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judices overcome. For architectural effect, we may add, extensive family, old maids, cross daddy, and a romantic the floor system is infinitely preferable to that of nar- old mommy, all want to put thur fingers into the young row independent houses. It also abolishes, to shop- uns dish of sweet doin's, and the gal's fractious besides, keepers, the monstrous inconvenience of having to take why, a fellar that's yearnin' arter matrimony is mity a house along with the place of business, whether it be likely to git his fires dampened, or bust his biler.' needed or not.*

Thus reasoned Tom Bent to a select party of river Whatever, then, be the success of the Birkenhead cronies, who were seated around him upon the boiler experiment, its utility as a model, and as showing what deck of a Mississippi steamer, as she sped along one goodly dwellings can be furnished to the working- bright night in June, somewhere in the neighbourhood classes at a moderate charge, is very great. We hope, of Bayou Teche. The subject was courting, and on however, to see houses of this kind for the most part that particular question Tom was considered an oracle ; built in the very places heretofore occupied by un- for, besides having a strong penchant for the fair sex, healthy tenements. There a double good would be ac- he had run many risks to ingratiate himself in their complished Before such structures can be seen rising affections. Tom was now fast falling into the sear and in many places, good harvests must have done their yellow leaf of bachelorism, and although he had vowed proper work in facilitating human labour. We may unalterable affection to at least one fair one in each add, that before working-men can hope to attain houses town between the mouth and the rapids, he still reat a ratio of rent not exceeding that of the middle mained in unblessed singleness. classes, it will be necessary that some plan be adopted “How about that afarr of your'n with old Fecho's gal for securing the landlord in his returns. We have in St Louis, Tom?' inquired one of the circle. always been aware that insecurity in this respect was What, that little French gal ?' inquired Tom, with a means of greatly increasing rents to the working- a grin. Well, that thar was a salty scrape, boys; and classes; but we never knew till lately how high, in though the laugh is agin me thar, I'm blessed if I don't some instances, this increase is carried. A gentleman gin you the sarcumstince.' So Tom squared himself who takes charge of the incomes of a number of per- for a yarn, wet his lips with a little corn juice, took a sons in humble life, lately adopted the plan of leasing small strip of Missouri weed, and let out.' for them a group of houses, insuring the payment of • That gal of old Fecho's wur about the pootyest the rent. They were obtained at thirty per cent. below creatur, fur a foreigner, I ever took a shute arter; her the usual rates. The extent to which honest and care- eyes jest floated about in her head like a star's shadow ful men thus suffer for the negligent and unworthy, is on a Massissippi wave, and her model was as trim as surely much to be deplored. Perhaps the evil might the steamer Eagle; 'sides, her paddles wur the cleanestbe in a great measure overcome, and a needful encou- shaped fixin's that ever propelled anythin' human, and ragement at the same time given to speculators, by a her laugh rung like a challenge-bell on a "fast trip”plan of mutual guarantee amongst operative tenants for it couldn't be beat. She run into my affecshuns, and I the faithful payment of rents.]

couldn't help it. I danced with her at some on the

balls in Frenchtown, and thar I gin to edge up and talk COURTING IN FRENCH HOLLOW.

tender at her, but she only laughed at my gweet'nin'.

Arter a spell, when I cum it strong about affecshun, It is a pity that American fun, like Irish fun, has a and the needcessity of towin' side and side together, patois of its own, which it is not a little difficult to un she told me that her old daddy wouldn't let her marry derstand. The patois, indeed, was originally part and an American! Ef I warn’t snagged at this, I wouldn't parcel of the joke; but the best joke in the world will say so. The old fellar wur a sittin' on a bench smokin' not bear a hundred times telling. In a book before and lookin' on at the dance, and I jest wished him a us, just published in Philadelphia, called “Streaks of hot berth for a short spell. “Well, Marie,” said I, "ef Squatter Life,' there is a good deal of cleverness, and I melt the old man down, will you gin in ?" some genuine humour; but it is spoiled for the Euro “Oh,” says she,“ you so vair strong at de vat you pean palate by an impracticable dialect. Perhaps the call coar, I shall not know how to say von leetel no. following is the most readable article (with the excep

So havin' fixed it all with her smooth as a full freight tion of the Pre-emption Right,' an excellent tale, chiefly and a June rise, I drew up alongside of the old fellar, in good English, which is too long for our pages), and jest as he had cleared his chimley for a fresh draw of we give it to show how Jonathan . progresses' in a kind his pipe. Old Fecho had been a mountain trader, was of writing peculiar to American literature:

strong timbered, not much the worse fur wear, and Courtin' is all slick enough when everybody's agreed, looked wicked as a tree'd bear. I fired up, and geneand the gal aint got no mischief in her; but when an rated an inch or two more steam, and then blew off' at

him. “That's an onconscionable slick gal of your'n, A Suburban' correspondent of “The Builder' proposes the mounseer,” says I, to begin with; and it did tickle his intrnduction to the metropolis of the system which has been found fancy to have her cracked up, 'cause he thought her to work so well in, and, in fact, in great measure to constitute, the creation's finishin' touch--so did I ! northern City of Palaces,' Edinburgh. In London, as observed,

“ Oui, sair,” says old Fecho, "she vair fine leetel gal, perrons not prepared to give more than L.30 -year have no choice bet ween the most paltry lath-and-plaster' cottages --- 50 raw,

von angel wizout de ving; she is, sair, mine only von damp, and updrained, and full of green wood, as to be little better fille." than a domicile 'under the greenwood tree' itself-or unfurnished “Well, she is a scrouger," answered I ; " a parfect high lodgings in houses not built for the purpose of accommodating pressure, and no dispute!". separate families, and where the intermixing of the landlord and his lodgers is most unpleasant. In fact, in the metropolis itself,

" Vat you mean by him, eh? vat you call s-C-r-r-s-ouge, the great body of the middle classes are actually without appro

eh? vat is he, sair? My leetel gal no vat you call von priate or class dwellings altogether, for the green-wood cottages are S-C-r-r-r-ouge, sair!" and here old Fecho went off into suburban more than urban residences. The projector, however, a mad fit, jest as ef I'd called her bad names. I tried in the meantime recommends that a handsome building, like those in the Temple, but with more domestic conveniences, should

to put down his “safety-valve," but he would blow off be erected in a convenient suburb, and let out in chambers; and

his wrath, and workin' himself into a parfect freshet of the first experiment might be made in the following manner : rage, he swore he would take the little gal off home; Let a builder of capital procure plans and elevation from a com and I'm blessed ef he didn't. As soon as I eyed the old petent architect; and having found a suitable piece of land, an

fellar startin', I got in his wake, and follered him, detarnounce that, as soon as he had the names of a sufficient number of parties willing to rent (say thirty sets of chambers), he would

mined to find out whar he located ; and arter an eternal commence the first block. The subscription of parties, willing to long windin' through one street arter another, down he engage for a year certain, would be filled up in a week. The Bank dived into French Hollow. Jest as he wur about to of England clerks would alone supply a score of tenants, and all the government offices a tithe of poor proud couples. Eventually, enter a house built agin the side of the hill, the old per haps, the economy of a public kitchen and joint-stock cook fellar heered my footsteps, and turnin' round in the might be arranged by some of the tenants on the club system. darkness, he shouted—“Ah ha! von sneak Yankee

doodel, vat call my leetel gall von s-c-r-r-r-ouger; I his scape-pipe : the old man might as well try to catch shall cut you all up into von leetel piece vidout von a Massissippi catty with a thread-line, as get his fingers whole.”

on me.” I had no sooner said so, than bang went the You know, boys, I aint easy skeer'd, but I own up door below, and old Fecho, juicy as a melon, came feelin' that old fellar did kind a make me skeery; they told his way up stairs, mutterin' like a small piece of fat sich stories about the way he used to skin Ingins, that thunder, and swarin' in French orfully. I know'd thar I gin to think it was about best to let him have both warn't much time to spare, so I histed the winder, and sides of the channel ef he wanted it, so I didn't darr go backed out. Jest as I was about to drop, Marie says to see Marie fur a long spell. One day I felt a strong to me—" Oh, mon Dieu! don't drop into de vell!" and hankerin', and jest strolled along the holler to git a instanter shut the winder. My har riz on eend in a glimpse on her; and sure enough thar she wur, a-leanin' moment—"don't drop into the well!” I'll tell you out the winder, smilin' like the mornin' sun on a sleepin' what, boys, a souse into the Massissippi in ice time bayou. I sidled up to the house, and asked her ef I warn't half as cold as her last warnin' made me. It darr cum and sit up with her that evenin'. I told her was so etarnal dark, that I couldn't begin to tell which I was jest fritterin' away all to nothin' thinkin' on her, side of the buildin' I wur on, and that wur an all-imand a small mite of courtin' would spur me up amazin'; portant perticuler, fur it wur jest three storeys high on and then I gin her sich a look, that she fluttered into one side, towards the Hollow, and it warn’t only one on consent as easy as a mockin’-bird whistles.

the side next the hill-in course, all the chances wur in Oh, oui, you shall come some time dis night, when favour of the well bein' on the low side. I'd gin all I mon pere is gone to de cabaret; but you must be vair had then to know which side was waitin' below fur me. quiet as von leetel rat, vat de call de mouse, and go I looked up, as I hung on, to see ef thar warn't a star vay before he come back to de maison.

shinin' somewhare, jest to give a hint of what was below; * In course I promised to do jest as she said. I kissed but they'd all put on thar nightcaps, and wouldn't be ny hand to her, and said aur ruvoir, as the French say coaxed from under the kiver; then I'd look below, and for good-by, and then paddled off to wait for night. I listen, until I made sartin in my mind that I could hear felt wuss than oneasy until the time arriv, and when it the droppin' of water, somewhare about fifty feet below did git round, I gin to crawl all over. I swar I was a me! Old Fecho was a-tearin' through the room, and little skeered. Hows'ever, it warn't manly to back out a-rippin' out French oaths, in an oncommon rapid mannow when the gal was expectin' me, so I started for the ner, and declarin' that he knew some one had bin thar, Hollow. I think a darker night was never mixed up fur he'd been told so. Two or three times he appeared and spread over this yearth. You remember, Bill, the to be a-rushin' for the winder, and the little gal would night you steered the old Eagle square into the bank at coax him back agin; and then he'd cuss de Yankee Milliken's bend? well, it wur jest a mite darker than doodles, and grit his teeth most owdaciously. Well, ef that! A muddy run winds along through the ravine I warn't in an oneasy situation all this time, then I'm whar the house stands, and I wur particularly near more than human-my arms jest stretched out to about floppin' into it several times. A piece of candle in the a yard and a-half in length, and gin to cramp and git winder lighted me to whar the little gal was awaitin', orful weak. I couldn't, fur the life of me, think on any and when I tapped at the door below, she pattered down prayer I'd ever heerd: at last, jest as one hand was and piloted me up to the sittin'-room, whar we sot down givin' way its hold, I thort of a short one I used to say and took a good look at each other. She looked pooty when I was a younker, and mutterin'—" Here I drop enough to tempt a fellar to bite a piece out on her. I me down deep, I pray the Lord my bones to keep!” I had all sorts of good things made up to say when a sot my teeth together, drew a long breath, shut my eyes, chance offered, and here the chance wur, but cuss me and let go!- Whiz!-r-r-r-ip!- bang! I went, as I ef I could get out the fust mutter. Whether it wur supposed, about fifty feet; and didn't I holler, when I skeer at the idee of the old Frenchman, or a bilin' up lit and rolled over, and the water soused all round me! of affecshun fur bis darter that stuck my throat so tight, “Murder! Oh, get me out! Oh-0-0-0, murder !” The I'm unable to swar, but thar I wur, like a boat fast on people came a-rushin' out of their houses with lights, a sand-bar, blowin' some, but makin' mity little head and sich another jargon of questions as they showered way.

at me--askin', altogether, who'd bin a-stabbin' me? “Vat is de mattair wiz you, mounseer?” said Marie; what wur the marter? and who'd hit me? I opened "you look vair much like de leaf in von grand storm, my eyes to tell 'em I'd fell from the third storey, and all ovair wiz de shake!"

broke every bone in my body, when, on lookin' up, “Well,” says I, “I do feel as ef I wur about to col- thar wur the old Frenchman and his darter grinnin' out lapse a flue, or bust my biler, for the fact of the matter of the top winder about ten feet above me! The fact is, Marie, they say your old daddy's a tiger, and ef I get wur, boys, I'd dropped out on the hill-side of the house, caught here, thar'll be suthin' broke-a buryin' instead and jumped down jest four feet from whar my toes of a weddin’; not that I'm the least mite skeered fur reached-I had lit on the edge of a water-pail, and it myself, but the old man might git hurt, and I should flowed about me when I fell over! Arter old Fecho be fretted to do any sich a thing."

told them the joke, they pretty nigh busted a-larfin' at " Oh, mon amie, nevair be fear fur him; he is von I crawled off, arter firin' a voll at old mounseer great, strong as vat you call de gentleman cow ? - of the hardest kind of cusses ; and from that day to this von bull. But, mon Dieu ! what shall I do wiz you, I han't gone a-courtin' in French Hollow !' suppose he come, eh? He vill cut you into bits all ovair!"

The present number of the Journal completes the seventh volume But, my angel,” ses I, " he sha'n't ketch me, fur I'll (new series), for which a title-page and index have been prepared, streak it like a fast boat the moment I hear steam from and may be had of the publishers and their agents.



Printed and Published by W. and R. CHAMBERS, Edinburgh.

Sold by W. S. ORR, Amen Corner, London,







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