes's Chron.

Newcastle on Tyne 3 Lit Gaz Lit.Chron.

Norfolk. Norwich Faz Chronicle

N.Wales. Northamp Camner. Chronicle

Nottingham2..Oxf 2 Packet--Esca. Mail

Plymouth..Preston ? Evening Chronicle

Reading...Rochester Mercant. Chronicle

Salisbury..Sheffield 3 courier de Londres

Shrewsbury ? 3 Weekly Papers

Sherborne...Stafford 22 Sunday Papers

Staffordsh Polteries? Bath 4-Berks-Beiw.

Stamford2 Stockport Burningham

Southampton Blackburn-Bolton 2

Suff. Surrey... Boston-Brighton ?

Taunton... Tyne Rristol 4 Bucks

Wakefield .. Warwick Bary 2-Cambrian

West Briton (Truro) Cambridge-Carlisle2

Western (Exeter) Carmarth-Chelms 2

Westmoreland ? Cheiteu.9.-Chest. ?

Weymouth Colchester Cornwall

Whitehaven. Winds Corestry? Cumberl.

Wolverhampton Derby? Devon 2

Worcester 2..York Devenport-Devizes

Man 2...Jerseys Doncaster-Dorchest

Guernsey 3 Dorset -Durban 2

Scotland 35
Esses ---Esete 5

Ireland 60
Original Communications. No Trust, no Trade ........


Wright's Letter to Mr. Brougham ............48 Papery Uomasked: an Address to the British Mount Calvary, 49.–Felix Farley Rhymes...50 Roman Catholic Association ..

..3 Ireland in past Times........ Descriptions of All Souls' Church, Maryle- Sir J. Graham on Corn and Currency.........54

bone, and St. Philip's Chapel, Regent-str. 9, 10 Drummond's Propositions on the Currency...ib. 0. Extemporary Preaching.... ..............11 Dr. Booker's Mourner Comforted.... .55 Modern Invovations in Architecture. .........15 Dr. Priestley's Lectures, by J. T. Rutt........ib. Aclnf Newsham Church, co. Northampton 17 Cole's Memoirs of Mr. T. Hinderweil.........56

sa Horace, www. Ode XI...... 18 Ferguson's Early Days......... ............57 Early Owners of Cople, Bedfordshire .........19

Report of the London Hibernian Society......il. Peeping Tom of Coventry and Lady Godiva..,20 Casti's Trè Giuli — Labours of Idleness, &c..58 Show Fair at Coventry described..

.22 LITERARY INTELLIGENCE,--New Publications 59 COMPEND. OF COUNTY HISTORY-Yorkshire 24 Visit to the British Institutiou......... .ib. Commencement of the Reigos of Joha and SELECT POETRY ...

62 Edward I.


Historical Chronicle. On the Title of Heir to the British Crown...28 Foreigu News, 66.-Domestic Occurrences...69 Charing Cross and its Neighbourhood .......29 List of the present House of Commons........72 Ancient State of St. Martin's in the Fields...30 Promotions, &c. 75.-Births and Marriages...76 Anecdotes of Dandies of Antiquity ............31 OBITUARY ; with Memoirs of Sir Thomas Classical Conjecture-Shelton Family .......32 Stamford Raffles ; Marquis of Waterford; Keview of New Publicacions.

Viscount Ingestrie : John Bruce, Esq. ; Baker's History of Northamptonshire .........38 Rev. W. Davy ; C. M. Von Weber ; Ch. Roby's History of Tamworth. ....

..36 Ogle, Esq. ; Rev. Peregriue Binghain ; Druery's Notices of Great Yarmouth ....37 Mrs. Sarah Doughty, &c.....

78 Archæologia, vol. xxi. 39.-The Boyne Water43 Bill of Mortality.-Prices of Canal Shares... 95 Field Flowers.-Walpole's Anecdotes.........45 Meteorological Diary.—Prices of Stocks.... 965

Embellished with Views of All Souls' CHURCH, Marylebone ;
St. Philip's CHAPEL, Regent Street; and NEWNHAM CHURCH, co. Northampton.

Also with a Representation of PEEPING TOM OF COVENTRY.

Prioted by John Nichols and Son, Cicero's Head, 25, Parliament Street, Westminster;

where all Letters to the Editor are requested to be sent, Post-Paid.






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