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off v.


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Louisville &


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...(C. C. A.) 535



VOL. 4

FRANK W. HILL, County Treasurer, Appt.,

W. M. KAVANAUGH et al.

Arkansas Supreme Court - April 5, 1915.

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(118 Ark. 134, 176 S. W. 336.) Subrogation - right of one with unclean hands.

1. A county treasurer who, in order to profit by the interest on public money on deposit in a bank, has the account changed to his individual name, cannot, by changing the account back to a public one, just prior to the insolvency of the bank, enforce the statutory liability against stockholders under the doctrine of subrogation, after making good the loss to the public by the bank's failure, because the equitable doctrine of subrogation cannot be enforced by one having unclean hands.

(See note on this question beginning on page 44.] Appeal peremptory instruction Bank change in form of account. duty as to conflict of evidence.

4. The surrender by a county treas2. Upon appeal from a judgment up urer of a bank pass book in which an on a verdict resulting from a peremp account stands in his name as treastory instruction, all doubt as to con urer, and the change of the form of ficting evidence must be resolved in the account on the bank books to an favor of the court's finding, where individual one, and the issuance of a both parties ask peremptory instruc new pass book in that form, are equivtions without requesting submission alent to the drawing of the money and of issues to the jury.

redepositing it. [See 2 R. C. L. 198.]

Equity enforcement in action at Public money deposit in bank

law. individual name.

5. Although an action by a county 3. A statute permitting a county treasurer to enforce the statutory litreasurer to deposit public funds in ability of stockholders for public banks for safe-keeping does not au funds lost by failure of the bank, thorize a deposit in the individual which right he claims under the docname of the treasurer, to enable him trine of subrogation, is tried without to secure interest on the deposit for objection in a law court, it should be his own use.

disposed of according to the principles [See 22 R. C. L. 224, 225.]

of equity.

(Kirby, J., dissents.) 4 A.L.R.-1.

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