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The English TOPOGRAPHER; or, An Historical Account (as far
as can be collected from printed Books and Manuscripts) of all
the Pieces that have been written relating to the Antiquities,
Natural History, or Topographical Description of any Part of
England. Alphabetically digested, and illustrated with the
Draughts of several very curious old Seals, exactly engraven
from their respective Originals. By an impartial Hand. (Dr.
Rawlinson.) Octavo. Lond. 1720.

** There are Large Paper copies of this volume.
Bibliotheca Topographica Anglicana: A Catalogue of Books on
· English Topography, by Jo. WORRALL. Duodecimo. Lond.

British Topography; or an Historical Account of what has been
done for illustrating the Topographical Antiquities of Great Bria
tain and Ireland. In Two Volumes. By RicụARD Gough, Esq.

With Plates. Quarto, Lond. 1780.
Catalogue of the Books relating to British Topography, and Saxon

and Northern Literature, bequeathed to the Bodieian Library in
the Year 1799, by Richakd Gough, Esq. F.S.A. Quärlo.

Oxford, 1814.
Catalogue of Books relating to the History and Topography of

England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland. By Sir RICHARD Colt
HOARE, Bart. Compiled from his Library at Stourhead, Wilta
shire. Octavo. London: Printed by W. Bulmer and Co. 1815.
** The impression of this valuable work is restricted to

Lives of Topographers and Antiquaries who have written concerna

ing the Antiquities of England, with (Twenty-six) Portraits of
the Authors, and a complete List of their Works, so far as they
relate to the Topography of this Kingdom ; together with a List
of Portraits, Monuments, Views, and other Prints contained in
each Work; with Remarks that may enable the Collector to
know when the Works are complete. By J. P. MALCOLM, Esg.
F.S.A. Quarto. Lond. 1815,

** There are Large Paper copies of this volume.

The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine ; presenting an exact


Geography of the Kingdomes of England, Scotland, Ireland, and
the fles adioyning ; with the Shires, Hundreds, Cities, and Shire-
Townes within the Kingdome of England, divided and described
by John Speed. Folio. Lond. 1611, or 1650.
Villare Anglicum; or, A View of the Towns of England. Collected

by the Appointment of Sir HENRY SPELMAN, Knt. Quarto.
Lond. 1656 or 1678.

*** Inserted in Gibson's Edition of Spelman's English Works.
A Book of the Names of all the Parishes, Market Towns, Villages,
* Hamlets, and smallest Places in England and Wales, alphabeti-

cally set down as they be in every Shire; with the Names of the
Hundreds in which they are, and how many Towns there are in
every Hundred; with Maps of the Counties, by JACOB VAN
LAUGEREN. Small quarto. Lond. 1657; republished in 1668.
Index Villaris : or, An Exact Register, alphabetically digested, of

all the Cities, Market Towns, Parishes, Villages, the Hundred,
Lath, Rape, Ward, Wapentake, or other Division of each County;
the Bishopricks, Deaneries, Churches, Chappels, Hospitals, with
the Rectories and Vicarages in England and Wales, and their re-
spective Valuations in the King's Books. The private Seats of
the King, Nobility, and Gentry, &c. By John Adams, of the

Inner Temple. The Third Edition; with a Map. Folio. 1700.
Dictionarium Anglie. Topographicum et Historicum : An Alphabe-

tical Description of the chief Places in England and Wales; with
an Account of the most memorable Events which have distin.
guish'd them. By the celebrated Antiquary William LAm-
BARDE, formerly of Lincoln's Inn, Esq. and Author of The Per-
ambulation of Kent.”. Now first publish'd from a Manuscript
under the Author's own Hand. Portrait by Verlue. Quarto.
Lond. 1730.

*** There are LARGE PAPER copies of this work.
England's Gazetteer: or an accurate Description of all the Cities,

Towns, and Villages of the Kingdom, with an Index Villaris. In
Three Volumes. By Stephen WHATLEY. Duodecimo. Lond.

England's Gazetteer: By Philip Luckombe. Three Volumes.

Duodecimo. Lond. 1790.
An Account of the several Cities and Market Towns in England

and Wales ; describing the Antiquities, Curiosities, and Manu-
facture carried on at each Place, the Days that the Markets are
kept on, the Number of Parliament Men sent from each City,
&c., and the computed and measured Miles from London, alpha-
betically digested. Octavo. London: Printed for S. Bladon.
A New Index Villaris for England and Wales. Quarlo. Lond.

A Topographical Dictionary of England; exhibiting the Names of

the several Cities, Towns, Parishes, Tythings, Townships, and Hamlets, with the County and Division of the County to which they respectively belong. The Valuation and Patrons of Ecclesiastical Benefices, and the tutelary Saint of each Church: the resident Population, according to the Returns made to Parliament in 1801, &c. &c. Collected from the most authentic Documents, and arranged in alphabetical Order. In Two Volumes. By NICHOLAS CARLISLE, Fellow and Secretary of the Society

of Antiquaries of London. Quarto. Lond. 1808. Gazetteer of England and Wales ; containing the Statistics, Agri.

culture, and Mineralogy of the Counties; the History, Antiquities, Curiosities, Manufactures, Trade, Commerce, Fairs, Markets, Charitable and other Institutions; Population and Elective - Franchises of the Cities, Towns, and Boroughs ; including a com

plete Indez Villaris, with the Bearings and Distance of each Village and Mansion from the nearest Market Town. Illustrated by Two large Maps, descriptive of the Roads and inland Navi

gation. By Thomas Ports. Octavo. Lond. 1810. · A Topographical Dictionary of the United Kingdom ; compiled

from Parliamentary and other authentic Documents and Authorities; containing Geographical, Topographical, and Statistical Accounts of every District, Object, and Place in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, and the various small Islands dependant on the British Empire. Accompanied by Forty-six Maps drawn purposely for this Work on an original Plan. By BENJAMIN

Pirts CAPPER, Esq. Octavo. Lond. 1813. English Topography: or a Series of Historical and Statistical De.. . scriptions of the several Counties of England and Wales; ac, companied by a Map of each County. By the Author of Historical and Descriptive Delineations of London and Westminster; the Counties of Salop, Stafford, Somerset, &c. (The Rev. J. Nightingale.) Quarlo. Lond. 1816.

ROMAN GEOGRAPHY OF BRITAIN. Antonini Iter Britanniarum Commentariis illustratum Thomæ Gale,

S.T.P. nuper Decani Ebor. Opus posthumum. Revisit, auxit, edidit R. G(ale). Accessit Anonyni Ravennatis Britanniæ Chorographia, cum Autographo Regis Galliæ Mso. et Codice Vaticano collata: adjiciuntur Conjecturæ plurimæ, cum Nominibus Locorum Anglicis, quotquot iis assignari potuerint. Quarlo.

Londini, 1709. Vetera Romanorum Itineraria, sive Antonini Augusti Itinerarium,

cum integris Jos. Simleri, Hieron. Suritæ, et And. Schotti Notis. Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum : et Hieroclis Grammatici Synecdemus; curante Petro Wesselingio, qui et suas addidit Ad. notationes. Quarto. Amstel, 1735. A Commentary on Antoninus his Itinerary, or Journies of the Ro.

mane Empire, so far as it concerneth Britain. By WILLIA

• BURTON, Batchelor of Lawes. With a Chorographicall Map of

the severall Stations; and Indexes to the whole Work. Portrait

and Map by Hollar. Folio. Lond. 1658. Iter Britanniarum; or that part of the Itinerary of Antoninus which . relates to Britain, with a new Comment by the Rev. THOMAS . REYNOLDS, A.M. Rector of Bowden Parva, Northamptonshire.

Two Maps. Quarto. London, 1799. An Account of Richard of Cirencester, Monk of Westminster, and

of his Works; with his antient Map of Roman Brittain, and the Itinerary thereof. Read at the Antiquarian Society, March 18th, ,1756. By WILLIAM STUKELEY, N.D. Rector of St. George,

Queen Square. Quarto. London, 1757. The Description of Britain: transiated from Richard of Ciren.

cester; with the original Treatise de Situ Britanniæ, and a Com· mentary on the Itinerary. Illustrated with Two Maps, and a

Fac-simile of the MS. of Richard of Cirencester. Octavo. Lond. - 1809.

*** There are Large Paper copies of this volume. Britannia Romana; or The Roman Antiquities in Britain; viz. Coins,

Camps, and Publick Roads. By John Pointer, M.A, Chaplain of Merton College in Oxford, and Rector of Slapton in

Northamptonshire. Octavo. Oxford, 1724. A Survey of the Roman Antiquities in some of the Midland Coun

ties of England. By N. SALMON. Octavo. Lond. 1726. Roman Stations in Britain, according to the Imperial Itinerary, upon

the Watling Street, Ermine Street, Ikening or Via ad Icianos, so far as any of these Roads lead through the following Counties : · Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bed

fordshire, Middlesex. By N. SALMON. Octavo. Lond. 1726. Britannia Romana : or, The Roman Antiquities of Britain, in Three

Books. To which are added a Chronological Table, and Indexes to the Inscriptions and Sculptures, after the manner of Gruter and Reinesius : also Geographical Indexes both of the Latin and English Names of the Roman Places in Britain, and a General Index to the Work. The whole illustrated with above an hundred Copper-plates. By John Horsley, M.A. and F.R.S. Folio. London, 1732.

** There are LARGE Paper copies of this work.–An Analysis and List of Plates contained in the Volume is given in.“ Savage's Librarian," vol. i. The Military Antiquities of the Romans in North Britain, and par.

ticularly their ancient System of Castrametation, illustrated from Vestiges of the Camps of Agricola existing there; hence his March from South into North Britain is in some degree traced : comprehending also a Treatise, wherein the ancient Geography of that part of the Island is rectified chiefly by the Lights fupnished by Richard of Cirencester: together with a Description of the Wall of Antoninus Pius, commonly called Grime's Dyke. • To which is added an Appendix, containing detached Pieces;

the whole being accompanied with Maps of the Country, and Plans of the Camps and Stations. By the late William Roy, F.R.S. F.S.A. Major-General of His Majesty's Forces, Deputy Quarter-master-general, and Colonel of the Thirtieth Regiment of Foot. Published by the Order and at the Expense of the So.

ciety of Antiquaries, London. Folio. London, 1793. Britannicarum Gentium Historiæ Antiquæ Scriptores Tres : Ricar

dus Corinensis, Gildas Badonicus, Nennius Banchorensis. Recensuit Notisque et Indice auxit Carolus Bertramus, Societatis Antiquorum Londinensis Socius, &c. Octavo. Havniæ, impensis Editoris, 1757. With a Frontispiece and folded Map, dedicated to Dr. Stukeley, drawn and engraved by the Editor, entituled “ Mappa Britanniæ Faciei Romanæ secundum fidem Monumen

torum perveterum depicta." Glossarium Antiquitatum Britannicarum, sive Syllabus Etymologi

tus Antiquitatum Veteris Britanniæ atque Iberniæ, temporibus Romanorum. Auctore WILLIELMO BAXTER, Cornavio, Scholæ Merciariorum Præfecto. Accedunt Viri CI. D. Edvardi Luidii, Cimeliarchæ Ashmol. Oxon. de Fluviorum, Montium, Urbium, &c. in Britannia Nominibus, Adversaria Posthuma. Editio Secunda. Portrait by G. Vertue. Octavo. Lond. 1733.

PUBLIC RECORDS. A short Account of some Particulars concerning Domesday-Book,

with a view to promote its being published. By a Member of the Society of Antiquaries of London. (P.C. WEBB.) Quarto,

London, 1756. A Short Account of Danegeld; with some further Particulars relating to William the Conqueror's Survey. (By P. C. WEBB.)

Quarto. Lond. 1756. Domesday Book:-seu Liber Censualis Willelmi Primi Regis An

gliæ inter Archivos Regni in Domo Capitulari Westmonasterii · asservatus. (The Survey of England, made by Order of K. Wil.

liam I. in 1080–1086.) Two Volumes. Folio. Londini, 1783. Libri Censualis vocati Domesday-Book, Additamenta ex Codic. An

tiquiss. Exon’ Domesday. Inquisitio Eliensis. Liber Winton'. · Boldon Book. Folio. 1816. Libri Censualis vocati Domesday-Book, Indices. Accessit Disser.

tatio Generalis de Ratione hujusce Libri. Folio. 1816. Domesday Book has been translated by the late Rev. WILLIAM

BAWDWEN", B.A. Vicar of Hooton Pagnell, and Curate of Frickley-cum-Clayton, Co. York; and Two Volumes were pub'lished in his Life-time in Quarto.--Vol. I. (1809) containing the County of York, Amounderness Lonsdale and Furness in Lancashire, and such Parts of Westmoreland and Cumberland as are

... He died Sept. 14, 1816.

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