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RIPLEY (W. Z.). The Races of Europe.

The Races of Europe. A Sociological Study. New York : D. Appleton and Co. 8vo. pp. 650. $6.00.

[The author is Assistant Professor in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The book is an able systematic description of the living races of Europe, chiefly from the point of view of the physical anthropologist, but with regard also to social phenomena. A supplementary bibliography enumerates some 200 titles.]

SITES (C. MOORE). Centralised Administration of Liquor Laws in the American Constitution. London: P. S. King.

STETSON (CHARLOTTE P.). Women and Economics. Boston: Small, May and Co.

WATSON (D. K.). History of American Coinage. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 8vo. $1.50.

[The History covers the entire period, from the colonial era to the present time. The author affects to offer nothing new, but gives a useful survey of the whole subject. His point of view is anti-bimetallist.]

WRIGHT (CARROLL D.). Outline of Practical Sociology, with special reference to American Conditions. New York : Longmans. $1.50.

[A“ practical" sociology, in the sense of being a descriptive account of the make-up and distribution of the.population of the United States, with brief con. sideration of the various social conditions and problems.]

Bloch (JEAN DE). La Guerre aux points de vue technique, économique et politique. 6 vol. Large 8vo. Paris : Guillaumin and Co. 1899.

(An exhaustive inquiry on the question whether great European wars are still possible in the altered state of armaments and of social, intellectual, and economic conditions. This work is translated from Russian.]

CAHEN (PAUL). De l’Influence de la Baisse du Taux de l'Intérêt sur la Hausse des Salaires. Paris : Larose. 1899. Pp. 158.

GRAFFIN (ROGER). Les Biens Communaux en France. Pp. 289. Paris : Guillaumin and Co. 1899.

(An interesting historical and juridical essay on communal land in France. The last chapter (Economic Considerations) manifests a reaction favourable to its ex. istence, quite opposed to the views entertained by such specialists as M. de Lavergne forty or fifty years ago.]

Guyot (Yves) and RAFFALOVICH (A.). Dictionnaire du Commerce, de l'Industrie et de la Banque. Paris : Guillaumin and Co. 1899.

[Eighth instalment (Crete to Effets de Complaisaner) completing Vol. I.)

MOLINARI (G. DE). Esquisse de l'Organisation politique et économique de la Société future. Paris : Guillaumin and Co. 1899. Pp. xxvii and 240.

[Hitherto the organisation of society has been ruled by the predominance of the state of war or of destructive competition. War is no longer a paying operation, even to the victor; only the official class can any longer profit by the maintenance of the old system. In a more or less remote future, society will be adapted to the rule of productive or economic competition.]

SAY (LÉON). Les Finances de la France sous la Troisième République. Question Monétaire, Grands Travaux, Budgets 1876-82. Tome II. (Addresses and reports.] Paris : Calmann Lévy.

8vo. pp. 788. *7.50 fr.

AMMON (O.). Zur Anthropologie der Badenes. Bericht über ... an Wehrpflichtigen und Mittelschülern vorgenommenen Untersuchungen. Jena : G. Fischer. 8vo. Charts. 24 m.

BÜCHER (KARL). Arbeit und Rhythmus. 2d. enlarged edition. Leipzig

EULENBURG (DR. FRANZ). Zur Frage der Lohnermittelung. Jena : G. Fischer. 1899. Pp. 150.

Goltz (Theo.). Vorlesungen über Agrarwesen und Agrarpolitik, Jena.

KISTIAKOWSKI (TH.). Gesellschaft und Einzelwesen. Berlin.

KLEY (DR. W.). Bei Krupp. Eine Socialpolitische Reiseskizze. Leipzig : Duncker u. Humblot. 1899. Pp. 163.

KOROSI (DR. JOSEF Von). Zur Internationalen Nomenclatur der Todesursachen. Kritische Bemerkungen zu Dr. Bertillon's Vorschlägen. Berlin : Puttkammer and Mühlbrecht. 1899.

LEMBKE. Bestimmungsgründe des Arbeitslohnes. Jena : Fischer, 1899.

NUGLISCH. Das Finanzwesen des Deutscher Reichs unter Kaiser Karl IV. Strassburg.

PETERS (Max). Vol I.

Entwickelung der Deutschen Rhederei.


PHILIPPOVICH (DR. EUGEN von). Grundriss der Politischen Oekonomie. Zweiter Band. Freiburg i. B : Mohr. 1899. Pp. 325.

STEGEMANN. Geschichte zweier Harzer, Arbeiter genossenschaften, Braunschweig

STILLICH (OSCAR). Die Englische Agrarkrisis. Jena.

TOBIEN (A.). Die Agrargesetzgebung Livlands im 19.Jahrhdt. Berlin.

TRÖLTSCH (WALTHER). Über die neuesten Veränderungen im Deutschen Wirtschaftsleben. Stuttgart.

WENCKSTERN (ADOLPH VON). Die Schaffung und Erhaltung einer Deutschen Schlachtflotte. Leipzig: Duncker and Humblot. 1899.

CONIGLIANI (C. A.). L'economia capitalista nel sistema teorico del Loria. Modena. 1899.

EINAUDI (LUIGI). Un Principe Mercante. Torino : Bocca. 1900 (sic). Pp. 315.

MONTEMARTINI (GIOVANNI). La teoria delle produttivita marginali. Pavia. 1899.

Osimo (AUGUSTO). La Casa di Risparmio N Piacenza. Torino. 1899.

TUPPER (ALVARO BIANCHI). El Gramor. Estudio sobre la Adopcion de una nueva Unidad Monetaria. Santiago de Chile: Cervantes. 1899.

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700 pages.


In Connection with the Legislation and other circumstances affecting the
Condition of the People. By Sir GEORGE NICHOLLS, K.C.B., Poor Law
Commissioner and Secretary to the Poor Law Board. New Revised
Edition, with a Biography and Portrait of the Author. 2 Vols., 308.

. “This new edition of Nicholls' History of the English Poor Law' will be thoroughly appreciated by a larg circle of readers, including students of several of the social sciences. The present edition is moreover a line piece of bookmaking, and, with the third volume, which brings the history down to date, will constitute a work indispensable to those interested in the social history of the century. Not only legislation strictly applying to the poor is considered, but much social legislation of a related character. The work as a whole is valuable to students because it is a complete account, within well defined limits, of one of the largest and most important series of experiments in social legislation of which there is any record. There are few works of a general character to compare with Nicholls", and there are none that give a more concrete and faithful record of events with constant reference to contemporaneous and official records."- Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. POOR LAW CONFERENCES, 1898-99. Annual Volume of the

Proceedings of the Central and District Poor Law Conferences, held from April, 1898, to February, 1899, with the Papers read and Discussion thereon, and Report of Central Committee. Portrait. Demy 8vo, cloth,

128. The following are the subjects in brief of the more important Papers contained in the volume :-Boardingout, Causes of Pauperism, Duties of Guardians, Emigration, Epileptics, Imbeciles, Indoor Relief, Local Taxation, Nursing, old Age Pensions, out-Relief, Powers of Guardians, Unemployed, Vagrancy, Way Ticket System, Workhouses. PEOPLE'S BANKS. A Record of Social and Economic Success. By

HENRY W. WOLFF. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Demy Svo,

cloth. 108. net. “We may confidently refer those who desire information on the point to the book with which Mr. Wolff has provided us. It will be a most useful thing if it is widely read."i'he Atheneum.

“ The schemes which have worked so well in Germany and Italy may need adapting to English circumstances, but the effort is well worth making, and this most interesting volume points the way to its probable ultimate success."--Daily Telegraph. LOCAL TAXATION. Some recent Modifications of our Rating

System. By W. M. J. WILLIAMS. 6. "Those who hold the view that the action which has been taken by Parliament during the latter part of the present century in granting relief to Local Taxation from the Imperial Revenue has been wrong and indefensible will find their case very ably and clearly stated in this pamphlet by Mr. W. M. J. Williams."- Local Government Chronicle. MUNICIPAL FUNCTIONS. A Study of the Development, Scope, and Tendency of Municipal Socialism. By Milo Roy MALTBIE. Svo,

Full Index. 23. 6d.
The Historic City-The City of To-day-Protective Functions-Charities-Education, Recreation Street
Facilities-Industrial Functions--Causes of Increased Municipal Activity-Future City Functions.

A Paper read before the Society of Arts, the Attorney-General, Sir
Richard Webster, G.C.M.G., Q.C., M.P., in the Chair, containing the

Discussion thereon, and five Explanatory Diagrams. 28. "Carlyle, in his usual epigrammatic style, once said : You will have some people wrong on everything, and all the people wrong on something, but you will not get all the people wrong on everything, and this booklet is a good illustration of the situation. Mr. Davies certainly makes ont a plausible case for prohibiting the develorment of inunicipal trading when he points to the enormous local indebtedness of the country. The paper is in some respects a strong indictment of municipal mismanagement, and it is well worth careful study." -Local Government Chronicle. HOW THE ENGLISH WORKMAN LIVES.

Being the Experiences and Reflections of a German Coal-Miner (Ernst Dückershoff)

in England. Translated by C. H. d’E. LEPPINGTON. C“ The author, who shares the life of the English workman, is thus peculiarly quali unprejudiced account of the conditions and social life of the British workian. Writ English public, he allows himself to accentuate positive atneliorations in the life of or which an English writer, bent on reforming it aliogether, inight vleem scarcely opport

240 pages.

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